A new Blue 10 (with a little old Andy)

“I’ll miss you.” Blue says as Robin packs the car to go home.

“I hate leaving you alone but I need to spend some time with my family before going back to school.” Robin says he’s actually pretty worried about Blue and determined to call regularly. He knows Blue has friends here and jobs and his dream but Robin still wishes Blue had a boyfriend or even a roommate to look out for him regularly.

“I’ll be fine. I have so much to do.” Blue says.

“I know, I just worry.” Robin says and hugs his best friend close.

“You be careful at school. Have higher standards find someone who makes you loopy.” Blue says.

“I will, I promise. I want that, you were so right to call me out for settling.” Robin says.

“I want us all to be happy. I’ll keep looking for my man too.” Blue says with a smile.

“Good for you. You and Gervais are something but you’ve only been a disaster together. You need to find someone who is a lot less drama.” Robin says.

“I know.” Blue grins and the hug for a long time before Robin sets off.

Blue walks around the house checking on all the work that has been done and all that is still to be done. He makes a list and feels a little more in control. He then walks through the garden and does the same and finally the rest of his land.

He has plans and backup plans and backup, backup plans. He’s excited and ready to get going. In some ways Robin and Gervais were a distraction. They helped but needed direction which slowed him down.

As it is snowing again he works on plans for the fields and gets prices for all that he needs. He puts the radio on for company and has a lovely time. Around dinner time Larry shows up with some beers.

“Though I’d bribe dinner out of you.” Larry grins.

“Wanna fuck first?” Blue asks boldly.

“You know it.” Larry grins and kisses Blue’s cheek.

They move into the empty main room and are soon rolling around the floor wrestling and kissing. They both want dick tonight and take turns to satisfy each other, dinner long forgotten.

They shower together after and Larry drinks a beer and watches as Blue pulls together a quick noodle dish for them to eat. Larry hugs Blue from behind and kisses his neck, just like Andy used to. Blue has a wave of sadness for his lost friendship, Andy was his first brother and he misses him. He’d love this house and the land and Blue wishes he was here to bounce ideas on.

“What’s up?” Larry asks sensing Blue tensing up.

“Just thinking of someone from my past.” Blue says.


Back at home Andy is thinking of Blue as he packs his things up for school. Andy and Chris have been sharing Blue’s room and it has felt weird from the start. Tonight they are having a farewell dinner for Willow. Birch and Grant drove up for New Year so Birch could see Willow before she left and so Grant and Bea could be together. Andy feels unhappy that Birch is here in Blue’s space. He’s felt weird all break. Clara has behaved as if Blue never existed and Bea and Chris have followed her lead. It has been pressure on Chris to be the good son, but he’s lived up to it, like in the summer Chris has happily stepped in to chores and the café without one complaint.

Bea has been more of a pain but she is clearly Clara’s favorite. The pair argue a lot but it’s usually on an intellectual level and they can snap straight out of it.

Because of the way Bea and Clara are close and the way Clara supports Chris in his dream to be a vet Andy is actually happy that Blue isn’t here. He hates how his former friend has been pushed out of his own life but really is grateful that he isn’t here to see it.

Andy has spent much of the break up at Deke’s dad’s farm working on plans for the summer, on preparing the land. He’s loved it but wishes he had Blue there to bounce ideas off. Chris tries to feign interest but isn’t much good at pretending. Katelyn and Sarah, Deke’s younger sister are much more helpful and give their opinions and listen to Andy’s ideas.

Katelyn has bounced back from their mom leaving and is back to the happy, confident girls that she was before their mom showed up again. She loves working with Willow at the retreat and with Sarah at the farm. She’s dropped the manicures as they remind her of her mother too much.

Clara’s relationship with Katelyn is probably the healthiest Clara has. Roe is always on high alert for her fuckery and tries to limit Clara’s influence when she can. Andy appreciates all that Roe is doing to bring Katelyn up well.

Spence and Gervais both sent lots of gifts for Katelyn for Christmas and that made Andy feel even worse about how wrapped up in Chris he has been for the last semester. Spence has been down but Chris gets jealous if he spends any time with him and he knows none of the others bother with him.

