A new Blue 35

On Saturday Blue leaves his phone indoors and enjoys a morning in his tunnels with no interruptions. He’s excited about what he has growing and can’t wait for Andy to arrive the next week. When he goes indoors to shower before driving to see Will he’s surprised to see a flurry of missed calls from Gervais and Robin.

Blue pops a quick text to say he’ll be with Will that evening but to try him in the morning. He doesn’t want to waste time talking to his friends when he could be with Will.

A few hours together give Will and Blue the strength they need to keep going. Blue takes up soup that he has made and some of his eggs and is able to make a good meal to share with Will with minimal facilities.

“Next time can you bring me some more eggs, so I can hard boil them for lunch?” Will asks.

“Of course. I have so many and with momma away and being out at work I’m not using them that quickly.” Blue says.

“You will when your friends arrive. I bet Spence could eat them all without noticing.” Will laughs.

“Yeah. I’m buying a grill so he can cook steaks outside. I still feel weird about meat. It was okay for thanksgiving and Christmas, I didn’t have to smell it raw but I don’t want to be around it much at my place.” Blue says.

“He’ll be fine with that I’m sure. Spence will eat out at fancy places after work when he wants meat I expect.” Will says.

“That’s true, you’ll go with him.” Blue says.

“I am more than happy to stick to fish most of the time.” Will says.

“I wish you weren’t going away when my friends are here.” Blue says.

“Worried about temptation?” Will asks.

“Yes and no. I don’t want anyone but you, not really, you’re my baby and I love you. But I also feel a bit like I’ll be missing out. I have the willpower to resist them all and I will.” Blue says.

“Good because I am fine with sharing you when I’m there but absolutely not when I’m away. If we were doing the distance thing for longer, if I’d gone away to train it would be different but not now we’ll be together soon.” Will says.

“I cannot wait for you to get that brace off. I’m desperate for some.” Blue grins.

“You’ll be so sore.” Will grins.

The pair cuddle for a while, happy to just be together. Will is clearly exhausted so Blue reluctantly heads home before he gets too sleepy himself.

The drive was worth it just for the snuggles Blue thinks, he barely makes it to bed before falling asleep.

Blue is woken by his phone, its Robin and Gervais.

“Hey guys.” Blue mumbles sleepily.

“It’s not early for you.” Gervais says.

“I told you I was going to see Will. The drive tires me out. What is so urgent?” Blue asks.

“Antonio’s show closes this week so we’re not going to get to see it.” Gervais says.

“You can see something else.” Blue says.

“We thought we’d come to you. So we can all support you for the farmers market.” Gervais says.

“And so I can find out about the work you’ll need from me.” Robin says.

“I don’t know.” Blue says surprising them.

“Why not?” Robin asks.

“I was looking forward to some time with Andy. I don’t know if Momma will be coming here after her vacation and I’m busy and I don’t know if I want double the number of houseguests. Haven’t you paid for your flights and hotels already?” Blue asks.

“Did Andy tell you about us or something? Are you mad over that?” Gervais asks.

“What?” Blue asks.

“The three of us hooked up the other night.” Robin says.

“Oh that’s cool, was it good? Three tops, who sacrificed?” Blue asks with a grin.

“Andy and it was awesome.” Robin grins and Blue smiles back, happy that Robin is still exploring.

“And he and I may have continued the fun a little.” Gervais shrugs and Blue knows it’s just sex but he isn’t worried either way. If Andy and Gervais are happy, he’s happy but a bit worried about Spence.

“Is Spence okay with it?” Blue asks.

“Yeah he is. I thought he would be mad but he says he’s busy and Andy needs a lot more than he can give right now. He’d rather it was us than someone Andy might actually fall for.” Gervais says.

“Andy has the libido of 3 guys.” Blue laughs.

“Exactly. So if it isn’t that what is it? We can clean up after ourselves.” Gervais says.

“But I’ll have to cook more and shop for more groceries. I’ve planned for Andy coming and have been filling the freezer with extra portions of things. I haven’t been preparing for a big group and I’m busy all week with getting ready for the market and we have interviews for people and I have ice-cream to make. I’m sorry but no.” Blue says.

“So you’ll have Spence and Andy to stay but not us? If it wasn’t for me you’d still be sleeping downstairs and not have had anywhere to put them.” Gervais bitches.

“I gave you a house. Fuck if it’s a problem I’ll send you a check, my money came through from the settlement.” Blue says.

“I don’t want your money. I thought I could stay whenever, that I had an open invitation.” Gervais says.

