A new Blue 18

“I do not miss college food courts.” Blue says over an early breakfast.

“I will miss your cooking. Even my usual avocado and toast is better from you.” Will says.

“I can’t wait to cook for you all summer. I guess it’ll be hard working out your diet once you stop training.” Blue says.

“Yeah I’ll have a lot of rehab to do initially and then I’ll learn how to relax things and what exercise I need to do.” Will says.

“I’ll make the most of these guns while I can.” Blue grins.

“I plan to keep the definition, just not the size. I cannot wait until rings are a distant memory.” Will grins.

“Call me tonight?” Blue asks.

“For sure. You drive safely now and text me when you’re home.” Will says trying to hold back the tears. In just 2 days he has fallen utterly in love with Blue. The feelings were bubbling under the surface from the moment they met. Will tried his hardest to protect himself from them when he feared they would never be returned. Now he’s all in. He is proud to have Blue as his boyfriend and incredibly excited for their future together.

All of Will’s dreams had been wrapped up in a tiny world. Blue has smashed through that bubble and pulled him out and he couldn’t be happier. Having Blue, his new home, his new life and even a new business more than makes up what he is losing. Blue has made letting go of his dreams so much easier.

They hug for as long as they can, Will resting his head against Blue’s chest, for once not caring about his short stature, he loves the way Blue envelopes him and makes him feel small and protected.

“l love you.” Will whispers to Blue’s departing car.

Blue heads straight to the bakery, one of Heidi’s new assistants has done most of the prep for the soups and he just has to get things cooking. It took him a little over two hours to drive back and so

Blue figures he can spend a lot of weekends with Will when he’s not on the road competing.

“Is it okay if I don’t stay?” Blue asks once he’s done with the soup.

“Of course. Can you come in Thursday and do a few cheesecakes for the weekend? I’m not going to ask you to give away your secrets on those.” Heidi says with a grin.

“Can we make it Friday and have me trial the milkshakes too? I am happy to do an early starts. les just I teach senior yoga on Thursdays and would rather not do both.” Blue asks.

“Friday is fine. Can you make a sign for the milkshakes, I guess we’re advertising where the milk is from and the flavoring.” Heidi says.

“Yes, if that’s okay? Arnold is very excited he’ll be on the wall.” Blue grins. has become a thing with all of them. Great for me as they all offer produce at great rates.” Heidi grins.

“Mike said he has a glut of beets. I was thinking we could try a cake with some as well as a borscht.”

“Sounds good.” Heidi says.

Blue heads home feeling happy he managed to keep it together for the morning. He closes the door and locks it. Climbs upstairs to bed and buries his head in the pillow that Will used and lets all the tears out. He misses him so much already and wishes he could fast forward to summer.

Blue Plans to indulge his sadness at Will leaving for the rest of the day. He hated the way Clara put limits on his grief and upset but he can see the value in indulging then moving on.

The thought of facing the village idiots tomorrow without Tad is depressing. Maybe they won’t need him much longer he muses. The new machines are at the bakery and he needs to arrange the extra milk delivery and decide on the flavors, vanilla, chocolate and something that uses local produce he just can’t think of what is in season and available and delicious as milkshake.

He pushes thoughts of work out of his head and thinks back to every minute of his weekend with Will. All the cute moments and all the sexy ones. He feels happy as he remembers Will sticking his vault and looking up to see where the big cheer came from. He’s so proud of Will for doing his best even though his gymnastics career is coming to an end.

As he gets to the end of his thoughts of Will he has a eureka moment.

“Hey Cheryl I hope you’ve some time before you have to go and get Ocean.” Blue says.

“What is it love?” Cheryl asks always happy to hear from Blue.

“Will and I are together. Officially boyfriends. Long distance for now but he’ll move to my house after he finishes school, well a bit later he needs surgery, nothing too serious he says. Don’t tell the others. I just wanted to share with someone and ask a favor.” Blue says.

“Darling I am delighted for you and Ocean will be in heaven this summer. Are you okay with us invading your love nest?” Cheryl asks concerned.

“Of course I am. I have kept the room downstairs as a guestroom for you so you can have some privacy and your own bathroom. I thought Ocean would want to be up with us.” Blue says.

“That sounds perfect. Though you need to let him know when he can’t come in. he is far too old to be going into adults beds but he struggles to see you as adults. Now what was that favor?” Cheryl asks.

“There’s two. One would you and Ocean be able to come to Will’s senior night? His last home meet. I know it would be a trek but he’d appreciate it.” Blue asks.

