A new Blue 23

Blue wakes a little chilly, the covers have migrated during the night. He looks down and smiles. Under one arm he has Spence, looking more muscular than ever. Blue stares down at his beautiful high tight ass and grins to himself. Spence really is a perfect physical specimen.

Looking at Andy is less pleasing, he really is all skin and bones. Blue wants to take him home and take care of him. Feed him, get him out in the garden and make him laugh again. The last two and a half years have taken their toll on Andy just as they have Blue and Blue is worried. He can’t believe Gervais and Robin haven’t intervened.

Blue kisses them both on the forehead and wriggles out of bed. He grabs a hotel robe and goes outside. Its cool but sunny. Blue looks around then goes and grabs some shorts and a towel and does his yoga higher up than he ever has before.

“Now this I have really missed.” Andy says walking out as Blue is done.

“Not that you were ever up in time to see it.” Spence laughs.

“Just knowing it was happening was always enough for me.” Andy laughs.

“That is very true. The first time he saw you that thing didn’t go down for a week.” Spence grins.

Blue smiles. That Spence and Andy are teasing each other again is great to see. Maybe Andy will realize that Spence is the guy for him. If not this visit but over the summer. Blue misses Andy and Spence the couple. He hadn’t realized how their break up affected the whole group so much until now.

“I am starving.” Andy announces his stomach growling loudly to support his words.

“I get the feeling if Spence and I don’t get our monies worth you’ll make up for it.” Blue grins.

They go to Caesars palace to eat, walking through the beautiful Bellagio, enjoying the lobby glass and conservatory and boggling at the slot players who clearly are yet to go to bed. They get lost several times trying to get out and several times more once inside Caesars palace looking for the buffet.

The line isn’t too long and they are soon seated and ordering coffee. Their table is near the dessert area and Blue marvels at the choices. He waits for the coffee while the other two pile their plates. Spence comes back and Blue heads out. He looks at the pancakes and waffles then figures he ought to go for the higher ticket items.

He finds the charcuterie section and selects several cheeses. Before adding a little salad and a lot of shrimp. He fills a bowl with melon and sits down.

Andy has a plate piled with meat, steak, bacon, ham, fried chicken and more bacon and is eating joyfully. Spence with his more balanced plate is just watching Andy and smiling. Blue catches his eye as he sits and Spence blushes a little.

“Ooo cheese.” Andy says and pinches a piece from Blue’s plate.

“I saw some juices at the front, want me to get you guys one too?” Blue asks.

“Anything veggie for me thanks.” Spence says.

“Not for me, I need all my stomach for bacon.” Andy grins.

Blue returns with three types and two glasses and he and Spence mix their own combos.

“Mm that’s so good.” Spence says.

“I’m off for round two.” Andy says grinning and getting up.

“You’re falling deeper and deeper.” Blue says to Spence.

“I know. You’ve seen the change in him in just a few hours. He was our Andy again last night and this morning. He brings out the nurturer in both of us. You as a friend, me as a husband.” Spence says.

“Whatever your future, together or apart, he needs to let you in as a friend right now, he needs taking care of.” Blue says.

“Give me some recipes before you go.” Spence says.

“Sure but you could just ask Robin and Gervais to help, they are good cooks and know what Andy likes.” Blue says.

“Carbs.” Andy says sitting down with his plate of pancakes, waffles and donuts.

“Is that pizza?” Blue asks seeing the corner poking out.

“Yup.” Andy grins happy as can be.

They stuff themselves silly and waddle out needing a nap already. They aimlessly walk around the shopping mall and then back to the room to get the tickets and a cab to the meet. They are overwhelmed by the number of gymnasts and the crazy skills they are throwing.

“Man these guys are hot.” Andy says with a grin.

“Will is looking good. A lot better than last season.” Spence says.

“He made the world team last year.” Blue says.

“Yeah I’ve seen all the videos and he’s looking stronger and cleaner.” Spence says.

“He wants to go out with a bang. His last elite meet.” Blue says.

“Why?” Spence asks.