“Do what you want.” Blue says unhappily. He wants to be hospitable but he’s got so much on and is feeling a lot of pressure. He knows they’ll be good guests but it is still more shopping and laundry than he had planned for, all eating into time he could be spending talking to Will.

“We won’t come if we’re not welcome.” Robin says gently.

“I don’t get it. You’ve been planning your New York trip for months, it was about a lot more than seeing the show. You’ll be here all summer. I don’t see why you’d waste one of your last breaks here with me.” Blue says.

“We’d rather be with our friends.” Gervais says.

“You’re with them all the time. Do your cheer friends not have something planned?” Blue asks.

“We thought you’d be happy.” Robin says.

“I miss you two I really do and any other time I would say yes but the thought of having to spread myself even thinner is stressing me out. I really don’t want to fight. I have a lot to deal with right now and 4 houseguests is too much. Please remember while it is spring break for you it’s a normal week for me.” Blue says.

“Fine we’ll find something to do.” Robin says unhappily.

“Go find a beach and drink and fuck around. Have fun.” Blue says, hangs up and goes back to sleep.

Half an hour later he’s woken by a sleepy Andy.

“What?” Blue asks shortly.

“What’s going on? Why don’t you want Gervais and Robin to come?” Andy asks.

“I was looking forward to some time with you. Spence will be at the gym. I thought you’d be happy in the garden when I’m at work or coming round with me. I can’t have 3 of you with me all the time. And its all the extra laundry and grocery shopping. I’m not a hotel.” Blue grumbles.

“I hear you. I really do. I was looking forward to some us time too. I have missed you so much, other than Vegas we’ve barley hung out in almost a year. I know it’s my fault. I just want some time to put it right.” Andy says.

“Exactly. Are they really mad at me?” Blue asks.

“Yeah. Not as mad as I am at them waking me up.” Andy grins.

“Same. It’s not just the extra work. Will will be away for the next two weeks. Long distance is hard and long distance with no sex when we do see each other is sheer hell. I kind of brought up opening things up over break but he shut that down which is fair. I’m just frustrated.” Blue says.

“You suggested being open? You?” Andy asks in shock.

“Yeah. I am crazy about him. I don’t really want anyone else but at the same time I feel a bit like I’m missing out. I knew I was giving up a lot when I dropped out of school, the fun side. I love my life, I love Will, I just love having sex with you guys too and I miss it all the more when I’m getting none.” Blue says.

“I didn’t really think about you missing out on things. Not the sex, I mean Will is a fox and when he’s back on his feet you’ll be fine. But the rest of student life. We’ll get to some clubs when I visit and let you have some fun.” Andy says.

“Thanks. I don’t get out much, less not the siblings sold our story. I made a friend but he’s starting to date Ella.” Blue says.

“Oh Blue you shouldn’t push your friends away if you’re still lonely.” Andy says.

“You don’t want to deal with me on your own.” Blue says.

“I do actually. I really do, I worry I’m not enough.” Andy says.

“Larry and Tad will be around soon. This weekend at least not sure if they both have break next week or later.” Blue says.

“Are they hot?” Andy asks.

“Yes and you will get some.” Blue laughs.

“Are you mad I’m fucking around with Gervais? He said you’re okay with it.” Andy says.

“I’m okay with it. You’re not about to start dating and even if you were I couldn’t object. We were close to being back together over break. Really close to it. Then Will happened.” Blue smiles.

“And you don’t want to have Gervais around to compare to Will, when Will is away. You could have told him.” Andy says.

“It wasn’t the primary reason. Seriously 4 of you with Tad and Larry about would generate a lot of washing and I don’t have that many sheets yet.” Blue says.

“Holy shit, that is true. It’s not like going to Spence’s with generations of Egyptian cotton and a laundry service.” Andy laughs.

“I’ll see you Friday. I am looking forward to it, despite being down today.” Blue says.

“We’re coming Thursday night. We both only have one class Friday. We want to help on Friday.” Andy says.

“Oh thanks Andy.” Blue grins.

“You better have some honey cakes ready for me.” Andy grins.

“I can do that.” Blue grins, no one loves his baking like Andy.

Blue lazes about a little longer before hitting the garden. He is loving what he has done so far and is doing lots of prep so he and Andy can get started on Andy’s ideas. He also wants to get ready to plant roses against one of the walls for Will.

He showers and heads to Will’s place. Cursing himself half way there as he realizes he hasn’t brought any food with him. Fuck.