Andy sits at Blue’s old computer and checks his social media before sitting down. He is almost certain that Robin and Gervais have been with Blue from their updates. Though he sees pictures of Gervais with Spence’s family on Gervais and W’s feeds and no sign of Spence.

Chris is out with the vet and won’t be back for another hour or so. Without thinking further Andy calls Spence.

“Happy new year.” Andy says with a shy smile as Spence answers.

“Thanks. Surprised you remember I existed.” Spence says.

“What’s going on? I saw Gervais in pictures with the kids but not you.” Andy asks.

“I fucked up. Danny was everything I wanted, everything. We were crazy together, crazy. I thought he had the day off and AB was taking the kids out for the day. We set up a crazy scene in the pool house and we had the drapes open. W comes out looking for Danny and gets a full view of everything. Danny got fired and I had to leave too. I guess they asked Gervais to cover while they found a new nanny.” Spence says.

“Holy shit. Was it really bad?” Andy asks.

“Oh I was hog tied, red ass, covered in clothes pegs and hard as a rock.” Spence says.

“Oh fuck.” Andy says with a grin.

“And it turns out Danny knew he should have been working. Thought I would love the extra humiliation. Which I did. Of course I did. You know what I’m like. But he wanted to get fired, he already had an offer for twice the money and his own apartment. He used me.” Spence sighs.

“So you’re not seeing him again?” Andy asks.

“No. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to see Tommy again when he graduates. I fucked up. I should never have let my dick rule me. We should have gone to a hotel.” Spence says sadly.

“Are you back at school alone?” Andy asks.

“Yeah, its fine. I’ve been working out and having one night stands and getting ready for next semester.” Spence says.

“Are you coaching?” Andy asks.

“No, I can’t get any hours from any gym, even as a volunteer. I offer to pay my own insurance and everything but can’t get anything. Will has made sure of it.” Spence says.

“It’s not what I want. I’m sorry. What about going back to wrestling?” Andy asks.

“I just feel pretty defeated right now. I need a new plan.” Spence says sadly.

“We’ll be back in a few days.” Andy says.

“That makes no difference.” Spence says.

“I’m sorry. Chris gets jealous.” Andy admits.

“I don’t blame him. I was a fucking idiot throwing what we had away. I love you so much Andy.” Spence says crying.

Andy has no idea what to do or say. He has never seen Spence so low and is worried. He can’t believe Spence fucked up so badly. That Danny has left him and that his career is in tatters. That he is living alone and fucking around. Not what suits Spence at all.

“I still care babe. You’ll find someone. I know you will.” Andy says.

“I won’t. You were the one for me. I knew that the minute we first kissed and I know I won’t find anyone like you. I can give you so much more than Chris can. Please reconsider me.” Spence says.

“Fuck off. Fuck off and find your own boyfriend. Don’t you dare try and steal mine.” Chris who has been listening in the doorway says and walks over and ends the call.

“Why were you talking to that prick?” Chris asks angrily.

“I saw some pictures of Gervais at his family’s place and wanted to check he was okay. He isn’t. You don’t need to rub his face in it.” Andy says.

“When he is trying to steal you back I do. You chose me. I love you and I am not losing you back to him.” Chris says.

“You won’t lose me. I love you and I want to be with you. You know that.” Andy says and kisses Chris to try and calm him.

“Who else have you been calling behind my back?” Chris asks.

“I’m not in touch with Blue if that is what you’re asking.” Andy says with a sigh.

“And Magnus?” Chris asks.

“No. You can trust me baby. I love you.” Andy says frustrated.

“Come on we need to help with dinner.” Chris says and Andy follows him.

Willow loves the dinner, loves having her brother there and all his friends. Like Andy Willow feels weird about being in Clara’s house without Blue. She and Clara are having a relationship of sorts, she knew she’d like Clara, despite the way she treats Blue, she knew the women who shaped this town to be like a giant commune would be the one for her. She didn’t expect to fall quite so hard.

