A new Blue 8

Blue wakes a sticky happy tangle. He nuzzles and k at Gervais who is on his chest. He feels so much love for his friends. Last night was one hell of a way to break his drought.

Larry is also awake, he smiles at Blue. He also feels amazing after the night before and can’t quite believe it happened. It was his first group experience and he feels lucky that this obviously close group opened up to him.

Blue leans over and kisses him.

“I had so much fun.” Larry says.

“Me too. Next time you stuff me.” Blue grins.

“Can’t wait.” Larry grins back and kisses Blue sloppily.

Blue wriggles out of bed and Larry admires his body again. Blue pads through to the kitchen and starts on coffee and pancakes. He leaves the batter to rest and goes outside nude and under the winter sun does his morning yoga. He loves being able to do it fully natural. Larry watches from the kitchen and grins to himself. How could Tad prefer Gervais? Then Gervais goes outside and joins Blue and Larry gets cross eyed.

“I think I have the best looking best friends.” Robin says pouring a coffee and standing next to Larry.

“You’re just as hot.” Larry says patting Robin on the ass.

“Thanks, I’m okay but have enough charm to make up for it.” Robin smiles.

“You’re in great shape.” Larry says admiring all he sees.

“You too.” Robin says properly checking Larry out.

“I got into the weights habit with football and carried it on at college. I like it for calming my head. Farm chores help too though dad doesn’t ask so much from me anymore.” Larry says.

“Blue came to school looking like he does, I was 100% straight at that time and we were roommates and I found myself taking a second and third look. He told me he’d never been in a gym, he got that way through chores and yoga. Turns out he swims and runs too sometimes but mostly it’s the chores.” Robin says shaking his head.

“I can believe it. A couple of farm kids I know are like it. Muscles pop up as soon as they look at a bale of hay.” Larry grins.

“I’m getting definition back now Gervais and I are doing cheer. I like it but I’m okay without.” Robin says.

The pair start cooking the pancakes and have a big stack ready when Blue and Gervais come back in. the four eat them with gusto and then Larry heads home.

“He’d be a good one for you.” Robin says.

“He’s closeted and I work for his dad and he’s away at school.” Blue says.

“Fun for now though.” Gervais grins.

“Oh for sure I’d love to ride that big cock before he leaves.” Blue grins.

“How are you feeling about last night?” Gervais asks Robin.

“Amazing. It’s been a long road but now I can truly separate the romance from sex its great. I admit that I like some men sexually and sometimes I want to express that. I feel properly close to Blue now.” Robin says with a smile.

“I’m glad you waited. Even this summer I might have ended up confused. But not now, you love me because you’re my closest friend, Gervais too. We just have a new way to show it.” Blue smiles and blushes.

“You running away has been good for all of us. You have shown us that dreams come true and you’ve made us appreciate you more. A lot more. Neither of us will take you for granted again and we check in with each other all the time too.” Gervais says.

“Yeah we’ve grown apart from the others. We love having DeShawn and Magnus around and we check in with them too, and they with us. But we rarely speak to the other guys. Other than George, he games with us often and comes over sometimes, some of his classes are similar to ours.” Robin says.

“I don’t want to stop you being friends with Andy and Spence, you’ve known them forever but I understand. You both seem very happy, not just happy but full of purpose. Switching schools, getting out of the dorms, its all working out for all of us.” Blue grins.

“It is.” Robin grins he is fully happy with last night other than the niggle that he has a breakup to come. Last night was fun with friends but he knows way beyond the line for his girlfriend.

Gervais phone rings and he steps outside to take it.

“You were amazing.” Blue says.

“Not bad for my first try. I liked being so close to you.” Robin says.

“That is what I loved. Maybe we can pawn Gervais off on Heidi for the day and have some time just the two of us before you go back.” Blue says.

“I’d love that.” Robin grins.

They wash the breakfast things together, Blue dollops bubbles on Robin’s nose making him sneeze. They giggle and splash each other, then stop and share a sweet hug and kiss before Gervais comes back in clearly with news.

“That was AB, she’s asked if I can go up there for the rest of break while they find a new nanny. Danny had Spence all tied up when he was meant to be working, the drapes were open and the doors unlocked. W had an unexpected day off, went out to the pool and got an eye full. Tommy could easily have seen if he’d gone looking for Danny. Spence’s parents have covered childcare but they’re going away and AB is struggling to get emergency cover.” Gervais says and splutters into giggles. They all fall apart at the thought of W seeing the true Spence.