“He needs surgery. He has put it off for the season. He won’t be able to rehab in time for the Olympics.” Blue says.

“Yes he will. He might not be able to get to nationals and qualify for world trials this year but he has bags of time to get ready for next year.” Spence says sending needles of doubt into Blue.

“He’s ready to retire.” Blue says.

“Maybe he is but he for sure isn’t out of chance of making the team next year. Not if he can come back to this strength. Heck he could still make this year if he petitioned to trials.” Spence says and Blue falls silent, pushing the worry out of his mind and concentrating on the meet.

Will has a great comp until his final event, floor where he goes out of bounds and then falls on his last pass.

“He’s still won this round and a couple of events. I bet he’ll hang on to enough points for Saturday.” Spence says.

“I have no clue what that means but Blue your man is hot and talented. I loved every minute of that. We should watch this a lot more.” Andy says with a big grin.

Blue hugs Will at the edge of the floor.

“I have to go to get tested and eat with my team. I’m sorry babe.” Will says.

“It’s fine. Call me later.” Blue says and squeezes his shoulder.

“Thanks for being understanding. Makes all the difference you being here, you three were so loud.” Will grins.

“You were so amazing.” Blue says.

“Until the end. Just needed a little more stamina.” Will says shaking his head.

“You were great.” Blue says and Will smiles weakly and heads out.

“Are we going to the next session?” Spence asks.

“Yes we are.” Andy grins.

“Lets go find a coffee in the break.” Blue says.

They wind up in the casino coffee shop. Andy has a big burger and fries while Blue and Spence split a salad.

“It’s kind of weird watching sports in a casino.” Andy says.

“A lot of them have ballrooms and convention centers for this sort of thing.” Spence says.

“Its kind of nice. Made for a good trip for us.” Blue says.

“Oh sure and this is much better than a concession stand outside a school gym like most of Spence’s wrestling meets.” Andy says.

Part way through the second session Will and some of his college team mates come in. The guys shuffle round so Blue and Will can sit together.

“Aww look at him all happy.” Andy says to Spence.

“They are really cute together. I was so stupid to try and stop it.” Spence says.

“You don’t still have a crush?” Andy asks.


“No, he’s super hot but I’m over him that way.” Spence says.


“All these guys are hot. I am so fucking horny.” Andy says.


“You going to try and fuck one?” Spence asks.


“Nah this is a guys trip. I really am loving hanging out with you and Blue. I don’t want to cause any tension.” Andy says.


“I’ve missed Blue. I’ve forgotten how fun he can be and how smart.” Spence says.


“Its stupid that he is the one who dropped out of school.” Andy says.


“He’s on his feet. He was fucked over by his mom at school. Taking all those classes he didn’t care for. He had no clear path to a major. He can go back when he knows what he wants to study.” Spence says.


“I guess. I just wish he’d come back.” Andy says.


“You really do miss him. You kept that hidden.” Spence says.


“I kept a lot inside when I was with Chris.” Andy says.


“I’m glad you broke up.” Spence says.


“Me too.” Andy says.


“Oh man these are even hotter than the last lot.” Spence says.


“Oh yeah. I kinda missed watching you wrestle.” Andy says.


“I loved it. I loved showing off for you.” Spence says.


“I loved fucking you after. Ripping you out of that singlet all sweaty. That was the best.” Andy says.


“Every time was amazing with you.” Spence says.


“Yeah we were amazing that way.” Andy says knowing he’s giving Spence too much hope and needs to shut it down.


“But its not enough for you. Sorry I feel I’m bringing down the mood. I’ll concentrate on these hot fit guys.” Spence laughs. Andy squeezes his exes shoulder, wishing it was as easy as Spence wants it to be.


By the end of the session Will is in second when combining the results and has made it through to Saturday with ease. One of his teammates is through and a couple of others are trying to work out if they are through on points rather than places.


“So you have training tomorrow?” Blue asks.


“Yeah. I’m sorry babe. This might be the only time we get.” Will says.


