A new Blue 12 (wrapping it up with a bow).

Robin looks at Gervais and grins. He is so proud of how far his friend has come. Gervais would never have been able to do this a year ago, he is so much stronger now and acts far more rationally. Robin is kind of excited to see what Gervais does and wishes blue were here to see it.

Andy lets them in and Robin puts their dishes on the counter in the kitchen.

“Where are the others?” Gervais asks.

“Chris and Bea will be back at 6. George and Dylan just went out for beer.” Andy says.

“How fucking rude. I told you I needed to speak to the 5 of you and I’d come over early to do it. Why didn’t you call me about the change of plans?” Gervais asks.

“I didn’t know it was such a big deal.” Andy says confused.

“Come on Gervais. Let’s go.” Robin says.

“Yeah. Andy I need to see all five of you together as soon as possible it is very important. Get back to me with a time before the end of the week. Be aware that for every day you put it off things will get shittier and shittier for all of you.” Gervais says.

Robin picks the food back up and the pair make to leave.

“Wait, I asked them all to go out so I could speak to the two of you alone.” Andy says.

“It had better be important. You are seriously screwing your friends over by pulling this stunt.” Gervais says.

“I’m worried about Spence. I spoke to him over break and he was in a really bad way. His world is falling apart and I hate the thought of him living alone when he’s like this.” Andy says.

“So move in with him.” Robin says.

“I can’t, Chris doesn’t trust Spence around me.” Andy says.

“You know Spence totally fucked up my break? I went to look after the kids as Spence got Danny fired.” Gervais says.

“That was hardly fucking it up, you love those kids.” Andy says.

“I do. You’d think their own uncle would too.” Gervais says.

“Andy, we’re not friends with Spence any more. Anything that is happening to him is his own fault. We are not the guys to ask to fix it.” Robin says.

“You need to sort your relationship out and deal with him yourself. Spence is not our responsibility. He could have found a roommate but he chooses to be alone.” Gervais says.

“Why did you move out?” Andy asks.

“I wanted to live with Robin.” Gervais says.

“We need to be kinder to each other. I don’t want Spence dropping out and running off like Blue.” Andy says.

“For fucks sake. Spence is the reason Blue left. We’re on Blue’s side and Spence can go fuck himself.” Robin says shocking Andy.

“What do you mean?” Andy asks. Before Robin can answer Spence knocks and comes straight in with DeShawn, Birch, Grant and Magnus.

“Spence and G had sex. Blue walked in. It was the last straw. He made his escape plan that night.” Robin says not caring who knows. Gervais blushes a little but the expected wave of guilt doesn’t come. He and Blue have made their peace with it and Gervais knows that he is fully forgiven.

“You slept with Gervais after telling Blue to back off from Will!” Andy screams and punches Spence in the face.

DeShawn instantly picks Spence up and pulls him away before he can retaliate.

“Why would you tell Blue?” Spence asks Gervais.

“I didn’t, he came over and he heard us.” Gervais says.

“How do you know? Have you talked to him?” Spence asks totally confused. And/ s punch was a surprise but didn’t really hurt.

“Of course we talk to him.” Robin says incredulously, as if they hadn’t been cut off too.

“Seriously?” DeShawn asks a little hurt.

“Yeah we talk every week. He has no issue with you he just needed a clean break from everyone. I couldn’t let him go.” Gervais says to DeShawn quietly.

“I’m glad he’s okay.” DeShawn says and smiles, he knows he wouldn’t have had time for a long distance friend last semester any way.

“What’s going on?” Dylan asks coming in with the beers.

“Spence was leaving.” Andy says.

“Andy please. I didn’t do anything to him. Man he and Gervais were long over.” Spence says confused.

“He did you a favor and you spat in his face.” Andy says.

“He had no claim on Gervais.” Spence says.

“You had none on Will.” Andy replies.

“And Will has ruined my career over it. Was that not enough? Do I have to lose you too?” Spence pleads.

“Yes get out.” Chris says from the doorway.

“Seriously what have we missed?” George asks.

“Blue left because he walked in on Spence and Gervais at it. Andy is mad. Robin and Gervais have been talking to Blue regularly but didn’t tell anyone.” Magnus says not sure why there is such a high level of drama.

“Can you all just fuck off? Dinner is cancelled.” Chris says.

“Actually I need to talk to the five of you who live here.” Gervais pipes up.

“You’re not welcome here, just go.” Chris says.

“I need to talk to the five of you who live here.” Gervais repeats firmly.

“You. Are. Not. Welcome. Here. Go. Away.” Chris says slowly and patronizingly.