“It’s okay I ate after my session.” Will grins as Blue explains.

“I forgot the eggs.” Blue says.

“It’s fine. I leave for the Olympic training center tomorrow.” Will says.

“Sorry I’m a mess today.” Blue grins and Will kisses the top of Blue’s head.

“What do you need baby?” Will asks.

“I don’t know. I’m kind of fighting with Gervais and Robin and you’re going away and I’m not sure how to deal. Its just a rough day.” Blue says.

“I’m gonna miss you too baby.” Will says.

“Ugh I hate this. We have barely an hour together and I’m bringing us down. Come on let me give you something to remember me.” Blue says kissing Will with intent.

“I want some pictures first.” Will says tugging at Blue’s shirt. They have a little sexy photo session and Blue blows Will and then drives home even more frustrated than before.

Blue has a crazy busy week and is running all over the place getting ready for the first farmers market. He can’t move in public without being questioned about one thing or another and he’s finding it frustrating as he isn’t on the committee. Everyone just assumes he knows what is going on.


He’s baking up a storm, as many pies as he can make and his favorite buns. He and Heidi have 2 stalls between them and are doing pies and pastries one side, soup and bread the other. Ollie will be helping them out and the other bakery staff will be manning things inside. Nick and Ella will be running an ice-cream stand next to Marsha’s cheese stall.

All the farmers have been coming in to the bakery all week to try and bribe Blue to use their produce in the soups which has all the staff laughing. He’s tried to be fair and use as many as possible but has shown favoritism to Mike and is making sure he features the most.

Clara and Bea have gone to Vietnam to meet up with Willow, Bea suggested it and it immediately piqued Clara’s interest. Blue is happy for them and knows his mom will enjoy it a lot more than a resort. He hopes it mends Clara and Bea’s relationship, even though that will mean less attention from his mom and more of a chance he has to spend time with Bea in the future. He has a lot of empathy for his sister right now but doesn’t want to see her.

Thursday evening Blue invites Heidi, Jett, Ella, Nick and Ollie round for dinner so they can meet Spence and Andy when they arrive. The guys are flying up and renting a car. Spence’s credit card overrides any age requirements.

Andy and Spence arrive with just enough time to shower before the others arrive. Blue shows them to their rooms not knowing if they want to be together or not.

“We’ll share unless we pull.” Spence grins.

Ollie shows up first looking very shy. He hands Blue a cake.

“Orange and lemon syrup cake.” Ollie says shyly.

“You happy with it?” Blue asks.

“No but it gets better every time. This is the best syrup I’ve done.” Ollie says.

“Good. My friends are just showering. They’ll be friendly, don’t be scared.” Blue says.

“I’m always a bit scared meeting new people. Dang they’re loud.” Ollie says as the cries of Spence’s orgasm fill the house.

“Yeah, I didn’t expected those two to just shower, sorry I should have warned you. They’ve been broken up over a year but have recently rediscovered the joy of each other. I’d love them to be together again.” Blue says.

Spence and Andy come down a few minutes later.

“The travel didn’t tire you out too much then.” Blue laughs.

“It was a welcome chant. Hello beautiful, I’m Andy.” Andy says to Ollie.

“This is Ollie, he works at the bakery and is terrific at making ice-cream. Ollie, Andy loves sweets and will be your new best friend when he tastes your cake. Andy he made a cake I am not suggesting you eat his ass.” Blue says and Ollie blushes a deep scarlet.

Heidi arrives with some bread and butter.

“You didn’t have to bring anything.” Blue says.

“You have cooked for me so many times and I never reciprocate. About time I made more effort, at least I know you’re not inviting me for my bread.” Heidi grins.

“This is the good stuff, I might ask you round more.” Blue grins.

“That looks amazing.” Andy says.

“This is Heidi, she owns the bakery. These are Andy and Spence.” Blue says.

“I love you.” Andy says with a grin.

“You may need to double all cake runs while we are here. Andy has the sweetest tooth known to man and needs to eat up a storm as he has lost so much weight.” Spence says.

“Hey I’ve gained 5lbs.” Andy says still looking very thin but with a good sexy afterglow in his cheeks.

“You look beautiful.” Blue says hugging his friend close.

“You too. Gonna get my muscles on in your garden. Shame it’s too dark to see it tonight. I love this house though, once we found it.” Andy says.

“It is beautiful and far more practical than the beach house. I love this eat in kitchen. It suits you completely.” Spence says.

“I love it.” Blue grins, his house really is his pride and joy and a room full of friends eating good food makes all the loneliness fly away.

