A new Blue 33


Blue and Will have a lovely weekend together. Nothing special, just being together alone. Exactly what they want. Will is feeling better and Blue has all but forgotten his sibling drama.

Blue feels pretty down when he gets home to an empty house on Sunday evening. He does the laundry and writes a shopping list and sighs. Before his funk can deepen he gets a call from Robin and Gervais and the smile is instantly back on his face.

Gervais and Robin tell him all about their plans for Spring break and Blue tells them all his news. Robin is single again and Gervais has had a few dates but is taking a break.

“Did you get internships sorted?” Blue asks.

“I do have an offer at a games company.” Gervais says.

“I’m so jealous, the company I was going for has gone under. I’m back looking again.” Robin says.

“Would you consider working for us? We need a lot of hand holding. Someone to evaluate systems and give us advice on hardware. Someone to tie everything together. It would be you teaching yourself and might be no good for your resume at all. I don’t know. I just panic about everything that is being overlooked.” Blue says.

“Done.” Robin says.

“Truly?” Blue asks.

“Sounds good. Boring and exciting at once. Lots of work, lots of responsibility. Better than fetching coffee.” Robin says and Blue grins.

“I trust you and I know you’re smart and will be motivated.” Blue says.

“Thanks Blue. Now I don’t need to worry. Do you need to run it by anyone?” Robin asks.

“No, I mean I will, but Cheryl will want you and everyone trusts what she says.” Blue says.

“We also need to plan our birthday this summer.” Gervais grins.

“We are not sharing, we’re a week apart, just enough time to recover from my party before yours kicks off.” Blue grins.

“Oh that sounds great. Will we be allowed to have our birthday ritual?” Robin asks with a grin.

“You’ll have to ask Will very nicely.” Blue says.

“Have you talked about playing around?” Gervais asks, he really wants a proper night with Blue, Will being there is fine by him, he is super-hot and Gervais is sure he would be great fun. Gervais misses his best friend physically more than he expected to and is hopeful for something over the summer.

“Right now we’re really happy just us, full on honeymoon phase.” Blue says looking at his two cute friends. For the first time he thinks he understands how Andy feels. He would never, ever cheat on Will but sometimes it feels like there are too many cute guys around to be in a long term relationship.

Blue shakes the feeling off in a second, having Will in his life full time is far better than the occasional fun with friends. But he hopes he can at some point have fun with his friends.

“I guess it hasn’t come up yet. And maybe won’t as you’ll not be long distance for much longer.” Robin says. He and Gervais tried a couple of times recently to get something on when frustrated but they’re just not attracted to each other and end up giggling and watching porn instead, even then swapping hands feels weird.

He misses making Blue happy and longs for a repeat of their new year’s fun. He’s not been brave enough to try with another man and he never has that much trouble finding girls for his needs. A new school opened up opportunities. Still a night with Blue would be great he muses.

“Not yet, we’ve discussed a few fantasies that would include others. But Will has to be careful. I tell you after the Olympics, sausage fest for days.” Blue says with a big grin.

“Awwwwwwwww you are making plans for more than a year in the future.” Robin says so happy for Blue.

“Blue you’re feeling secure.” Gervais says.

“I am. He really loves me and he makes so much effort to make sure I know. He gets so mad if he thinks getting insecure about us.” Blue says and can’t hide how happy he is. Gervais and Robin melt.

“So freaking horny.” Gervais says as they finish the call.

“Me too.” Robin says lying back and showing off his little tent.

“We could talk about our best times with Blue.” Gervais says lying next to Robin, his larger tent on display.

“Am I interrupting something?” Andy asks in the doorway looking at the two boys on the bed.

“Come and get us off.” Gervais says.

“Really?” Andy asks, an invitation he would never turn down.

“We were about to jerk off next to each other talking about Blue. We’re that tragic.” Robin says.

“Spence always gets lucky after we talk to him. I swear he suggests we call him when he wants some.” Andy says.

“Are you two back together yet?” Gervais asks.

