A new Blue 24

Blue, Andy and Spence have a fun touristy day they take the zipline between the rio towers and scream their heads off, go up the stratosphere and do all the rides before more zip lining downtown where they stop for a late lunch.

Andy has a big plate of chicken wings and another burger and fries, Blue has fish and chips and Spence a chicken salad. Its good and tasty and pretty cheap.

“Can we go to the mob museum before we go back?” Blue asks.

“Sure.” Andy says pushing his hair back revealing a big hole in his shirt.

“Do we need to take you shopping for clothes?” Blue asks.

“You are a disaster without us to look after you. Have you been clothes shopping without us?” Spence asks concerned.

“I went with Clara before school started but didn’t get much as Chris kind of dominated.” Andy shrugs.

“There are outlets not far.” Blue says looking at his map.

“Um there are great shops here, do we have to resort to outlets?” Spence grumbles.

“Come on it’s better than Andy not shopping at all, which he won’t in the sort of places you like.” Blue says.

“What about the museum?” Andy asks.

“Something to come back for.” Blue says.

“I thought you would hate it here.” Spence says.

“It’s like being on another planet. I could do without the crowds but there is so much to see.” Blue says.

“I love it, I love the food and the buzz.” Andy says.

“I love seeing you two having so much fun.” Spence says.

They help Andy pick out some jeans and tops. Andy sees himself in the mirror in the dressing room and is surprised at what he sees. He knew Blue and Spence were worried but he’s a mess.

“No good?” Blue asks.

“Everything is too big. Why didn’t you tell me how bad I looked?” Andy asked.

“We said you were thin.” Spence says gently.

“You always liked me a bit chubby. I thought I was in good shape.” Andy says.

“Spence is going to make sure you go to the store when he does. You need to get more organized.” Blue says.

“I am going to the store, its just ramen and canned tuna get old real fast.” Andy says.

“You know how to cook Andy, you can make a veggie rice cheaply and it’ll fill you up. Or some flatbread. What happened to the veggies you were growing? Do you not have a meal card for lunch?” Blue asks.

“Bea trashed the veggie garden before she left and I didn’t have the energy to replace it. I do have a meal card for ten meals a week but it doesn’t cover many places and I can’t always get to one between classes. I know, I know, I need to go after class and get two meals.” Andy smiles at solving his own problems.

“Lets get you some smaller clothes and your regular size.” Spence says gently.

“You can’t buy me stuff.” Andy says quietly.

“I damn well can. If you’re budgeting so much that you’re living on noodles you can’t afford what you need. You can mow my lawn or something.” Spence says and Andy looks incredibly grateful.

“Chris was an expensive boyfriend.” Blue says quietly and Andy nods.

“You ought to draw a stipend from Katelyn’s trust for administration.” Spence says.

“It doesn’t feel right.” Andy says quietly.

“Did Clara not pay you for work you did over winter break?” Blue asks.

“Yeah and that’s what I’m living off but it won’t go far, normally my summer money lasts a lot longer. I should get a job but it’s hard to fit in with school, I’m taking so many classes right now.” Andy says.

“Are you tutoring Ocean? Cheryl will pay you in food.” Blue says.

“She does. Honestly I will do better now.” Andy says.

“And you’ll let me get you some clothes?” Spence asks.

“I feel so stupid. My ex shouldn’t be doing this.” Andy says.

“I want to.” Spence says.

Andy sighs and nods. Blue gives him a hug, he knows Andy will never ask Roe or Katelyn for money and is mad that Chris has burnt through Andy’s money.

“I can get you a full summer of farm work. I know so many places. No one pays lots but you’ll have room and board with me and you can top it up with shifts in the bakery or ice-cream place.” Blue says.

“Really? I mean I thought I’d get seasonal work with a reference from Deke’s dad but you think you can get something in place before I arrive?” Andy asks.

“Yes. They all love me. You have a think whether you want to work on a dairy farm or stick to veg.” Blue says.

“A dairy farm doesn’t have seasonal work.” Andy says.

“A dairy farmer owes me a lot of favors.” Blue laughs.

“Settled. We’ll work out a payment plan at home for these and you’ll be fine for next year.” Spence says.

“Thank-you. Both of you.” Andy grins.

“I have had such unbelievable luck since leaving school, I want to share it.” Blue says.

“I won’t let you down again.” Andy says and they all hug again. They shop and Andy stops looking at the register as Spence insists on new sneakers, underwear and smart clothes too. He knows Spence can afford it and doesn’t feel taken advantage of but it is still hard not to feel a charity case.

