A new Blue 36

Spence goes into the kitchen the next morning and sees a crock pot of oatmeal and the fire lit making everything toasty. On the counter Blue has left a bowl of eggs, a bowl of fruit, a note telling them to help themselves, directions to the bakery and instructions for the coffee machine.

Spence smiles at the thoughtfulness. He puts coffee on knowing the smell will have Andy downstairs shortly. Andy insisted the three of them share a bed last night which was lovely. He and Andy rarely share a bed all night, the line they draw to prove they are not together.

Blue must have had quite a stealthy exit as neither Spence nor Andy woke. Spence puts the coffee on then has a look around the ground floor and loves what he sees. Blue clearly hasn’t had time to pull everything together but it is still homely and Spence adores it. He shakes his head to stop himself imagining him and Andy somewhere like this. If he could give Andy somewhere like this then, ten… No. Spence stops himself from thinking it. He can’t tie himself to one place.

He pours himself a coffee and slices bread ready for toast knowing Andy will want to eat a lot. Andy has been better since Vegas, the vegetable box from Clara gets full use with Birch and Spence supplies fish and meat to add to whatever they come up with. Andy is such a ball of energy that he is struggling to gain anything and Spence knows the 5pound claim is an exaggeration.

Still he’s less worried now he can share the burden with Blue. He knows Blue has a lot on but the second Andy walked through the door Spence knew this was the place Andy would heal. He is so glad that it isn’t too long until summer break. Andy finishes school a week before Spence and will be going to Hawaii for that week with Katelyn and then joining Spence here.

“Something smells good.” Andy says.

“There is oatmeal and we can have eggs and toast too. Coffee is made.” Spence says.

“I love it here.” Andy says smiling and looking out the window in awe, he can’t wait to get out there.

He slips on a pair of blue’s boots and goes outside in his underwear. Spence smiles and shakes his head and gets on with making toast and eggs. Enjoying the view of Andy through the window.

Andy bounces back in practically blue with cold and grabs a bowl of oatmeal wolfing it down standing in front the fire before sitting with Spence at the table to eat the eggs.

“OMG you never made such good eggs before.” Andy beams after inhaling the plate.

“Be careful, you’ll get indigestion.” Spence grins and feels warm from the inside out at how happy he has made Andy. He’s always been jealous of Blue’s ability to please Andy with his cooking and that he has managed it himself with a simple plate of food has Spence’s heart soaring.

“Blue’s garden is amazing, I only had a quick look in the tunnels but he has a lot on the go and lots to do. I am going to have a lot of fun this week.” Andy says.

“Only you would think gardening a fun spring break activity.” Spence grins.

“You’ll be in the gym most the time. We can have lovely evenings here, you can grill outside and Blue and I will cook and we’ll have his friends over and wine and it will be just the sort of fun we both want. I had planned to get Blue out to a few clubs but I don’t know now.” Andy says.

“He is super busy, you can’t expect him to cook every night. We need to make sure we help out. I can see exactly why he didn’t want 2 extra guests.” Spence says.

“I feel a bit bad. I really want some alone time with Blue and just couldn’t fight their corner.” Blue says.

“You two need some time together, Vegas wasn’t enough.” Spence says.

“You’re not sad that we’re not on the beach or in New York?” Andy asks.

“No. I really like it here and cheeseball that I am, seeing you so happy is the best.” Spence says and refills Andy’s bowl.

“I am happy. I can’t wait to meet Arnold and Mike. I could spend the whole summer just working here though. I hope Blue lets me join him after graduation. I have so many plans.” Andy grins.

“You’re just as at home here as you are at Clara’s place.” Spence says.

“I know. You are a lot more comfortable here. You made friends last night, Nick and Ella are your people.” Andy grins.

“I know, they were super nice. It was a total change of pace for me and so unexpected. Those two ought to be running a high end clothing store not an ice-cream parlor.” Spence says.

“They are certainly decorative themselves. That Ollie was a cutie too. Too young for me I think, he seemed like he’ll be a good friend to Blue, they all did” Andy says.

“Shall we shower and go on to the bakery?” Spence asks.