“No we’re not going to but we enjoy sex with each other so much we can’t stop. We know where we stand. Some weeks I come close to caving, other weeks he is but we’re both pretty sure that being apart is right.” Andy says, not sounding at all convincing.

“So you’re free to help us out?” Robin asks.

Andy grins and dives onto the bed between the two, turns onto his back and pulls both guys into an initially awkward but soon passionate threeway kiss. Andy slips a hand into each guys underwear and feels their peachy asses, and marvels at how pert they both are, cheerleading is really working out for their bodies.

“I guess we have a problem of three tops. I could do with a good fuck. I’ve not been taken in ages, Robin you best start me off, get me open again before Gervais pounds me.” Andy say as he continues to fondle their bums.

“That works for me.” Robin says with a grin, he has known Andy forever but isn’t weirded out, he’s curious.

“I might bust a load watching you two.” Gervais grins.

“You better not, I want your big dick.” Andy whispers. Gervais has always been off limits but Blue has Will and Gervais asked for this. Andy is all the more excited at the thought of forbidden fruit.

Gervais and Robin share a look. They are both excited and happy to get Andy ready.

They strip him off and begin kissing down his body. Andy groans, he rarely gets all the attention like this and he’s loving it. His stunning dick is super hard and both Gervais and Robin lick their lips. They both want a taste.

“You have such a big head.” Gervais says and licks around it.

“I want a taste.” Robin says pushing Gervais out the way.

Robin deep throats and Andy moans, his friend’s skills are unexpected but very welcome. Gervais silences Andy’s moans with kisses and they both are crazy turned on. Gervais continues to kiss Andy all over and moves Robin to the side so he can get access to Andy’s balls. Gervais laps away and Andy looks down in near disbelief at the two hotties giving him pleasure.

Gervais lifts Andy slightly and gives his crack a good tongue bath before fucking at his hole making Andy shiver with delight. Andy knows he’s in for a wild time and is loving every second. He loves being out of control for a change and fuck everything feels great.

Gervais is priming Andy up good for Robin’s dick.

“You been tested recently? I want you raw.” Andy says.

“We both were after my last bad hookup.” Gervais says.

“Awesome. I’m clean too.” Andy grins. He can’t stop looking at Gervais, seeing that blonde hair between his legs is making his hole twitch.


“You sure about this?” Robin asks his oldest friend.

“Oh yeah. Fuck look at your matching abs. Man its like fucking twins.” Andy says reaching out to stroke both bodies.

Gervais lies back next to Andy as Robin begins to push in, Andy’s ankles on his shoulders.

“You should do yoga with me, get you more flexible.” Gervais whispers between kisses.

“Sometime I’m gonna bend you in two.” Andy says back with a smile.

“Sounds good.” Gervais says kissing Andy and shocking him. Andy grabs at Gervais perfect peach and squeezes hard.

“Mmmmmm.” Andy groans as Robin fills him, he really is so tight and Robin feels good.

Gervais sucks on Andy’s big cock head and Andy continues to run his hands all over Gervais as Robin pumps and pumps away. The situation is crazy and they are all totally in to it.

“Cum inside him. I want your cum for lube.” Gervais says as Robin gets close, those words set Andy off and Gervais fingers bring him off and his chest is covered in cum. Robin loves the sight of his friend losing control and pumps his jets into Andy’s ass.

Gervais barely gives Andy time to think and flips him straight over so Andy is on his hands and knees and gets to it. Slapping hard at each of Andy’s cheeks Gervais lines up his head and teases Andy’s hole, going slow as Andy adjusts to the much larger cock filling him up and then lets loose.

Robin lies back and jerks off a little, his cock has stayed hard and he’s loving watching Gervais plowing away.

“Give me your ass.” Andy says and Robin grins, and gets in position. Andy is totally haphazard as Gervais varies his speed but Robin loves it and Andy is delighted to have such a cute little butt to play with. Robin turns and cums all over Andy’s face, he can’t help it, he feels so sexy tonight, super sexual.

Andy grins, he loves everything about this encounter. He licks round his mouth and tastes Robin’s cum before his friend wipes his face.

