A new Blue 15

The following day Blue apologizes to Ella and Nick. He tells them he can only commit to two days a week to the project and they need to step up or give up. They seem shocked that someone is straight talking with them.

Tad had a long talk with his dad the night before and they called Larry too. The opportunity for them both to get in on this food business is exactly what they both want. Mike agrees to put up a small amount of money for each side of the business, they agree that Larry will work on the cheese side and Tad the ice-cream although they will perform tasks across both.

Mike also agrees to experiment with new lines at home that would feed in to the ice-cream business. All in all the three feel happy and positive. Mike feels he’ll be able to get on with his farm and the pair will be able to take over when they are ready whether the food businesses succeed or fail.

“Larry is drawing up plans for the cheese side. I’ve sent him what I’ve done so far and he’ll probably call you about the practical side.” Tad says.

“You didn’t say anything.” Blue asks.

“No it would only hurt him. Anyway he has a date this weekend already. You’re not the big love of his life.” Tad grins.

“Oh dent my ego why don’t you. I know, it is just how you reacted to him being with Gervais, we’ve done worse back. Fun though.” Blue grins.

“It was great, I can still feel you in my belly.” Tad grins he loved taking it from Blue the day before. His obsession with Gervais has flown and he’s back to enjoying what he can get.

Arnold comes in and tastes the sample batches and the first big batches of vanilla and chocolate they have made.

“I’ve a lead on some midsized machines that you could use at the bakery. That would mean no need for transporting the frozen product before we’re ready for the full health inspection here. Does that work for you?” Arnold asks.

“It would be up to Heidi. She has the space but we still need to work on the packaging issue and a small freezer so she doesn’t need to open one of the main ones so often.” Blue says.

“It is an auction tomorrow. I think you should come with me, I was going anyway as there are a few lots I’m interested in for the farm.” Arnold says.

“Do you have the brochure? So I can show it to Heidi? I guess you’d be buying them and leasing them to her? With a view to using them in the store as backup?” Blue asks.

“That sounds about right. Can you and Tad finish up for the day? I want you to join me for a meeting with Abby.” Arnold says.

“Sure we can do that. We’ve had a productive morning.” Tad says with a smile.

“We can drop in on Heidi too.” Blue says.

“Yes. I’ll meet you at the bakery in an hour, Abby will be meeting us there.” Arnold says and Blue and Tad nod.

Nick and Ella look over suspiciously. They are still in the dark about the ice cream parlor idea and are worried that after Blue’s outburst they will be shuffled out of the business again or their dad will be pulling the plug. They don’t want to take any responsibility but they don’t understand when they are left out of decisions.

“We’re off for the afternoon and I’m at the bakery tomorrow.” Blue says he’ll open there before the auction.

“What should we do?” Nick asks.

“Keep on with the designs, researching suppliers, working on that seasonal calendar I started you on.” Blue says.

“Can we make ice cream?” Ella asks.

“We won’t stop you. You have to record the recipes exactly, so you know what will and won’t work.” Tad says.

“We will. I want to try some crazy things, now we know the basics.” Ella says.

“Make sure you clean up properly afterwards.” Blue says not wanting to come back to a filthy space on Friday.

“Those two will be the death of us.” Tad says in the car.

“This auction tomorrow, looks like it’s a lot of business liquidations. They have other things the ice-cream parlor would need, industrial waffle maker, glassware, even booths but it’s too soon and the bimbos should be designing their space at least.” Blue says.

“Some things have to be classic though, don’t they? Old fashioned sundae glasses, red booths, stools along the counter.” Tad says.

“They might want an altogether more sophisticated look, kids won’t care too much as long as there is sugar but they can make it somewhere for a cooler crowd at night.” Blue says.

“Oh I get you, attract the crowd that is moving here from the city for the cheaper rents but still want to instagram their lives.” Tad says and Blue nods.

They walk in to the bakery, Abby and Gladys are already there at a table, saving them seats. Blue waits at the counter but Heidi waves him to serve himself.

