A new Blue 32

“Did Bea say how Chris was?” Blue asks as he drives his mom to the airport.

“They have fallen out as usual. I don’t think Bea knew that Chris screwed you over in the article. At least she claims it was all him.” Clara says.

“You believe her? What about the lies about you? I mean they were minor in comparison but still could have been malicious.” Blue says.

“They both put that down to the interviewer getting their facts mixed up.” Clara says.

“You’ve spoken to Chris?” Blue asks.

“Yes. I speak to them both regularly. Remember the magazine did reach out to me for comment and Bea and Chris told me they were doing it. I didn’t approve, but I need to keep abreast of what they are doing, for both our sakes.” Clara says.

“Did the magazine ask about me supposedly defrauding you?” Blue asks.

“No. And if they had I would have strongly denied it. As all they asked about was me, I declined to comment.” Clara says.

“But Bea didn’t tell you Paul showed up for the TV show?” Blue asks.

“No. Neither of them mentioned it. Bea is still shaken, she didn’t get closure in the way Chris did with the lawsuit. We got her things for her and she hadn’t seen or heard from either of them in months and months.” Clara says.

“The way she reacted when he came out. That was different. Totally different to how she was around him when I first met him where she was more petulant teen. She looked scared and disgusted. I know they never had a good relationship but this seemed different.” Blue says.

“Agreed. She said a bad memory flashed through her head when she saw him and she had a major panic attack off stage, which is why they didn’t even film her backstage like they do on these manipulative shows sometimes.” Clara says and Blue nods.

“I could see it coming, she had that look behind her eyes like Gervais gets as an attack hits. Has she had more since?” Blue asks not sure why he suddenly cares, but he does.

“I think so. I’ll get to the bottom of it in the next few days.” Clara says and leans over to hug Blue goodbye.

“Call me to let me know you got there okay.” Blue says and Clara nods.

“Take care of Will.” Clara says and kisses Blue’s cheek.

On the drive to collect Will Blue thinks hard about Chris and Bea, about how his opinion on them is mellowing just like it did with Spence. He is actually worried about Bea and how she is coping. He knows how hard the panic attacks hit Gervais and knows Chris will be no help at all in helping her recover.

Then he thinks about how selfish they are and how they brought all this on themselves by going after their parents and then going after a quick buck. He can’t imagine Bea dealing with notoriety, she enjoys the finer things for sure and dating Grant suited her but she’s so academically smart and unlike Chris not one for taking shortcuts. Blue figures she must be feeling really conflicted about the whole situation. No surprise she is having anxiety issues.

Then he remembers she ruined Andy’s garden and his heart closes back off.

Blue text’s Will to let him know he’s almost there. He went home from hospital that morning and is meant to be mostly resting until Monday when his rehab starts in earnest.

Will is waiting outside on his crutches with a bag as Blue pulls up.

“Oh baby I hope someone carried that for you.” Blue says putting it in the trunk and helping Will get in the back so he can keep his leg up.

“Yeah they did. You look amazing.” Will says with a smile.

“You too, beautiful.” Blue says looking round and as always counting his blessings as he takes in Will’s handsome face.

“I feel rough as can be. I hate taking pills but I have to get the swelling down. They are totally messing with my stomach.” Will grumbles.

“I’ll make you some gentle food.” Blue says.

“Thanks. I have been dreaming of your oatmeal all week.” Will grins and falls asleep a minute later and stays that way the whole drive.

Blue leaves Will to sleep a minute longer as he unlocks and drops Will’s bag and crutches inside. He goes back wakes Will gently and lifts him out the car and carries him inside with ease, placing him on the kitchen sofa and getting a fire going.

“Oh baby, I love that you can do that. You make me feel so good and cared for.” Will smiles sleepily.

“Lets get some food and put you to bed.” Blue says.

“Kisses first.” Will says puckering up. Blue grins and obliges.

“You taste amazing.” Blue says.

“Come back, need to check how you taste.” Will grins and enjoys a long tasty kiss.