As soon as Cheryl left she went for it with Clara but it didn’t work out as she wanted she became just another of Clara’s playthings. It works both ways Willow is free to be with whoever she wants but that isn’t Willow’s way and she hopes that the travelling will get Clara out of her system.

The only worry Willow has is how Birch will cope. He has buried himself in his work again and has had a series of affairs but no one has come close to Blue. Since Birch got here he has been floored by how people in the town talk about Blue compared to how Clara, Bea and Chris talk about him. Birch is deeply ashamed of how he spoke to Blue in Australia. He can see clearly now how marginalized Blue had become in his own family. How Clara had thrown money at him and thrown him away.

Birch knew their breakup was a mistake but being here, months later he can see just how big a mistake it was. He wants to talk to Andy about Blue, about tracking him down to apologize. That Birch may have contributed to Blue dropping out of school and abandoning his family and friends kills him. Blue is the guy he thought he was at the start, he knows that he is that good guy, true to himself loving and kind. He hears it from everyone he meets. Everyone asks after Blue unless Clara is around.

“Can we be in the same car on the way back? I want to talk about Blue.” Birch whispers to Andy as they clean up after dinner.

“Won’t you want to be Willow?” Andy asks he wants to talk too but not in front of Chris. That Chris has refused to talk of Blue at all bothers Andy.

“Yeah I guess I can talk to her. Maybe Clara will have told her something.” Birch says.

“That would be good. I thought Gervais knew something but he’s been with Spence’s family. Could Willow ask Cheryl? I can’t imagine Blue abandoned Ocean.” Andy says.

“I just thought we’d get here and Clara would know where he was and say she was just giving him space or something.” Birch says.

“But it is like he never existed. All his personal things were gone from his room. It is so weird.” Andy says.

“How can you stay with Clara?” Birch asks.

“Its home. Chris has lost the rest of his family. Even his cousin wasn’t allowed to stay with us when she came for a college visit. They have all cut him off. Clara treats Blue like shit but she has supported all of us and treats us all well. I know it isn’t right. I’m weak.” Andy admits.

“I get it. I do. It’s not for me to demand you drop your family. I just feel guilty as sin for treating Blue so badly. For projecting this spoiled rich kid thing onto him when he was never that.” Birch says.

“No he was never, ever that.” Andy says.

“Let’s go to Cheryl’s together when we get back.” Birch says.

“Deal.” Andy says with a smile. Enough is enough they have to track down Blue.


Blue wakes early on Monday morning and gets ready for his new job. He heads up to Mike’s farm. Mike, Tad and Larry are having breakfast together when he arrives so he joins them for a coffee.

Larry grins and Tad scowls. Blue is sad that he and Tad haven’t been able to salvage a friendship.

“I am going away for a few days, got some furniture to deliver for Wilson.” Larry says and Blue nods, they’d talked about it a few days ago and Blue knew it was a possibility.

“Drive safely. I have a tin of cookies and a flask of soup for you.” Blue says pulling the bag out of his bag.

“Thanks baby.” Larry says before remembering where he is and blushing.

Tad scowls some more but Mike is beaming. Mike is so happy that Larry is happy and has come out of his shell as himself again. Since Tad outed him Larry has been himself, no more faking crushes on girls or making stupid comments. He is back to being the son he was before he lost his mother and to see him with someone as wonderful as Blue, Mike is so proud.

“You’re welcome.” Blue grins.

“Lets get going. Come on Tad.” Mike says.

“You’re coming too?” Blue asks.

“Yeah, Dad thinks it would be good for me to help see you guys set up the diversion and talk to Nick and Ella about wat they’ve already done and failed at.” Tad says and Blue nods.

“That sounds good. You’ll likely think of hundreds of questions I forget.” Blue smiles hoping to heal their rift as they were pretty close before Christmas.

“Dad you don’t need to come, I know where we’re going.” Tad says.

“Are you sure? I’m happy to come and smooth things over?” Mike asks.

“It’ll be fine.” Tad says.

“You want to drive?” Blue asks.

“Yeah.” Tad says and takes the keys and walks out.

Blue kisses Larry briefly and then follows Tad outside.


“Are you two official now?” Tad asks.

“We’re just having fun while Larry is on break.” Blue says.

