A new Blue 13

After a couple of trying days at the Baxter’s farm Tad and Blue are at the end of their patience. Blue feels like Ella and Nick just want to play shopkeepers as if they were 3 years old. Neither Blue nor Tad can get them to commit to a direction and it has frustrated them both.

They have made up half a dozen sample recipes, given them the costings for various volumes and left them to have a think.

“There is all that equipment going to waste. We should approach their dad and make an offer to rent it and the space.” Tad says.

“He won’t go for it. The whole point was to get his kids into a business.” Blue says.

“Fuck them. They have no clue and are slowing us down. We could be up and running and selling in a few outlets in no time.” Tad says.

“We need to give them a little more time. They are starting to understand how much is involved. I am sure they’ll work out what they want soon.” Blue says.

“You’re as frustrated as I am. I leave in a week and we’ll be nowhere. If they haven’t made a decision by Monday then I’m out.” Tad says.

“I’m back at the bakery Monday.” Blue says.

“I’m not dealing with dumb and dumber on my own.” Tad rants.

“Calm down. We’re being paid and we’re getting experience. What’s the problem?” Blue asks feeling as frustrated with Tad as he does with the Baxter pair.

Tad stops the car and bangs his fists on the wheel. He is so wound up he needs to calm down before he causes an accident. Blue puts his hand on Tad’s back to try and calm him and they both jump from the electricity. Tad looks at Blue and without saying a word they both get out the car and walk into the woods.

Tad pushes Blue back against a tree and their mouths meet. Blue runs his hands through Tad’s hair and holds his face closer and groans. Tad pushes Blue back again kissing him hard and biting at his lip.

With barely a warm up Tad is inside Blue, his legs round Tad’s waist, Blue’s back against the tree. Tad is grunting hard with each thrust and Blue is groaning like crazy with every thrust.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck me.” Blue cries out.

“Fuck you have a great ass.” Tad groans and fills Blue.


“Fuck that was hot.” Blue says getting back in the car.

“My tension is gone.” Tad laughs.

“We won’t tell Larry.” Blue says.

“No we won’t.” Tad says soberly. He looks over at Blue and melts a little inside, how did he not notice just how hot Blue was.

Blue is looking back and thinking the same. It’s his first real experience of angry sex and he loved it.

He’s feeling guilty about Larry though. He’s been clear to him that he doesn’t see them as a relationship but he knows Larry has hope and he shouldn’t have been with Tad.

Blue is quiet the rest of the ride home. He’s not used to being the one in the wrong, not used to being the one to s someone else over and it stings. As moments of madness go it was incredible and if Tad was anyone other than Larry’s brother it would have been fine.

“It can’t happen again.” Blue says sadly getting out the car.

“No. I have a lot more to lose than you.” Tad says and Blue nods.

Blue makes himself some dinner and then goes to look around upstairs to see the progress. Wilson said they only need another week for the full team and then a couple of odd days to finish off. Blue is impressed and excited that he’ll soon have his home.

He didn’t feel like he really got to enjoy his house at school. Furnishing it wasn’t much fun as it was just for him, I was homely but more functional than he would have liked. The prospect of having Cheryl, ocean, Gervais and Robin for the summer has him very excited. He can’t wait to decorate a room for Ocean and make a beautiful guest room for Cheryl to use.

Robin and Gervais have given him input on the study furnishings and the electronics they think Blue needs for the rest of the house. Blue would be happy without a TV at all. He loves reading by the fire and using his tablet for films but he understands a television with good sound will be better for the group.

Larry turns up around 8 and Blue grins, he is happy to see him.

“Your dad invited me to your leaving dinner tomorrow. I’m bringing dessert.” Blue says with a smile.

“Yummy. I’ll miss you when I’m back at school.” Larry says.

“You’ll be so busy you barely remember me.” Blue says with a grin.

“I hope so. I am so ready to be back out there.” Larry grins and Blue relaxes, ashamed his ego made him think Larry would be pining for him.

They settle on Blue’s bed to watch a film and Blue promptly falls asleep. Larry smiles at him and strokes his hair. Enjoying watching the sleeping beauty instead of the film.

“I’m pretty tired. Maybe you should go home.” Blue says gently as he wakes having missed half the movie.

