A lesson for Jack

You’ve been a very naughty boi Jack.
Jacking off thinking about your ex is no good for your mental health and you know it.

I said stop playing with it.
I’m going to have to teach you a lesson, give you a harsh reminder of how to behave.
Now last time I gave you a spanking you wriggled and rubbed so much your little dick popped and you made a mess of my good jeans. You licked it up good but I never forgot you mucky boi.
You know what it means?
Yes, you need to be tied to the bench this time, that’s right bend over like a good boi. Mmmm that is a fine meaty rump. Let’s get these jeans off before we get you tied up, you really need to feel this lesson.
That’s good, spread a little more. Mmmmm thwack.

Oooo you have a lovely jiggle.
Let’s get your wrists secured nicely. Nice and tight, stop wriggling or you’ll have to take extra and I don’t have all day.
Mmmm let’s just warm you up, 5 on each cheek.
That sounds good. I like this underwear very soft as I rub your ass.
Slap, slap, slap.
Mmmm you look such a good boi, right where I need you.
Slap slap SLAP
Don’t flinch, you need this boi.

You can take it you’re doing so well.
Let’s get these undies down, see what progress we’re making.
Mmmm a nice little blush.
We can do much better, a blush won’t be much of a reminder.
Thwack, thwack, thwack
What are you yelping for. Control yourself.

We’ve talked about control. Breathe and enjoy the lesson.
Thwack, Thwack, THWACK
No these jumps and yelps won’t do. Come on lift you foot, now the other. Let’s get these ankles secure.
I’m only putting your undies in your mouth to help you. I can’t concentrate with your noise.
Mmmm your rump is looking good, I can feel some nice heat now. It’s a lovely rump to fondle and squeeze and thwack, whack, whack
Good boi you’re getting the hang of it now.
I think the lesson is sinking in.
Slap, thwack, whack
Mmmm beautiful colour coming up
Slap, thwack, whack

Slap, Slap, thwack, whack
Good boi, ooo that feels lovely and such a deep rose.
Let’s see if we can get a little ruby in the middle of your cheek, just for me
Mmmm perfect
Now we have a problem. Your beautiful ruby rump is teasing me and I’m hard.
Think you can take my big dick tonight?
Does my finger feel good, look how you open for me.

Best ram the lesson home.
How’s two fingers?
Mmmmm you’re fine tonight. Let’s lube you up good.
You like that, you pushing back. Good boi. Let’s get that gag out. I need to hear you.
You ready for it? You want it? Fingers are never enough.
Are you begging for cock?
Your ass is on fire and you’re begging for it. Good boi, good boi
You like that? You do? You want some more?
You want it all.
You do.
You really do.
I love the feel of your fiery ass against me, my cock stuffed in deep.
You naughty boi, trying to make me lose control
I’m stronger than you
You are taking it good
Fuck you need it harder
Take it
Take it boi
Take it
Fuck your moans are delicious
Your ass, slap, so perfect
I’m really going to ram the lesson home
You won’t be thinking of anyone else

Good boi, good boi
Let’s make your little cock blast
Oooo boi you liked that little reward
You really needed that
What a good boi
Let’s untie these wrists and kiss them better.
Ooo you a little woozy, lean against me
Let’s rub your shoulders mmmmm
Ooo your ankles are a little chaffed, that will be a reminder to be good
Let’s rub them better, good boi, good boi, yes a little kiss is allowed
You were a very good boi
You take some time and reflect baby
Come to bed for cuddles when you are ready
Good boi, good boi
Such a good, beautiful boi

56 thoughts on “A lesson for Jack

      1. We’re you ever a farm boy? You seem to know a bit about country living. It reminds me of my hometown.

        Does this place have a name? Ive been calling it bambam in my head, after you lol.


          1. I just had to Google what a nursery teacher was lol. Blond moment haha.
            I grew up on a dairy farm near a pretty town called Camperdown in Victoria. Super pretty, but boring as piss.
            Your story sounds rather similar to mine actually. But I escaped a bit earlier lol.

            And I think I’ll keep calling it bambam haha 😂

            Liked by 1 person

                    1. It’s all about adding revenue…their pool was free last time I was there…some are starting to charge to use them. It’ll be a blast! Feel better! I’m sneezing now that I’m back from the cold..boo!


              1. hated that season I would of skipped to 6…. that season due to success of MKR on a rival network they went for drama over cooking skills but was a failure…. season 6 and onwards went back to being about cooking slills over rhe personalities and drama


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