Gervais begins to slam Andy’s ass, gripping his hips and fucking him good, it feels so good. Gervais never really expected this and is loving it. Andy lets everything out, screams and cries out in pleasure and pain. Gervais has skills and a huge dick, one of the biggest Andy has taken and he is loving the opportunity. Fuck he’ll be walking like a cowboy tomorrow.

“Harder. Fuck me baby.” Andy cries out, loving how hard Gervais is going. Fuck he needed this, he needed a proper hard fuck. His dick shoots again a lovely thick stream that coats the bed. Robin giggles and reaches in to scoop some up, tasting and sharing it with Andy with a kiss.

“Keep going. I need more.” Andy says in full slut mode. Gervais slows up a little, wanting this to last a long time. Andy’s ass feels so good. Dominating someone he knows is usually so dominant himself is making Gervais feel invincible.

“You wanna ride me?” Gervais asks.

“Oh fuck yeah.” Andy says. He turns to look as Gervais pulls out, his big dick and tiny frame make him look like a fertility statue.

Gervais lies back and Andy lowers himself on greedily, needing to feel full again. He leans back to get the full length and to get more kisses.

Andy grinds and then starts to bounce, this time it’s Gervais who is moaning, Andy really knows how to make everyone feel good. When close Gervais tips them both forward, pushes Andy’s head into the bed and takes all he needs. His orgasm strong and powerful. Andy rolls onto his back, sweaty and spent. He looks up at Gervais and has no idea what he’s feeling, gratitude? Lust? Satisfaction?


Gervais arches his back like a cat and kisses Andy lightly.

“You are wonderful. Why don’t we do that more?” Gervais asks.

“I have no idea. That was great.” Andy grins.

Robin looks at the pair and wonders what has just passed between them and worries what impact it could have on the group. He slips out for a shower and when he comes back Andy is spooning Gervais protectively. The pair look incredibly cute together and Robin smiles. He decides to go to his own bed and not intrude. He doesn’t feel left out, he came three times and feels really good.

Gervais wriggles and pulls Andy’s arm tighter around him. Andy nuzzles at Gervais neck and breathes him in. Gervais loves to be held this way and knows he will sleep well.

Andy feels good, really good. Holding Gervais he gets exactly why Blue fought so hard to get him, holding him makes Andy feel big and powerful, masculine. Gervais has always had that fragility which his life story just enhances but when they fuck wow did Andy feel submissive and Gervais knew exactly how to make him feel good.

Andy smiles to himself as he drifts off. He knows this is trouble. But he knows this one time is not enough.



It is early Monday morning and Blue and Ollie are working hard in the bakery. Heidi has taken the day off and Blue is overseeing Ollie doing the morning bake, there are no issues, he’s a competent baker and meticulous worker.

They are working double hard so they can both be ready to man the counter when they open.

Neither is that confident with the full coffee menu, but the breakfast crowd usually want the simple options.

They stack the display and Blue grins to himself. He loves how it looks when full and knows it never stays that way for long on a Friday.

Sure enough the bread walks out the door in no time at all, along with the cinnamon buns.

“What do you want to do next Ollie?” Blue asks when the initial rush is over.

“I’ll clear the tables if you do the coffee.” Ollie says.

“No I meant career wise. You’ve mastered everything here really well. Would you like to manage this place, do more hours while Heidi works on other projects?” Blue asks.

“I want to work in your soup team. Developing the flavors and scaling up, just like you’ve been doing with the ice-cream. I like making bread but I love doing the soups best.” Ollie says.

“I’d love to have you on my team when that happens. Would you like to do a day a week on ice-cream? Same thing, working on the flavors. I mean you only do 3 or 4 days a week here.” Blue asks.

“You mean it? For real?” Ollie asks his eyes lighting up.

“For real. We’ll sort it with Heidi when she’s next in.” Blue says.

Gladys comes in at lunch and drops a pile of magazines on the counter.

“Your family should be ashamed of themselves.” Gladys says.

“Oh no.” Blue says picking them up.

The first cover is Bea, ‘My brother forced me to lie!’ Triplet separated at birth comes clean about heartbreak of finding and losing her brother.