“Yeah I was planning to. Didn’t want to wake you.” Larry says smoothing Blue’s hair.

“Sorry.” Blue says.

“It’s fine. I’ve heard from Tad how frustrating work is.” Larry says and Blue tenses at the mention of Tad.

“Nightmare. I just want to make yummy treats but it is good practice for my own business.” Blue says.

“See you tomorrow.” Larry says and kisses Blue’s forehead, Blue shakes himself awake enough to undress and clean his teeth and crashes out again the second his head hits the pillow.

Naked yoga clears Blue’s head in the morning and he’s soon cooking up a dessert and a mountain of cookies and biscotti for Larry to take back to school with him. Blue feels another pang for Andy. He was sad Andy wasn’t on the call the other night, it would have been nice to hear from him.

Blue pulls the last tray of cookies from the oven and sets them to cool and sits down at the table and breaks down and calls Andy.

Andy answers and promptly burst into tears.

“Can you call me in ten minutes?” Andy asks between sobs, wanting to go to Robin’s to take the call so Bea and Chris don’t see.

“Sure.” Blue says shocked at Andy’s reaction and how thin and pale he looks. Blue busies himself for a few minutes, checking the fire and settling down in a comfy chair.

“Sorry about that. I didn’t want Chris or Bea to see and make a stink.” Andy says the tears starting up again.

“I didn’t think of that. I forgot you’re dating Chris.” Blue says.

“Why are you calling? I mean I am really glad you called. Why now?” Andy asks.

“I was baking. A friend goes back to college tomorrow and I was making a mound of treats and I thought of you. I’ve thought of you a lot recently and I was sad you weren’t around when I spoke to the others the other night. I just wanted to see you, to hear your voice. I’ve missed you.” Blue says.

“Show me the food.” Andy laughs and Blue sweeps round his kitchen.

“Made you hungry?” Blue asks.

“Starving, no one feeds me like you. That kitchen looks homely, I love the fire.” Andy says as Blue returns to his face.

“You would love it here. Do you want to see my land?” Blue asks.

“Yeah I want to know everything.” Andy says wiping away more tears, he’s an emotional wreck. He just can’t hold back his feelings any more.

Blue takes him on a tour of the kitchen garden and tells all his plans, asking for advice and they share ideas. He shows the poly tunnels that Blue has mostly repaired and the new land that Gervais gave him.

“How about you? How is school? And Chris?” Blue asks gently as he gets back indoors.

Andy pours his heart out about everything, his relationship with Chris, what happened over winter break, Gervais shock announcement and how his new school is going. He cries and cries and Blue watches shocked. He’d been told Spence was in a bad way but Andy is a total wreck.

“I hate to say it but Chris is back to his worst self and you are drowning. You need to break up now.” Blue says.

“I love him. It’s just a bad patch. He’s been so stressed with his family situation. He needs me.” Andy says.

“But what do you get out of it? You sound like me when I was with George, on eggshells.” Blue says and Andy just cries some more.

“What if I break up with him and he turns Clara against me and she deletes me like she did you? I’d not be able to see Katelyn or Roe.” Andy sobs.

“She can’t and won’t stop you seeing your family. Talk to her. She never took my side in relationships, what makes you think she’d be on Chris’s side?” Blue asks.

Andy can’t answer. He can’t tell Blue how supportive Clara is to Chris and Bea, how encouraging she is. How she never criticizes them the way she did Blue.

“Thanks for calling. I don’t have anyone to talk to. I have missed you so much Blue. I know we were barely friends when you left but a thousand times a day I’d talk to you in my head, I’d wonder what you’d say about something or want to show you something.” Andy says.

“I wanted to talk through the garden ideas With I was mad at you as much as anyone when I left and I wanted to follow my dream alone. I was mad at you for getting started without me but now I’m here and getting ready to Plant it feels wrong without you. I’ve been trying to work out what was bugging me and why 1 was delaying getting properly started.” Blue says.

“I’m crazy jealous. All that land. Your contacts, the new farmers market, the ice-cream. You’re living our dream.” Andy says.

“I am. Now I’m happy I’m feeling a lot more forgiving. Not to my family, Birch told me what it was like over break and you’ve confirmed it by what you have and haven’t said. The rest of you though, if I can forgive Spence I can forgive you.” Blue says.

