Do you want a catch up on those left behind

I’m not actually up to writing again yet, but I’ve been vaguely drafting out a Spence and Danny chapter. Just as I thought it would cheer us all up.

Then wondered if a check in on all the other guys over the holidays and how their semester went would be enjoyed? Or are you all happy things have moved on and I should concentrate on Blue?

Thanks for all being so lovely while I’m sick. It’s typical that it coincides with the busiest I’ve been in work in months.

I doubt there will be anything new before friday, more likely sat or sun.

77 thoughts on “Do you want a catch up on those left behind

  1. I really really want robin and blue to end up together. I robin is bi now but he still sees relationships with women, but he really loves blue, yeah the sex is amazing, but I think he really truly cares about blue, and vice versa. They deserve each other.

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  2. I am still interested in all of them, and Andy and Chris in particular. It would be nice to get some more details about Robin and Gervais’ times at school from Robin while he is still with Blue, and occasional chats with them once school is back in session. I say just approach it at your own leisure. It’s your story, and ultimately if you write a certain way because people badger you to do it you are giving up your own creative urge and the authenticity to the whims of the rabble. (And this is coming from me, who was all Boo-Hoo-Blue-Sam-You-So-Mean for months on end…)

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          1. didn’t mean to be bossy 😘😘😘

            Just meant like phone calls when we have dialog over a one sentence summary of a phone call.

            Ultimately up to you its your story and we are along for ride

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    1. Hey Sam
      Happy Friday!
      I just want to say thank you for writing such a great story about college guys. I have enjoyed reading this and you are a very talented writer!
      Keep up the great work!
      You rock!


  3. I really am enjoying the story as it is now. Although a catch up could be nice. Especially as it could give us all a bit of comic relief at least where Danny and Spence was concerned. I think too it would be great if Gervais and Robin return and just rub everyones nose into how well Blue is doing for himself that would also show that Blue didn’t run and didn’t necessarily cut everyone off just those that were complete Asses to him over and over.

    Although I would mind being caught up in just snippets as news from Robin and Gervais.

    However how you feel it should be handled is whats important and what you decide I am sure we will be happy with it.


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      1. Yes that does make sense. Its your artistry at work and how you approach it has to feel right to you. I am happy that you consider your readers when making choices and I am sure sometimes it helps you decide but you should never let those be the ruling factor for your story.
        Which I am sure you already know lol. But as a suggestion perhaps like you feel with this being the end of winter break and filling us in on the rest of the Saga guys since we all did enjoy the story too that you could maybe do something at the end of each term just like a quick catch up.

        I mean of course we get glimpses of them through conversations between RG&B so thats good also just like I mentioned its how you feel you want the story to go.

        I am just thankful that I have a great story to read that I look forward to reading when a new chapter gets posted. Its like getting a present. 🙂


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  4. I’d like a short peek back the curtain and see what the animals at the zoo have been up to. I could see a Robin, Larry and Blue get really plastered and dish to Larry about what Blue left and have Robin give short snippets of gossip about what everyone has been up to.

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  5. Some quick closing would be good as they were a part of the original storyline. Did Andy ever work it out? Did George and Dylan settle. But the new storyline is great, still can’t wait for a Blue v Clara match up or will his “new adopted” grandma give whatfor.

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  6. I’d be OK with it…I’m happy with Blue, G and Robin though and fine if you have no interest. I’m still a little (ok a lot) pissed at Spence, but might be nice to catch up!

    Feel better!

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          1. Never got invested with Danny and maybe it would be good if G gave Spence a good talking to. I’ve already given my opinion on Spence previously, so I’ll leave it at that.

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              1. LOL! The problem is he likes it too much! I would LOVE a flashback of him finding out he was the ultimate nail in the coffin as to why Blue left. Just a niggle here (English term, but I love it!)…Robin and Gervais always talked about how Blue ‘ran away’….but it’s not really the case…he left because they all treated him like shit! A difference…:-)

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  7. The only ones I’m really curious about are Chris and Andy, DeShawn and Magnus, and I think Elliot ( is that his name I know it started with an E). I actually think it would be kind of fun for him to come and start new with blue. I kind of feel he got the worst deal out of everyone. Spence and Bea along with birch and willow insure they are all fine and dandy living it up without blue. I just wish willow would have stuck with Cheryl.


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