The second is Chris, shirtless ‘Why I’ll never measure up to my twin.’

And finally Paul ‘My wife forced me to give up one twin and steal from the other.’

Blue goes pale and feels sick. He calls his mother straight away.

“So much for it being all about you.” Blue says.

“Your sister left in the night. Feeling guilty I suppose, ashamed.” Clara says.

“Did they co-ordinate? Plan it all. Did they lie about me to give Bea another story?” Blue asks.

“I have no idea. Blue I have no idea. I notice Chris makes no mention of dating your ex, your close friend or trying to get you removed from school. I feel like they are goading us into giving our side.” Clara says.

“I won’t, can’t because of Will. I just need it to go away.” Blue says.

“I know honey, I know. I won’t be either. I feel responsible. If I had given them more money they wouldn’t have sought this out but I just couldn’t. They couldn’t get everything they wanted when they still have tantrums.” Clara says.

“For all our difficulties and the bad times we have had recently I am really glad you raised me and not Paul and Lana. I wouldn’t swap being me, for being Chris, for anything.” Blue says.

“Thank-you. I don’t know what those two did to those kids. I’m going to try and track down Bea now. Her piece wasn’t that bad, blames you for the issues between her and Chris right now but the rest really was how she sees the world.” Clara says.

“Find out if Paul is blackmailing them or something. The way she reacted to him. There has to be something else.” Blue says.

“I’d not put it past Paul to have promised to pay Chris his share if he could get Bea to do this to you.” Clara says.

“Ugh. Have you spoken to Lana? I imagine she’s in on it too. Or else headed for divorce.” Blue says.

“I could never speak to her, I might not be able to control myself. I have been so angry at her ever since I met Bea. They could have got in touch at any time over the years if they couldn’t cope with her. We’d have taken her in, for a summer or full time and given her and Chris a break from each other.” Clara says.

“Do you think they always favored Chris because Bea is like you? Just like I repulse you when I look like Paul?” Blue asks.

“I expect so. Which is why it was strange that they didn’t let her come to me, and concentrate on their golden Chris.” Clara says.

“It would have halved the child support.” Blue says.

“No it would have zeroed it out. Of course.” Clara sighs,

“Usually when you hear three versions of the same story the truth is in the middle. I get the feeling that things were a lot worse for Bea than she has ever let on. She’s so difficult, and it is so easy to believe the other side. Even though I don’t want and likely will never have a relationship with her, I am beginning to believe her version is closest to the truth.” Blue says.

“I need to spend a lot more time with her.” Clara says,

“You do. She has our running away trait. She’s your daughter and she needs help and I cannot be jealous of that.” Blue says.


112 thoughts on “A new Blue 33

  1. Sam, great chapter. I think the Andy and g thing could work out. Andy is alot like Blue in the farming and court living, which is what G wants. And G has the body and flexibility and personality that Andy wants. Could be a great match. I’m sure if the other guys saw that they cared for each other there wouldn’t be a fuss about it. Kinda like what they did with Dylan and George. And am loving the way the triplet thing is going. I can’t wait for the truth to come out and the backlash over it. Keep up the great work!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ok. On an unrelated note, I’m standing in front of a huge wall of chocolate choices in the airport this morning. I’m trying to get rid of all of f my Canadian money and can’t make a decision to save my life!!!! FML!


          1. I’d send you some candy! I’ve bought a remote charger, pack of gum and a bag of mini-Twix. I converted too much cash!! I’ll have some for my next trip. Converting it back is such a pain!!


  3. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes and think “Ofcourse…” at Gervais. 😛

    That boy is a walking hedonistic bomb of selfishness and ineptitude… lucky he’s cute.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Once I put him at the bottom of my pitt, and resign him to rubbing lotion on his skin, before putting it back in the basket, he’ll be fine… Or else he’ll get the hose again. 😛

        (Just kidding. I can smell the fallout from these two already though lol.)

        They’re the most selfish two out of the entire troup, and if they like each other, well kudos to them, but at the same time, I doubt either of them would stop to think about anyone else around them. Again.

