A new Blue 9

The next day Wilson brings his crew over to start on the house. It’s a sunny morning so Blue and Robin get out to work on the garden. Blue plans to get the kitchen garden in shape to make him as self-sufficient as possible before getting on to the more commercial ventures. He’ll ramp up yoga and keep on with the bakery when it reopens and build on the money he has saved by Gervais paying for the renovations.

It begins to rain and Blue and Robin make a hot lunch for themselves and the crew who appreciate it as its pretty cold upstairs in the house.

“If there is some left go and take it up to Larry at my barn. He had a face like a wet weekend this morning.” Wilson says.

“I will, I need to go and see Mike at the farm too. I’m not going to get anymore done outside today.” Blue says looking at the rain.

“This is a great lunch Blue, we appreciate it.” Blaine one of the contractors says.

“Blue loves nothing more than seeing people enjoy his food.” Robin says with a grin.

“It is great. You’re keeping us happy for sure.” Wilson smiles.

“Thanks, I’ll make sure there is always something, in a crock pot if I’m not here.” Blue says.

“I’ll stay and clean up. I need to call home too.” Robin says.

“Okay. See you later.” Blue says and kisses Robin’s cheek.

Blue drives out to the barn and finds Larry sanding away at a beautiful old chair.

“Hey, I brought you lunch.” Blue says.

Larry stops what he’s doing and give Blue a big grin.

“Thanks. I’ve been taking all my anger out on the wood this morning. I need a break.” Larry says.

Blue looks at Larry and walks towards him and gently touches the bruised skin around his eye and then leans in and gently kisses it. Larry smiles at the gentle gesture. Blue has a way of doing the most perfect things to him.

Larry grabs Blue’s shoulders and kisses him hard. A shiver runs through Blue as Larry’s mouth finds his. Blue kisses back hard. He wants Larry, right now. The passion is flowing and sparks are flying as Larry undoes Blue’s jeans and pushes him down on the sofa. Larry moves to rim Blue who groans and grunts in joy all inhibitions losts

“Just fuck me Larry, fuck me.” Blue pleads.

Larry is soon plowing Blue hard, rough, biting on Blue’s neck and then gripping his shoulders to pull deeper and deeper. Blue is in ecstasy crying out loud, all inhibitions lost. He loves being slammed by Larry’s thick meat and can’t help but yelp and groan.

“Fuck your ass is amazing. You want it?” Larry asks gruffly not slowing down.

“Breed me, fill me.” Blue gasps and shudders.

“This soup is lovely.” Larry says drinking it down as they lounge half-dressed on the old battered sofa after.

“You are lovely.” Blue grins feeling good. Really good as he always does after a good pounding

“Can we have a date this week? I want to take you out in the city.” Larry says.

“I would love that.” Blue says smiling.

“I’ll text you. What are you doing this afternoon?” Larry asks.

“I’m going to speak to your dad, I think he wanted to ask me something last night but your drama took over. Is everything okay for you?” Blue asks.

“Yeah dad and I talked late into the night. He’s pretty upset that he’s been so unapproachable and that he missed out on meeting my first boyfriend. Tad apologized a lot, for things in high school and last night but I am holding a grudge for now. We’ve tiptoed round Tad since Mom died, he wasn’t here and didn’t have as much time to say goodbye and that is terrible but he didn’t have to see her decline either.” Larry says.

“But he apologized so he knows it was wrong and he hurt you. Believe me that is worth a lot. My sister refuses to apologize to me, says family don’t so she just goes on hurting me. It’s one of the reasons I left.” Blue says.

“Yeah I appreciate that he said sorry, in front of you guys too. I just need a bit more time to process before I forgive him.” Larry says.

“You’re so healthy about it all. And so cute when you’re thinking hard.” Blue says smiling.

Larry blushes and smiles. He’s pretty smitten with Blue. They cuddle a little while longer then Blue heads off and Larry gets back to work.

“Ah Blue glad you’re here.” Mike says as Blue gets to the house.

“Thanks for dinner last night. Sorry it didn’t go to plan.” Blue says.

“A few things. First off you’re fired, I found a housekeeper and I’ll not really need you outside.” Mike says.

“Oh I am glad you found someone.” Blue smiles not at all offended.

“Second I had a friend here for new year who is a dairy farmer about 30miles away. His kids don’t have much interest in the animals but have been trying to help him diversify. They’re both a little older than you, home from college and making an effort but nothing is working. He’s spent a fortune on equipment to make ice cream and while they can make the right consistency it all tastes awful. He was going to hire someone, a chef or something but it hasn’t been easy. I suggested you. He tried some of your stuff from the freezer and he knows its not industrial scale but he loved it and figures you’d be a good place to start. They’re trying cheese at the moment too and it sounds just as bad.” Mike says.

“That sounds like something to get me through the winter. I’d love to but won’t his kids be hostile?” Blue asks.