They sit in starbucks laden down with bags before heading back to the hotel and Will calls Blue who steps outside to take it.

“I’m really sorry I can’t do dinner. I have to have dinner with the national coaches and a meeting after. I’m sorry.” Will says.

“That’s okay. I will see you after you compete tomorrow?” Blue asks.

“Yes and my roommate is going home straight after the meet with his parents. So you can stay in my room and we’ll have the morning together before we go home.” Will says and Blue smiles.

“Yay. That sounds good. Call me later if you can.” Blue says.

“Love you baby.” Will says.

“Love you too.” Blue says and heads back to his friends.

“Whats up?” Andy asks.

“Will can’t make dinner.” Blue sighs.

“Well you’ll have to put up with us and another fancy restaurant.” Spence grins.

“You guys don’t need to change your plans. I can kick back and enjoy the room. I love sitting out on the terrace and watching everything.” Blue says.

“We’re not leaving you alone. I’ve seen how expensive the clubs are and I’d need a mortgage to buy a drink. Beers on the terrace after a good feed is perfect.” Andy says.

“It is. We’ll come back when you’re 21 and go wild. I’m just so glad you invited me and that Andy agreed to come. A boys trip was exactly what we all needed.” Spence says.

“Groups of 3 work best with us lot. When we’re at full 5 and adding outside boyfriends in the drama increases way too much.” Blue says.

“We are all sick of the drama. This summer will be awesome.” Andy says.

“We’ll all be working. Too tired for drama.” Spence says.

“I am looking forward to feeding you all.” Blue grins.

“I am going to bring the gymnasts to the ice-cream parlor for a team treat. We’ll have to talk about limiting the menu for the night.” Spence says.

“That’s great, we will be doing a lot of kid’s parties and your gymnasts can be guinea pigs.” Blue says cheering up.

“I volunteer as taster.” Andy says and they all laugh.

They go back to the room and lounge about for a while. Andy goes on a beer run.

“So this morning. Sounded like you had a great time.” Blue says.

“It was amazing. Perfect. So, so, so good.” Spence grins.

“You’re okay with it not leading to anything?” Blue asks.

“Yeah, we did it twice and the second time was crazy I came so hard, total full body, our of body experience. He is so good. It was a huge release for us both and we ugly cried after. Just let everything out. Both of us. And then we felt better. A lot better. I feel like my self-esteem picked itself back up and I’m instantly stronger.” Spence says.

“Getting back to coaching helped too.” Blue says.

“Yeah professionally. Feeling truly desired made all the difference to me personally. I’ve been feeling pretty rotten and unwanted and let all the doubts in.” Spence says.

“I’m sorry. I know how tough it is.” Blue says.

“I know Andy doesn’t want me back but I know I still t h on and that is enough for now.” Spence grins.

“What are you gossiping about?” Andy asks coming in.

“How amazing the sex was this morning.” Spence says.

“Oh boy it was. You were magnificent.” Andy grins.

“It is good to see you two properly connecting again. Whatever happens. Do you want me to clear out for the night?” Blue asks.

“No, we can use the bathroom again, or out here if we need to. Or you can watch or join in.” Andy says wishing Blue would.

“Saving myself for Will for tomorrow night.” Blue grins.

“He’s a really lucky man. It can be hard to be with a superstar athlete and not lose yourself.” Andy says.

“I was always so proud to be yours.” Spence says.

“I know but your training, meets, your whole schedule had to come first and it was hard sometimes. I loved supporting you and watching. But I disappeared in some people’s eyes when you were around and you know it. You were absolutely worth it though.” Andy grins not wanting to hurt Spence but wanting Blue to know he understands.

“I think that is why Will always wants to come to mine and not stay at school on our weekends. At home he has to deal with me getting all the attention.” Blue grins.

“And you don’t feel hidden away?” Spence asks.

“No, the night I went to watch him compete the first time he came into the stands and kissed me and then introduced me to his coach as his boyfriend.” Blue says blushing and smiling at the memory. Andy and Spence’s faces melt.

“That’s so lovely.” Andy says.

“I’m lucky.” Blue says.

“Is it okay if we go to another steak place? They all have great sounding seafood for Blue.” Spence asks.

“Always good with me.” Andy grins.

“It’s fine with me too. I loved last night.” Blue says.

“I’m seeing if we can get in one with a fountain view. A romantic night despite the circumstances.” Spence says scrolling through his phone.

“Awesome.” Andy grins.

“Okay if we can hang on til 9 we can get the good one. If we want earlier we forego the fountain view but we can go up high.” Spence says.

