A new Blue 16

“This is crazy.” Blue says as they get in the car.


“Good crazy.” Will says eyes sparkling, he can’t believe he’s with Blue again. Seeing him in the stands was like seeing him the first time, that huge rush of lust but far more intense, he thought his heart was going to bounce out of his chest.


“Yeah, good crazy.” Blue grins.


“So this is where you ended up. Its cool. It’s so you.” Will says as they walk up to the farmhouse.


“I love it but I’m lonely.” Blue admits.


“You’ve made friends he?” Will asks.


“Yes and Robin and Gervais came up for break. Now they are gone and its an empty house every night it feels even more empty.” Blue says and Will nods.


The second Blue opens the door Will pounces and their lips are on fire. The car ride was far too long to not be touching. Blue kisses back and lifts Will onto the kitchen counter kissing him hard. Will gives all his passion back. Running his hands through Blue’s hair and kissing every millimeter of Blue’s face.


Blue lifts Will who wraps his legs around Blue and clings on. Blue carries him upstairs. He wants their first time in the house to be the first sex in his new bed. Blue lays Will down gently and buries his face in his neck breathing deep. Blue stands back and looks down at the perfect human for a second before Will grabs his hand and pulls Blue on top of him.


Their clothes go flying all over and they continue to devour each other, unable to get enough. Will hasn’t showered and Blue is hypnotized by his scent. Dives into his pits and Will lets out an almighty groan. He could cum from joy. When he can take no more Will pushes Blue off and onto his back and begins to trace his tongue all over Blue’s chest and lingers on his nipples bitting and pulling on them making Blue yelp and moan.


Will traces his finger and then tongue down Blue’s trail. Blue looks down happy. Tad and Larry were just interludes, snacks warming him up for a full meal.


Will thinks he might burst with happiness as he slowly licks the head of Blue’s big dick. He teases Blue with his tongue not breaking eye contact and Blue grips the sheets as his moans increase in volume.


Will moves his hands under Blue’s ass and squeezes a little, man he’s wanted to taste Blue’s ass again forever, he dreams of it, wakes and reaches for Blue. Will hasn’t looked at anyone since not wanting to compromise. Knowing nothing will live up to Blue.


Will laps at Blues balls, lifts them in his hand enjoying the weight, knowing Blue will have a big load for him. Blue just gasps and groans. Will pulls Blue into position and licks his crack. He can’t hold back and pulls Blue’s cheeks apart and grins before diving in, Blue’s cries of joy can be heard for miles around.


“My turn get up here.” Blue groans when Will takes a breather.


Will grins asked. He loves being rimmed by Blue, loves how Blue can’t hold back. Blue is fully intoxicated by Will’s scent and makes a full meal out of the task. He’s in heaven. Will leans back and moans and cries out in joy. He needs to be in Blue. Needs him now.


Blue pulls his ankles back to his ears giving Will full access and Will smiles at the invitation. Blue whimpers under Will’s thrusts. He shoots out of control and Will slows for a second to compose himself. Then leaning forward kisses Blue slowly pushing deep inside. He makes micro movements, teasing himself and Blue. Slowly, slow he makes the movements deeper and deeper. Blue is total under Will’s spell and unable to control himself. He grabs at Will’s ass to bring him in deeper and harder and Will takes the cue and gives Blue what he needs, what they both need.


Blue’s second orgasm is crazy intense, Will watches as if in slow motion in awe at Blue’s big dick and his own climax takes over, he fills Blue with all he has and collapses forward. Intense perfection.


Blue cradles Will in his arms, sticky, sweaty, messy, happy. So, so happy.


“This isn’t just sex.” Will says as he catches his breath. He can’ believe he managed that after a meet and is now total jelly.


“You are special to me. Losing you gave me the strength to leave my life for the one I wanted. I lost you and I wasn’t prepared to lose anything I wanted again. You changed me and we only knew each other a few days.” Blue says, he’s buried the feelings Will sparked in him for months and he knows that what Will said is true, this isn’t just sex, it is wonderful exhilarating sex with something meaningful at its core.


“I was so angry and frustrated with you. By the time I got back to school I knew I’d made the right call. I wasn’t angry with you anymore but I knew I getting myself out of the situation was right for us both. I didn’t give up on you though. I dreamt of you the first night back and you have haunted me. Seeing you tonight, I didn’t believe it was real at the start. Then I knew it was and you gave me such a lift.” Will says snuggling on to Blue’s chest and tracing his hair.