“Do you want any coffee?” Heidi asks as Blue fills bowls with soup.

“Yeah, just drip is fine for me and Tad. I think Abby and Gladys are okay.” Blue says.

“Help yourself then.” Heidi grins the main lunch crush is over but they are still pretty busy.

“Can your new guys cope for 5 minutes when Arnold gets here? We need to run a couple of things by you.” Blue says.

“Sure. We’re almost down to coffee and cakes. This carrot and lentil soup has gone down a storm.” Heidi says.

“I think I’ve taken the last of it. Sorry.” Blue grins.

“No problem.” Heidi smiles.

Arnold arrives as Blue is sitting down and takes his bowl happily.

“I was thinking the corner of second and main would be perfect for the ice-cream parlor.” Abby says.

“Where the polish restaurant is?” Blue asks.

“Yes, the lease is up, they’ve not been doing well for some time.” Abby says.

“Because the food is awful.” Arnold says.

“Shocking. I can do better.” Gladys says.

“Not to my taste, but they started well. It’s always sad when a business fails. At least they saw out the lease.” Abby says and the others nod.

“I feel like this is a bit of a rush. We don’t have a business plan or any clue how to run an ice-cream parlor.” Blue says.

“You’ve run a café, Heidi has got this place up and at some point my kids are going to have to understand the real world.” Arnold says.

“Blue you need to stay on the creative side and not get burnt out by everyone wanting a piece of you. I don’t see how it can happen, not with our ice-cream, given I’m back at school next week.” Tad says.

“I’ll help but I’ll want in.” Heidi says pulling up a chair.

“It makes sense for Heidi to train staff for both places.” Blue says.

“And manage ordering and suppliers, given she has great relationships with all the farmers.” Tad says.

“It’ll take time to renovate and get ready. In that time my staff will be ready to run this place for all but the baking. That’s the one position I still need to fill, I need an apprentice baker.” Heidi says and Blue nods.

The group spend a lot of time talking through the options and ideas and then head over to the restaurant, which closes between lunch and dinner and have a good look round. Blue and Heidi walk round together while Abby goes through with Tad and Arnold. Gladys takes a seat and watches them all. She’s excited that her idea could be coming off.

“They wouldn’t need the kitchen. Things like waffles should be made fresh at the counter and anything else could be made in your kitchen. They need prep space and storage.” Blue says.

“I think keep it but replace the appliances with freezers and make it practical for here, prep like whipping cream up needs to be done out of sight. Celebration cakes can be baked and cooled at the bakery and decorated here if that is part of the service.” Heidi says.

“I feel like we’re all ahead of ourselves though. We have no idea if it would be a viable business.” Blue says stressed.

“I feel it. What’s holding you back?” Heidi asks.

“I feel like I’m being spread too thin and not putting the time in to my project. All of this is taking too much headspace. Working with you was good, it integrated me into the community and it got my desserts out there. It was win, win for us both. Now my order book is low I want to be doing more yoga classes and working on my garden and land. This project has snowballed and its taking more and more of my time.” Blue says.

“You don’t owe anyone anything. Mike and I freed you up to pursue this but we forgot that it might not be what you want. You’re really talented with food. The soups, pies and desserts they all sell because they taste good. You and I have similar talents in different areas. We know how to make food that brings on a certain mood. Your soups are a big warm hug, my bread is a taste of home, and your cheesecake of decadence. We make people feel loved from the inside. This place might work and it might fail. I think it will work.” Heidi says.

“But new businesses take a lot of work and a lot of time.” Blue says.

“They do, if you don’t want to be a part of it that is okay. Let us know when you are available. Arnold is including you as he values your opinion. You’re the first to give a real honest opinion of his kids and give options and ideas instead of demands and tantrums. He’s really impressed.” Heidi says and

Blue furrows his brow wondering when they have been talking about him.

“She’s right. You’re being pulled every which way because you have respect. You’re taking on too much because you always see things through. You need to delegate and say what you need to get the ice-cream here to the store. That’s it. The rest is up to Arnold, Tad and Heidi.” Gladys says and Blue smiles. He needs to step back and let go of control that he doesn’t want.

