A new Blue 20

Blue has a lovely week working in the garden and in his poly tunnels. Almost every day a friend of Mike’s bring something for him to use, seedlings, cuttings, plants, seed potatoes. He can’t believe how generous people are and it has really cut down on his costs, he has more money to spend on his heritage plants that he wants for later in the season.

The next weekend he gets to see Will. He feels flustered and excited as he waits for to arrive. Will hasn’t got a meet and wants the privacy that Blue’s house provides rather than a weekend at school.

“Feels good to be home.” Will says when Blue finally lets him go from his tight hug.

“Good to have you home.” Blue says and kisses him hard.

“I know we should be going straight to bed but can we just hang a while?” Will asks.

“Of course. This weekend we can do everything you want to.” Blue says and Will smiles.

They settle on the sofa in front of the kitchen fire, limbs tangled and talk about the time apart. Being close and talking is all Will needs. Just being with Blue makes him so happy.

“This is just what I needed after a long week. Too long away from you. I love that you get it and don’t need to cram a million things into the weekend.” Will says.

“You told me you wanted low key, so I didn’t make any plans. I hoped we could go into the city for brunch on Sunday but that’s it.” Blue says.

“I want to soak in the tub, snuggle and watch movies and just be. I know I’m skipping over the dating stage to settled. I ought to be making more effort but frankly I’m exhausted.” Will says.

“I just need to be around you. I love the settled part, I don’t need fancy dates. Having you here, being able to cook for you and look after you is all I need.” Blue says.

“I do need to see Rita tomorrow. She wants to show me round the store with her plans.” Will says.

“So it’s for real?” Blue asks.

“Yeah, I won’t be making much. I’m going to coach this summer a few days a week and work with Rita the other days.” Will says.

“At the gym where Ocean will be going?” Blue asks.

“Yes. I heard from Spence, he’s really happy with his new gym and is stuck back in. Ocean isn’t the only one who has followed him. Even some of the girls team have gone over which was a surprise. Still I’ve seen pictures and they have revamped the gym and it is a beautiful facility.” Will says.

“I should never have believed you were the one who got him fired, or ruined his reputation. I knew you rated him as a coach. We could have sorted it out sooner.” Blue says.

“He didn’t deserve our help. But we’re together now and it is so good.” Will says kissing Blue all over Blue is brimming with happiness. Confiding in Mike has lightened his load and having time to focus on the planting and yoga this week has Blue is a great mood. Will is icing.

“This feels so good.” Blue says.

“Next winter it’ll be just us living here all the time. This will be us when we get home from work.” Will says.

“I hope so. Gervais has stopped me from looking too far to the future with a man but you have defrosted my heart and I want to make plans with you.” Blue says.

“I am not letting you go Blue. I have every reason to stay with you, shallow and deep.” Will says.

“I believe you. It’ll take me a while to let myself believe that it’s realty happening for real. Just complain if you think I’m holding back. I promise I don’t do game playing.” Blue says.

“I trust you and by the time I’m living here full time you will have had time to believe it. Maybe I should leave some clothes here. I should get some boots for the garden anyway.” Will says.

“Gonna turn you into a country boy.” Blue grins.

“Willingly. My coach can’t believe I’m giving up on the Olympics and on being an agent to be a florist in a small town. He can see I’m happy and excited and not apprehensive any more. I’m competing well and training well.” Will says.

“Do you worry you’re settling for this because it is easy?” Blue asks.

“No way. I want to be where you are. I am going to be learning a trade, a business with a view to running it one day. That sort of opportunity is a gift. I have poured over flower design sights and botanical books since I went home last. Flowers could be my next passion and to have you and a business I love is not settling.” Will says hotly.

“Just checking.” Blue says cheekily and Will laughs and laughs.

“So much for not being a game player.” Will giggles.

“It is nice to hear how much me being here, makes you want to be here.” Blue says honestly.

“You just want lots of attention.” Will grins and Blue smiles.

“I’m content.” Blue admits truthfully.

“You feel relaxed.” Will says running his hands over Blue’s shoulders.

“Want something to eat?” Blue asks.

“Yes please. What’s on the menu?” Will asks.