“Good?” Blue asks.

“Let me check.” Will teases, he has missed his Blue so much, he has had too much time doing nothing which he just isn’t used to.

“I love you.” Blue says and enjoys another sweet kiss.

“Sometimes it is like a dream being with you.” Will says.

“That’s the pain meds talking.” Blue says laughing.

“I just feel so lucky.” Will says with a smile and Blue’s stomach flips.

“Me too. I am lucky you gave me a second chance.” Blue says.

“I had to. I was crazy in love already. Seeing you in the stands was the best moment of my life.” Will says.

“Well that’s a challenge.” Blue grins.

“Oh there have been a lot of other great moments since.” Will smiles.

“Do you want some soup? There is a little leftover quiche, it’s good, momma made it today.” Blue says.

“Quiche, mmmm yes please, I am enjoying my food for a few days. I know rehab is going to kill a gazillion calories so I can afford to be a little bad.” Will grins.

“I’ll heat it up. It is delicious hot and extra crisp.” Blue says and gets to work.


“Wow your momma can cook too. That was soooo good.” Will grins as he finishes his last mouthful.

“Yeah it was great and we both have onion breath.” Blue says kissing a crumb from Will’s mouth.

Will lets out a huge yawn.

“Poor baby. I have to get up early for the bakery tomorrow. I can leave you in bed and come and get you mid-morning.” Blue says as he carries Will to the bathroom.

Will loves the way Blue is so careful with him, he has been feeling rubbish all day, frustrated at being incapacitated and not sure it will all be worth it. But seeing Blue re-energizes him straight away and he feels so happy and secure.

“I’ve decided about training.” Will says as Blue gently undresses him in the bedroom.

“Yeah?” Blue asks.

“I have been working on it for a bit and I got the okay today. I’ll be training at the gym in the city here. I’ve fixed up a coach and a couple of the guys on the national team are only a couple of hours away, I’ll train with them every few weeks too. I’ll live here part time, if you’ll have me.” Will says looking at Blue expectantly, the reaction he wants is right there as Blue processes the news.

“Part time?” Blue asks.

“Even though it isn’t a long drive I will have to train around the club which means a few early starts or late nights so I’ll stay over two or three nights a week. Training full out is exhausting and not commuting a couple of days will be better for recovery.” Will says.

“I can come in those days. Or make sure those are the days I work in the bakery so I don’t disturb you getting up early.” Blue says.

“That sounds perfect. I will come in early with you tomorrow and bag a sofa. I’m sleeping a lot but not long stretches. As the pain relief wears off I wake.” Will says.

“Oh baby you spoil me. All day together tomorrow and you’re going to come and live with me and let me take care of you when you’re busy training. I love you so so much. But are you certain it is best for your training?” Blue asks hoping that the plan will happen.

“You come above everything. This is the best way to make it work. How can I concentrate, truly focus on training when I’m missing you?” Will asks.

“I will be such a support for you. I’ll wash you sweaty kit and cook everything you need and give you all the kisses.” Blue grins.

“It won’t be all one way. I love you, I love you fiercely. I will be the support you need too. I promise. I am here for you through all this shit with your family and I will continue to be with you. I told you before, don’t you dare hold back to save my feelings.” Will says with a real fire in his eye.

“Okay baby. I know you love me. I saw my lawyer today and I have to decide whether to accept an offer tomorrow.” Blue says and explains.

“Wow they must be worried if they offered that right up.” Will says.

“Yeah I thought that. Do you think it is okay, waiting for the retraction?” Blue asks.

“It’s too much money to say no.” Will says.

“That’s what I thought and so many people don’t believe it about me anyway.” Blue says.

“Go for it.” Will says and is asleep in minutes. Blue lies and watches him but sleep takes over too. It has been an eventful day.



Will makes himself comfortable in the bakery and reads and dozes as the others do their morning work. His stomach growls at all the amazing smells and Blue comes out with a big mug of oatmeal for him just as he thinks he can’t stand it anymore.