They all sit in the restaurant go over the next steps and agree on what they are after at the auction. Gladys suggests strongly that Ella or Nick accompany Arnold and not Blue but Blue says he needs to be there for the ice-cream machines but that Nick should come to see the furnishings as if they are a steal they shouldn’t miss out. Tad comes up with a few people who might be able to come in and do his job while he’s away.

They clear out of the restaurant to let them set up for service and go their separate ways. Blue is weighing everything up. He worries how he’d feel if he steps away from a success. He knows that it will be years before he’s producing wine quality grapes and he needs to survive until then. Maybe he can go all in on the ice-cream and leave the rest to the others.

He’s itching to get back into teaching yoga too. The class with the seniors isn’t enough but he hasn’t had time to follow up on starting another class. He vows to change that.

He starts off a batch of dahl and puts instructions out for the reheating for tomorrow. He checks out upstairs and is delighted that it is nearly done. He wonders if he will be able to get anything at the auction tomorrow. Back in the kitchen he makes some flatbread and feels a little lonely eating alone.

He thinks about calling a friend but knows he needs the alone time to unravel a little. Sinking into a hot bath he exhales loudly. He thinks about the day before and realizes he’s horny. Really horny. He runs his hands over his chest and over his thighs and groans. He watches as his dick springs to life without being touched and lets out a small moan.

Blue heads through to his room, his dick dancing as he walks and digs out his favorite dildo. He hasn’t had time for toys in ages and feels happy to have the time and an empty house. He lubes up his asshole, pushing and playing with himself a huge grin on his face. He groans aloud as his fingers open him up and he gasps as he works his toy in.

Blue slips into a state of bliss, letting the stress of the day slip away. He closes his eyes and things of all the great cocks he has had recently and the tight asses. Sex has been amazing recently but his mind settles on Gervais fucking him in the kitchen on new year. He shoots 6 thick blasts over his torso and moans Gervais name. As he comes down from the high Blue lets slip a little tear. He knows that they can’t be together, at least not now but it doesn’t stop these waves of longing when he’s at his most alone.

Blue enjoys the auction and buys some beautiful book cases and a couple of sofas and arm chairs. He is very happy to get some bargains. Ella and Nick go kind of wild getting things for the ice-cream parlor but Blue just laughs, what they do isn’t his responsibility all he needs to do is produce the best ice-cream for miles.

On Saturday they have the official reopening for the bakery. It has lines as long as before Christmas. Blue and Heidi have cooked up a storm and Blue stays in the kitchen turning out more and more cakes and cookies. He stops and takes some pictures for Andy who sends him pictures of his skinny body in return. Blue smiles and vows to send Andy a care package.

Going home to an empty house after spending much of the day alone in the kitchen Blue feels pretty down. He calls Robin and Gervais but they are out partying. Blue contemplates getting a roommate but is wary. The legacy of Justin lingers on.

The week passes in a whirlwind of ice-cream, baking and gardening. The house is complete and Blue gets the furnishings he has into place. He sorts out a yoga timetable at the community center. Blue has decided to step back to what he wants to do. He needs some paid work but his dream has always been working for himself and he wants to get back to that. He doesn’t want jobs for others to be stressful.

Blue is feeling a bit down and lonely and off track. On Friday his phone reminds him about the gymnastics meet and he leaves the Baxter farm at lunchtime to go home and get ready. He wants to look his best for Will. He gets his hair cut and with a spring in his step he drives over to the college.

He buys a ticket and takes a seat. It takes Blue a while to work out which team is which and who is competing where. Then Will performs his vault, it is perfect and Blue can’t help but leap to his feet and cheer. Will looks up and sees Blue and grins and waves. Blue grins back.

Will has the meet of his life, he is on fire, he’s competing for Blue, showing all his talent and skill to the man he wants in his life more than anything.