“I’m okay to wait. By that I mean I’ll go and grab some pizza from downstairs for now.” Andy grins.

“I’ll go get it, let you two talk a bit.” Spence says not needing to ask what toppings Andy wants.

Andy instantly cuddles up to Blue. They have both missed each other far more than they realized. The calls over the last few weeks haven’t been enough and they need some quality time.

“Sounds like your morning activity was a good thing.” Blue says gently.

“It was. You two know me best and I’d spent so long blocking you out and pushing Spence away I’d forgotten just how good you both are for me. S is a part of my relationship with Spence, even when we’re just friends. It is important to us both and we both know when it’s leading to more and when it is just friendly. We are miraculously in a good place now.” Andy smiles.

“I am so glad. Will you maybe move in with him and Birch? You know you can steal food from those two without worry.” Blue says.

“I don’t know. I might. Not sure what to do next year as I could live with Gervais and Robin as DeShawn and Magnus will have moved on. It will be easier to move from where I am to there. Than to leave Spence.” Andy says and Blue nods.

“How is Birch doing?” Blue asks.

“He really misses Willow. I guess we’re friends again. No benefits this time. Too weird.” Andy says.

“He knows lots of great cheap places to eat and he’d probably pay for food if you’d cook it, soups, rice or pasta. He likes my food and you know how to do good big dishes, eat some and freeze some.” Blue says.

“That’s an idea, I might start cooking and eating at Spence’s and sleeping at home. I love my bed. You got me a great one. Chris wanted to take it and I stopped him.” Andy says with a smile.

“Good for you.” Blue grins.

Spence comes in and hands a couple of slices to Andy who wolfs them down with gusto.

“Perfect, you added the perfect amount of chilli.” Andy grins.

“You’re welcome.” Spence says and sits and opens a beer.

“You know Andy, you are spoiling us by letting us take care of you. We both love to. Spence hadn’t had the time the last year or so and you were more independent but we both love it.” Blue says.

“I like that. I know what you are both like and I love the attention. Though Spence and I want to take care of you more too.” Andy says.

“We do. Just remember we are on the list of people you can ask for help.” Spence says.

“Thanks. I am glad to have you both back, to have all four of you back on that list.” Blue says.

Spence talks about his new gym and how Ocean is improving again and his friend has joined him and the two are pushing each other. Spence seems so happy.

“Are they both doing summer camp with you?” Blue asks.

“I don’t know. I’ll find out. Kids often stay with local gym families, don’t worry about finding them a room.” Spence says knowing what Blue is like.

“Be nice to have them for dinner. The guy who did my renovation has a bunch of kids, all younger than Ocean but I know he’ll love playing with them. Be nice for him to have someone his own age around too.” Blue says.

“I bet Gervais will love having a bunch of kids running around.” Andy grins.

“He will. Tommy will miss him this summer for sure. Asked about him ten times a day when I was there.” Spence says.

“No wonder Danny wanted to leave.” Blue says.

“I’ve heard from mom that they’ve a great girl in place now.” Spence says sadly.

“What is Fergus up to?” Blue asks.

“He’s great looking after all the summer properties and finding people for them. Making me a fortune in rent. I’m sure he’s scamming some people for repairs and the like but not me.” Spence grins.

“No with you he just skims more of the rent.” Andy jokes.

“I am fine with that. I never asked for the house and have no clue what to do with it. It is glorious but I’ll never have the summers off to enjoy it. I feel like I have to keep it for Tommy and the baby but figure it might give them the same obligations. Still I can’t sell while my parents are alive.” Spence shrugs.

“You might retire there when your arthritis is too much.” Blue laughs.

“I’d like to get married there.” Spence admits.

“With Blue doing the catering.” Andy grins.

“Yes. For all my pretensions an outdoor summer wedding at the beach followed by a clambake and a load of champagne would be heaven.” Spence says.

“Sounds perfect.” Blue says.

“Yup.” Andy agrees which makes Spence’s heart leap. If they were still together a wedding wouldn’t have been so long away.

“I can’t wait for you two to meet Heidi. Even though I said I needed friends I’m not in business with the two of us both love the idea more and more of a restaurant where we grow a lot of the produce. Mill our own flower, maybe even produce our own wine eventually. When she brought it up recently I actually thought of you Spence, as an investor and I couldn’t wait to talk through ideas with Andy for the plants and getting year round produce using my tunnels and greenhouses too. Thinking of your beach house reminded me somehow.” Blue says.