“Bath? Blue said the downstairs tub is great for two.” Andy grins and Spence agrees.

“That sounds great. I’ll get started while you continue to be a glutton.” Spence grins.

Andy is in a needy affectionate mood and Spence takes full advantage. It seems being away from school Andy is more open to deepening their relationship and Spence couldn’t be happier. They clean up and head to the bakery both in a great mood.

Heidi and Ollie greet them and tell them to take a seat. Ollie brings over a plate of honeycakes that Blue had set aside for Andy and despite eating a huge breakfast Andy eats one so fast Spence isn’t sure it happened. The second one Andy savors every mouthful.

Spence looks at the display and the volume of customers, its after breakfast and before lunch and most the tables have groups of moms and toddlers, a few of the laptop crowd are around the edge of the room. There are gaps where some of the breads have sold out and a good variety of cakes.

They’ve gone with a more homely décor than the usual exposed pipes and hanging bulbs and Spence loves it. Feels very much at home.

“Are you two okay? I’ll be done at 2. If you want to explore a bit go ahead. Sorry to not be much of a host.” Blue says.

“I really like it in here. Heidi, Blue told me about your restaurant idea and seeing this place makes me doubly sure I’d want to invest when you find somewhere. I will take a walk around. Do you need me to get any groceries or anything?” Spence asks.

“Get yourself some steaks or burgers for the grill, actually enough for 4, Tad and Larry are coming for dinner tonight.” Blue says.

“Sure I can do that. When you say enough for 4 are you talking my or Andy’s appetite?” Spence asks.

“Andy’s to be safe, they are farmboys.” Blue grins and Spence laughs.

“Andy is already very happy here. Thank-you for letting us come even though you’re busy.” Spence says surprising Blue who looks over to Andy who is dozing in the chair.

“I saw you relax when he settled in last night. Are you coping okay?” Blue asks gently.

“I am. I am doing what I can and not holding myself responsible for everything. I’m in a good place.” Spence says.

“Good. It’s good to see you happy.” Blue says.

“Come on we’re going to look round the town and buy some steaks for later.” Spence says.

“I was comfy.” Andy grumbles all the food has him sleepy.

“We don’t want to scare off paying customers.” Spence grins and Andy jumps up.

“Thanks for the cakes Blue, they were perfect.” Andy shouts into the kitchen making Blue smile.

“Your friends are so handsome.” Heidi says after they leave.

“Yes they are. I didn’t used to think Andy was good looking, and I guess he isn’t in a conventional way but he’s perfect to me now.” Blue says.

“He loves you and Spence, you can see he looks at you both the same.” Heidi says.

“We used to be super close, like brothers but we’ve had a big fall out and are just repairing things now. He was just happy to see me last night.” Blue says.

“He loves you. I don’t know if it’s romantically or brotherly. It’s nice. You can be such a loner despite everyone liking you. It was good to see you with your real friends.” Heidi says and Blue smiles.

“You’re the same.” Blue says.

“I am. That’s why we get along so well.” Heidi admits.

“That’s true. So you and Jett?” Blue asks.

“He’s with Ella and I’m fucking her parents.” Heidi grins.

“But you enjoyed his company last night. There was a spark.” Blue says.

“I liked him. A lot. But he is with Ella and if I took him from her, and that is how she would see it, it would poison the well with Arnold and we’d be up shit creek.” Heidi says.

“Glad I didn’t need to say it.” Blue says.

“I don’t know I stay away from relationships for 3 years then meet 3 people I like in a short space of time.” Heidi sighs.

“Tired of being the third?” Blue asks.

“I love it. I actually hate sharing a bed for sleeping so going home after works out great. Liberty and I talk a lot, she comes over after work often and it is amazing to have a smart woman to talk to. She is so not a farmer’s wife.” Heidi grins.

“You like her a lot.” Blue says.

“I like Arnold too, he’s so encouraging about all the businesses and has so many ideas. It’s crazy that he isn’t some business mogul but he loves dairy farming.” Heidi says.

“Just so long as you don’t fall too hard.” Blue says.