The others soon arrive and Blue dishes up as Spence sorts out drinks, he and Andy bought a large supply on their way from the airport.

“Dad dropped us down so we can all drink.” Nick says.

“I’m on water given we have an early start, I can drop you home.” Blue says.

“Same, I’m taking Ollie anyway, you can all squish in my car.” Heidi says.

“Awesome.” Jett says.

“So Nick, which team are you on? Spence and I have a bet on.” Andy says.

“Both teams.” Nick says totally not offended.

“Like me.” Ollie says quietly and Nick smiles.

Andy is on great form, talking all the time and eating twice as much as the others. Blue has served up a big paella and there will be no leftovers. Andy is eating a mountain and half the bread. Spence visibly relaxes as Andy starts eating. He meets Blue’s eyes and gives a big smile. Blue knows they need to talk.

Blue serves up a chocolate pie and Ollie’s cake for dessert.

“Wow Ollie, this is terrific. It’ll be on the menu for sure.” Heidi says.

“Thanks.” Ollie blushes.

“We tried making cake yesterday in class and we both failed.” Jett says.

“Everyone was terrible. I think the teacher was shit.” Ella says shocking Blue with her tone.

“You and Heidi should teach instead. I kind of get why you were thrown out of class.” Jett says.

“Blue needs confirmation he’s on the right track and he has gaps to fill. He’s never going to want to break down a carcass but he has gaps in his fish knowledge and even in vegetables too. He thought that the class was an intro that would cover some of that but it sounds less organized.” Heidi says.

“Yeah, we asked for a syllabus so we could get some practice in but was told that we should all come to it blind so we learn. I think we’ll give it another week.” Jett says.

“I want to learn, I do but Blue is a better teacher.” Ella says.

Ollie comes out of his shell a little as Andy asks him lots of questions and he relaxes and conversation flows.

Blue keeps an eye on Ella and Jett, curious about how they are getting on. Blue is a little concerned that Jett and Heidi are flirting a little. But Ella is holding Jett’s hand under the table and they sneak a few kisses. Ah straight people, Blue will never quite understand.

Nick, Spence and Ella talk fashion for most of the night which fascinates Blue. Spence never gets to let this side of himself out at college even though they all know he loves expensive clothes. It’s nice to see Ella and Nick in their comfort zone too.

It’s a good evening and runs on far too late for the three who will be in the bakery in the morning. Heidi rounds everyone up reluctantly and they take off.

Blue gets on with the dishes and Andy hugs him from behind like he does when Blue is cooking.

“I don’t see why you’re lonely, you have lovely friends.” Andy says.

“Heidi and I are more business partners than friends and the others are quite new. But you’re right they are nice. Nick and Ella I should be better friends with. They’re so nice, I just keep judging them on their lack of brains.” Blue says.

“It’s not in your nature to judge people. Even when you should.” Spence says.

“I know, it’s because I met them in a business way and not friendship way. They have both supported me through the magazine stress and so I’m making more effort. I like them both.” Blue says.

“Nick is so pretty but oh man I’d love to make Ollie a man.” Andy says.

“Oh babe please don’t.” Blue says.

“I won’t. I want to be a part of this business of yours, you know that. Plus this one not working so much will be begging me for it.” Andy grins and Spence blushes.

“Why are you two not together? You seem so happy.” Blue says.

“I am happy fucking around.” Andy says.

“And I am happy not having to maintain a relationship. We’re getting on so well because Andy doesn’t need me for attention and I don’t need him to be faithful. We love each other and the sex but we don’t want what each other can give for a relationship.” Spence says.

“Maybe you should rethink that because you as a pair are clearly in love.” Blue says.

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  1. Sam great job again. I love how Will put his foot down about being open. Also how Blue put his foot down with Robin and G and stood firm because that would have just ended in heartache for Blue. What’s up with them acting like assholes to Blue about him saying no to them staying at HIS house, and then G throwing the money in his face like that. I need to stop myself cause I’m getting pissed at those two all over again. BTW we need Nick and Ollie to get together they would be perfect both so creative. Anyway great job again and enjoy your trip u deserve a great time.