        But flaws are what make us love people I guess. Or Something.


      2. Oh! So true! I Totally think he is ready to be with someone now. He’s done so much work on himself. In a much better place. He just needs to be with someone other than one of his good friends they fuck each other’s lives up! lol


        1. I just can’t do it. I’m at my limit for characters now, too many really. I’m concentrating on building the triplet story. People are asking for more sex. Will is incapacitated. So I threw in a bit of fun and you all lose you shit and start moralising at me.


          1. just ignore everything I said here today didn’t sleep best last night so not exactly thinking as coherently as usual…. I guess note to self don’t post when in that frame of mind.


            1. I’m getting it all wrong. You’re all making the same complaints. I shouldn’t read comments before coffee. I just need to stop as it’s not working. It’s frustrating as I’ve gone a couple of chapters ahead so I’d have something scheduled while I’m gone but it’s all shit. It’s right you’re all complaining as it’s not good.


              1. I don’t agree it’s shit at ALL Sam! I personally commented on a pice of it that I thought could be troublesome. You know how protective we are of your Blue! We all love him and we’re glad he’s no longer in that toxic mess back at school where he was constantly slammed and broken hearted. Oh. We love you too! Keep it going. It’s your story and that’s why I’m here at least. Please understand I was just making an observation.


                1. I’m not asking for encouragement. I don’t think it’s going well. I’d pulled it all back and it got boring(for me) and now I’m doing too much with it and can’t keep up with all the storylines at the right pace.
                  I need to stop and replan in the new year.


                  1. And enjoy Vegas!! I’m so jealous!! Weather look good? Not hot like the summer, but hopefully no snow!!


                    1. its been warm and humid the last few days here…. you wpuld of thought just got out of shower nope just sweat 😡😡😡


                    2. were they turned off cutie?

                      Yes I’ll send you my sweet kisses and warm hugs 😘😘😘😘😘😘🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶


                    3. I dunno, I just looked to check numbers and saw an orange dot, no emails or notifications, didn’t even show a number on the app. Mmmmm thanks for the kisses you cutie pie. You look beautiful today. 😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


                    4. I went out to buy last minute bits and got soaked to the skin, so stripped off second I got in the door and put on pj pants and snuggled under my blanket.


          2. I love your sex scenes. Especially when you include details like Andy’s big cock head, or Gervais’ uncut cock. I don’t really like the drama around the triplet scenes and would prefer much more or the sexual details.


  4. I really do hate Chris. I want him to lose his dick in a tragic tractor incident. He’s such a douche I can’t even verbalized how disgusting he is. Bea is just a cunt. But Chris, I think I hate him even more than I do Clara and Gervais. Is Clara really so stupid that she continues to believe Bea and Chris??? For an intelligent woman, she is such a moron. I need to go visit my friend and work off some of this hatred haha.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. 😂😂😂😂. If you give me a machete then Chris, Clara and Bea better run fast!! I hate Gervais but he’s too cute to kill. Maybe I would just keep him as a sex slave hahaha

        Liked by 1 person

  5. OK, I know that blue has will, but hopefully someone will call out G and Andy to not be too fucking stupid! They did say they were in callout each other when they made stupid decisions. Who knows.

    That could really ruin the summer. Especially cents and he punched Spence for sleeping with G.

    The twins, what a fucking mess! They can’t tell the truth to save their lives.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Sorry Sam, some lines i just wouldn’t cross. Or at least you have a conversation before you go down that road. Considering the history of the group….

        Liked by 1 person

              1. just worried that finally they are close again not to mention you don’t sleep with your good friends ex but that may be my own personal sense of loyalty here lol


                  1. sorry if it sounded like I was having double standards 😦

                    Just love Blue sooo much and am terrified this will rip their feiendships apart again…. promise me it won’t happen. btw I was playing Devils Advocate a bit now for my real opinions.