“Did Gervais really have a shit time on our date?” Tad asks.

“Yes. You were straight out of a teen movie, the handsome football stuff expecting him to fall on his knees. What happened to the sensitive guy struggling with decisions about farming?” Blue asked.

“You. You’re younger than me but you’re so together. You can articulate what you want to people. You turned out home around, flowers in our rooms and clean sheets. You knew Larry five minutes and worked out he was gay. You took my spot in my family and did a better job.” Tad says.

“I didn’t know and as soon as you two got home I stepped back. I love your dad and wanted him to have a great time with you two when you got back. It’s not my fault that you hang so much on being gay and vegetarian. It’s hardly a unique combo.” Blue says.

“I know and I didn’t know how to deal. You’re so comfortable in your own skin and I am flailing around.” Tad says.

“And you saw Gervais and then found out he was my ex and felt I was getting there first again.” Blue says.

“Yeah. I mean he is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. He took my breath away and I wanted to win his heart. I crashed and burned and then he fucked Larry.” Tad sighs.

“Which he was free to do so.” Blue says.

“I know. I just wanted it to be me.” Tad admits.

“Why are you coming today? Cheese and ice-cream are not for you.” Blue says.

“I am thinking of fruits for both. I was thinking that you get cheese with apricots or blueberries in and maybe we can work on something like that. Also for the ice-cream. I love the idea of growing figs and pecans.” Tad says.

“I was planning on growing figs too. Good for so many dishes.” Blue says.

“Yeah, maybe we can see who has the best space for them.” Tad says.

“Your dad mentioned you wanted to do flowers.” Blue says.

“That is the dream. That is why I said I’d love to be in your situation. Have the chance to try something from scratch, no expectations, no time limit on getting it right.” Tad says.

“I’m happy to help. Any time. I get that you’re mad at me but I understand what you want and lets be honest I have your dad’s ear and I can get his thoughts without it being hostile for you.” Blue says.

“I guessed you were the one who told him to give me a shot.” Tad says.

“I figured I owed you.” Blue says.

“I’m sorry our friendship imploded due to my jealousy. You were a good friend and you have done so much for dad.” Tad says.

“I get it. I know how it feels to be sidelined and replaced. Your dad wants you and Larry to be happy. He just isn’t sure how. He doesn’t want me instead.” Blue says.

“I know. I’m pretty lucky.” Tad grins.

“So we’re good?” Blue asks.

“Will you get me another chance with Gervais?” Tad asks.

“You’ll need to work on that yourself and you might find someone at school. He’ll be here all summer.” Blue says.

“I’ve time to work on my game.” Tad says and Blue grins not sure how he feels about helping someone else with his love.


198 thoughts on “A new Blue 10 (with a little old Andy)

  1. I have no idea why, but that sentence stating that Andy and Chris were staying in Blue’s room simultaneously made my skin crawl and pissed me off.

    I kept screaming mentally at everyone there “get the fuck out of that town! Youre all a pack of Judas’s”

    Great chapter though! I’d love to see Larry and Will get competitive to win Blue’s affectations.

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              1. no I don’t think he would just sad at the situation of him missing his best friends big day

                Besides he does not want to be in any scenario where he risks seeing his siblings or Spence again pretty much


                  1. well enough time passed between birthday and Oz trip for Blue to be cut off from everyone with only Gervais and deshawn his close friends and I guess Chris…. I think his birthday must be around May/June


      1. I doubt the others would tell Andy where he resides as they know Andy is prone to running his mouth and Gossiping and before you know it the real people he was cutting from his life are rocking upto hos farm house.

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  2. I see things differently I would not trust Andy with anyone let alone his Ex I mean Andy is a known cheater and Spence begging Andy back is disgusting you don’t beg people back who are clearly in a relationship what is he a homewrecker?

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          1. Bea never wanted to share Clara with Blue well guess what bitch ypu got what you wanted but with no Blue someone will have to become the new punching bag for Clara as for years that was Blue job….. will Bea or Chris be happy to become that lol

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              1. well it seems Roe is trying to limit Katelyn exposure to Clara as much as possible…..