“Salmon, with a bean and beet salad. We have a lot of beets.” Blue grins.

“Perfect.” Will grins and they slowly get up and cook together.

Blue and Will both love being domestic together. That chores will be shared is a given and that they will help each other is also. They know that some weeks one of them will be working full out and the other will have to pick things up at home. They’re both secretly looking forward to being able to look after the other.

Will still loves how at home he feels, Blue expects him to treat the house as his own which makes him feel so happy. Will looks over at Blue doing dishes and still can’t believe how hot he is, that he loves to bottom and is happy to just hang out. How did he get so lucky?

“Time for that soak?” Blue asks and Will nods and takes Blue’s hand.

“I like that I can reach out and you’re there. A lot better than stroking the screen.” Will says.

“Yeah, I hated not having you right here.” Blue says.

“Though you are so much sexier in the flesh, I have to make myself look away at times.” Will says.

“Are you kidding? You are so hot. I love this.” Blue says hugging Will tightly.

They get into a bubbly bath together, Will sits between Blue’s legs and leans back on his chest. Blue sighs in happiness and runs his hands over Will’s perfect pecs and kisses Will’s neck.

“In my lover’s arms.” Will sighs.

“Oh yeah baby.” Blue grins, he loves how Will tells him when he’s happy. It is so reassuring. Blue knows he is holding back a little, knows he’s scared to give his heart but also knows that Will is working hard to show Blue that he is worth falling for.

“It’s funny how we always use the tub down here.” Will says.

“I’ve only used the shower upstairs. I love wrapping up and sitting by the fire to dry off all cozy.” Blue says.

“Yeah it is so sexy when you sit there and your towel falls open, showing off that big dick.” Will says.

“You’re super sexy too.” Blue says rubbing his hard dick against Will’s back.

“I love that I do that to you. I love how hard you stay when I’m inside you. Your big dick is endlessly fascinating to me.” Will says reaching back for it.

“You spoil me.” Blue says quietly, wanting to savor the moment of being desired. He knows Will is after so much, more than sex, but it is nice to be desired too.

“You deserve it and more.” Will says turning for a kiss.

They kiss and wash each other gently, topping up the hot water over and over. No rush. Just happy times together.

They wrap in towels, put more wood on the kitchen fire and sit on the sofa again. Their mouths meet straight away, they’ve been teasing each other for too long. They make out and touch each other, building to a frenzy. Blue kisses all down Will’s front and lift’s his ass for his favorite activity.

“You are so talented.” Will groans and Blue feels doubly good.

“You look all relaxed.” Blue says looking up.

“I’m horny as hell. You naughty boy getting me all riled up when I wanted a relaxing night.” Blue says.

“You gonna teach me a lesson.” Blue says looking coy.

“Your ass is going to be destroyed. On all fours.” Will says and Blue clambers on to the floor.

Will stands and admires Blue’s ass. He loves how Blue’s skin looks in the flickering firelight.

Blue poses on the rug in front of the fire and wiggles his ass, feeling naughty. Will slaps each cheek before moving in to give Blue his own tongue bath and a good fingering. Blue lowers his arms and folds them on the floor and rests his forehead on them.

Will slaps at Blue’s raised ass again. He looks so perfect and is so tempting. Will inserts a finger again and savors Blue’s moan, He lightly kisses each cheek and caresses them both before making his move.

Blue just wants to sumbit. He loves Will’s pretty pink dick, loves to suck it but inside it feels crazy good, he cannot get enough. He needs this, holy fuck he needs this.

Will grips Blue’s hips and enjoys going deep, loves that Blue will take him all and push back for more. Will gently gives a good long dicking, rubbing Blue’s back. Blue groans and sighs and Will picks up the pace slamming in to Blue and letting Blue yelp. He has to slow down else it’ll be all over too soon.

Will leans forward to kiss Blue’s neck and he knows Blue is smiling. He grabs Blue by the shoulders and gets him back up and slams and slams it dome. Loving every second.

They lie together on the rug satisfied.

“I needed that babe.” Blue sighs.

“The one up side to long distance is you’re always so tight for me.” Will grins.