“I. Am. Your. New. Landlord. You don’t have a lease. I need to talk to the five of you who live here.” Gervais says in the same tone and the room falls silent. Robin laughs at the reaction on Chris’s face.

“What? How?” Andy asks.

“Blue gave me this house for Christmas.” Gervais says.

“No fucking way.” Bea says shocked and worried.

“I can show you the paperwork.” Gervais says with a smirk enjoying the moment.

DeShawn looks from Gervais to Robin and begins to smile too. He hasn’t like how Gervais and Robin have been marginalized by the group since Blue left and loves that Blue is getting in a big fuck you to Chris, Bea and Andy.

“So what does this mean? Are you evicting us?” George asks.

“If you wish to remain in the house you need to fill in the application, I’ll wave the application fee but if accepted you need to pay the security deposit and last month’s rent.” Gervais says calmly.

Robin looks gently at George trying to convey that Gervais isn’t going to screw him. George catches the look and blinks his appreciation.

“And if we refuse to leave?” Bea asks.

“Well I’ll go the legal route. I’m giving you an informal heads up.” Gervais says.

“We could all move in with Spence. Then you won’t get a penny.” Bea says.

“After the way Chris spoke to me. No way. George and Dylan are of course welcome.” Spence says.

Spence feels glad he stayed, he can’t stand Bea or Chris and is enjoying seeing their fear.

“You don’t have grounds.” Chris says.

“You’re squatting. You have no lease with me, you had none with Blue, he left before he could sort one. If you need a reason I can see evidence of underage drinking, I can get the neighbors to complain you’re a nuisance. If we can’t work this out mutually then I will serve notices.” Gervais says and Spence actually snorts.

Robin catches Spence’s eyes and grins. They might not be friends any more but they are both enjoying this.

“I will totally make a noise complaint.” Magnus says calmly. He might be happy with DeShawn but the way Andy moved on so fast with Chris stung and he hates Bea dating Grant. He’d love the group to move on.

“You’re tearing the group apart.” Andy says.

“I just need to protect myself and make everything above board. You’ve not even asked what the rent will be yet.” Gervais points out.

“You’ll not get a penny from me. My mom paid for this house. I have far more right to it than you.” Bea says.

“Clara bought this house for Blue, he has always held the title she never has. He has transferred it to me. Clara has no say. Blue did promise that the house would be available to kids from home in future years and I may honor that but I am not obligated to. I’ve emailed you all the application and the proposed rent, you have two weeks to decide.” Gervais says.

“You cannot do this to us.” Bea says.

“He should. We should have given Blue a security deposit, sure he knew his momma would cover any damage you three made but Gervais can’t rely on that. He’s trying to protect himself and us.” Dylan says firmly. He doesn’t want to leave, he and George like living there and they have no reason not to trust Gervais. Dylan will be able to cover George’s rent and he trusts that Gervais won’t be asking for the earth. If it pushes Bea and Chris out the door, well who cares?

“He doesn’t need the money. He could have bought this whole street if he wanted to.” Chris sulks.

“So what? How much money he has isn’t our business. He’s giving us first refusal on this great house and he could have just evicted us all. Stop being so rude and petulant. He owes us nothing.” George says calmly. Like Dylan he is happy and wants to stay.

“I’ll leave you to talk it through.” Gervais says and gets up to leave, Robin, DeShawn, Magnus, Birch and Spence follow him.

“So when you said Blue was happy you hadn’t just spoken to him, you’d seen him.” Birch says outside.

“Yeah we’ve seen him. He’s doing well. We will pass on your apology.” Robin says.

“Thanks. Gervais you’re doing the right thing. You’ve my support if things get bad.” Birch says.

“That goes for all of us.” Spence says surprising Robin and Gervais.

“Spence, Birch come back to ours. We’ve all this food to eat.” Magnus says.

“If that’s okay with Robin.” DeShawn says.

“It’s fine. It’s your home too.” Robin says.

“I’ve held a grudge for long enough. I am not mad that Blue left, he really is better off where he is. I can’t be mad at you Spence when it was my fault too.” Gervais says.

“Thanks. I had no idea. Can you pass on an apology from me? For everything, for Will, for you, for taking Birch’s side.” Spence says. He has had far too much time alone to think of his actions. That his moment of madness with Gervais pushed Blue over the edge and made him drop out of school is really playing on his mind. The guilt is engulfing him and he knows he’s going to drown without his friends.

They settle down and start to eat the food. When they’ve all eaten their fill Spence looks up and starts laughing.

“Chris and Bea’s faces when G said he was their landlord.” Spence splutters.

“Oh man, that was the best.” DeShawn grins.