“The gym is running a trip, so I have tickets already. It’s Ocean’s birthday gift he claimed there was nothing ever, ever, he wanted more.” Cheryl says.

“Oh wonderful. The other is and I have no idea why I didn’t ask for help before. Its this ice-cream and parlor business. I feel like we’re going too fast and I fight being dragged in but also feel affronted if I’m not included.” Blue says.

“Slow down and tell me everything.” Cheryl says with a smile.

Blue explains everything from start to finish. Wishing he’d asked Cheryl about it earlier.

“It sounds like it is a few months off. By the time the current tenants leave, got the design done, found a firm to do the install and got everything in place and permits approved. I’d be arriving just in time to help you open and train someone up to manage the place. To be honest it really sounds like a project I would love. Make a real change from my usual summers.” Cheryl says.

“Wow. I wasn’t asking for that but boy does it sound perfect. Can I call you tomorrow once I’ve run it by the others? Would you be okay talking about what you do now and how you could help? Are you willing to help now from home?” Blue asks feeling like the weight of the world is lifting from his shoulders.

“I would. This place runs itself with all the people I have and I have had much better luck with the culinary students recently. Good cooks who understand flavor. I’m ready for something new and this will inject that into my life without destabilizing things for Ocean.” Cheryl says.

“I am kicking myself for not thinking of you before. I have been so stressed and frustrated.” Blue grins.

“I have some less pleasant news. I heard the reason the gyms don’t want Spence is a complaint was made against him by a parent. She claimed he came on to her which is obvious BS. But she is chair of the parents fundraising committee and it was him or her. It was nothing to do with Will.” Cheryl says.

“So why did they keep him for one class a week?” Blue asks.

“To stop him working elsewhere. I did ask the coaches about helping Spence get in to a different gym, but they knew if he went elsewhere they would lose kids to him. We would have gone with him, Ocean is progressing but none of the coaches get him the way Will and Spence did. I think they spread the Will hates him rumor to put other gyms off, nothing that could be proven.” Cheryl says.

“Does he know?” Blue asks.

“Not yet. I’m going to talk to him tonight. He’s coming over for dinner. He’s not doing well. He bounced back a little after you forgave him. Also Andy and Chris breaking up has cheered him a little but he’s still close to the edge and I worry.” Cheryl says.

“I’ll give him a call. Maybe Will can put in a good word for him at another gym.” Blue says.

“That would help I’m sure. Now I need to go and get Ocean from school. Talk to you tomorrow.” Cheryl says with a smile.

Blue smiles to himself. He always does better when he asks for help. He contemplates gardening but its crazy wet again so he takes a nap. He rarely gets enough sleep and is soon deep in slumber.

Will wakes Blue up with his call.

“Oh babe you look so cute with your face all scrunchy.” Will says laughing.

“You look amazing. I think I’m still dreaming.” Blue says grinning.

“I love that I was the first thing you saw when you woke up. Can you call me in the morning?” Will asks.

“Of course I will.” Blue grins.

“You have an amazing body, I want to reach out and touch your chest its so sexy.” Will says.

“Show me the goods.” Blue says and Will laughs and lifts his shirt.

“More.” Blue says and Will pulls off his shirt.

“You like?” Will asks.

“Mmmm so sexy. I am so lucky.” Blue grins.

“Back at ya.” Will grins.

They talk about their day and plans for the next time they can see each other. They don’t get off. They don’t need to this time, they feel content talking and seeing each other. Blue goes down to the kitchen and leaves the chat open as he makes his dinner and Will settles down to homework. The next best thing to being in the same room.

They look at each other occasionally and chat now and then but don’t feel forced to. It’s nice for them both to have company. Blue watches Will as he eats and imagines how things will be when they’re finally together.

“Blue, I am batshit crazy about you.” Will says looking up as Blue is doing dishes.

“Good. I want you to fall madly in love with me, and never let me go.” Blue says with a grin.

“Deal.” Will says.

“You are crazy.” Blue laughs so happy. Will makes him smile and he finds he isn’t second guessing anything and he isn’t trying to make Will happy, he can see Will is happy. Sure its too early for anything to go wrong but even though Will is a ten Blue doesn’t feel unworthy. Blue smiles again.

“What has you so happy?” Will asks.

“I feel good with you. You’re out of my league but I don’t feel like I’m short changing you. I feel good enough. You make me feel good enough.” Blue says.

“You are good enough. Oh Blue you donut, you’re more than good enough.” Will says and Blue just grins.