“I punched Spence. I was so mad at him when I found out it was him that drove you away.” Andy says ashamed.

“l don’t think it hurt.” Blue laughs.

“Maybe not but it was a terrible thing to do. Not when I knew Spence was so down. How do you always get things so right, treat people so well? Without being annoyingly smug?” Andy asks laughing.

“I’m not getting it right, right now. Not treating people right at all.” Blue says and tells Andy all about Larry and Tad.

“I should tell you off for juggling with their emotions but I feel kind of proud of you. You’re seeing a guy casually, not setting up home, not making plans and you’ve enjoyed a hot fuck with his brother on the side. You were sleeping with Gervais during the start of you seeing that guy, so he had no expectations of exclusivity. It’s shady but not that bad. I’m glad you’re having fun and being a bit more human.” Andy says.

“It’s a huge weight off not trying to make something work. You should try it.” Blue says.

“Just talking to you is making me feel stronger. I miss you and Spence. I hate that he and I can’t be friends.” Andy says.

“You can and you should be. Yeah him begging for you to go back to him was terrible but he’s not going to do it again. You two have been through so much together, no one knows you like he does. And why not spend some time with Robin and Gervais? You’ve been friends with Robin your whole life. He’s going through a breakup and could use the support.” Blue says.

“I’ve messed up with everyone. It feels too late and Chris doesn’t like me coming down here too much because of Gervais. He doesn’t trust Spence, which is fair.” Andy says.

“Stand up to him. Where has confident, gregarious Andy gone?” Blue asks gently.

“Wow this is déja vu from when you were with George. I need to ask Robin for a room.” Andy says.

“Or get Chris and Bea to move on.” Blue says.

Andy nods and then sighs at the uphill battle he is facing.

“You guys okay?” Robin asks coming in.

“Yeah. I need to go soon, almost out of battery and need to shower before going to Mikes.” Blue says.

“Could I stay here? If I needed to?” Andy asks.

“Of course. But you should get Chris to move out and Bea. Maybe Gervais will reject them.” Robin grins.

“I wish I’d seen their faces.” Blue says.

“It was pretty funny. Given it was a total surprise George, Dylan and I all acted like humans and Chris and Bea not so much.” Andy grins.

“Oh my god, you’re still in there.” Robin says with a smile and Andy finally gets one of his big grins on his face.

“Andy, Robin can give you my number. Call me any time.” Blue says.

“You sure? I might call ten times a day.” Andy says.

“I hope you will.” Blue says and ends the call.

Blue smiles he feels a lot lighter now. It wasn’t right to have cleared the air with Spence and not Andy. He gets in the shower and thinks about how he’s gone from wanting to hide this place from everyone to feeling the need to share it with his friends. Andy and Gervais always believed in his dream and it didn’t feel right without them.

Blue is distracted through dinner. Heidi is there with Gladys and Abby and is telling everyone how well the expansion has gone at the bakery and how excited she is for the reopening. Blue is trying to be enthusiastic but is not keen on the early starts and long days.

“Don’t look so glum. I have a bunch of staff hired and you just need to help train them on the soups.” Heidi says seeing Blue’s tired face.

“What about cheesecake?” Blue asks.

“You can make your own hours for that.” Heidi says.

“Sounds like I’ve been fired again.” Blue says.

“I hear great things from Arnold about the ice-cream business. I’m sure you’ll have your hands full with that.” Mike says.

“Are you joking?” Tad asks.

“What?” Mike asks.

“Ella and Nick are a nightmare. They couldn’t choose a breadstick from a packet.” Tad says.

“It’s true we’re getting nowhere fast and it’ll be slower when Tad leaves.” Blue says.

“I heard the test batches went very well. He loved the butter pecan and the dark chocolate with raspberry.” Mike says.

“Sounds amazing.” Larry says with a smile.

“All of it tastes good but we need them to choose a direction or let us run the business.” Tad says and Blue nods.

“I have got a basic recipe for vanilla, chocolate and strawberry but we need to know if they want sweet kid’s flavors or more sophisticated ones. Tad and I suggest a direction and we give the options and costs and try and push them into market research and they fall apart and start asking about other options. They need to decide what they want.” Blue says.