“I know. It’s hard, I don’t get jealous of them as a couple but sometimes I’m jealous of one or other of them depending on my mood.” Heidi admits.

“I miss Will. It’s been a week and we barely get 5 minutes to talk a day and I feel guilty for that as he’s always so tired.” Blue sighs.

“He’ll be with you full time soon.” Heidi sympathizes.

“If I don’t do anything stupid.” Blue says.

“You wouldn’t.” Heidi says surprised Blue is even thinking he could.

“I have before.” Blue says.

“You won’t again.” Heidi says firmly and Blue nods.

Spence and Andy pop in again to tell Blue they are going to drop the food home, he tells them he’ll meet them there. Spence watches the lunch crowd for a few minutes, seriously impressed.

Blue gets back to the house and serves up soup and bread he has brought back with him.

“No cake?” Andy asks and Blue laughs and hands over another bag.

“I got the last of the baking I needed for tomorrow done, all the ice-cream is ready so I am free this afternoon for you guys. I thought Andy and I would spend it outside. Spence you’re welcome to join us but you might get bored and cold.” Blue says.

“I am going to head in to the gym ready for the after school classes, they are expecting me.” Spence says.

“Oh so everything has worked out well. Tad and Larry will be here at 8, I hope that fits with you.” Blue says.

“No problem. I’m not working today just going to meet the coaches and see how they work.” Spence says.

“This soup is the bomb. Your cooking has improved so much and I always loved it.” Andy says.

“Thanks. I get a lot of practice now. I’m really glad you like it. It’ll be even better when we get to use our own veg.” Blue says.

“I said earlier Andy is the only college student excited about gardening on spring break. He is though you should have seen his face after looking around what you have. He’s so excited.” Spence says.

“I am. So much to do and so many options. I love the tunnels and that you’ve cleared me some space.” Andy says.

“I have so many ideas to bounce off you. I can’t wait to get started.” Blue grins.

“You are such a pair.” Spence laughs.

The pair have a whale of a time in the garden and fields all afternoon. They make lots of plans together and Blue really enjoys having someone to talk to about it who hasn’t got decades of farming behind them.

Arnold pops by to confirm plans for the next day and Blue introduces Andy.

“Ahh you’re the one who will help Larry get the cheese business started.” Arnold says.

“I’d love to, but also see your full working practices if possible.” Andy says.

“Come up on Tuesday, Blue will be in for ice-cream, I’ll show you round and introduce you to my nephew at the same time. He mostly runs the show, or thinks he does.” Arnold says.

“That would be amazing. Thank you so much.” Andy says.

“Well see you bright and early tomorrow. Oh and thanks for including my two last night. They rarely get invited to the events the other farm kids have. It meant a lot to them to be included, to me too.” Arnold says.

“I don’t know why I haven’t before, they’re both so lovely. Much easier to be around socially than for business.” Blue says honestly.

“I totally understand. I’ve two great kids, I’m just not sure what they are great for.” Arnold says.

“Have more faith, Cheryl is getting them to work well and they will look amazing in any marketing material.” Blue grins.

“That they will. I’m hopeful that tomorrow will generate a lot of interest.” Arnold says.

“Me too. The deli is a good start.” Blue says.

“He seems really nice.” Andy says when the/ re alone again.

“He is. He’s impulsive and spends too much money but he has a great heart.” Blue says.

“You’ve been lucky here. You’ve more real friends than at home. At home everyone expects you and Clara and by extension me, Katelyn and Roe to help them out, to be at the end of the phone. But I can’t think of many people you could call in a crisis. Willow when she’s back but that’s it. I could call Deke or his dad and they might or might not help.” Andy says.

“That’s momma’s fault. She has positioned us as people who help but don’t ask for favors in return, or not very often.” Blue says.

“I guess. I just feel like you’re more integrated into the community here. I don’t know why. Maybe because you’re in business and not charity. You did so much for free at home, you clearly do some here but that isn’t what you’re known for. You’re valued more here, people pay a fixed price for your goods, not what they feel like, like at home.” Andy says.

“I’d not really thought. But I do get treated as an adult here, even when momma was here.” Blue says.