“You make me feel I can do anything. I’m crazy about you too.” Blue says.

“You make me feel that way. I need to go to sleep. Kiss goodnight.” Will says kissing the screen. Blue’s stomach flips again and he leans forward and kisses his screen.

“Sweet dreams baby.” Blue says and strokes the screen as if he was stroking Will’s hair.

“You too honey. See you in the morning.” Will says before closing the session.

“I love you Blue.” Will says into the silence and sighs before getting ready for bed.


Blue and Will have a lovely but too brief chat in the morning. They rid themselves of morning wood together and Blue groans in delight at the sight of Will’s abs coated in cum.

Blue has a renewed energy as he heads to Baxter’s farm. He seeks out Arnold and runs through Cheryl’s ideas.

“Oh man, she’d be like a consultant manager for the summer? That would be perfect Blue.” Arnold says.

“We’ll all meet at the bakery later and she’ll join on facetime. I hope I’m not pressuring you. I’ve just been trying to work out how to be involved and step back from my worries and stress and I figure between Cheryl and Heidi they have the experience for me to stop worrying. I can concentrate on the ice-cream and getting a team up together for that.” Blue says.

“Hey I’ve been worried too. I’ve been hoping the kids would step up and use Tad and Larry to make a real plan. They still might but I think they’ll be at their limit doing the staff roster.” Arnold says.

“I think they’ll be amazing when the kids parties start.” Blue says.

“I hope so. Heidi said you’re doing the milkshakes this weekend. I’ll get extra milk down to you Friday, Heidi has given the amounts.” Arnold says.

“Any ideas what I can do that is local and seasonal?” Blue asks.

“I get ya, apples aren’t really milkshake friendly.” Arnold says.

“Ooo unless its an apple pie milkshake.” Blue says.

“Bring me in when you have a sample.” Arnold says and Blue grins.

That afternoon they all have a good meeting. Everyone likes Cheryl and Blue watches in awe as she gets through to Nick and Ella. She might talk to them as she would Ocean at times but they don’t seem to notice they are being patronized.

Over the week they have many more meetings and plans soon take proper shape. Tad and Larry call Blue excited about how things are going and wishing they were home to get stuck in.

“Cheryl has been amazing, we’ve learnt more from her in a week than all our classes.” Larry says.

“She is amazing, I can see why you love her.” Tad says.

“She’s the best. I should have asked for her help ages ago.” Blue says.

“Well we got a chance to try and you got us the help before we failed.” Tad says.

“Yeah and she has tips for cheese so we will do a lot better setting that up.” Larry says.

“I’m glad you two are over everything and friends again.” Blue says.

“Ahh we’re good. We’re both dating and having fun.” Larry grins.

Blue smiles and lets the rest of their news wash over him.

It’s late Thursday night when Blue finally comes up with an apple pie ice cream he is happy with and boy does he enjoy the milkshake he makes with it. He’s about to call Will to tell him of his breakthrough when Spence calls.

“I just want to say thanks.” Spence says.

“What for?” Blue asks.

“For getting Will to talk to the other gyms in town. I’ve had calls every day offering me work. One of the rec gyms has ambition to create an elite squad, they’ve hired a new men’s coach and I met him today and he wants me on board. I am so happy. Please thank Will for me.” Spence says.

“You sound like yourself again. Wow. Cheryl said you were still really down. I am glad things have turned around so fast.” Blue says.

“I feel like myself. I have been so aimless. Now I have a huge challenge and I’m going to love every second. I have so much to learn and so many ideas.” Spence says.

“Will Ocean be on your team?” Blue asks.

“Yes. He was actually a condition of me taking the job, Ocean gets to train for a greatly reduced rate. We both owe Cheryl and Ocean so much, they have kept us on track.” Spence says.

“Oh for sure. I love that kid and he love you being his coach. Don’t fuck it up.” Blue says.

“I won’t. The Danny debacle made me truly grow up and get my head out my ass.” Spence says.

“You seeing anyone?” Blue asks.

“No I fuck about with Magnus and DeShawn now and them, they need some spice now and then. I wish I could win Andy back but that ship has sailed. I’m going to concentrate on school and coaching and forget men for a while.” Spence says.

“You sound so mature. Your break up affected you for so long. I don’t think any of us realized.” Blue admits.

“I know. I still struggle every day.” Spence says.

“Just call if you need me.” Blue says.

“Thanks. Have you met anyone?” Spence asks.