                    In saying that I don’t think Blue will be upset as he still feels guilty of having sex with both Larry and Tad and has moved on from being self rightous like was in suite saga days


              2. sorry Boo if you feel we are bring too negative I guess we would prefer an outsider to sleep with Gervais and not someone in circle soo many personal and relationships could be effected here potentially


                  1. sorry if we upset you… was not intentional 😘😘😘😘😘



                    1. I am sure we will get used to Gervais and Andy relationship just was not a combo we ever anticipated due to both being dominant tops lol


              3. I think you’ve misunderstood my point. I thought the sex was hot!! Love ed Robin fucking Andy and him riding G’s big dick!! My issue was with Andy thinking maybe this could be more with G. They’ve both fucked up theor relationship with B so much. I personally don’t see that that would’ve gone over well


                1. Andys thinking more sex not anything else. He’s thinking he gets to top Spence and enjoy his rough Dom side there and also gets to be fucked by Gervais, and maybe if he’s good enjoy that peachy ass Gervais keeps locked shut. That’s it. Now I need to scrap the next chapter that explained it all.


            1. I totally agree! I moved in with two gay guys, and we were all 21-23, and I asked them, and my friends “Please don’t fuck each my housemates. And if you do, please don’t tell me about it, or let me hear about the fallout.”

              3 days, it took before two of my best friends fucked my housemates. Then after that, EVERYONE had fucked everyone lol. I felt like such a prude compared to the rest, but I don’t shit where I eat.

              Although, we may have all blown each other a few times while playing Kings Cup…


              1. Maybe I’m just a slut, but I slept with literally every roommate I had during University. Gay or straight, somehow I ended up fucking them. It was never anything more than sex, so it didn’t interfere with our friendship. Actually, there were a couple I really couldn’t stand, so the only time I liked them was while fucking them. Then we just went back to ignoring each other until the next time we got horny.

                Liked by 3 people

                1. We lived 500m from 4 gay bars, and I can’t sleep next to people 99% of the time… So I just had sex in the alleyway like a gentleman 5 nights a week. 😛

                  But I think you’re onto something with the hate sex… 😉 Nothing like punching someone mid-coitus and actually meaning it 😛

                  Liked by 2 people

              2. You and Okie sound like ya’ll have some amazing stories to tell. We must bribe them to go down memory lane. What’s it gonna take? XD I wanna hear about this! haha

                Liked by 2 people

                1. Hehehe. I guess I’ve enjoyed a few adventures in my day. I was married to my wife for 18 years, so I have a lot of catching up to do now that I’m back to playing for this team again. I never realized how much I loved guys but I’m so glad I’m back on “team dick” again!

                  Liked by 2 people

                  1. Now I know he has some damn good stories to tell. He’s been on both teams. Come on over to my place Okie. I’ll make you a 3 course meal, liquor you up, and give you a full body massage. Sing like a canary for babe XD

                    Liked by 2 people

                    1. 🏃🏻💨. On my way Marcus!! That’s an invitation no one can turn down!!

                      And Sammy, I’m just an affectionate person lol. I like to share the love ❤️😜 Just no kissing. I’ve never been able to kiss another guy without feeling odd. 👅 But the rest, I’ve been very happy to share freely haha

                      Liked by 2 people

      2. I personally don’t see Andy and Gervais going anywhere. They are both too needy. They need to be taken care, and that won’t work when they are together. I think their sex goggles will soon fall off and they will have that WTF moment. Just my opinion 😎

        Liked by 2 people

          1. Oh it was definitely hot sexy time!! I would love to be in the bed with them the next morning when they wake up cuddled together with cum breath and see their reaction lol. I think they will have quite a WTF moment 😂 But, since Gervais and Robin have no chemistry together without Andy, now they at least know the three of them can hook up when the pipes need cleaning out. I would love to watch those three in action!!! 💦💦💦💦


  6. Aww our little Blue is growing up. Not as much as I grew reading that previous scene. Whew that was hot!! I think Andy will cave sooner than Spence. Gervais and Robin together is just a funny pairing to me. Sam they have to keep the birthday tradition alive. Maybe have a sixway the core five + Will. You can’t say that wouldn’t be hot. Loved this chapter. I agree with blue that there’s more to the story.

    Liked by 2 people

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