“I’m surprised Danny and Spence were so irresponsible. I thought you said Danny was great at his job.” Blue says when he stops laughing.

“I knew those two would hit it off. I was going to set them up but it didn’t happen with you and starting a new school and everything. I expect they were an inferno and forgot the rest of the world.” Gervais says.

“Blurred lines when you’re fucking one of the family.” Robin says.

“Yeah. So I am going to go today. Its been amazing Blue and I hate to leave you.” Gervais says.

“Go, I know how much those kids mean to you and how good for you the responsibility is.” Blue says.

“I have Wilson’s bank details so I can transfer the next payment when it’s needed. Just make sure he emails us both the invoices.” Gervais says as he starts to pack.

“I’m going to make you some cookies while you pack.” Blue grins.

“Thanks. Tommy loves raisin oatmeal. I have no idea why.” Gervais laughs.

Robin helps Blue in the kitchen and they are soon helping Gervais pack up his car.

“Drive safe and call me later.” Blue says hugging Gervais.

“Will do, love you.” Gervais says holding Blue tightly for a long time.

“See you in 2 weeks.” Robin says hugging Gervais.

“I guess we get the alone time we wanted now.” Blue says with a laugh.

“We do.” Blue grins.

“I cannot believe Spence would be so stupid.” Robin says and they both have a good laugh all over again.

Mike pops his head in the kitchen door, Blue loves having a home that people just come in to, though he makes a note to remember to lock the door before events like last night.

“Happy new year boys. Would you like to come to supper tonight? Tad will make sure there is a veggie option, though it might be something you cooked from the freezer.” Mike laughs.

“We’d love to. Its just the two of us. Gervais had an emergency and left earlier.” Blue says and Robin smiles.

“I hope everything is okay. So one veggie, one meat. Can you bring dessert? Nothing fancy I bet you’re sick of cheesecake.” Mike says.

“Cookies and ice cream? Maybe some stewed fruit?” Blue asks.

“Perfect. Yes here, bag of fruit. All a bit misshapen.” Mike says handing over the bag that Blue gladly accepts.

“Thank-you.” Blue says.

“Thanks for entertaining my boys last night, Tad has been a bear all morning.” Mike laughs.

“What time should we come?” Robin asks.

“About 6.” Mike says.

“See you then.” Robin grins he likes all the people who have taken Blue under their wings.

“So we can have alone time tomorrow.” Blue says when he leaves.

“I love how you move somewhere and it becomes a home, even with only 2 usable rooms. You’ve been here a few months and hosted 3 big parties, even though you don’t even celebrate Christmas or thanksgiving normally. You are something Blue.” Robin grins.

“Everyone love you too. Your charm has always helped smooth the way for me.” Blue says.

“Are you okay with me inviting myself for the summer? You and Gervais seem to be on the cliff edge of falling back into a couple.” Robin says.

“I love that you will be here. Gervais and I are not ready. I want to wait for him but I know he is waiting not just for him to be ready but for me to show I can have a real relationship with someone. I’ve stopped worrying about it and rushing us to be ready. 1 had kind of given up finding anyone after Birch but meeting Will and Larry has given me hope. Neither are right for a relationship right now but they are the types of guys I could be with and they are out there and single and like me back.” Blue says blushing a little.

“You’ve come a long way since the summer. Adi was a good influence. He treated you well but he also showed you what your fate would be if you gave up. The occasional dream date breaking up a lonely life is not what you want. You need someone to hold all night.” Robin says.

“And for the next few days I have you.” Blue grins.

“You do. Lets go upstairs and measure up again then look at furniture.” Robin says.

“Lets put the ice cream on first. Coconut choc chip okay?” Blue asks.

“Oh yes.” Robin says and they do. They send off pictures of desks, chairs and beds to Gervais. They argue over rugs and tease over bed sizes. They bake the cookies, transfer the ice cream and head up to the farm.

Mike takes the ice cream from them as Blue puts the cookies on the side. The atmosphere is tense and they soon see why as Larry is nursing a painful looking black eye.

“What happened? Are you okay?” Blue asks worried.

“That’s what I want to know but he won’t say. Tad is nursing a sore hand so we know the culprit but they won’t tell me what or who caused it.” Mike says rolling his eyes.