“What did she say about you moving here?” Andy asks.

“She’s being really supportive.” Blue says and gets Andy up to date on the whole situation.


As it gets too cold and dark to work they head inside to shower and relax before cooking dinner. Andy invites Blue to share the shower but Blue declines knowing he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands to himself. He has never struggled this way before, not even when he was dating Austin and totally unsatisfied. He helps himself in the shower and feels a little better. He gets started in the kitchen and Andy is soon in his usual spot behind him. Blue leans back into Andy’s arms and steals a quick kiss.

“That was nice. I’ve missed hanging out and snuggling.” Andy says.

“Me too. It was lovely having Gervais and then Robin for that over winter break.” Blue says.

“You’re not working Sunday are you?” Andy asks.

“No, nothing scheduled.” Blue says.

“Good. I think the three of us need a lazy day together and we can talk through all that is bothering you and me and Spence. Get everything out and help each other. A proper friend’s day.” Andy says.

“That sounds lovely.” Blue grins and leans back for another big hug.

Spence comes in and joins in, pushing himself inbetween them and enjoying being squeezed. Andy loves it and kisses them both.

“How was it?” Blue asks.

“Great, beautiful facility, really well organized. Lots of people for me to learn from. They are excited that Will is going to be joining them. They have a good group of kids for Ocean to train with and are excited he’s coming too. It’s a really positive club and the girls team are incredible, military in their training, amazing to watch. I’m so excited to get to work on Monday.” Spence says.

“Oooooh the old Spence is back. I feel like we’re all back to who we were before.” Blue grins.

“You are a lot more like the Blue who arrived at college, before he got beaten down by everything. Except you’re a lot more experienced.” Spence grins and kisses them both in turn.

Larry and Tad come in dead on 8 and Blue and Andy watch as if in slow motion the fireworks as Larry and Spence’s eyes meet.

Larry has never, ever had a kinky side but a million scenarios involving Spence are running through his mind, most of them involving restraints. His tongue is hanging out and his cock is twitching.

Spence is in lust, he wants to get on his knees and start worshipping. He feels a little like when he first met Andy. But it’s intense and scary.

Tad is totally oblivious to the situation.

“Larry why don’t you help Spence with the grill.” Blue says breaking the tension.

“Yeah I will. Come on Spence.” Larry says firmly and Spence’s knees buckle.

“Are you okay?” Blue whispers to Andy.

“I am. I really am. I don’t know if they’ll work out or what but I feel like they will. I’m happy not jealous. I’m really happy for him.” Andy says working out his feelings honestly.

“Really?” Blue asks.

“Really. I missed Spence heaps, and it took a long time to get over him but I still maintain breaking up was best for both of us. We have a strong, strong connection but don’t you remember how much work I was doing to keep us going? It was hard. Too hard.” Andy says and Blue nods.


“How are things Tad?” Blue asks and Andy takes the farm boy in for the first time and very much likes what he sees.

“Really great.” Tad says and fill sin on his news.

Outside Spence is on his knees worshipping Larry’s thick meat. Spence doesn’t care that his pants are getting muddy. He just wants to show Larry how much he wants him. Larry is still fantasizing about Spence and all the things he wants to do to him. Spence being on his knees and deep throating is a really good start.


97 thoughts on “A new Blue 36

            1. Thanks babe. My cold is an embarrassing cough again. 1 more day of work. Not packed. Super cute message from you when you should have been sleeping made my day.😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


  1. Oh Sam, sorry I haven’t been able to comment because I’ve been so busy but I’ve loved the last few chapters. Just say yes to Lence and some Tandy action on the side. 🙂

    I’m really glad Blue put his foot down with Gervais and Robin. It really would have been too much at once with all that is going on in his life. The temptation, too. I’m glad he acknowledged that and is being strong about it and honest with Will, too. He’s just got to hold out a little longer. Summer will be easier with Cheryl there to help Blue keep the house running (she is living there, or am I remembering incorrectly?). The Heidi/Liberty/Arnold thing is awesome and seems much more awesome than the college try Triple D gave their threesome. Heidi acknowledges the pitfalls in the relationship and has a very healthy attitude. I hope that can continue, or at least have a calmer ending than Deke’s behaviour ending things in that group. None of these three are immature, so I find that hard to see happening. Then again, Heiryl would be pretty cool too.