                It does seem things have cooled between Andy and Clara tho where he even felt odd being around not sure if that was purely on Blue absence or Clara treatment on Blue in past also and her role in the current situation.


                  1. I guess he has seen in the past between Blue and Clara how she makes problems Blue has as meaningless…. maybe based on that thinks what is the point she will think she is right like she always does.

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                    1. Yeah and selfishly she has helped Andy get on his path and although he could just stay with Deke that would ruin his relationship with Chris, any standing up to Clara is a risk to Chris too.


                    2. Do you think Blue choosing Cheryl over Clara hurts her ego or as shown over time does bot really care for Blue deep down unless he is being her pawn?


  3. I absolutely loved the transition between Blue and Andy in this chapter Sam! Well written! All those times Andy was in the kitchen with Blue were sure to bring up memories…perfect place to have a transition/segue. 😘💕❤️

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      1. First thought that came to mind when I was reading was…I wonder if Blue will be thinking of Andy…and there it was.
        I would imagine Andy thinks of Blue frequently, and asks “what the hell happened?” as he tries to move forward and find out who he really is inside.

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          1. something tells me if Andy knew Spence was the catalyst of Blue leaving everything behind he would be less concerned about Spence feelings and emotions its why I am not anti-Danny I mean takes two to tango bit rich to blame it all on Danny due to spence cheqored past

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  4. I’d say I feel bad for Spence, but you reap what you sow. He’s got to pull his way back up just like the rest of his (former?) friends when they have been low. Daniel being so callous was pretty horrible… was he on a contract that he couldn’t get out of? I just don’t understand why he would do that rather than be upfront and blunt with W and AB about wanting out. Why fuck over Spence in the process? Not surprised that Will has poisoned the well for Spence. He was left pretty damn jilted by someone he thought was a friend.

    Sigh. So Chris is back to jealous and threatened by everything he doesn’t own or have control over. His inner Clara is coming out. That really sucks, both for Andy and just in general. Of course, Andy isn’t going to handle this the best of ways and is going to do shit behind Chris’ back, isn’t he? I don’t want them to end as an implosion, but… fuck, foreshadowing of doom, eh? No, seriously, I wanted Chris to have a good ending even if he and Andy don’t work out… I really want him to be a better person, to learn how to deal with his insecurities and jealousies and not let them (completely) control his behaviour.

    Birch? Wow, was not expecting him to still be around. Like Spence, I have absolutely no sympathy. Even less sympathy, truly. I hope it’s only an apology he wants to offer because he ain’t gonna get any more than that.

    So much more to say but I have to run out on errands… Looking forward to more of Blue’s ice cream adventure! 😀

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          1. Confronting her doesn’t work. The entire town is concerned, except for her…how embarrassing! She’s so self absorbed, it’s amazing!! She needs some sincere help! Amazingly Birtch and Andy are the only ones who see it!

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              1. True..I’m watching Andy though…I find it interesting that he’s so eager to find Blue and Birtch too, but Andy of all people can’t talk to his boyfriend about his brother…I know Clara has lead by example, but it is strange. I do think it’s funny…the guilt has finally reared it’s ugly head for both Birtch and Andy – but Spence still can’t admit his hand in his own downfall! Ahh..to be 20 and stupid again! LOL!

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                    1. Right! I wonder if Andy will find out that Spence and G were the final trigger that caused Blue to leave? Andy does love Blue a lot…even though he’s replaced him with Chris. Also, Willow? She’s just as bad as ‘Bitch’! Worse even…she might as well never patched things up with Blue! Amazed at these people…Clara I get – she’s just an ungrateful bitch! Even Andy, always the wimp…I guess, even Chris and Bea have treated Blue just as bad as their mother!

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                    2. I hope so…she hurt Blue when she thought he had cheated on Birtch…he knew his friends were shits….This was an awesome chapter Sam…very reflective on some! Thanks again!

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                    3. Honey…we’ve been here..I read and re-read, maybe don’t comment. Since it’s champagne Sunday at home, I’ll probably become a little more vocal as I re-read the story!