“I’m in.” Spence says.

“Me too. Way better than soup.” Andy says.

“It’s what you want?” Spence asks.

“Yes, I want to grow enough to sell seasonally at market, feed myself and supply a restaurant or two. That fruit idea was way off. Unless we make pies and sell those along with soup. The restaurant ties it all together, soup, pies, whatever other food lines we come up with.” Andy says with fire in his eyes.

“Its not a right now project. We need to be more mature in our growing and find the right place. I am going to take some cooking classes in the city. Heidi is fully trained, she thought the bread would be enough but now she’s looking to expand and expand some more. It is years away but the seed is planted.” Blue explains.

“Promise me that I will be the first investor you call. Not Gervais, no one else.” Spence says.

“Of course. That’s the thing running a business with my friends would be awesome. Andy and I have talked about it forever. At home I feel like anyone who starts to make friends with me only wants me for some business or other. We’d still be friends and have normal chat.” Blue says.

“I never thought you’d go for it before the wine. I always thought you’d end up with a restaurant on site later.” Andy says.

“Wine is still the ultimate goal but it isn’t the only one and I can’t do nothing while I wait for vines to mature. It could be forever before I achieve something commercial.” Blue says.

“I’m coming for Spring break. Sod New York I hate musicals anyway. I want to meet this Heidi and see your place. I can visit the gym too.” Spence says.

“Awesome.” Blue says genuinely.

“Yay, now I have someone to share gas money with.” Andy says.

“The cheek.” Spence grins.

“I’m happy. I’ll even pay for all the gas.” Andy grins.

“Lets go eat.” Blue grins.

Spence is buzzing with the idea. He knows he’ll move around a lot as a coach and this business if it works will give him some roots, far more so than the beach house or college house. He can imagine having an apartment above that he can always come back to and maybe even storing his wine and art there.

He hopes he loves Blue’s new town a lot more than his old one. Access to the city makes it sound a lot more promising. He hated being cut off at Claras.

They have a wonderful dinner, service is amazing, even Spence notices it is a notch above. They love every second and linger over coffee and an extra dessert for Andy.

Andy and Blue each hold hands with Spence and they slowly walk up and down the strip to look at the lights and take pictures. Their old tensions and grudges have long washed under the bridge and the trio feel grateful they are getting a fresh start together. They stay up drinking on the terrace until dawn and then pass out until they need to get up for the meet.

Blue feels nervous watching, maybe as Will fell on his last event last time, maybe because there is more at stake if Spence’s speculation is correct. He wants Will to do well and go out on a high. The possibility that Will might not retire, if he does well is playing on Blue’s mind. He would never, ever wish Will to do badly but can’t help wondering if the agent dream will come back with the Olympic hopes and end their relationship.

Will opens on floor and does an amazing routine and Blue relaxes. The trio cheer and shout as loudly as they can. Will does a great job but stays second overall. He and the guy who comes first are the only two to go clean. There are flashes of brilliance elsewhere and a lot of falls.

Blue, Andy and Spence go wild cheering when Will receives his medals.

“Have a safe trip back tomorrow. We will call you a lot and make plans for spring break.” Spence says.

“You two be good tonight.” Blue grins and they all share a big hug.

Blue waits for Will to come through. He’s not as long as Blue feared and they go to Will’s room together.

“You were on fire tonight. Are you done or going for it?” Blue asks straight out.

“I won’t make any decisions without you.” Will says.

“Sex first, talk later?” Blue asks actually feeling a little calmer.

“Yeah. I am on such a high from tonight.” Will grins.

“You were incredible. Superhuman.” Blue says.

Will pushes Blue down on the bed and kisses him hard. Blue returns the kisses, so hungry for his man. Worried it will be the last time. They rip at each other’s clothes not caring what happens, needing to be skin to skin.

They lick and taste each other, all over, Will lingers on Blue’s feet and traces them with his fingers and mouth. Blue is surprised, it is him that usually goes for feet and his own are nothing special. But Will is hard and happy and Blue relaxes and enjoys it.

Blue nestles his nose in Wills pit sniffing and licking, bucking against Will’s side, excited, happy, turned on, spectacularly turned on. The friction works and Blue shoots a load all over Will’s belly.

“Fuck you’re a little show off.” Will grins.

“You’re too tasty.” Blue grins.

“This is what happens when we’re apart too long.” Will says guiding Blue back down to his dick. Blue is rewarded with a hot load which he swallows down happily.

“You are so fucking sexy.” Blue groans and they start over kissing and touching, sucking and when Will enters Blue he is singing with joy.