“I think we should ask Arnold if we can rent the space and run it ourselves. He has all that equipment gathering dust.” Tad says.

“I said we can’t do that. And it isn’t like ether of us has a passion for it.” Blue says.

“I’m beginning to.” Tad says.

Larry watches as the pair bat back and forth and can’t quite put his finger on the change between them. Maybe it’s just working together. Or maybe Gervais not being around.

“I’ll talk with him. What do you think they could do?” Mike asks.

“Gladys wants an ice-cream shop in town. They could run one with some help. They’d be good with kids, hosting birthday parties and the like.” Blue says.

“That sounds good. Those Baxter kids are pretty to look at.” Gladys says.

“That wouldn’t hurt my trade but I would like to offer ice-cream in summer.” Heidi says.

“Leave it with me.” Abby says and Tad grins, he really wants to show his dad what he can do.

Outside at the end of the evening Blue and Larry are saying goodbye.

“I’ll miss you. We’ve had fun.” Blue says.

“Same.” Larry says and leans in to kiss Blue gently.

“Enjoy your cookies. See you for a weekend sometime maybe.” Blue says.

“You bet. I’d love you to come and visit me at school.” Larry says.

“That would be good. Yeah, I’d love a night clubbing and partying. It’s been too long since I dances my ass off.” Blue grins.

“I’ll call you. Thanks for everything.” Larry says and they share a final hug.

Blue enjoys a solo Sunday. He heads to the vegan restaurant that he went to with Tad and enjoys a big lunch of his favorite foods. He’s missed having Cheryl’s café as his go to place and hopes this place will be a good substitute. Not that he should be eating out. He needs to get some chickens and he needs to get growing more.

As he walks to his car he sees a poster for a gymnastics competition. He does a double take as Will’s face is on the poster. He checks the details and realizes it is Will’s college team against 3 other schools. He takes a picture of the poster and heads home with a huge smile on his face.


180 thoughts on “A new Blue 13

  1. I’ve only started reading a week ago, I’m all caught up now. I still think Andy a Blue need to be together. G is just going to be a great friend. I see Andy and Blue farming, selling, growing and bottling together. JMO!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I was away for a couple days just got caught up on like the last 3 chapters. Great Great Great. I have loved each of them.

    Can’t believe Blue and Tad but he isn’t committed to anyone right now so thats okay.

    Loved Gervais putting his foot down with the house that had to be a shock to everyone hope He rejects applications.

    Was good to see Blue has made up with all the original 4 not saying there friendship will be anything like it ever was but glad to see the air at least cleared between them.

    Clara what a bitch always thought she was but she just gets worse and worse I don’t like the C word at all but thats what she is for sure….

    Great writing Sam and thanks for the Catch up chapter that was awesome to see everyone find out what really caused the final incident that made Blue leave.


    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey! Us blonde sluts have a civic duty! And I promise to serve amd blow every hottie, for as long as my knees and neck will allow me! 😛

        And thinking is hard. 😛

        So, what’s your favourite ice cream flavour?
        Hokey pokey for me.

        Liked by 1 person

                  1. I prefer Crunchies…. both are sold here 🙂

                    never made Cinder Toffee maybe you need to make it for me you would be soooo rewarded afrerwards 🙂


                    1. anything for my precious Sammy 😘😘😘😍😍😍




  3. Well I can’t fully condone the Blue and Tad incident since I kind of feel it was a bit sketchy that they would hook up. But….it was HOT!!!! Hahaha.

    Andy needs to quit using his ass as a hat and kick the two spawns from hell out of his life. Poor thing just can’t control his dick and it does all of his thinking for him.