“I was dumb. Trying to please everyone but us.” Blue says and kisses Will’s head.


“Do you have food? I am starving.” Will says with a smile.


“Sure, why don’t you shower while I fix you something?” Blue asks.


“Can I have a bath?” Will asks.


“Of course. Use the downstairs one and I’ll bring something in.” Blue says and pulls Will on top of him for a loving hug first.


They pad downstairs naked totally at ease with each other and Blue starts the bath running and then grabs an apron and fixes some food for Will.


“Awww my personal chef.” Will grins as Blue comes through to the bathroom with a tray.


“Bit of a mix. Avocado on toast as I know you love that. A mug of soup and some fruit and yogurt for dessert.” Blue grins.


“How did you know exactly what I wanted?” Will grins and Blue feeds him the toast as he soaks. Will takes the mug of soup and can’t stop grinning.


“You look so sexy.” Blue says.


“This is such a treat, no tub at my place and the only bath I usually get is full of ice. This is luxury.” Will grins.


“You deserve it.” Blue smiles, he can’t stop. Will is super-hot. His body is perfect, Blue can’t tear his eyes from every jut and curve.


“I really missed you. Blue can we do this? Can we do long distance? Please?” Will asks.


“We can’t not.” Blue grins.


“Boyfriends for real.” Will says.


“For real.” Blue says and kisses Will.


“So crazy. That day in Cheryl’s you totally stole my heart.” Will grins.


“Same.” Blue grins back remembering the first time he saw Will and how he interacted with Ocean and Blue felt something amazing.


Blue grabs a quick shower as Will dries off and they go back to bed. Will is exhausted from travel and the meet and is soon asleep on Blue’s chest. Blue is buzzing too much to sleep. He’s not felt so right in a long while. The last time he felt this content was before Australia with Gervais in his arms. He pushes thoughts of Gervais out of his head. It isn’t difficult, Will is so special, so sexy and right here.


They wake in the night and kiss heavily unable to get enough contact. They frot moving together as if they have been together for years, they instinctively know what each other needs and Will rolls off Blue utterly satisfied until morning when they have to fuck before they can speak.


“I feel like we needed all that before we could even begin to talk.” Will says grinning.


“Yeah, its always just animal instinct when you’re around. Have to take care of that before anything. I hope it didn’t seem like I was just a horn dog after your body.” Will says.


“I was just as bad. I wanted you so badly. I have no idea how I could turn you away before, I was a fool.” Blue says.


“I was the fool not staying to convince you I was worth it.” Will says.


“You are worth it. You were always worth it, I just wasn’t in the right place before.” Blue says.


“And you think you are now?” Will asks.


“Yes, I’m more than willing to try. Lets have breakfast, these conversations are too big for an empty stomach.” Blue says.


“Here? In front your kitchen fire?” Will asks. He rarely gets to enjoy home comforts and would much rather stay in than eat out.


“If you can wait I’ll put on some proper oatmeal. We can have fruit and yogurt while it cooks.” Blue says.


“Yes, yes, yes.” Will says getting up and cracking and stretching. He shakes at his shoulder a bit clearly uncomfortable.


“You okay, did you get hurt yesterday?” Blue asks.


“I skipped my post meet session with the trainer and am paying for it now. I’ve a small shoulder issue.” Will says.


“I’d have waited.” Blue says exasperated.


“I know but I couldn’t wait.” Will says with a grin.


Blue works on the oatmeal as Will preps coffee and fruit. They are looking forward to a lovely cozy, lingering breakfast together. They chat as they work, as if they have known each other forever. They are so comfortable, just as they always were.


Will feels at ease wherever Blue is, he loves Blue’s home. He can imagine his own friends eating round the table coming to stay for weekends, cooking out on Fourth of July and gymnastics viewing parties. He loves the view out of the kitchen windows, Blue’s garden and the woods and fields beyond. The thought of doing dishes while watch Blue digging up carrots for dinner brings a smile to Will’s face. He knows he’s getting ahead of himself but he also knows there is a chance it could happen and his stomach flips when he thinks about it.


They sit and munch on fruit and toast as the oats simmer away. Blue refreshes their coffee cups and sighs in contentment. They talk about school and all that Blue has been up to.


“Sounds like you live in Stars Hollow with all these characters.” Will says with a laugh.


“Where?” Blue asks.


“You have to watch Gilmore girls.” Will says.