“You felt so good inside me. So, so good.” Blue sighs.

“I love you Blue. I really, really love you. You make me feel amazing. Not just sex. Everything, this new life you’re giving me. We had a spark when we met, I thought we’d fuck and fuck and it would fade. It gets stronger, every day. I feel fireworks when I see you. But we can just be together. I love watching you in the kitchen when I’m doing homework. I feel right when I’m with you.” Will says.

“I love you too Will. I just do. You leaving me pushed me to leave my old life and that I found you in my new one felt like a miracle. That you still wanted me, wanted to build a life with me, it was more than I ever dreamed. I’ve been holding back, not letting myself fall. I’ve been holding parts of me back but I’m still in love with you already. I feel the same, I feel right with you.” Blue says.

“I wanted to say it that first weekend, didn’t want to scare you away. I know I risk it now but I needed, needed to tell you properly before it slipped out.” Will grins.

“I’m all yours Will.” Blue says and they kiss gently for a while before sucking each other in front the fire, rolling so neither of them gets too hot. They lie together content until the fire dies out then slowly climb the stairs to bed.

In the morning Will sleeps late and Blue lets him while he sorts out the chickens, takes a shower and gets started on a mega omelet for breakfast. Blue puts a tray together and takes it up to Will. He sets the tray on a chair and gently kisses Will awake.

“Mmm you taste good and something smells gooooooooood.” Will grins and sits up.

They eat together smiling and happy. Blue is pleased with what he’s cooked. He loves using his own eggs.

“You like?” Blue asks.

“Oh so good babe. You know I’m with you for the food and sex.” Will teases.

“Hey that’s enough for me.” Blue laughs back.

They eventually make it out ready for Will to meet with Rita. Will is taken with how everyone talks to Blue as they walk up the street.

“Everyone loves you here.” Will says.

“I love everyone. I love how everyone talks to me, it’s the way I grew up.” Blue says.

“They all see you the way I do.” Will says and smiles.

Blue pops to the deli and grocers as Will is in his meeting. The plan for both markets has been gathering steam and Blue knows Abby has been steamrollering the town council and dates are due to be announced.

“We’ve negotiated, and you’ll be in on this, the main produce stalls will be pay what you can. Prepared food stalls will be allowed if we keep all dishes under five bucks and have some low cost healthy options.” Marsha who runs the deli says.

“That sounds fair. So I can sell low sugar ice-creams or something? You’ll be doing some of your tasty pasta?” Blue asks.

“Yes, I’m working on a low cost family portion. I think it’ll do us all good. Lots of people don’t come in here as they think we’re expensive and not for them. When sure the imported goods are expensive but I have well priced local foods too.” Marsha says.

“You need a board saying what is local.” Blue says.

“I need to stock your soups. Once you’ve got the ice-cream up you need to work on getting the soups into my store.” Marsha says.

“You think? It’s all so much work the pre-prepared stuff, with passing all the checks.” Blue says.

“If I take care of that and you just have to show up and cook would you do it?” Marsha asks.

“I would. I have so much on but far more people are asking for the soups than ice-cream.” Blue says and Marsha grins.

“I can’t persuade you on the cheesecake too?” Marsha asks.

“I’ve promised Heidi she can have exclusivity. We need to keep them scarce.” Blue says.

“Oh I agree, I pick up some of your disappointed people. They probably spend more than they would if they got a piece here.” Marsha says.

“Oh that’s good to hear.” Blue grins. They make a little more small talk and Blue is on his way.

Blue has a similar talk in the grocery store, they are happy to have a pay what you can stall to get rid of old stock and are hoping the farmers market will just bring more people to town.


Will finds Blue in the store and they gather up some more fish and head home. Will has to do some homework and Blue works in the garden. They are happy. Blue feels more content than when he was with Birch, he isn’t just finding something to do while Birch paints, he has his own project to get on with and is totally engrossed and not waiting round for Will to be done.

Neither gets so engrossed that they forget about the other. Will brings Blue out a coffee to warm him up. Blue kisses Will and feels truly taken care of. It’s a different feeling, he has so much hope, a lot more hope than fear.