“I hate how Chris and Bea have Andy and Grant totally pussywhipped. Their faces, Gervais I owe you big time.” Magnus says and laughs some more.

“No way would I let those guys live with me. I might be lonely but I’ve not lost my mind.” Spence grins.

“I loved how you shut them down. I’m not out to get anyone, I don’t want to fuck them over but dammed if I owe my ex and his sister anything. Not after Clara has whitewashed Blue from her life and replaced him with those two.” Gervais says shaking her head.

“It’s so weird. I don’t get how someone who had to live apart from her kids for 19 years can just pretend the one she did have custody of never existed. She knows what it is like to lose 2 kids and she just threw Blue away.” Birch says shaking his head.

“If Bea moves in with Grant you can live with me.” Spence says.

“Thanks. Bea and I got on this summer and I’ve been okay with her being over a couple of nights a week but I saw her true colors over break. Chris too. I can’t be around either of them.” Birch says.

“Did Willow get away okay? I hoped I’d see her but with covering for Spence’s mess I came back later than planned.” Gervais says.

“You told me Danny was a good guy. You encouraged us and he totally f me over.” Spence says.

“He was a good guy. I would never have recommended him to AB if he wasn’t.” Gervais says.

“I guess we brought out the worst in each other.” Spence sighs and fills them all in on the full story.

“Oh man that is funny. Not for your brother or the kids but wow.” DeShawn says.

“Sounds like it was really hot until you got busted.” Magnus says.

“You getting ideas?” DeShawn grins and Magnus blushes.

“I know what it’s like to be under a spell but I trust DeShawn that everything we do is for my good. He might humiliate me but he wouldn’t bring my family in to it.” Magnus says.

“You two are lovely together. And you leave the heavy stuff for when we’re out.” Robin says with a smile.

“Are you doing okay now? Andy has been worried.” Gervais asks.

“I think I’m through the worst, I just feel so aimless without coaching. No job, no boyfriend, no roommates. So at least my grades should be good as I’ve no distractions.” Spence smiles a little.

“Maybe I could come and stay for a few nights.” Birch says.

“That would be great.” Spence smiles.

“Is living with Grant not working out?” Magnus asks concerned. The last thing he wants is Bea moving in with Grant.

“Mostly it’s fine. We understand each other. There are no arguments about anything.” Birch says.

“Good. I worry. Grant is so different with Bea. He’s always rejected our family ideals and now he embraces them more than I do. I worry he’s suppressing who he is too. I am so happy with DeShawn and I know he was so crazy about Robin and wanting to explore that side of himself. To have shut that down for someone as difficult as Bea is so surprising.” Magnus says.


“He loves who he loves babe. You have to let him.” DeShawn says.

“I know. His work isn’t as good and he’s less dedicated. He lost his edge when he stopped rebelling.” Magnus says.

“That’s true. He still has bursts of working round the clock but a lot less than he used to. We were painting non-stop when we first got back from Australia we had so much we wanted to get out but his inspiration dried up long before mine.” Birch says.

“Have you any more exhibitions coming up? I love the pictures I bought last time. The one good thing that came out of your break up with Blue was I got to keep them rather than give them to him for his housewarming.” Spence says.

“You planned that for Blue?” Gervais asks touched.

“We were friends then before I lost it.” Spence says.

“It was crazy that time after Jesse. We were all difficult in our own ways. I mean it is still affecting all of us. I get why you might have subconsciously cut Blue off because you didn’t want to be around the other guy who witnesses your failure. Even though he failed too. No neither of you failed, you did all you could but I get that you both probably blamed yourselves.” DeShawn says.

“Did you have any counselling Spence?” Gervais asks feeling bad that he has been so hostile to Spence when DeShawn is right, what Spence went through trying to save Jesse, fighting Justin off must have hit him so hard.

“No, I get that I took it out on Blue. That I couldn’t bear him to be happy when I wasn’t. That I needed him to fail if I was. I was a jackass.” Spence says.

“We all coped differently. Sometimes I forget it happened and then I stop and realize I’ve not gone for coffee with someone from class because I worry they could be like Justin. I settled for a girlfriend I wasn’t in to because I couldn’t contemplate having something that meant something and losing it.” Robin admits.

“Still I was a dick and you guys managed not to be. I can’t use excuses. I fucked up over and over. My life is shit right now, I deserve it because I let Blue get to a similar state after his breakup.” Spence says seeing clearly all the mistakes he’s made since Jesse died as if a fog is lifting.

“We do need to be kinder to each other.” Magnus says.

“Actually I think it’s time we got harsh and started calling each other on our shit and stopped making excuses.” Robin says.

“Deal.” Gervais says with a grin and the others smile and nod.

