37 thoughts on “Taking a break part 2 with poll

  1. I want it all and I want it now lol. Yes I know, I’m greedy and impatient. But as a single guy, I have learned to indulge when the opportunity arises…..and how to satisfy myself in the other times haha. ✊🏻🍆

    I just want what’s best for you so that you can truly relax and enjoy your vacation. So whatever you choose we will all be happy with. We all love you and appreciate the great story you’ve created!!

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  2. My problem here is I’m greedy and want it all now but I know if I get it all now I’ll be a sad panda waiting for you get return and recover from your holiday. I blame it all on you, you know. You’re way too good at sucking me in and getting me emotionally invested.

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      1. Youre flying first class? Dayummm!

        I’ve always had fantasies of getting upgraded and sitting next to Posh Spice and David Beckham. I’ve even thought of my ice-breaker story to make them instantly fall in love with me.

        Ofcourse, I’m a drunk that wears a onesie when flying, so I doubt I’ll ever get upgraded.

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          1. I love the lie-flat beds in First and Business class. I especially enjoy the apartment-style cabins in First where you have so much privacy. My goal is to have sex in one of the First Class apartments haha. I’ve gotten a handjob in one, but nothing more than that. I think it would be HOT 👍🏻😜

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