Taking a break etc

Most of you know I’m off on my hols next week. I’ll probably write a little during downtime (when my daily budget is spent lol) but mostly I’ll be too drunk.

Would you like me to space out what I put up between now and then so there is something every 3-4 days for the duration or usual schedule then a long break?

Had an enormous xmas lunch yesterday and am soooooo ready to be done with work, 7.5 work days to go.

57 thoughts on “Taking a break etc

  1. Hmm 2 weeks is quite a while with out a new chapter. I think spacing them out every 3 days or so would work well. We go weekends sometimes with no new chapters. But 2 weeks will seem like forever. However which ever is most conducive to you having a great holiday.

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      1. Do you find it cheaper Duty Free? I travel to Canada constantly and liquor is so much cheaper back home. Cologne though is another story.


        1. Sometimes. The strip is just getting crazy with prices, though its been a little while. For English gin the price is better, for whiskey depends on the brand and I rarely buy vodka as I’ll happily drink the cheapstuff when playing.

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                    1. My sis stayed at the mandarin as she didn’t want a casino property and it was amazing, great pool, quiet despite it being july. My first Aria stay, just the one night on a comp.


  2. Oh that does look delicious and lovely!

    I vote for smaller gaps with what you’ve got… I don’t know if I can go without my dose of the boys as is. I’d rather just be stretched rather than in complete withdrawal. But you should do whatever is most convenient and conducive to you having a great holiday, Sam. We’re just your pleb readers who will be worshipping at your feet regardless. 😉

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  3. Honestly, just like sex, I’ll take it however I can get it lol. Whichever you would prefer is fine with me. I’m so happy you’re getting a nice holiday away from everything. Will you be traveling with friends, or are you in Vegas alone?

    What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas however……you know we all want to know so you have to share the dirty details of the great food and great sex you enjoy while there with all of us Hahahaha.

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    1. Going alone. Will meet friends a few times during my stay though I’ve totally mistimed with one who goes back to buffalo the day before I arrive le sigh.
      Basically I don’t want to look like a saddo attached to my laptop on hols, but I know that sometimes I’ll need a break and an afternoon writing on my balcony with a coffee followed by a g&t will be glorious for me.
      In a 2 week trip I can’t be gogogo or I’ll die.

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      1. I’m totally the same way. I’m a natural introvert (believe it or not lol!!) so I require some serious downtime alone in order to recharge myself. Constantly being on the go is exhausting for me. So I completely understand.

        Even on some of those off days if you don’t write, hopefully you can update us on the food porn and pics of the sexy Vegas guys you encounter 😈😈😈

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  4. The picture of that food is killing me.

    Its bikini season, and the calories in my diet had to give from somewhere.

    Alcohol won, and Im fucking hungry for carbs. Like, a big bowl of pasta. Or heck, even a big block of cheese.

    You’re heading to Vegas? That’s awesome! On my bucket list of things before 35! Have a blast, and take a load for all of us!

    And remember, when you’re hung over and your liver actually hurts? REAL CHAMPIONS DRINK THROUGH THE PAIN!

    What would Eddie and Patsy do?!

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