“Gervais, I’ll pay Andy’s share of the rent and security deposit.” Spence says.

“Spence, I’m not going to actually take rent from Andy. You know me better than that. Andy and George get to stay on for free. They need to pay in to the deposit so they have skin in the game. I trust both of them not to mess up the house but I don’t trust the others. If Andy and George risk losing money they’ll keep the others in line.” Gervais says.

“You had this whole thing worked out.” Magnus says.

“Of course he did.” DeShawn grins.

“I didn’t expect such a perfect reaction. I can’t believe I ever saw anything in Bea.” Robin says.

“Excuse me a minute.” Gervais says and goes up to his room while the others go over again the bombshell Gervais dropped.

“Hey Gervais, did it go okay?” Blue asks answering quickly.

“Perfect. Your siblings are dicks.” Gervais says.

“I know.” Blue grins.

“Look some of the guys are here. Would you talk to them? DeShawn just wants to know you’re okay and uh, well, uh, Spence and Birch want to apologize. I said I’d pass it along but I think it would be nice for you to hear it for real.” Gervais says.

“Sure. I don’t have to accept.” Blue says.

“You look really good babe.” Gervais says as he walks back through to the guys.

“Thanks, you always look beautiful. I’m so proud of you for tonight too.” Blue says.

“Thanks.” Gervais grins, a minute with Blue makes him feel amazing.

“Blue, man, so good to see you.” DeShawn says the first to realize what Gervais has done.

Spence and Birch both give heartfelt apologies and Blue is touched. He feels like he should make them work harder but he can’t. The novelty of real unprovoked apologies make him feel amazing.

“Did you see momma? Is she okay?” Blue asks when he understands Birch was at his old home for the holidays.

“Your mother is a class a bitch. When we were together I thought it was crazy that your mom took Gervais side in your breakup but when I met her and she didn’t acknowledge you existed it was crazy. The thing was every single person in town asked about you. Everyone had a good word to say and missed you. I got you so wrong. I thought you were a materialistic rich kid playing at being a hippy but you are so genuine and I was a fool.” Birch says.

“You were. We could have been amazing. But I am exactly where I am meant to be. So all the shit that you’ve all thrown at me has pushed me to follow my dreams and I am making them come true.” Blue says.

“You really are happy. I’m so pleased for you.” DeShawn says.

“Hey baby.” Larry says letting himself in and kissing Blue’s cheek.

“Hey boo.” Blue grins.

“Hey Gervais, Robin, other sexy friends of Blue.” Larry says smiling at the screen.

“Hey Larry. You look tired.” Gervais says.

“Been driving for a few days. Exhausted.” Larry grins.

“Well we can see one thing that is making you happy.” Magnus grins, he thinks Larry is really hot.

“I am doing all I can to keep a smile on his face.” Larry says and the guys grin.

“We best let you do just that.” Robin says happy that Larry is still around.

“You okay babe?” Larry asks as Blue hangs up.

“It was nice to talk to my friends, maybe I mended some bridges but Birch, my ex saw my momma over the holidays and she didn’t mention me once. She’s cleaned out my room and is denying I ever existed.” Blue says trying not to cry, he’s crushed.

“Oh baby, she’s not worth it. You’ve left all that behind.” Larry says holding Blue tightly. He kisses Blue’s tears away and takes Blue to bed. Larry makes love to Blue gently and tenderly. He knows Blue isn’t in love with him yet but he wants to show Blue how lovable he is and how fast he is falling.


222 thoughts on “A new Blue 12 (wrapping it up with a bow).

  1. Btw Am I reading tooo much between the lines or seeing something that is not there but it seems Gervais was annoyed that Spence fuckup cost him what little spare time he had with Blue over Winter?


      1. ahh getya thought he may of done it fron obligation or as he liked kids bit on the upside felt was robbed of time with Blue but then in saying that look how close they are now its sooo adorable….. Loved how happy Gervais was when he was talking to Blue in this chapter before starting the group call part it was sweet lol

        Liked by 1 person

                    1. the thanksgiving Gervais was sick and Blue was going between the Suite and Austin place while at same time giving Jesse updates was sweet….

                      Also liked how after Jesse death how Birch helped clean Blue and look after him

                      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hehe, that’s brilliant! Add a cook book endorsed by Oprah, and could there be a revenge more perfect?
        Im still conflicted about Andy. For some reason I find it easier to forgive Chris for being an arse hole, since he wears it openly, and has never attempted to be anything else. He looks out for himself.
        But Andy… is a snake.
        Thanks again for the stories. I’d love for you to check out mine. Xo

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel so bad for Blue regarding his bio Mom…he seemed crushed…I’m glad Larry was there for him. I was also surprised with Andy, he seemed genuinely surprised about why Blue left…like he cared…hmm..

