James Corden

So a little digression while I procrastinate from refining a threeway.

I was watching the Madonna carpool karaoke earlier and I loved it.

And it reminded me of a few funny times, like when hosting the Whatsonstage awards James snogged Daniel Radcliffe when presenting him with his award for Equus (at 2:48) and I was in like the third row.

And the times I went to see James and Mat Horne’s flop comedy show being filmed.

You can totally see the back of my head in these.



49 thoughts on “James Corden

  1. Madge! I saw her 3 times this year! I had to fly up to QLD to see the last show.

    I lined up for 11 hours for her “Tears of a clown” Show here in St Kilda, and it was fucking weird. She came out hours late, seemed a little drunk, and cried twice during the show…

    But I loved it even more that she was such a hot mess lol.

    I still love the Adelle carpool Karaoke. As for James, it took me years to remember that he’s a thing. I loved him in Into The Woods, but I dig these and the Rap Battles he’s host of.

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    1. He’s a funny guy. He really has had a fair few up his own arse phases when his fame went to his head over here but when he’s not in that mode he’s lovely. Or he’s always been nice when we’ve chatted. Not seen him since he was in one man two govs over here though.

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      1. He’s become very political on his show lately, which I don’t care for. I don’t want to hear about politics that late, I just want to be amused and entertained ha. Any actor who starts to blur the lines between their “job” and their activism tends to turn me off. He’s reached that point with me now. He’s still funny, but…..

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                    1. Nope but helping my niece baby sit six children under five not to mention I have been hit with toys feet stomped on tablet almost smashed all before 12. I may not eben attempt to procreate with the other sex even for curiosities sake!!!! Children are DEMONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it’s also 20°F here today

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