“Oh baby you read my mind.” Will grins.

“With a few chopped dates, is that okay?” Blue ask.

“You know it is baby.” Will grins.

“Want a coffee?” Blue asks.

“A super milky one.” Will grins.

“Coming up baby. Any requests for today?” Blue asks.

“No, anything you make is lovely. Maybe something chocolaty.” Will says with a smile.

Blue brings over the coffee and kisses Will gently.

“You look so cute with your face all crinkly.” Blue grins kissing Will’s cheek and rubbing it with his thumb.

“I feel so much better with you around.” Will says.

Blue kisses Will again and reluctantly goes back to work.

After the early morning rush Blue hands Will a piece of chocolate, cherry cheesecake and sits down to call Randolf.

“Babe this is amazing. That teacher was such a twat.” Will says and Blue beams and kisses Will before making his call.

“They caved this morning, the money has doubled again. They are in a hurry, I don’t know why. Do you want me to stall and investigate or go for it?” Randolf asks.

“I’m going for it.” Blue says.

“Well I’ll call by when I have something for you to sign.” Randolf says.

“Thank-you, for everything.” Blue says.

“No problem.” Randolf says.

Blue gets back to cooking and Will enjoys himself chatting to everyone who comes in.


Randolf comes in an hour later with the contract.

“I can’t sign this.” Blue says.

“What is wrong?” Randolf says.

“It says this is a final settlement for current and future statements, in any of their publications, for a period of six months. I cannot have them saying what they please for six months. How did you miss this?” Blue asks.

“I am so sorry I thought it was the same agreement, with the amounts changed, I gave it a cursory glance and came straight over. I am so sorry, I should have known better. Can I go out back to make the call?” Randolf asks.

“I’ll see if Heidi can let you use upstairs.” Blue says and asks her, she shows Randolf up and Blue sighs. He should have known it would never be that easy where his siblings are concerned. There must be another dubious piece coming.

Blue looks at Will and worries that he’ll lose him and that Will’s plan won’t come off. That yet again his siblings are ruining his life.

“If this shit blows up further, you won’t be able to live with me, if we have to keep things quiet.” Blue says.

“Stop worrying. We don’t know what is going on yet and while I’m rehabbing I’m not on anyone’s radar. As soon as I’m off the crutches I’ll be back under the knife and that buys us more time. I can’t make a big song and dance publically supporting you but that is the only compromise right now. I’m not going anywhere. Okay?” Will asks. He loves that even though Blue can be crazy insecure he still lets Will in.

Will knows there is a risk that he won’t get to have everything he wants. He’s already given up college gymnastics, his big senior year, his last chance to win another NCAA title. He is pretty certain, deep down that if it came to it he would choose Blue. He’s worried what that means about his commitment to his sport, but the thought of training day in, day out, without Blue to come home to, just isn’t tolerable. He knows he wouldn’t make it.

“Thanks. I can’t help but worry where Chris and Bea are concerned, they have done so much to try and ruin my life. I know I’ve won, I have you, my house, the businesses and my friends. I could not dream of a better life. They can’t take it all away but they can chip at the edges and I will do my best to stay strong and withstand it all but it will be hard.” Blue sighs.

“You have me. You have your friends. We will hold you up. Now give me a kiss and get back to work and stop worrying. Total waste of energy.” Will says grabbing Blue’s neck and pulling him in for a smooch.

Blue steps back into the kitchen feeling lighter. Will is right, he can’t control what happens and worrying is a waste of time. He has Will to face it all with him.

He bakes and cooks and forgets everything. He’s surprised when Randolf comes back down, having forgotten he was there. Jett has also arrived for his interview. Blue gets Jett a soup and apologizes for the delay and goes upstairs with Randolf.

“They tried to negotiate less money for dropping the clause. I asked what was coming, clearly it has gone to print.” Randolf says.

“They denied it was anything but it was clear that something else is coming and they have absolutely no handle on whether it is true or not, total joke.” Randolf says.