    Liked by 2 people

            1. I just think that Andy has figured it out way too late…he’s settled for Chris (because he looks like BLUE!!) and has definitely lost his way. Spence may have been a douche, but he’s apologized properly and really had no clue Blue knew what had happened, not an excuse, but….I just finished my martini…what can I say!

              Liked by 1 person

  3. Well, where to start?

    As usual a fantastic chapter, thank you Sam xx

    Just a thought….. Perhaps Clara could be killed off in a horrific accident and then we find out that she has left everything to Blue with a beautiful letter telling him that she’s so proud of him…. Oh, and NOTHING to the siblings from hell.
    I’d love to see their faces then!!!


    Liked by 4 people

      1. And he’s realized it…one of the reasons I pushed for the follow-up and realization of all their parts and failures, is they had absolutely no clue what they did. Sure, G surmised, but until Blue confronted him, he didn’t know for sure. Now they know, now they feel the pain of what they caused. Chris and Bea are just complete shits and Andy is COMPLETELY whipped…he’s the one who needs an intervention. He’s lost his way.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Yeah, I was happy to leave it unsaid but you boys were pretty insistent. This chapter was for you lot and you all seem very happy. So it worked out. Andy is the next one to be a mess for sure, as Spence pulls himself out of his shit heap Andy will be sinking.

          Liked by 2 people

    1. Well at least Spence is moving forward and apologizing. That is a start. He recognizes all of the stuff he has done and can start healing and improving himself like G with therapy. Time will tell.


  4. Clara….that woman is truly the devil in disguise. I want that crazy bitch, and her two little devil spawns, to suffer for how they’ve treated Blue. Chris is such a douche, and Bea is just a little baby bitch growing up to be just like Clara. Plane crash, flesh eating virus, rabid wild coyote, burned at the stake……whatever it takes, but they need to suffer.

    Anyway…I’m so glad Blue finally got the apologies he deserved. It’s been a long road, but they were honest and heart-felt and exactly what he deserved from them. Now he can truly move on and leave their memory behind him. Made me smile to see his friends finally clear the air with him 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Liked by 4 people

      1. It was nice seeing the insight into the old crowd, but I’m glad you’re back to Blue and his new life. You’ve created such an interesting life for him in his new surroundings and I love all the new characters. With the exception of Andy and his dick, I really won’t miss the old gang at all. I’m too much in love with the new story and what you’ve created for Blue. You really are an incredible writer 😘❤️😘❤️

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks sexy. It was fun to visit the boys, to show Gervais growth and set a bit of karma rolling. But I am so ready to get back to the new. Gotta get on with that outdoor romp and the return of Will along with the ice cream and market and sexy time.

          Liked by 3 people

  5. Can we just kill Clara off? Seriously she is a CUNT. Bea and Chris’ faces I would love to see a picture. I’m glad we got closure on the Spence and Blue ordeal. Chris what’s the nicest way of of saying he is nothing but a white trash goldigging narcissistic privileged little queen? Oh wait I think that’s as nice as I can be without resorting to another language. DeShawn and Magnus are perfect together. Am I reading to much into it or or could Birch and Spence be getting together soon? Dylan and George are great together. Danny was a douche.I love how Spence shut down Bea on that idea. Apparently opposites don’t attract as grant and Bea are the same. I hope Andy dumps Chris soon I miss a happy Andy and Chris will never really make him happy only one person could do that. And that’s Marcus😀 just kidding I think its still Spence. Love how Larry is making blue so happy.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’ve no plans for Birch and Spence to date but I like the idea of them clubbing together and browsing tinder together. If I were following the story at school I might have had Andy and Spence sneaking around to be friends but I’m back to Blue after this.

      Liked by 3 people

                    1. We have a lot of places here. It’s very good for indie and chain places. Lots of Asian students so loads of good options cheaper than London. But I’m home this weekend and gonna have Jamaican for sure.


                    2. its located on Pitt Street mall about a block up from Hilton Hotel and across the street from Pitt Street Myers entrence 🙂

                      it’s about 7 levels 🙂


  6. Sam, you have completely outdone yourself!!! I have never laughed and screamed so much!! I’d love to hear the fall out as a conversation w/ G, but it was too damn good! A definite 20 out of 10!! XOXO!!

    Liked by 5 people

          1. no mad how he basically still supports Chris despite what Chris said and did here….. can’t he see Chris is a snake…. Andy babe you can do sooo much better I mean we have Marcus here 😍😍😍😍

            Liked by 1 person

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