“Well I’m glad I only have sisters.” Robin says with a grin.

“Was it because of last night?” Blue asks Larry in a low voice while Mike and Tad are cooking.

Larry shrugs not wanting to talk about it.

Mike and Tad dish up. Blue is served with one of his meals and he grins, not offended, he adds some extra veggies to his plate. Then sees Tad is eating the same as the others.

“Gone back to being an omnivore?” Blue asks.

“Yeah, Christmas dinner leftovers sandwiches got me. Dad and Larry had an amazing looking and smelling lunch and I couldn’t resist.” Tad says.

“Don’t worry your food is still being eaten.” Mike grins.

“Yeah its amazing.” Larry smiles.

“It really is. I’m not being ungrateful.” Tad says with a smile.

“Where is Gervais? Dad said he had an emergency but its okay.” Larry asks.

“He’s gone back to his nannying job, his replacement got caught in a compromising position when he should have been working so Gervais has gone to cover while they find someone new.” Robin says trying not to grin.

“Aww I wish I could have said goodbye.” Larry says.

“I bet you do.” Tad grumbles.

“He got the call right after you left this morning.” Blue says then worries he’s let the cat out the bag.

“I thought you weren’t drinking last night.” Mike says confused.

“The guys invited me to stay over, I dropped Tad off and went back.” Larry says.

“Thanks for inviting me.” Tad grumbles under his breath.

“Oh shut it Tad you went to hundreds of after parties leaving Larry behind in high school.” Mike says.

“Dad Larry stayed with them to fuck. He’s as gay as I am. He fucked someone he knew I liked and didn’t give a shit.” Tad says.

“Tad!” Blue shouts shocked that Tad outed his brother like that.

“If Larry got lucky that is his business, as long as he was safe. I remember you swooping in on girls he liked because you could and you being gay had no interest in them. I don’t remember Larry giving you a black eye over it.” Mike says diplomatically.

“I was making him work on his game.” Tad shrugs.

“Is that why you just outed me? To improve my game? Why do you always steal my thunder? I’ve been working on what to say to dad. Why couldn’t you respect me and let me tell him in my own time?” Larry says fighting the tears. He hates Tad sometimes.

“Son I don’t need fancy words. I love you, makes no odds to me who you love.” Mike says and gets up to hug his son. He couldn’t care less that his sons are gay as long as they are happy. He’s a little disappointed in himself that Larry hadn’t been able to tell him yet, but he’s so young and always been less mature than Tad. Well until now where he’s clearly the more mature of his sons.

“It wasn’t about fancy words, I didn’t want to let you down.” Larry says.

“You could never let me down.” Mike says trying to reassure his son.

“We should leave you to talk.” Blue says getting up.

“Yeah have some of Blue’s ice cream while you talk. It’ll make it easier.” Robin says.

“I’m sorry.” Larry says.

“Not your fault babe. Call me anytime if you need to talk.” Blue says.

“Stay, please. I think Larry needs his friends tonight.” Mike says gently and Larry looks up and smiles, he wants his friends here for back up.

“How did you find out?” Larry asks Tad.

“I suspected you were gay since you were about 12. I saw you looking at my friends and you always checked guys out in the showers at football. I saw you driving home from Blue’s this morning. I knew you’d been with Gervais to spite me.” Tad says.

“I went back for Blue. Robin and Gervais asked me to stay late for Blue. They were trying to fix us up.” Larry says.

“So they knew?” Mike asks interested.

“Blue worked it out at Christmas. He’s super intuitive and knew that some things I had told him were about me and not Tad. He sees my soul or something. No one has really just guessed before. Even my boyfriend last year took a lot of persuasion I likes him and wasn’t pranking him.” Larry says with a wry smile.

“You had a boyfriend?” Tad asks gently.

“Most of last year, we broke up though.” Larry says.

“I am sorry for outing you like that. I was angry and jealous.” Tad says.

“Now that is settled lets have that ice-cream.” Mike says with a grin happy his sons will be able to work things out without killing each other.


92 thoughts on “A new Blue 8

  1. I only discovered your writing about a month ago on Nifty, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

    I’ve loved every minute of the journey, and have ended up sitting up at 2:00am crying, only to end up stroking myself at 2:30.