“It was nice. I am happy to be here supporting you. You know that. This is the last chance, I had to be here. We have next weekend.” Blue says.


“Yeah. It really means the world. I can’t believe you stayed for this session.” Will says.


“Andy insisted. I think gymnasts are very much his type.” Blue grins.


“Well it was nice to hold your hand for a bit.” Will says.


“You’re being very open with me.” Blue says.


“Can’t be hiding it. I don’t want to. I’m proud of us.” Will says.


“Good.” Blue grins and sneaks a kiss.


“I’ll call you in the morning.” Will says.


“Okay. We’re off for dinner though I’m still full from breakfast.” Blue laughs.


“Wish I could come.” Will says.


“I’ll tell you all about it.” Blue teases.


“I hate you.” Will says and kisses Blue goodbye.


“You okay?” Spence asks.


“Yeah. Lets take a walk before dinner. Build an appetite.” Blue says.


They get a cab back to the strip and walk through some of the casinos and gawp at the décor and people.


Blue has booked a steak and seafood place, perfect for all three of them.


“This isn’t as bad as I thought. I thought you’d have booked one of those five hundred dollar tasting menus.” Spence says as they sit down.


“So few are pescatarian friendly.” Blue says.


“Well this is perfect for me. I love the chance to have a great steak and good wine.” Spence says.


“Perfect for me too. Oh its all a la carte. Can I order 2 sides?” Andy asks looking shocked at the prices.


“Order all of them if you want and make sure you get a lobster tail with your steak.” Spence says.


“Can you really eat that much?” Blue asks.


“And then some.” Andy grins.


“I feel like we’ve woken up your stomach and you won’t fit in your seat on the way home.” Blue laughs.


“I feel good.” Andy says and Spence bites his lip to stop himself yelping in delight.


Its another great meal. Blue and Spence are happy to see Andy putting away another big meal. They just hope he isn’t sick later.


“This wine is crazy good.” Andy says.


“I’ve missed treating you.” Spence says.


“I miss cooking for you. Everyone at home loves my food but it’s not the same as cooking for you.” Blue says.


“Oh I am so looking forward to spring break with you. Food and gardening.” Andy smiles.


“It will do you good.” Spence says.


Back at the room they have a nightcap on the terrace and enjoy each other’s company again. All thoughts of a club are gone from Andy’s mind.


Andy gets up in time to see more of Blue’s yoga in the morning. Spence joins him and pulls him into the bathroom. Taken by the moment Andy fucks Spence good and enjoys every second. He knows it is the wrong thing but he’s so fucking horny and Spence is so willing and so sexy.


Blue smiles as he hears their cries and goes back outside to give them privacy. Will calls soon and tells Blue they can have dinner together later but it will need to be something simple for Will.


“I’m sorry.” Will says.


“Uh you cannot be sorry for being a superstar and getting through. You’re awesome.” Blue says.


“Thanks baby. I fucking rocked. We watched the tape back last night as a team and 5 event I killed it. Felt so good not having consequences other than the next round.” Will says.


“That’s my boy.” Blue grins so happy Will is enjoying his success.



“Fuck that was so good, your ass has never been so fucking pert.” Andy says slumped on the floor panting.


Spence is leaning against the shower screen and slowly slips to the floor his legs jelly.


“Your cock is so fucking perfect. I loved that. Wanna go again?” Spence asks.


“Yes. But not to kill the mood you know this is just sex?” Andy checks.


“It is fucking awesome sex. I know you don’t want me back. This can stay in Vegas.” Spence says.


“Suck my cock clean.” Andy growls. Spence smiles and crawls across the floor and sinks his mouth to Andy’s crotch.

Spence licks all around teasing Andy and himself. He wants to savor every moment. Andy groans and lets him get away with it for a couple of minutes enjoying the tease, the change of pace between the two of them and then whoosh he slaps Spence’s ass hard and holds Spence’s head in place and pushes in deep.

Spence takes it all and wants more. He’s always good for Andy. He knows it is just sex. He knows it is just because they are here but maybe, maybe Andy will remember he can’t live without great sex and there is none better than the two of them.