“I wish I had a room with a tub.” Will says after.

“We could go back to Spence’s room and close our eyes while getting to the bathroom. But that would mean getting dressed and I don’t want to.” Blue says with a pout.

“I do not want you to cover up ever.” Will grins.

“Room service?” Blue asks knowing Will will be starving by now.

“Oh yes, post meet pig out.” Will laughs and makes the order. They shower quickly while they wait.

“I will support you. Whatever you decide.” Blue says quietly.

“We decide.” Will says.

“It’s your career.” Blue says.

“I guess Spence worked out my options, of petitioning later this year or aiming for next.” Will says.

“Yes. I thought you had no shot.” Blue says.

“I thought if I couldn’t make this year’s team of 6, I would have no hope making a 5 person team next year. They are going to name this year’s team early and accept no petitions to trials. There is a lot of pressure for me to just get my knee done and be back on arm events at nationals.” Will says.

“But your shoulder is worse than your knee and if you continue you might have no chance of competing next year, if it’s worse.” Blue says.

“Which is what I said. My fucking college coach told the national staff otherwise. Luckily the team doctor was passing and I got him over to confirm. Which he did. He also said if I stopped now and got the surgeries I should be back on a couple of events by nationals.” Will says.

“Do it. You’ve had three years of college gymnastics. You have given back and given back. I know you wanted to finish but you were someone else out there today. Doing your full difficulty you were insane and happy. You were so happy out there. You can’t stop now. Even if you don’t make it back for this year’s team you’ll be ready next year. I get that not everyone was at their best today but you had the scores, you proved you can.” Blue says.

“Will you wait for me? Do long distance for longer? It isn’t what we planned.” Will says quietly sure that he’ll lose Blue.

“I hate long distance. Hate it. But I love you. I will wait. I told you I would wait. I’ve got all my friends coming for the summer and then I’m going to find a roommate so I’m less lonely. Without school your schedule will be slightly easier. I can come out whenever flights are cheapest.” Blue says.

“You will?” Will asks.

“Where else am I going to find a super-hot, super smart, super sexy guy who loves me back? You are one of a kind.” Blue says with a smile, his heart breaking but determined not to let it show.

“I need to take a couple of days to be sure. But once I am we’ll schedule the surgeries straight away. I’ll catch up on school. I actually don’t need all the credits I’m planning to graduate, I’m ahead but have to take this load to remain eligible as an athlete. So there might be some room to manoeuvre if I need to.” Will says.

“What about senior night, we’re all coming. Well I hope ocean still is as it was organised by his old gym.” Blue says.

“He is, the new and old gym are having an amnesty and a joint trip. I will still be there and sign autographs and the kids will be happy to have me sat with them.” Will says.

“Is your coach mad?” Blue asks.

“Yes but he thinks it is the right decision and is being reluctantly supportive. Says if I make next year’s team it helps with recruitment.” Will says.

“And the agent dream?” Blue asks.

“Is over. Was over the minute I got back with you and you showed me the future we can have. Food and flowers.” Will grins.

“It’ll be great.” Blue grins trying to fast-forward time in his head to make it happen tomorrow.

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              1. Hehehe thanks!! And yes, I’ve been very fortunate to experience that feeling of electricity when touching with several different people through the years. I love hard and deep and complete. I think I love so intently it just eventually wears me out. I don’t know that I’m ever destined for a “forever” relationship again. The last one sure didn’t work out haha. I think I’m just going to have to learn to be like an inferno….love so hot that it engulfs everything around it and burns so hot it leaves the earth scorched…..but eventually just burns itself out. Then wait for the next spark to come along to start it over again 🔥❤️🔥

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    1. Loved the chapter Sam! The boys! Blue and Will! I’m not sure how long that it can last for them with Will continuing his Gymnastics dream…they’re in love, but with differing goals. While that’s fine, I’m not sure how the distance will work….:-(

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I asked other mark earlier in the week if it was a waste having Blue in a long distance relationship. I’m torn. Blue has the option to follow Will, keep long distance or break up. I love the pairing and am rooting for them. I need the other guys back if Blue is to make long distance work.


        1. Understood. The question is how long is his career going to last? How long will they be apart? Blue and Will share a special love for sure! I just know how lonely Blue has been. Will has his career and sport that keeps him busy. Just musing…love them together though…it’s magic!

          Liked by 2 people

            1. Blue has learned he can love and let go…he’d hate for Will to resent him in the future…it’s an amazing opportunity. He’s grown a lot! I’m here for the ride!

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