    Thank you so much for your stories! xoxo.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brand new reader (kinda… like a week or so from starting Suite Saga 1) here. Stumbled upon the other series via Nifty and worked my way over here. First off, great writing! Loving the story so far!

    Second, whether or not it happens, in my heart Gervais and Blue Sky will always be “the destined lovers”, forever connected by The Red String of Fate ever since that first meeting in the suite. But, then again I’m a huge romantic… 🙂

    Anyway, good writing, love it, keep up the good work!

    -Fitzy Witzy

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks so much and welcome. It’s been a long, long road for B and G and they’d lost all but the die hard shippers until the more recent chapters. I don’t know if they’ll get their second shot but they will always care deeply.


  3. Oh Tad you just make me feel so protected. Sam wrote it like they were fighting over Gervais and the foursome but really they were fighting over me mhm mhm. I love me a man with strong hands yes indeed haha. I’ll nurse that eye Larry while I sit on Tad’s lap then I let you both unleash all dat pent up energy… in me. 😍😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah I know but they would get addicted by all this and each try to claim me for themselves and while I would love to watch two boys fightin over me….. wait I lost my train of thought. Too focused on two boys wrestling and grappling all on each other.. sweaty..just rollin around on the floor ass and bulges just protruding for all to see in each position..wheww. 😃

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I loved how Blue took great delight in hearing Spence was caught by his brother no less in a very compromising situation so now its not only his college contacts who know about his dirty laundry 😈😈😈

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Welp, I guess I was right to worry about Tad finding out that Larry spent the night there. What an asshole. At least you gave us some levity with Spence getting some humiliation (even though I feel mildly sorry for Danny… just mildly, though). At least Gervais is a good guy and will help out because he loves the family.

    Even though other readers seem to be ‘okay’ with Spence and Andy dropping off the face of the planet, I am still curious about their lives and hope you will return to them eventually. Andy and Chris in particular. I guess I never really have connected with Spence at all.

    Looking forward to some more RUE time. D’awwww…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hehe, Im a bit the opposite.

      I think I saw a lot of myself in Spence at the start, while Andy was cheating on him. And I know what it’s like to be in a relationship with a dude who isn’t… erm… dominant enough.

      I hated Andy’s ability to flip-flop emotionally and use his friendship as a bargaining tool.

      But I did start to hate Spence during the Will debacle. Actually, more than anything, I want more Will and Deshawn.

      Goes to show how great the story is, when two people can walk away with completely different opinions about nuanced characters. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Interesting. The guys here mostly dropped Spence, I do think he had a rough time seeing Andy happy but not finding anyone new. Spence has the issue that he might struggle to attract the older dominant men that he would love being with as he’s rich, built and ambitious which doesn’t fit the fantasy.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow Another great chapter. Sad Gervais had to leave early but very much laughing over the reason why he is leaving… Can’t believe Danny screwed up like that after the way Gervais had talked about him being all great at his job and such… But I can see Spence being that way.

    Tad what an ass the way he acted… I hope they can reconcile family feuds are never much fun.

    I thought I would really miss the Saga but I don’t really I am happy things are finally going Blues way now and that he Robin and Gervais are not afraid to further their friendship. Although it is nice to get a touch of what is happening to the others like in this chapter about Spence LOL Still Laughing at that… How embarrassing to be caught by your own brother in a situation like that…

    Thanks Sam 🙂 For the happy feel goods and the great laugh at Spences expense.


    Liked by 3 people

              1. I love it as for sooo long I wanted to knocl their heads together or slap em as they were stupid 🙂

                Yes loved the dishes reminds me of me and you would put bubbles on your nose also 😘😘😘


              2. You know, I love Blue, G and Robin. I’m glad you kept the 3 of them in each others lives. It was a bit much before with Blue getting fucked over constantly by everyone. Now we’re learning about Blue and how he’s building his life and dreams! I’m enjoying it very much!

                Liked by 1 person

  7. I’m laughing as I type! Spence is such a douche!! Sad G had to leave, but glad he and Blue had a great holiday! I’m glad blue and Robin have some time together now! Larrys out now!

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Well tad is a total dick. I love that Spence got caught in a compromising situation. Danny should have known better as to me he was the more mature one. Mike is a great guy. It seems like everybody sees that b&g are on the cusp of being back together. I feel bad for Gervais though. Can’t wait for summer though with ocean,Robin, and gervais blue will probably have his best one yet, being with people who truly love him.


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