Sex sex sex

Maybe it’s the thirst. Maybe it’s the drought. The comments are getting sexier and sexier. You guys rock.

So who do you want to fuck? How do you want them to fuck?

Want to read about Gervais beating it to nudes he’s got of Blue? A trio of Blue, Tad and Gervais? Maybe you want DeShawn and Marcos to drop by and tie Blue up and redden his ass.

Give details.

Be rude

Be sexy

Confess all

14 thoughts on “Sex sex sex

  1. I would say a BLT with Blue in the middle. But Gervais and Tad definitely need to get their freak on before its time to leave. Oh god a DeShawn and Magnus with Blue would be awesome. Love being tied up. Sam you are bad I just got out of church an hour ago and I’ve been corrupted already😈. I really wouldn’t mind a three way with robin blue and gervais while blue is being spit roasted by the other two.

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          1. G&R tag team Blue’s sweet ass. Gervais nails Blue while Blue blows Robin. Then they switch positions. Each person having a turn showing Blue just how much he means to them. He deserves to be the center attention XD

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