“No, they’re nice kids but don’t have the focus. He loves that they have chosen to come home and understands they don’t want to work the herd, and really wants to keep them around. He thinks they’d welcome some direction.” Mike says.

“I can make goat cheese too. My mom keeps goats and she mostly handles it I’ve done the odd batch myself, small scale though. I’ve been around cheddar and gouda style making too. I can help them out, cheese you have to stick to the recipe at the start and then you get a feel for it.” Blue says surprising Mike.

“I should have known.” Mike grins.

“Heidi would love a local gelato supplier for the bakery for summer.” Blue says.

“You’d want to keep the whole thing local with the flavorings?” Mike asks.

“Yeah maybe not while we’re experimenting but long term I’d want to steer it that way.” Blue says.

“I love how you already have a plan. Go over there on Monday, I’ll email you a map. Hope that takes the sting out losing your place here.” Mike grins.

“You fired me so I’d take the job.” Blue grins.

“That I did. I’ve told Tad and Larry that they ought to be able to keep the house nice and on top of the laundry and they are making an effort.” Mike says with a laugh.

“I am available to hire if you want me to fill the freezer before they come home again. Although with Tad eating meat again maybe you’ll not need me.” Blue says.

“Your soups are a big hit with all of us and if you start selling them theft fly off the shelves. Everyone loves going in to the bakery and seeing their name on the board. Now the supermarket and grocers are putting farm names up on fruit and veg that is local too it really helps. We’re all feeling visible again. For too long too little local produce has been sold locally. Or when it has no one has known. Its nice to get some recognition. The minister had a great time at Christmas service talking about whose carrots, potatoes and cabbage he would be eating that day.” Mike says.

“I bet every farm around has a better pot of soup than mine on the go most days. You all just don’t appreciate it until someone thanks you for growing great beets in the street.” Blue laughs,

“Maybe but you and Heidi have started something in the high street and locals are feeling included. Oh people were coming for the deli and fancy barbers but those were run by outsiders for outsiders. You and Heidi are integrating and serving the community. The older stores are perking up. Its been nice to see.” Mike says.

“I think its just the way Heidi and I are. It’s the way I’ve been brought up at least.” Blue grins.

“Well it’s boosted my sales. My order book for next year is up, we’re talking of having our own farmers market this summer, not just going to ones in the city. We’ve always done well here because we produce high quality produce and most of us have good contracts but it is nice to feed the community too.” Mike says.

“I’d love it if we had a market here. Would work well for me and Heidi if we could have stalls too and it would boost the other stores.” Blue says.

“It’s in its infancy but Abby and Gladys are swarming and planning.” Mike grins.

“Then we know it’ll happen come spring.” Blue grins.

“Oh for sure.” Mike says.

“Abby and Gladys seem to have settled in well. I’m going over there next.” Blue says.

“Yes they are both happier together in a manageable place. They loved their homes but were lonely and Abby especially needs help on her bad days. None of us noticed and now we know we’re terrified of losing her.” Mike says.

“I know. It’s much easier for people to drop by now and when the weather improves they’ll get out and about more, with Abby not needing to do such a trek to get anywhere.” Blue says.

“We need to make sure no one else slips through. Sally, Wilson’s wife is happy to get out the house and take the baby round, she’s a happy little thing, you saw that at Christmas.” Mike says.

“Yeah, though I didn’t think Gervais was going to give her back, he loves kids, is really good with them too, so creative. Given he’s a committed gamer it’s funny to hear him talk of taking the kids to Shakespeare in the park and the story time at the library.” Blue grins.

“He seems a good guy and has my eldest in a spin. What happened? I understand if you can’t say. Tad came home from their date happy as can be and then well I was upset to hear that Larry and Gervais had hooked up.” Mike says.

“Gervais thought the date was terrible. It sounded bad to be fair, I don’t think Tad let Gervais get a word in. Larry said Tad can fall back into his high school football captain persona after being home a while and that is not Gervais type of guy at all. Then Robin and Gervais asked Larry to stay over after the party for me, they knew I liked him and wanted to find out if he liked me. Larry didn’t go after Gervais and I don’t think he has any interest there. He likes me and I like him.” Blue stammers.

“Tad can be a bulldozer at times, the girls loved it. I can see how he got it wrong with Gervais. I hope he’ll get another shot as he told me he’s never felt so much for someone.” Mike says.

Blue smiles, he knows how captivating Gervais can be and how difficult a crush on him is to shake off.

“You seem remarkably okay with both your sons being gay.” Blue says.

“Makes no difference to me. I just hope one of them marries someone who wants to take on the farm.” Mike says.

“Tad does want the farm but not as it is now. You need to be like your dairy friend and find him a diversion line to manage now. At home my friend helps with a heritage line, using old methods, its how I got the idea for what I want to start with before I get to wine.” Blue says.