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    1. I think Nick and Ollie could be a lovely gentle couple and run the ice-cream
      place together.
      Robin and Gervais were acting out of shock I think, they never imagined not being welcomed. I liked Blue saying not now and sticking to it.
      I’ll try and have fun on my trip….2.5 work days to go 😁😁

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      1. Lucky I get away this weekend but my work gets to go with me. And you deserve all the fun you can have. Tell Mark to get over there to make sure you have a really great time lol

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  2. This is my first time commenting on one of your chapters but I’ve been a silent reader for awhile now! I foudn the series earlier in November and I’m proud to say I’ve read all of your writings! It was a big surprise when I was patiently waiting on nifty.org for your releases to find there were a hundred more chapters available on your site haha.

    As someone who is in a relationship, I enjoy your take on the struggles of monogamy in a relationship, especially in a college demographic, similar to my situation. While many readers may not understand Will’s stance on Blue playing around with his friends, I am in support of his beliefs. A relationship is something that transcends the bonds of friendship and as such, require a new set of boundaries that stem from a place of respect versus possessiveness as some may believe. Great writing as always, I look forward to your future chapters and happy early birthday if i don’t catch you.

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      1. nah just usually you have comments and I missed then so thought are you rugged up in bed lol

        yes I will help Blue and you can watch or join in lol


        1. I cleaned the flat first thing and then have lazed on the couch feeling rough, so I haven’t packed yet 😦 I thought I did some replies this morning, not many comments today, not so popular any more.
          I’m just dropping you a mail btw


            1. I’m happy with current levels, just meant I don’t wake to 60comments any more, usually 5 or 6. Much more manageable. Though I believe you promised bumper comments on my birthday.

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                    1. I like older guys especially a silver fox. As long as they don’t have a beer gut. I like em fit but not too fit but with a little bit of chest hair just enough I could snuggle up to after a strenuous bedroom workout.


  3. Bahhaha! I love it!

    I’m not the biggest fan of Blue’s gumption most of the time, but I loooooved Blue saying no to the boys.

    And then Gervais chucking a tantrum about it! Hahaha! It’s a good reminder that these boys are still pretty young, regardless of all the boning and car chases lol.

    Kinda digging Heidi more and more as it goes on. She seems like my kinda girl.

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    1. Heidi is getting over her past issues and blossoming.
      I was stuck on the Blue argument, hence not posting so much, as I’d started it on black mood day but I though, fuck it, he gets to say no and it doesn’t make him a bad friend or host. I hate visitors myself.

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      1. It can be nice having a guest, but sometimes its even better shutting the door behind them as they fuck off. Lol

        I love that you included it! For me, it shed so much light on Blue’s growth, and it was probably fitting that you wrote it while conflicted, since he was stressed as fuck too. 😉

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  4. I was a bit shocked by Blues reaction to Gervais and Robin. I thought of all people, those two would be the ones he wanted there. Is it because the sexual attraction to those two is so strong, he doesn’t trust himself?

    Little Ollie…he needs a good romp with Andy! 👍🏻😜😈

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    1. It really was that he just couldn’t deal with extra people right now. Any other week he’d have been happy to see them. Plus yeah he would find it harder not to get up to something with Gervais, he is aware he cheated on George with Gervais.

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          1. Yes!!!!!!💦💦💦

            And clara….she is as weird as a three-petered goat. Has the chance to take an exotic vacation and instead of Monte Carlo or something, she ends up in freaking Vietnam???

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              1. Hmmm, maybe I’m just spoilt. Monte Carlo, Santorini, or St. Bart’s is my idea of a nice getaway. I need air conditioning, room service, and exquisite service to be a vacation. But I guess you’re right, I can see Clara liking to rough it a bit.

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                  1. Yes I can and yes I do!! My family have a cattle ranch, so I grew up riding horses and working cattle. Still go to the cattle auction with my dad quite often. Love guys in their tight jeans and boots!!

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              1. Hmmm….I could potentially do Bali. I need to read up a bit more on Thailand I guess. I picture it as a third-world country. Not my idea of vacation. But that’s just me. I’m sure it’s a lovely place!!


                  1. Right?!?!? Google two-dicked man or something and check it out. I can barely keep one dick under control. If I had two, I would be a maniac haha


  5. I agree with Jack to an extent…poor Blue has really Blue balls! Blue used some self preservation by not having Robin and G come to town too…temptation – BUT at the same time – I don’t know of anyone who has a busier schedule! Clara, Willow and Bea…interesting! LLL…leave it at that…love it Sam!


    1. Thanks Mark. Hope you’re better today too. Blue is being more assertive and putting himself first. He and Andy reconnected in Vegas but they need to talk a lot more and Blue didn’t want to be entertaining R&G too.