“So where does that leave me?” Blue asks.

“A whole lot richer, if you accept the money covers the last article and whatever happen in the next week. They have the ability to pull any follow-ups after that, I said you would not agree to more.” Randolf says.

“And the retraction or apology, correction, whatever?” Blue asks.

“Will be in the following issue, likely buried but will cover whatever is coming and the thief and fraudster lies.” Randolf says.

“How bad do you think the next one is? I know I don’t have the money to hold it up. Do I have any options? Can they really print known lies?” Blue asks.

“They are going to and take the risk. You can refuse the joined up deal but I think it is the best deal, they could tie us up forever on the first one if they pulled the deal and said sue us.” Randolf says.

“My mom is with Bea now. Should I risk calling her and finding out how bad it is? I’ll be honest if it was just me then I would say yes but I have to think of Will. He’s in the running for the Olympics and can’t be around scandal. I need a little more reassurance before I say yes.” Blue says.

“Call her now.” Randolf says and Blue does for once Clara answers straight away and Blue blurts it all out.

“I wouldn’t worry, it’s me they have gone after this time. Me and Paul. Bea is being evasive about it all but Chris called me last night to apologize in advance. He feels it has all snowballed out of control and he doesn’t want to lose me.” Clara says and Blue knows Chris means access to money once these deals dry up.

“So I should risk it?” Blue asks.

“You don’t need the money. You can always change your name.” Clara laughs.

“I love my name. Best thing you ever did for me.” Blue grins to himself.

“It’ll all blow over.” Clara says.

“I hope so. Have a good visit. Bring back lots of insider secrets.” Blue says.

“So you’ll go for it?” Randolf asks.

“Sure, as long as what I wave is limited to next weeks editions. That the stories are amended in the online editions, the new one has no mentions of me in the online edition ever.” Blue says.

“I’ll get on it. I hope this is the start of an ongoing relationship. My firm offers full service.” Randolf says.

“I’ll consider that. Actually with Arnold involved I think your firm already has the deal.” Blue smiles and Randolf laughs.

Back downstairs Blue finds Jett sat with Will, the pair are laughing heartily which makes Blue smile.

“Sorry for the delay.” Blue says.

“No problem, I don’t have classes this afternoon. It’s been interesting to watch this Place with a business eye and not just a customer. Plus Will kept me company.” Jett says with a smile.

Blue runs through the businesses again and the types of people they are looking for.

“Have you interviewed many people?” Jett asks.

“We’ve not done any advertising yet, we’re really trying to find the right people locally before we look further afield and of course we’re trying to run everything between ourselves as long as possible to keep costs down.” Blue says.

“Would you consider having me on rotation between the businesses, so I can learn them all and then see where I fit best, maybe that would be in one area of one business or it might be in an over-reaching role?” Jett asks.

“Right now we don’t have someone to co-ordinate that but if you’ll go where you’re needed and pitch in, then sure. We could get you started on the ice-cream side, as soon as you can, like I said a few hours in the week would be appreciated so by summer you’d be up and running and ready to split time with the soup business.” Blue says.

“So we can hold off on me being tied to a specific role. If so I am on board if you’ll have me.” Jett grins.

“Lets get Heidi over a minute.” Blue says, he gives Heidi the quick run-down and comes over to meet Jett.

They hit it off very quickly and Blue relaxes. Both he and Heidi want people they enjoy being around and trust in the business.

“Jett we’ll be in touch, send through when you’re available and we’ll make a formal offer. I’m going to take Will home.” Blue says and Will doesn’t protest.


“I love you carrying me, my big strong man.” Will grins and Blue lays him gently on the bed.

“I love being able to look after you, but I hate that you’re broken.” Blue says.

“I love you so much. So do all your customers. Oh my god they love your food. I was so proud of you today.” Will says.

“Yeah? Maybe they were being nice as they know you’re my man. Except the cheesecake, that was perfect today.” Blue says.

“Made me hard.” Will grins.