The second awards are over Will runs to the bleachers, climbs over the seats to get to Blue. Blue is grinning ear to ear. They meet in a hug and Will plants a huge kiss on Blue’s mouth not caring who sees. Not stopping to think about Blue having someone new.

Blue kisses Will back and gets so lost in the kiss. They are both smiling like crazy when they break apart. The spark is still there, more than there it has intensified since they have been apart.

“How are you here? I can’t believe this is real.” Will says.

“I live in a town not far. I saw the poster for the meet, with your grinning face and here I am.” Blue says.

“So I can stay with you for the weekend?” Will asks.

“Yes please.” Blue says excited to show Will everything.

“Come and meet my coach.” Will says taking Blue by the hand and pulling him down to the floor.

Blue loves how Will’s hand feels in his. He feels giddy with lust and happiness.

“Coach Sam, this is my boyfriend Blue. He lives close by, so I’ll not be on the bus back.” Will says. Blue beams with pride at being called boyfriend, he wants nothing more. They need to talk and it’s come out of nowhere but Blue knows he will fight this time.

“With a meet like tonight you deserve a break. See you at practice on Monday.” Coach Sam says.

“Yes sir.” Will says.

“Boyfriend?” Blue says nudging Will with his hip.

“Yeah, I couldn’t get out of the bus home for anything less.” Will says, meaning please, please marry me.

“I liked how it sounded.” Blue says.

“I liked saying it. I need to go change and I will be so quick, don’t move.” Will says.

“I’d wait forever.” Blue grins.

136 thoughts on “A new Blue 15

          1. I loved that moment he looked up and saw Blue and was sooo happy and proceeded to have a successful Meet 😍😍😍😍

            This is stuff I love which was good as Blue was starting to feel down ie Gervais and Robin out when he rung

            Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh Sam I loved it! The chapter was awesome!!!! I think I said if blue couldn’t be with Gervais then id like him to be with Will. This chapter confirmed that for me the way their faces lit up when seeing each other makes me feel happy. I’ll probably read this about ten times! I see a steamy sleepover happening. It’s also good to see Robin and Gervais happy at their new school, maybe they should take Andy partying with them.

    Liked by 2 people

                    1. It went really really really well. We skipped the movies after dinner and went to his for desert😁😁😁😁😁 I’ll be walking funny tomorrow but glad to say we are back to bf status

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Yes 2 of them. So lovely just always there for me especially as I sit at home on this friday night watchin american horror story. Ben&Jerry yess indeed! 😍haha

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. I don’t kiss and tell but seeing how kissing wasn’t involved that much yes I did he’s gotten kinkier since the last time. And I am thoroughly red

                      Liked by 1 person

                    4. Well when he kissed me it just felt so good that that spark was still there. We are actually going to the movies tomorrow and I’ll be spending the rest of the weekend getting reacquainted with each other

                      Liked by 2 people

                    5. I provide you with inspiration 😘😘😘😘

                      On way to London babe 😍😍😍😍

                      How is weather and other passengers?


                    6. Frosty and foggy. Am in first class and it’s pretty empty. It’s like 3 degrees outside. I have my scarf today and might buy a hat. Will is licking Blue’s balls right now.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    7. Really? 😍😍😍😍😍I returned what I got yesterday, got 3 tshirts and some trainers for my hols and some work stuff. Ninja shopper.


                    8. They were thinner material than they seemed, not good enough 👎🏻👎🏻what shops do you like? When I got homesick I used to love going round the food court at David Jones when I lived in Sydney and buying a tiny bit of cheese from home for $$$$$$$ One of the best meals I had was somewhere near the opera house, I just had the cheese course and it was gooooood stuff.


                    9. Just watched the last elimination of s3 and was so happy when fake tears Alana went. I was always worried she was going to stab someone in their sleep.


                    10. Other than Kumar, jay (what a shock exit) and Michael I didn’t rate any of the guys much. That Hayden, Ellie and Dani lasted so long showed the big lack of cream rising. The top two kicked in to being the best about 2/3 in i thought. Will watch the final on the train later.


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