Andy kneels up and holds Spence down on his dick. He commits the view to memory. Holy shit he’s missed this. He runs his hand down Spence’s back and inserts a finger into his ass. Spence lets out a garbled moan and Andy smiles.

Andy grabs Spence by the throat and brings their mouths together and kisses him lightly.

“You’re a good boy.” Andy says and kisses him again.

“I want your cock. Please. Please fuck me again.” Spence begs and Andy gives a wicked grin.

“You’ve been working that ass. Show me some squats.” Andy says firmly.

Spence stands and faces away from Andy and squats down.

“Keep going.” Andy says lightly stroking himself as he enjoys the show. Fuck Spence’s body is the best he has ever seen. He’s give some of those gymnasts a run for their money.

“Hold it.” Andy says and Spence stops, using all his muscles to stay in position. Andy runs his hands over the magnificent rump, sticking out at suck an enticing angle. He leans forward for a quick taste. A little treat as Spence is taking his punishment.

“Oh, oh.” Spence squeaks. Not moving but so on edge.

Andy stands and pulls Spence up with him kissing his neck and pressing his hard cock against Spence’s back. Showing him his good work.

“How do you want me?” Andy says.

“I don’t care, I just want to please you. Anything is good for me.” Spence says, so easily slipping into a fully submissive space.

“I can’t stop playing with your ass, it is glorious.” Andy says pushing a finger in again and watching Spence’s face.

“Come on lets make this one last, lie down.” Andy says throwing a towel down.

“Hold your legs up, come on show off that hole for me.” Andy says and Spence does as he’s asked. Spence is feeling sheer bliss and looking up at Andy he feels like he’s in the perfect place.

Spence can’t stop smiling as Andy pushes back in. Andy always feels perfect to Spence. Andy wants to take it slow, give Spence a loving fuck. The first one was so hard and fast this time he wants it to be sexy and perfect. Hearing Spence’s light moans and gasps turn Andy on further. Spence reaches for Andy’s ass to pull him in and Andy gives him a glare so he moves them straight back to his ankles pulling them back showing Blue isn’t the only flexible one around.

Andy leans forward and kisses Spence hard while he’s deep inside. Andy leans back a little and kisses at Spence’s feet. He can see Spence is deliriously happy. Rock hard, precum coating his belly, a glorious sight.

Andy moves he hands to Spence’s throat and ups the pace. Spence cums hard entirely involuntarily he gasps, the pressure on his throat stopping a full wail. Andy sits back and laughs, flips Spence over and bangs that ass.

Spence lets his voice cry he is still in the wave of his orgasm and knows he’s about to get lucky again. Andy slaps his ass and slams and slams and cums so fast and deep. Spence is up and licking Andy clean in seconds before melting back onto the bathroom floor.

Andy takes Spence’s hand in his and can’t help but think of all the good times. He tries to hold back the emotion but it’s hard. Spence leans over and kisses Andy and leans back and cries, huge wracking sobs. Everything is too much.

“Baby.” Andy croons holding Spence to his chest and trying to calm him.

“Sorry I was holding back and you unlocked it all.” Spence sniffs.

“I know, me too.” Andy says and lets his own tears out.

The cry and hug and get themselves into the shower and clean up and calm down. They dry off and get dressed and both feel heaps better. They needed both the sex and the tears.

“So you back together?” Blue asks when they come to the terrace.

“No we’re best friends. Friends who know when to fuck and when not.” Spence says with a smile.

“I will always love Spence and I always need him in my life. We’re working on the how. We’ve truly cleared the air.” Andy says grinning.

“Breakfast?” Blue asks.

“Lets get a sandwich to go and take a walk. We need to see the sights properly.” Spence says.

“Awww.” Andy whines.

“We’re not here just for you to eat.” Spence says.

“Will and I will have dinner later so it might be a good night for you two to go to a club.” Blue says.

“Cool. I love that idea.” Spence grins.


89 thoughts on “A new Blue 23

  1. …I need to go Vegas.