“Everything makes you hard right now. We need to give you some relief.” Blue says.

“I can’t do much, I need to be careful.” Will says.

“You lie back and leave it to me.” Blue says and Will grins and lets Blue undress him.

Blue kneels back and takes in Will’s magnificent body with his eyes. Will is staring back at Blue and enjoys the view just as much. His dick rises and Blue smiles.

Blue sits behind Will and massages his shoulders with lotion. Will mews with pleasure. Used to heavy sports massages Will loves Blue’s lighter more sensual touch. Blue runs his hands over Will’s chest, tweaking his nipples and running lotion all over his pecs, rubbing every millimeter. Blue gently kisses Will’s neck as his hands continue to do their work.

“This is lovely baby, just perfect.” Will whisper and nudges Blue’s face for a kiss. They kiss gently and slowly.

Blue moves to Will’s side and adjusts the pillows to make him more comfortable. Will grins at Blue and tugs at his shirt. Blue obliges and strips it off.

“So sexy.” Will grins looking for more kisses.

Blue slowly begins to tease Will’s dick, gently teasing and stopping, using lots of lotion. Will smiles and wants kisses, always wanting more kisses.

“That feels good baby.” Will says and Blue strokes him root to tip, three or four strokes and a return to massaging his chest.

“Oh baby, you’re treating me so good, I love that we have time.” Will says.

“You like a tease?” Blue asks with an evil twinkle in his eye.

“I love you.” Will says and is rewarded with the kisses he loves.

Blue keeps on teasing him, upping the intensity, bringing Will to the edge and dropping back. Teasing, edging, torturing.

“Oh come on baby, let me.” Will murmurs not sure if he wants the torture to end or go on forever.

Blue isn’t letting him off lightly, firm strokes, increasing speed then the hell of letting go.

Will is whimpering, begging, groaning, bucking up to meet Blue’s hand.

Blue stops and gives Will the lightest gentlest kiss which causes Will to gasp, everything feels so intense now, every nerve end is on fire.

Blue smiles at the state he has put Will into and relents bringing Will to a magnificent finish. They both watch as the thick jets are allowed to escape all over Will’s sexy body.

“Your turn.” Will says motioning to the bulge in Blue’s jeans.

124 thoughts on “A new Blue 32

  1. I can feel it in my waters… something bad is going to be printed about Blue, or maybe even involve Will… or maybe it will involve a sex triangle with gervais, Chris and Blue… that would force society to question Wills status as an out athlete.

    And this chapter made me want two things.

    I’ve never received a blowjob from start to completion while just laying there.

    And I’ve never had someone shave me.

    That car crash plan is looking better and better.

    Get the sponge bath ready!

    Brilliant chapter, yet again. You fit so much into this one. Bravo!

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  2. Loved this chapter. Really love how blue still cares for the monsters a little. Im worried about Bea now hope she doesn’t have another attack. Is it possible for Spence to hire someone to rough up that little asshole Chris?

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                    1. I’m an american and I definitely say my own people are fucking prudes. If it was up to me, clothing would be banned. I hardly wear any anyway. I mean come on, america has a problem with women breastfeeding in public. They would rather a child go hungry that to suck on their mom’s tits which we have all seen. Come on I knew about porn at the age of like…5 or 6 lol. We came into this world nude.. Embrace it XD

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                    1. I worked on Mel B’s CD launch at GH here on melbourne, and she was so coked off her titts that drag Queens had to drag her back on stage twice, since she couldn’t lip sync to her own song.

                      She looked hot though.

                      And you and your sister have different accents? Lol

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                    2. Bahaha, I love it! My old house was from Hull or Tull up north and I used to give him shit for sounding like Eliza Doolittle meets Scary, but 10 times slower.

                      I wish Aussies had more variation in their accents. We range from Bogan, to Feral. 😛


                    3. British and Aussie accents make my clothes fall off. I think they are so sexy. I have a very Southern US accent, which is about as posh as a McDonalds. So I really enjoy those posh accents. One thing I’ve found though….we pretty much all sound alike when we cum lol.