                    4. I don’t think he’s replaced him with Chris let’s just face it you can’t replace blue. Also I sympathize with Spence getting caught because its happened to me. Also I think if Chris can be separated from the bitch squad (Bea and Clara) he is sorta kinda a maybe decent person


                    5. I wish but no got caught by my parents last week they went to doctor I invited guy over didn’t hear them come home and let’s just say my parents and little brother saw more of me than I wanted.

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                    6. here is the case against Andy finding Blue if I am to play devil’s advocate….. Andy can be a gossipping queen if he knew where Blue was living is there anyone he would not tell?

                      At least Robin and Gervais know the score and are not going to give location away 🙂

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                    1. true that would be harmless I mean no way would Ocean tell where Blue is living…. actually I would make it slip deliberately so they knew some people Blue was still in contact with


    1. Danny was thinking with his dick, he could have resigned but he got off on Spence’s humiliation so decided to go out with a bang. Nannies are always being poached and this was his way of burning his bridges.
      Spence loved the sexual side, even to that extreme. Danny fucked him over with his family but he was more than willing to indulge.
      I think its fair for Chris to be jealous of Spence. Spence and Andy were together for years and Spence is a shit at times.

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      1. Agreed. LOVED the chapter Sam! Perfect combo…glad to see Birch and Andy thinking of what they’ve lost. I’ve often thought that Chris was a physical replacement of Blue for him…since he could have the twin. I get that he loves Chris, but…some of the jealous, callous Chris is coming out…

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      2. There’s a difference in being justifiably jealous and crazy psychotic jealous. Chris didn’t even give Andy the chance to say no to Spence, he just flipped his shit. He can’t stand Andy talking about Blue, not even to wonder if he’s okay.

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          1. Lol. I wouldn’t call it mad at Chris as much as a reminder that he’s a psychotic asshole at heart. I never thought Tad was an ass, just a bit of a dipshit and a man-child that doesn’t know how to deal with disappointment. He’s redeemable.

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                1. like blue suit friends he seems to blame Blue when things don’t go his way and thinks its Blue job to fix them….. maybe I am reading too much between the lines.

                  Of the two brothers Larry is the mature one

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                    1. I’d say give it about two years before they matured enough I mean at that age I was still figuring things out. Apart for now so they can mature like a fine wine.


              1. actions have consequences and Spence still has not admitted hos own role snd faults that brought him where he is now…… like Chris/Bea/Clara he is another pretending Blue does not exist….. Irony is if he did not fuck Blue over, Blue would be around and possibly have spence fixed up by now whether he deserved Blue help or not is another matter lol

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                  1. I just think Spence having a hard time now is karma after the way he had treated those especially Blue It is not just the boycotting Blue from Will…. goes back further ie threatening Gervais from getting back with Blue and placing George in a relationship with Blue….. I am sure without Spence interfearance Blue and Gervais would of worked things out yet spence widened the gulf between them.

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          2. Tad is a new character…he still gets a lot of leeway. The history with Chris has led to grudges that are hard to move on from…Tad’s personality traits are just developing/showing, whereas Chris has a pretty crazy history that is hard to ignore when he tries to move on and be a better person.

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        1. lets look at Andy history in regards to loyalty in relationship goes he is often on prowl for ass no matter gow good things are at home….. it is why I was never one for a Blue/Andy relationship as bad as Andy is with his friends at times he is not always the best boyfriend.

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  5. I loved this chapter. The way you handled the transition between Blue and Andy was excellent. I could almost see a fade in my mind as Blue said he was thinking about someone from his past. The snippet was a nice taste without too much of the drama. Just enough to remind us that Blue is better off without them.

    Clara’s essentially erasing Blue is not surprising. Blue’s ultimate success is definitely going to be a big f you to her. I think that just by being Blue he’s building himself his own family in his new community that will boost him up and defend him in the face of any trouble she (or Chris or Bea) might try to bring to his doorstep in the future. I appreciated Birch’s coming to the realization that Blue really was as awesome as he seemed and not playacting. I’ll be interested to see any future updates on the others (even if we’re talking distant future) as I’m interested to see if Andy & Chris are going to last given Chris’s extreme jealousy. I can’t imagine Andy trying to find Blue will go over well.