“I feel so lucky to have you.” Blue says.

“Same. You’re my man and I just want to shout it to the world.” Will says.

They never do watch any movies. They prefer to cook, bathe and talk. They have so little in common but so much to talk about. Blue loves hearing all about Will’s training and team mates. About how he had so little time for friends and a social life growing up.

“In a way we had things the same. We had a small group to find friends with. No gay role models. No much time watching TV or following pop culture.” Blue says.

“Right. We’re both from small worlds, yours might have been in the big outdoors and mine in a chalky gym but our opportunities were limited. We’re both ready to break out of those limitations.” Will says.

“I love that view. I love finding common ground with you.” Blue says.

“I feel so much closer to you the more we get to spend time together.” Will says.

Ocean calls them as they are finishing dinner. One of guys has bought him his own laptop and he’s using it to call Blue with Cheryl hovering in the background.

“Will. Hello Will.” Ocean cries seeing him next to Blue.

“Hello Ocean. I hear you are doing very well in the gym.” Will says.

“I am. Mommy has let me leave school so I can do more.” Ocean says.

“Really?” Blue asks surprised.

“I know, I know. I wanted to homeschool him but resisted because I didn’t want him to be the weird hippy kid. He’s that anyway.” Cheryl says.

“Hey.” Ocean says indignant, he loves being the weird hippy kid.

“Is he doing online school?” Will asks.

“No, I looked at a bunch of programs and hated them all. Blue’s friends are doing a brilliant job, coming to the gym to teach between sessions or a couple of hours after school. They’ve been amazing.” Cheryl says.

“Really? That is so cool. I wish I’d had that experience.” Will says.

“I was worried when I floated it that we’d be short on English and social studies but as George says he might be a computer nerd but he’s an avid reader and did great in high school English. They are all passing on joy in their classes. I hope we can keep doing it this way as long as possible.” Cheryl says.

“I love my classes and no one picks on me.” Ocean says.

“All your big brothers teaching you? That is so cool. Shall we do a class this summer? We could do plant biology in the garden.” Blue says.

“Yes we can.” Ocean shouts delighted.

“And I’ll be coaching you. We’re going to keep you busy.” Will says.

“Are you really, truly, boyfriends now?” Ocean asks.

“Yes we are. Is that okay?” Blue asks.

“Yes it is!” Ocean says excited.

“I’m glad you approve. Got to have Blue’s little brother’s approval.” Will says with a grin.





65 thoughts on “A new Blue 20

  1. Livin’ the dream, those too… I hope you aren’t too cruel to them with their trials. Blue deserves a great love, and Will keeps checking off more of the right boxes.

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    1. (Also, sorry for not leaving many comments lately; I’ve been reading but life’s been busy and I don’t have my login info on my mobile and… well, tbh I’m too lazy to figure it out off of my computer at home, lol)

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  2. Sam, another great chapter!! I got home from the cattle sale and had a new chapter to read while I relaxed. So happy!!

    I needed some sexy time after seeing all those cowboys in their tight jeans and cowboy hats. I love the cattle sale lol. 💦🍆

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  3. Sam
    I loved it. I love that Blue finally has an awesome and equally talented b/f partner. Great chapter to read and Ocean approving of their relationship was the icing on the Cake. Bravo well done Mate!
    Your friend from across the Pond 😉

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  4. Ocean is just too damn cute. He is gonna be a little heartbreaker. This is the sweetest chapter I’ve read I love will and how he makes blue feel. I hate to say this but I think he may be a better match for him than Gervais. I know who are you what have you done to jack. But seriously Will gets Blue in a way that no one else had. Once again a great chapter

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks love. Right now Will and Blue are on a solid path. They have shared goals, fancy the pants of each other and are finding some real common ground. We’ll see how they do when they are tested.

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            1. Barely moved from sofa. Watched the new Gilmore girls ( was not impressed) and just resting. Got to collect my suitcase and more holiday clothes tomorrow. What you up to? Any nice desserts or seafood?


                    1. Sometimes. I like her cooking but find she’s too much of a camera hogger, like Alice, Tregan and Mindy. Lots of big speeches that annoy me.


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