“I have a lot of empty evenings coming up I need lots of recommendations to get me through the rest of winter.” Blue grins and gets up to dish up.


“This is good, have you any dried fruit?” Will asks.


“Sure, I usually just have honey, not like me to forget people don’t eat what I do. Too busy looking at your sexy guns.” Blue says.


“You’re pretty distracting too.” Will grins.


“I need to get a love seat in here.” Blue says feeling too far away from Will.


“We could move one of your sofas in. You don’t really need 3 in the other room, not most the time.” Will says.


“Yeah we’ll bring the little one in. I was so lucky, I got the 3 for 200 bucks.” Blue grins.


“Wow. That was a steal.” Will says.


“Most the people at the sale were after the equipment not the furnishings. I think they’re just from a restaurant waiting area or something, they barely look touched.” Blue says.


“Your bed is soooo comfortable, you made a great pillow too.” Will grins.


“It was great to have you back in my arms. I’ve gone too fast with guys before and I’m trying and failing to hold back. Please tell me to back off if I push too much or smother you.” Blue says.


“Same. I know your past and I am not Gervais and I am not Birch. I won’t have much time for you when I’m at school during season. I’ll want to make up for that when we’re together by being together, fully, full on. I don’t want to slow down.” Will says and Blue breaks into a huge grin.


“Okay. I’ll try not to be needy when life is full on for you. But I will need a lot of attention when we’re together.” Blue grins and is rewarded with a sweet oatmealy kiss.


“Do you still speak to Spence?” Will asks.


“We made up recently but we didn’t talk for months. We’ll never be as close as we once were, he helped me through some tough times and I did the same for him then he took Birch’s side and that really hurt. He’s having a really tough time and I didn’t want to add to his misery now that I’m happy. That goes double now I have you back. Could you maybe call off the blacklist? He might have been a bad friend but he was a good coach. I know Ocean misses having the two of you training him.” Blue says.


“I didn’t badmouth his coaching, not ever. I did ask not to work with him and I guess that got round.” Will says.


“Shame that no gym will hire him for more than an hour a week. He was working so hard and improving so fast, or it seemed that way from the outside. Given he works for free I can’t understand it.” Blue says.


“I’ll put a word in if it makes you happy.” Will says.


“It would take it off my conscience.” Blue says.


“Anything for you. Is there enough for another bowl?” Will asks.


“Sure, I did enough so we could reheat it tomorrow.” Blue says.


“I shouldn’t but its so good and warming. Makes me feel good.” Will says and Blue feels so happy.


“What do you want to do today?” Blue asks.


“Show me round town. Then I’d just love to hang out here. Is that bad? It is so cozy with the fire and good company. I am enjoying the peace and just being with you. I don’t want many distractions.” Will says.


“Sounds perfect.” Blue says.


They make out on the bed before getting dressed to go out. They melt into each other, tasting, licking, biting. Happy. Just happy.


Will borrows a t-shirt and sweats from Blue and rolls up the bottoms. He looks so cute and it makes Blue feel even closer to Will, like they really are a couple


Blue shows Will the bakery and all the other stores, he takes him round to where the ice-cream parlor is planned to be.


“What about this place on the end?” Will asks about a small storefront that is boarded up.


“We want it to be a florist. It has space in back. Abby hasn’t been able to attract anyone yet. She’s working on it.” Blue says.


“Is it a total gay cliché to say I’d love to be a florist?” Will asks.


“I thought you were going to be a sports agent.” Blue says.


“Now I’m not going for the Olympics it’ll be that much harder.” Will says quietly.


“Why aren’t you? You looked amazing last night.” Blue says.


“I’ll need a couple of surgeries at the end of the season. Nothing major but I need work on my shoulder and my knee. I won’t have time to rehab them both and make the qualifying meets, not at the level I’d need to be at. I could stop and have them now but I feel loyalty to school and I love college gymnastics. We might not get the crowds that the women do but its still a fun atmosphere.” Will says.


“Sounds like you’ve made the right choice. You need your health, you want to be able to walk and lift your arm when you’re thirty.” Blue says.


“Exactly. My parents are not happy. They are not talking to me at all. I understand that they sunk so much money in to my dreams but I thought the college scholarship was paying them back. Making the world team. I didn’t know their Olympic dream was stronger than mine.” Will says.