      1. You’re so welcome Sam! I am feeling better…you too I hope? Countdown is on for Vegas baby!

        He really needs to and his friends need to understand and support him….I love that Andy and Spence are there…yes, they do..Blue is balls to the walls busy…go BLUE!

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        1. The other thing is the missing out part. I think Blue is a bit annoyed that Gervais and Robin are not making the most of their options. As he’s a little jealous and nostalgic for college when he’s so busy working.

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            1. Yes, and they were already there for winter break or part of it. Andy has his trip to Hawaii coming up in the summer so it’s a bit different for him, plus he’s broke. Spence wants to be where Andy is (and I am sure will take lots of fancy vacations in the future). I do wonder if Gervais got a bit scared at going to NYC without Blue, worried about his anxiety kicking off, and so it kicks off.


              1. ahh so Gervaid called the kabosh on the NYC trip lol

                Blue was the backup plan?

                Look how was sprung on him Blue had been prepared for Spence and Andy for weeks maybe even a month or two they sprung this on Blue like with 2 days warning or something…. if course with that kind of rudeness Blue would not be accepting….. lots of planning goes into having guests stay


                    1. Yes. Both he and Blue miss each other, physically as well as friendship wise which they didn’t expect. I think they reconnected so well over winter that only Gervais leaving early stopped a real reunion. What do you think?

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                    2. Another reason Danny is on my hit list. We could have BG back😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


                    3. I’d have to hope, but then what would’ve happened if they did and Blue says the gymnastics poster afterwards he’d be in a situation where if he went then he might break up with Gervais and get with will. On the other hand if he didn’t go he would have ended up resenting Gervais about taking away his chance. Sorry if I seem to be psychoanalyzing everything found an one of my old psychology textbooks and been reading them

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                    4. I think they were closer to it and it might have happened if he had stayed. Blue had Will now and he’s happy. Just sexually frustrated while he’s healing. G would’ve wanted to help him out 😈

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                    5. I love Blue and Will together a lot. They have a rough time to get through and I think they can. But that bond with Gervais never quits for either of them. They both know they can’t be around each other when starting a relationship.

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                  1. I can see him getting into a state worrying he might get into a state. New big cities can intimidating, even to seasoned travellers who live in big cities. I can see not being able to prepare bring hard.


      1. My husband has had bone spurs removed from his shoulders – he was in gymnastics when younger…it’s not a fun surgery (either time) – it sucked for me! LOL!

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        1. That’s Wills next op, cleaning up his shoulder. Could be a nasty couple of months for Blue. Glad you’re feeling better. I’m guzzling the cold pills and hoping.


          1. For sure! He’s young though….my hubby was 38 for his first one…44 for the second – he’s older than me 😉 I think part of mine was traveling. I hope you feel better!

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            1. Mine is totally down to my new office and the shitty air con, we boil and freeze alternately. Ugh. 3 more days. Hope your hubby is all good now, or good enough range of motion. Gymnastics is killer on the body.

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              1. Ughh! Hate that…I meant to tell you, I looked up your little town on a map. My previous employer has/had a big facility in Bath – Herman Miller. I was supposed to visit, but I took a new job. Yes, it is..he didn’t really compete much out of highschool and club.. he’ll always have shoulder issues. Fell better honey!

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  6. OK I’m just gonna call bs on Andy and Spence. There is no way in hell they aren’t a couple. The way they are by the end of summer they should be wearing engagement rings and my guess is Andy will be the one on his knees first. Then he’ll make Spence get on his. Will kinda lost a few points with me today. Why can’t blue have a little fun I mean its not like he’s gonna run off with robin or Gervais, okay there’s like a 2% chance with gervais. Love the way blue said about eating those cakes and yturns around and tell Andy he didn’t mean his ass. Good chapter sam

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    1. Thanks Jack. I think Spence and Andy are in their ideal relationship but they think they’re not in one. Ollie is a little cutie and I’d like him to have a partner who works on his confidence. He needs someone with Andy’s appetite for food but a gentler approach to sex.

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      1. Those two are so in love that they don’t even realize it. Andy has always come back to Spence. Love how Nick is a switch hitter. Maybe he and Ollie could get together. Andy will be in heaven with Tad and Larry. And call me crazy but maybe the reason why blue doesn’t want gervais to come is he doesn’t want him to be around tad and possibly have a relationship with him. Maybe subconsciously he’s doing the exact same thing gervais did with him????

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        1. I think Blue is worried he’ll cheat on Will. He was also right about it being break for them and not for him. He’s got time to prepare for summer but right now he’s not ready for a houseful of people.

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