“Will and I are together. Long distance and it’s only been a few days but so far so good. I hope you’re not mad.” Blue says.

“I’m relieved. I’ve had so much guilt over fucking it up for you both. You look happy.” Spence says.

“I am happy. Since I left school everything has gone my way. It’s amazing how my life has turned around.” Blue says.

“You deserve it.” Spence says and Blue grins feeling for once that he does.

174 thoughts on “A new Blue 18

  1. I get all mushy feeling when I read about Blue and Will. Relationship goals! Now Andy needs to sneak into Spences house during the night and tie him up and fuck the breath out of him 😈

    All of this talk of Thanksgiving has me so hungry right now!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Let’s see we got spiral cut honey glazed ham, cornbread dressing, collards greens, black eyed peas, roasted turkey, potato salad, chicken and dumplings, creamed corn, candied yams sprinkled with Brown sugar. That’s all for main course

        Liked by 1 person

              1. It’s like a casserole of sweet potato chunks with a sweet sauce, sometimes marshmallows too. I think it can be mashed too. I’ve had the chunky sort and ate a polite mouthful. I’m too fussy for fussy food. 😁😁😁


          1. Stuffing is generally cooked in side of the turkey whereas dressing is cooked by itself. I usually put chicken as the protein. And corn is like my favorite veggie. And my potato salad isn’t like others.


            1. That is one thing I don’t get with Americans their obsession with Turkey eating the ones i have had have always been dry and lack flavor whilst chicken is usually the opposite lol


                  1. My mother is already on a food making bender! Pumpkin pie is made, caramel apple pie is in the oven. Appetizers and snacks in process. The turkey goes in the oven tomorrow morning at 6. Lots of food!


                    1. Way too many! She’s trying a new dip cream cheese mixed with powdered sugar covered with caramel. You use Granny Smith apples to dip!


                    2. It sounds a bit too sweet for me too. She also does plates of meats and cheeses which I love. She makes bacon wrapped chestnuts too. Some people put chicken liver with that but liver makes me gag. lol

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. Yes, tons! Thank-you! It was a long day of travel yesterday. We left home at 430 yesterday morning and pulled in to my parents drive at 5 pm.


                    1. No. why take something that makes delicious roasted chips and purée it. Parsnips are the bomb, as purée, ick poo. Celeriac, awesome oven chips, awful purée. Cauliflower cheese or under grated cheese mmmmmmm but riced, or puréed why why why


                    1. depends what served with if with chicken schnitzel or sausages I do prefer potato mash as makes more sense than roast potatoes in that scenario.

                      If having a roasted chicken then roasted potato also

                      Two vegetables I hate roasted are Punpkin and Onion however


                    2. No beetroot. I like rocket or spinach or chard no tomato unless tiny. Capers, onion(not for you) celery and carrot. Oh beetroot is okay if ribboned but not picked. You weirdo aussies love beetroot like Americans love gherkins


                    1. so far its pasta with loaded cheese but I am imagining other yummy foods 😘😘😘

                      Now I am imaging a sammy Xmas and that makes me hungry also lol


                    1. I prefer bacon cooked but soft… don’t get the love for krispy bacon it looses all its flavour and juices when taken that far. lol

                      Bread I like it with when eating out is turkish bread when at home white bread from supernarket will do as usual I like soft bread its weird with foods prefer soft over hard lol

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                    2. I’d already bought some popping candy snowballs. I looked at the display and thought of your sweet tooth. One day in our kitchen I’ll be baking biscuits and you’ll hug me like Andy does Blue and try to pinch them while they’re hot. And I’ll bat you away playfully and you’ll get cheeky and I’ll relent and let you have some and kiss you better when you burn your mouth.😍😍😍😴😴😴


  2. Yay Sam I love this chapter! Spence is off my list currently only three names are on that list Clara Chris and Bea. I hope Andy finds someone. Robin needs to find him a girl. I’m happy Spence is getting better. I’m kinda disappointed he has given up on him and Andy.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t think I hated a chapter but the one that maybe pissed me off the most was when Gervais led Blue for golddigger Fergus. Well Andy is single now maybe he might remember all the good times he had with Spence. I’m a sucker for true love and happy endings.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. I know. But I think its a good idea that he not focus on guys right now I think he wants to do like he said and pull his head out of his own ass. I find that kinda admirable. Andy I hope he’s being safe I mean it would totally suck if he got something. Besides I like the new story anyway its so fun. Blue deserves happiness after two years of crap.

            Liked by 1 person

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