Blue takes Will’s hand and squeezes it. Will looks at Blue and smiles. It has been a hard few months giving up on a dream but he knew it was a long shot and has more than come to terms with it. He knows without the Olympic calling card it’ll be harder to break into the agent world and he isn’t entirely sure he still wants to.


“So why flowers?” Blue asks snapping Will out of it.


“I used to help my gram do the flowers for church, not just for Sunday service but weddings, funerals too, people from church who couldn’t afford professionals. Being a gymnast there are so many things you just can’t do, its hard to maintain a social life. Time with gram didn’t make up for that but it meant I got to go to some wedding parties and feel normal now and then. I grew to love the plants too. I’d not thought about it for years, she died when I was 15.” Will says.


“I’m sorry. Do you think you could do it? Would you want to?” Blue asks.


“I don’t know. I’ve kind of put career plans on hold. I can always coach, I was thinking that’s what I’d do until I worked out my next move. You’ve given me a little nudge to get thinking beyond gymnastics.” Will says.


“Lets get some groceries and go home.” Blue says not wanting to squee and jump up and down at the thought of Will living and working here after college. He is sad that Will is a little directionless but Blue knows Will has strong ambition and work ethic and once he knows what he wants he’ll get there.


“Thanks for being understanding and not pressuring me.” Will says.


“You’ll be fine. You just need to find your next passion.” Blue says.


“You don’t half inspire me with all that you are working on and I love that you don’t see a problem with me moving on from sport. I know you’ll support me as I find something new and that feels good. Not having to do it alone.” Will says.


“I love that I’m getting closer and closer to my dreams but I hate having no one to share it with. Sure I can talk with Gervais and Robin and they are super supportive and cheering me on but it isn’t like truly sharing it with someone.” Blue says.


“I want to be that for you. I will be that.” Will says.




93 thoughts on “A new Blue 16

  1. Sam great chapter as always. Can’t say it enough Will and Blue always. Also I think Gervais could be very happy with one of the the local farm boys (maybe one that had a bad first impression).


      1. See and (I’m sorry I can’t remeber names) but I think Andy would like the older brother because they have more of the same ideas for what to farm and Gervais and the younger brother would work also because he notice how sexy Gervais was at new years

        Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG I have been happy with each chapter so far. I don’t know how you do it Sam but each chapter just gets better and better. Well yes I know how you do it, its because you are a great author. Even when you wrote things that upset readers you got the feelings across that you wanted conveyed.

    Will and Blue so lovely and hot together… That scene was amazing… I am way beyond happy for Blue and Will also. I think a long distance thing can work with Will and Blue also they both have the desire to make it work or at least try with all their might. And like one of the others mentioned its not so hard in this day and age with all the technology. At least its not snail mail and land line communication anymore. You can actually see one another now through instant streaming and such im sure that really helps. And there are always the occasional weekends to maybe get away to see each other. And school breaks. If a person is determined they can surely make it work.

    Gervais I think can handle it. I think he realizes what it means to have Blue in his life even if it is just as best friends he wouldn’t I don’t think mess things up to the point he would lose Blue forever. He is growing and over coming his problems so hopefully he doesn’t screw up. He also deserves to be happy there has to be someone out there besides Blue that can do that for him.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. With Will the trust is there for long distance, I think, it wouldn’t be for Gervais or Larry, not yet. From growing up where he did and liking small town life Blue is realistic about the lack of options he will have. I think Will is too, he’s super hot but hasn’t had many relationships. They share a heady spark and can see beyond it. Neither wants to let go. I’m glad you’re enjoying it, nice drama not drama drama, Blue coming out of depression and growing….

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Perfect chapter!! You know how much of a RUE fan I am, but I honestly like Will and Blue together even more. Something about them just seems to fit.

    They have great chemistry and great sex. They support and encourage each other. It just seems to fit. So G can marry Robin and they can all swap partners every once in a while hahaha. Loved this one!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes, Will! YES!!!! So much fucking YES!

    This makes me so happy, even more so than I was at the end of the last chapter. Dreams do come true! (I hope!) 😀

    Liked by 2 people

        1. On fire! It made me want to drag my boyfriend into the bedroom and have my way with him. RIGHT. NOW.

          Sadly he’s busy with work. Sigh.

          Liked by 2 people

  5. This is pretty much the perfect chapter for me. I just adore their chemistry… and the things it did to me… the tent in my pants could solve the housing crisis.

    Is it wrong that I want all the others (except Robin) to fuck off and let blue live?