    And I need to fuck a wrestler. Two more things for the bucket list.

    Anyone know any wrestlers in Melbourne? 😛

    Thanks for the double post! I love me some submissive Spence.

    Liked by 3 people

                    1. Normally you can’t shut an Aussie up. But they also have a high tolerance for alcohol. So I’m opening the gin, coz if he gets all sticky we’ll have to clean it up 👅👅👅

                      Liked by 2 people

                  1. No, to any of the above. He was super cute too lol. Was the last few days of my time in London, and my mum told me the only thing to do was “not get arrested” before leaving

                    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve never had luck there, too many nuts and I once had a bad mussel. I know lots of people love it. I like Sinatra at encore and I used to love the Daniel Boulud place that closed (but didn’t like his new place at Venetian).

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I mentioned Andy having attention issues yesterday. I’ve always thought of Andy as being a bit ADD like, he has impulse issues and focus and organisation issues. In high school Spence was super organised and had set times to eat etc and that helped Andy, he used Spences timetable. We’ve seen him use Blue and Spence for help getting on track with studying and organising himself. Chris would have been no help and with no set routine, not living on campus Andy would have been using his energy getting himself to the right place at the right time and his work done.


    2. Has this weight loss happened since Chris and Andy broke up or since Blue left…. why I ask as even tho Clara is a bad mother to Blue she has always been goid to Andy or was she too busy with Bea and Chris to notice?

      Soooo many people it seems have dropped the ball big time.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I know just angry that nobody has intervened before this especially at Clara who claims to look after people and their mental issues…. (unless you are Blue that is)

          Liked by 1 person

          1. He’ll have been hiding it. No need to worry Blue and Spence are on the case I promise 😘😘😘other than Andy getting skinny, did you like the 2 chapters?


                1. no way I love you and your story sonetimes the characters make me angry its weird went from hating Andy last month to feeling protective about him now lol


                    1. I count the trip as a gesture 😘😘😘😘

                      I also liked how Blue warmed and formallt invited Andy over for Spring and Andy seems happy to work to show his gratitude….. Spence and Andy have picked up on one thing which shows despite not seeing him in about 6 months they know him well…. That is Blue is lonely

                      Liked by 1 person

    1. Gordon Ramsay steak, Bizarre meat and at the cheap end 800degrees and Lobster ME. I also do love caesars buffet and wicked spoon.
      My fave ever was jasmine fountain brunch but it ended 😭😭😭😭😭

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love Caesars buffet! I’m not much of a vegas foodie, but I’ve no doubt you’ll have a blast! Please post a pic of the fountains to your tumblr!!! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re truly spoiling us with two chapters in one evening, thank you Sam xx

    I loved both of them, great for the guys to be back together. Can’t wait for the summer, having all the team together again will be amazing. Ocean is going to feel like the luckiest kid alive…. All those big brothers.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Oh Sam I think I liked this chapter more than the last one. It was hot but sweet too. Maybe we can get old Andy back now. I’m actually a little disappointed in Robin and Gervais for not helping Andy. Did I say this chapter was hot because it was

    Liked by 2 people

    1. To be fair Andy dating Chris knew he risked losing his friends. Gervais and Robin needed to stay away from their crazy exes and had no reason to pick Andy up just because he and Chris split up.
      Glad you liked it. Spence and Andy bringing the fire back.

      Liked by 1 person

          1. My poor baby. He was just skin and bones. That’s right blue fatten him up and get him workin in that garden. Gonna need more meat on his bones to keep up with me mhm mhmm. XD

            Liked by 1 person

      1. OK I can see it from that point of view but I thought they could have at least noticed he wasn’t doing good. Hopefully we have old Andy back. One thing I would really love to see would be one day in the life of Ocean and how he interacts with the others.


    1. Two chapters in one day? Bliss! 😊
      I am so happy Blue has reconnected with the boys. I hope this helps with his loneliness. Oh, and that sex scene was really hot!🔥💥🔥
      I look forward to reading every chapter Sam! This was definitely a special treat today. Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

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