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                    5. Yes, bellybama I definitely have the southern drawl. I was born in Texas and live in Oklahoma so it’s very southern. Definitely gets attention from those I work with from other states. I guess it really stands out haha. Oh well, I can’t change it so might as well just embrace it!

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                    6. Hehehe for sure. I’m always a gentleman. Mother and Daddy raised me right. Manners are just expected in the South. Forgetting them will get you very much blackballed from polite society. Now, what goes on behind closed doors is totally separate 👍🏻😈👍🏻😈

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                    1. I think like Gervais she may of realised just how close with Blue move she was to being cut out of his life conpletely….. look how supportive she has been the last few chapters after they finally let their feeling loose or did Mike, Abby etc tell her some home truths while Blue was away as he seemed to come home to a new Clara

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. I think Abby, Mike etc spent the day bigging up Blue and as they are adults she listened to them more than his college friends. I expect Mike told her how blue helped him reconnect properly with Larry and Tad and obviously a parent reconnecting with their kids tale will have resonated

                      Liked by 1 person

      1. Exactly. She’s blinded by her guilt of leaving her two kids with their “parents”. I just hope it’s not too bad. Blue needs to tell his mother to take a hike if she stands behind and if it’s really bad.

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    1. With those two devil spawns, who knows!! Truth never enters their thought process, so they may say Blue is a transgender Bigfoot creature and is the mastermind behind 9-11 and the moon landing. Who the hell knows lol!!! 😂😂😂😂. They need to see the inside of a shark very soon 😜

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                  1. Fuckers. Was at the TriBeCa grand back in the day, went to breakfast and room key wouldn’t work after, front desk got super pissy about lack of id and didn’t want to let us back in to the room.


                    1. Right! They wanted my passport – not my drivers license! The passport was in my room…kinda hard to get to without my key! Oh well..it’s resolved.

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                    1. I really don’t think you when I’m back, at least not now. But I think he could prove to blue how much she loves him.


  3. I will gladly enjoy them all!!! I think they are so much fun to play with. I’ve had my fair share of dicks in my day, but I would say less than 5 have been uncut. So when I do encounter one, I’m like a kid at Christmas lol🎁🎅🏻

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  4. Great great great 🙂 I knew Will’s plan was a good one training somewhat locally will be great for them only a couple of days away from each other instead of weeks. They both so totally get each other I am so happy for both of them they are so hot and sensual together.

    Chris the only reason he called and apologized to Clara is because she is a money source… And of course she will be there when he needs it. She needs to let them both go just like she did with Blue and let them thoroughly screw up…

    I am so happy seeing Blue not run from his problems like he did in the past. If this whole thing would have happened before he would be off running away again but he is facing it like he should this time. Sure he still has some insecurities but at least hes still there. And talking about the problems instead of keeping them all bottled up until it causes a major issue.

    Another chapter read almost as soon as it was posted lol

    Thanks Sam.


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  5. Loved it, mostly cause it’s Blue to caretaker mode with Will. But I especially love that Will’s all about them taking care of each other and finding a way to train closer to Blue so they don’t have to do long distance. I also love that Will is honest about not being able to be publicly speaking out in support of Blue but adamant that he’s not going to give Blue up.

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              1. Since he’s American, I assumed cut but wasn’t sure. I would love to edge an uncut dick one day. I’m just fascinated with uncut dicks in general though lol. I’ve seen so few of them, it’s still a novelty to me. 😈🙌🏻

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                    1. For being uncut? Nah. I mean I hear people talk about uncut guys like it’s so nasty but everyone I’ve been with liked that I’m uncut. Plus I’m glad to be spared of being cut as a baby. That shit is excrutiatingly painful. I was scheduled to be cut when I was born but for some reason it never happened. That is a clear sign I should be uncut XD haha

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                    2. That was good luck the knife man was sick or whatever. I know one American who spends a lot of time here who refuses to be with uncut guys, which leaves him with few choices.


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