    I just KNOW that Gervais is going to ruin this.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. I know that family is the number one priority for Gervais and Blue’s new community might be just the place to do it. I think he’d love being a farmers wife even if its not to farmer Blue.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. so once College is done you see Gervais moving here even if it isn’t as Blue partner lol

            I guess the fact he chose Blue over Clara he needs somewhere to call home.


            1. I don’t know. Lets see if he can get an internship this summer in the near city and how he gets on. All I know is Gervais has no family at all and building his own is his priority.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. see after Blue…. Gervais was always the character I wanted to have a happy ending even if it wasn’t with each other.

                After so many hardships in his life like Blue, he deserves a break 😘😘😘😘

                Liked by 1 person

                    1. No but there were some lovely dancers in the show sat night. Lovely arses. You have anyone in your sights, in the same timezone as you?


                    1. I was super all for Birch but failed on that one. The reaction from you guys to Will was the best since the early reactions to Robin and Gervais (with blue, not together) so I hope I can make it work. Not that much is forever at 20.


              1. Let it be a miss, Sam! Gervais deserves happiness, but I think he can find it in someone else. Letting go of Blue is part of what he needs to do to fully let go of his drama and his mistakes of the past. I think he’d be a better partner to someone else, since it’s fresh and he won’t be in the danger of falling into the patterns of the past. That shit is subconscious, and can happen even when you are vigilant about it. It’s happened to a couple friends of mine who (temporarily) got back together with exes, even though a few years had passed since the previous attempt at a relationship.

                We don’t know Will very well yet, but maybe their rough start will make them both see more clearly what they have to lose if they don’t mind one another’s issues and personality traits.

                Liked by 2 people

                1. Yeah they do need to get to know each other. What I liked about Will first time round was he let Blue look after him and liked it but also made sure to think of Blue and not take his nurture nature for granted.
                  Gervais is always going to be scared of fucking up with Blue but he has worked so hard and is still working if it turns out to be for nothing will he be strong or fall down?


                    1. Gervais wants to be that way but if he struggles to find someone (and I doubt he will struggle when he is ready) he might get frustrated and try and take Blue. I’m just riffing aloud with you all tonight to see what sounds good. Nothing I say is deffo happening or not happening.


              1. And they’ve got a friend in Tad to help as their provider. Their’s nothing wrong or boring about small-town, especially with the vibrant and connected community you’ve been building as Blue becomes a deeper part of it. Every community has drama, but the close ties and interdependency of a small-town is what Blue craves and needs, and Will is making it clear he wants to be a part of that pie in the sky.

                Is he from a big city? Even if he is, a lot of people adapt well to the slower pace, and if the city is only a short drive away then I can envision it still meeting any needs Will might have for the entertainment, shopping and nightlife that can’t be found in Blueville.


                1. Gymnasts grow up in a weird bubble, as they train so many hours from such a young age. I think Will would be happier in a small town than Blue. I do like the idea of Will and Blue getting more land and having a rose garden for Will, coming to europe and visiting the flower markets in amstedam, working with Tad as you said, so many options.

                  Liked by 1 person

    1. Sometimes things happen that way at the start. My boyfriend and I hit it off immediately, felt that strong pull to one another. I was moving to another city for grad school, so we were long distance for two years before he moved to be where I was and just commute to work. But we talked every day with a wake-up call in the morning and a skype conversation in the evenings, and did our best to see one another on weekends when possible. Distance is less of a burden nowadays, I think, and love can conquer it with attention and communication (and skype-sex, lol).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You have to be committed and motivated and I think they both are. They are being upfront about their weaknesses and saying they will try. I’m confident but we know that doesnt count for shit if I write in a bad mood hahahahahaha

        Liked by 1 person

                    1. I hate cooked tomato as tomato don’t mind cooked tomato based sauce for pasta but find cooked tomato disgusting mainly as I eat them mainly as part of a salad.

                      Quiche I like is Quiche Lorraine which is basically egg, cheese and bacon 🙂

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. I hate cooked tomato too. The worst is when you get a lovely fry up and there is tinned plum tomato on the plate
                      Invading everything. Urrrrgh. I only like tiny cherry tomatoes raw. I even cook with passata rather than chopped tomatoes when making a sauce in case a chunk gets in my mouth by mistake.


            1. I had a great time. I hope your mister is equally over the moon and showing it. I’m so, so happy you’re happy, you’ve had such a rough time you deserve it.


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