    Hopefully Tad can get his head out of his ass by summer. In my perfect world we’d see Gervais and Tad make a go of it, and have Blue find his own happy ever after that way they could still be BFFs without the pining and tension.

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    1. Tad and Larry have a lot going on. I want them to be better to each other than the triplet trio, they man up to mistakes and move on when they are ready. Mike is a good dad but has been understandably absent recently.

      I’m planning on following a little of the other story for a chapter or 2 and then when it fits later on. Like I’d like to cover spring break and maybe Robin’s birthday or something.

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  6. And I’m back to hating Chris. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I feel sorry for Spence. I kind of wish Andy and Spence would get back together. Clara, what can I say about her, hmm, I hope she gets ran over by a runaway tractor. Seriously how can someone be that much of a bitch? I don’t know who to hate more her or Chris. Chris is turning into the old George. I’m gonna miss Robin but at least blue will be keeping busy. I hope Andy realizes that Chris is a spoiled brat and kicks his ass to the curb. To be honest i bet Chris is the one that’ll screw it up. I’m still ticked off at Birch. He deserves to be down about Blue. Tad is still a dick but not that big of one. I can’t believe Danby though I thought he was a good guy but he is a schemer. Willow going traveling? Maybe she might end up in a little farming town with a great cheesecake???? Great Chapter Sam loved catching up with the others. I also like the spacing of the chapters gives me time to reread some other ones.


    1. Willow is going to India, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. So no chance of her finding Blue.
      Why you so mad at Chris? I’d not want my boyfriend to hang out with his long term ex, especially one who was trying to break us up.

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      1. Because he’s a dick I mean poor Spence is crying his heart out because he knows that Andy was his forever and Chris is just a dick. I thought he was changing but apparently I was wrong. And now ihate willow because I want to go to Thailand

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          1. Well I guess Spence was probably thinking if Andy is thinking of me enough to call, I may as well be honest with him, especially after messing up so badly with D and the family. Honesty is important when you’re trying to get your life back together. Why hold back with someone you love?

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              1. Exactly. It can’t hurt anymore than it already does for him to try and express his feelings. Not saying I am fond of Spence after all that happened (and he does deserve what he sowed right now), but he is trying to move on and he is trying to be honest with himself.

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          2. I do t see Chris and Andy together much longer anyway but Spence is a depression so I get why he did it. He realizes that Andy made him happy. He’s just hoping that there is still a small ember of that flame burning. But Andy called Spence not the other way around.


            1. Yeah Andy still cares but as a friend and he was worried so he called. We know there is a lot of good in Andy and a lot of idiot.
              Andys turned Spence down several times and Spence needs to move on.


                  1. I think he is totally crushed and may be part reason his relationship with Chris has lasted this long…. ie a distraction from his true hurt and hangs on to the fact that the tiny bit of Blue Chris shares is better than no Blue

                    Liked by 2 people

      2. Yeah, Chris really is being a dick…obviously doesn’t trust Andy at all if he is that jealous over a phone call. I mean really, it’s not like Spence and Andy were having phone sex or something. Spence and Andy just needed to clear the air a little. If Andy were my BF, I would be okay with him talking to his ex…because I would know that he still loves him, but I would also be secure enough in our relationship (ie: have enough trust) to be able to recognize that chatting can make him feel better (and in return, I will feel better). Chris is just narcissistic on top of being a liar, a cheat, and a fool. I am not surprised by Chris’s reaction…it is within his character profile that Sam has set up for him…and I still don’t trust him. Lol.

        Liked by 3 people

          1. I meant he is a cheat in terms of backstabbing, money grubbing and general psychopathic mistreatment of others. I know he isn’t a cheat. Definitely insanely jealous though…makes me wonder if Chris had jealousy issues with G talking to others. Very reminiscent of obsessive George too.

            Liked by 2 people

          1. I think that Will and Blue was the relationship you didn’t write. The way you wrote their connection gave me goose bumps. Larry is a close 3rd. They’re completely comfortable with each other.

            Liked by 1 person

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