    Speaking of….now I’m caught up thinking about Blue and Will having hot, sweaty sex in the gym. Mmmmmmmm my mind just went blank haha

    Liked by 2 people

          1. Hahahaha I love you Sam!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

            Yes, I’m quite a dichotomy. Moral in belief and action, but immoral in my love of sex and pleasure haha. I guess dicks and nice asses are my cryptonite haha. 👍🏻😜😈🙌🏻


  4. Loved how Blue has extended Andy an Olive Branch so now all those that mean anything to Blue can talk to him now 🙂

    Andy babe Blue is right dump the trash lol

    Liked by 2 people

      1. yeah I am fine he is slow on the uptake but cares deep down bow his siblings don’t deserve to be off the MarkOz shotlist nor does Lady of Darkness…. Queen Bitch Clara

        Liked by 1 person

                    1. Mmmmm, I’m always ready for a hard pounding.. especially by a hot aussie stud. -Grinds my perky bubble ass against the large tent forming in your pants..as I look back straight into your piercing eyes with a seductive glare..my tongue gliding across my soft pink puffy lips.. hungry for you for every inch of you. The boys have been asking for a show. Let’s make them burst. 😉 🍑🍆😇

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                    2. You took his delicious meat, I knows it. You might as well, no entertainment from me today. It’s cold and wet and my trains not here yet 😭😭


                    1. Do you like Marmalade?

                      I am not too fussed as I am not that fond of orange rind and most I have tried have that lol


                    2. It’s gross. Blurgh yuk!!!! And toast is awesome but not in ice cream. Maybe we’ll make the bacon and egg one and pretend it’s strawberry and he’ll throw up.


                    3. Iced coffee as well as toast with either strawberry jam or raspberry jam haha

                      Sonetimes i have a bacon and egg sandwhich lol


  5. Sam you are making me hungry especially considering how you included my favorite ice cream ever!!!! Butter pecan. That being said nothing is hotter than angry sex! I loved the Andy part. I agree with blue he needs to dump Chris they were good at the beginning but the novelty wore off. Loved the reintroduction of will. I know he’ll have at least one person in the stands cheering for him. Oh god a nice wrestling singlet is always great. Whoo is it getting hot in here?😰😰😰😰😰😰


    1. I’ve often been at gym meets where the guys will change out of their warmups and into their leotards right in the middle of the floor. Mmmmm when Kristian Thomas does it. Sigh.
      When Will is back for real it’ll be cute I promise.
      I’m allergic to nuts so no idea what butter pecan is like.
      The thing hotter than angry sex is angry sex outdoors.
      I can’t believe you’re not all mad at Blue.


          1. nope I am wondering is it one of those potential lethal allegies or do you break out in rashes lol

            Would never hurt my Sammy 😘😘😘😘😘


              1. True plus I don’t think he will be thinking about those two after will comes to town. I am a little miffed though at Will for ruining employment opportunities for spence

                Liked by 1 person

                    1. I need a rich guy who doesn’t getting his hands dirty if I could combine Spences money with Andy work ethnic and blues hot rod I’d be in heaven


                    2. I wish I had Spence’s money. I do alright tho, my business is doing pretty well…..I do not have Blue’s cock or any work ethic whatsoever.. Ah well I am a disaster as a boyfriend. I hope you find him. I think Alexander would be a good one for you…


                    3. Yeah the cheating thing was the last straw what really pissed me off when he said we aren’t monogamous. That did it if you want to play with others fine but I better be there too.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    4. He is really sweet tall his skin is so soft. He loves to cuddle and watch scary movies. The only reason we broke up is because I was going through a rough time and I didn’t want him to deal with my crazy bipolar shit but I really missed him.his name is Mikey oh god his hair is gorgeous oh wow I bgot it bad don’t i

                      Liked by 1 person

      1. He and Larry weren’t exclusive…Tad was a bad option, but Mike seems to think something’s different. LOL! It was a good lesson for Blue too – on what not to do!

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Ohhh! Blue…and Tad! I knew there was tension there. He and Larry weren’t exclusive, but that could be messy (maybe he won’t find out)? I’m so glad Blue reached out to Andy! Andy needed a push and Blue is just the one to give it to him! Chris and Bea can get lost for a while! Whoohoo! I think the next chapter is the ‘Awwww’ chapter! Loved it Sam!!!

    P.S. I love the interaction with the boys every once and a while…keeps Blue grounded and the others too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When Blue is having a bad time and unsupported by his friends he needs to keep away but now he’s happy he’s safe to reach out. He’ll have no trouble pulling the plug if they fuck up again.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Right, the thing he’s learned is everyone is human (except his mother and siblings)… we all make mistakes, relationships – including friendships – require forgiveness. They’re a dysfunctional mess and love each other. Fortunately, Blue’s far enough away to have to deal with the day to day drama!

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