“He has brought up the idea of flowers and also nut trees. Nuts! Here. But I hear you, I need to listen to him and give him a shot. I can afford to bankroll a few failures while he finds his feet and who knows he might get it right.” Mike says with a smile. He’s been shut off from his family’s needs for too long and now the fog has lifted he wants to make things right.

“I think he’s really appreciate a bit of trust and a lot more recognition for all he has done so far too.” Blue says.

“Yeah they’re both doing great in school I need to recognize that too. Thanks Blue. It’s nice to have someone their age to bounce things off.” Mike says.

“Anytime. I like Tad and Larry. Tad has a lot of great ideas, you should give him a shot. He’s too stubborn he’ll make anything work.” Blue grins and heads out the door to visit with Gladys and Abby. He drops by home first to pick up some food to take and Robin decides to join him.

“You look very happy, Larry was receptive to your visit?” Robin asks with a grin.

“Oh I was the one receiving.” Blue grins.

“And?” Robin asks.

“I’ll be back for more.” Blue smiles.

“Maybe a new boyfriend on the cards?” Robin asks.

“No but I have a new job.” Blue says.

“Really?” Robin asks.

“I’ll tell you at Abby’s so I don’t need to repeat myself.” Blue grins.

“Tease.” Robin grins happy to see his friend is so happy.

“Ahh boys how was your New year’s eve party?” Abby asks when they come in.

“We had a lot of fun. Gervais sends his regards he left in a rush back to his nanny job for emergency cover.” Blue says.

“Oh he’s a good boy. He was good with the little ones at Christmas.” Gladys says.

“Yes he’ll be a good dad that one.” Abby says firmly.

“And Mike has put me up for a job, helping get an ice-cream operation up and running at one of friend’s dairy farms.” Blue says.

“Oh, that is perfect Blue. You love your ice cream maker you’ll be brilliant.” Robin says wondering ice-cream is a better outlet for Blue’s creativity than wine.

“Ah the Baxter farm. Those kids have tried a million schemes. Make sure they do some of the running.” Abby says.

“I’d love it if we had an ice-cream store again.” Gladys says.

“I thought the Bakery would sell it in summer.” Blue says.

“We could have both. I’m thinking.” Abby says with a grin.

“You already have a store in mind?” Blue asks.

“I might do. I’m looking for a florist first, you were right a florist is needed.” Abby says.

“Cool.” Blue grins. They talk a little about the market and other things. Abby is not slowing down like she planned just moving from one project to the next with Gladys egging her on.

“Why won’t you go for it with Larry? He’s out now.” Robin asks in bed later.

“I don’t want long distance. If I did I’d have considered Will.” Blue says.

“I just hate the thought of leaving you alone here. I know you have friends and the new job sounds perfect but you’ll be waking alone and coming home to an empty house and I worry.” Robin says.

“You best show me what I’ll be missing so I work on finding someone.” Blue grins running his hands over Robin.

“Did Larry not satisfy you?” Robin grins.

“He was amazing. I just want you again.” Blue says honestly and they kiss gently.

24 thoughts on “A new Blue 9

  1. I want Clara, Bea, and Chris to all die in a very horrible, painful, excruciating accident. I want them to suffer. I hope it’s a horrible death and I want it to hurt.

    Now, on to the happy things. I love Blue and his new peace. It’s fun watching him be flirty and confident and enjoying sex without being so worried about how to get the guy to marry him. Hes finally able to just enjoy the moment for what it is. He’s definitely growing up and becoming an independent, confident man. You’ve really developed him, and I’m loving it!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Glad to be making you happy 🙂
      Clara and Bea are very similar though different views on fidelity. I don’t want to spend too much time on them, they happened to be there so needed comment. Chris I think is upset by Blue leaving and is seeing it as an insult.
      Blue is happy and motivated and having some fun.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Loved this chapter. So many good feelings. Love the ending glad Robin is finally able to show his love for his best friend in a very physical way. It used to make him feel weird and that he had to go find a woman to prove himself.

    Blue certainly deserves the lovings he has been getting loved the scene with Larry. Glad tho that Blue is able to see things for what they are tho and not fall head over heals for someone that’s not around for him all the time.

    Oh Blue and ice cream manufacturing sounds like a winning combo Blue does love his ice cream maker.

    Hope you are feeling better Sam and if not that you get well soon.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Another great chapter Sam! Hope you’re feeling better I think I got pneumonia from walking to the voting office Tuesday. Loved Larry and Blue interlude. I think Heidi and mike need a date. Blue seems like he is just waiting for Gervais to comeback, I mean if there was a nice farmer boy there to stuff me I’d take advantage of it😀.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He’s going to enjoy a lot of sex with Larry until he goes back to school no doubt, they can’t keep their hands off each other.
      Hope you’re feeling better soon. I took today off to try and get rid once and for all. Take care of yourself

      Liked by 2 people

                    1. LOL! Been cool here…it was 14 this morning..he’s going to make me feel better soon…:-) Kinda like Larry and Blue!

                      Liked by 1 person

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