    Looking forward to the next segment, as usual!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Also, I hope Andy’s ongoing, semi-romantic feelings for Blue don’t end up creating an issue with Will. They are better brothers than lovers and I hope they don’t blur those lines unless Will is around to actively participate and have a good time too. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thanks man. Glad your busy and can still fit me in 😁😘 Blue is getting there on the adult front, forwards and back but mostly forwards.
      With Spence I felt like I pulled you all into Spence and Andy and the cusp of them being back together then pulled the Larry card and you’ve all been ok that fits. Love it.
      Heidi I like a lot and want more for her but like Blue she’s so busy so the fun she’s having works for now.


      1. There are some people out there who are strong and independent enough that they don’t really require that close person there for them constantly. I don’t know if Heidi is that person or not, but I could see it – someone who is in the end okay with having long term but non-dependent relationships with a number of people so long as she gets some emotional support when she truly needs it. Sometimes having that freedom is a godsend. I have a friend like that – he’s crashed and burned two big relationships because he was trying to be someone he’s not – a relationship guy. All he wants now is friends who can be there for him when he needs it and someone hot to bed when the urge strikes.

        Although that has shades of Andy, that last bit, I don’t thing he’s truly a no-relationship guy. He just needs a looser leash so he can enjoy some other hot bodies here and there, either with or without his partner.

        (lol when I first wrote that last sentence I wrote ‘so I can enjoy’ instead of ‘so he can enjoy’… Freudian slip?)

        Liked by 1 person

      1. well I see his point as his relationships have a history of imploding very quickly and out of nowhere and its one area he does not trust himself or his instincts

        Liked by 1 person

            1. That’s true and he has always got his eye on the long term. It’s such bad timing as with the sibling stuff and lots of work he needs some physical stress relief and doing it himself isn’t working right now


  2. OMG I can’t wait to see Spence tied up in the hay loft!! He and Larry could be ALOT of fun together! The rich city boy getting tied up and fucked by the strong country boy. I bet Larry can use a bullwhip, and he definitely knows how to use a rope. He needs to tie him up then use the handle of the pitchfork on our sexy Spence and get him good and loose. Now I’m hard just picturing it!!

    And poor Blue, is it cheating if he just watches Andy jack his big dick? No touching or anything, just enjoying watching Andy jack off would be HOT!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes, very happy. I think Andy and Spence will one day get married when they are both in the right place. But until then, they need to stay close, but also enjoy others. andy needs to spread his big dick around, and Spence needs to enjoy all the hot Dom boys out there in the meantime.

        Will needs to come home unexpectedly and suck Blue til his balls turn inside out. Blue needs some attention!

        Liked by 2 people

                    1. That’s about as often as I will haha. It just doesn’t do anything for me, I mean it’s ok, it’s not horrible. I just don’t get much out of it. But every once in a very great while the urge hits. And when it does, I go for it haha.

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                    2. I’m Open to doing it more, but my husband is pretty much 99.9% bottom. Every once a while he gets a hair up his ass! LOL


          1. Ugh, I know. I try to keep the mushy core hidden but sometimes it escapes lol!!

            No actually I am a romantic at heart in all honesty. I would choose love over passion any day. It’s. I’ve to have both, but passion fades. Love is the one thing that can endure. Well, at least in theory. I’m still waiting to prove that haha❤️❤️

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            1. I write romance because the minute I made Alexander more romantic my mailbox filled up. I didn’t expect guys to ship relationships and to hear from so many married guys and guys looking for love was pretty heartwarming.
              I’m useless at it myself.

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  3. I LOVED this chapter! Don’t get me wrong, I love Will and Blue, but I hate how lonely Blue has become with Wills recovery and training. 😢

    Liked by 2 people

      1. It would’ve been dangerous for his relationship for sure! We all want Blue to be happy and he’s never been happier or stronger in a relationship, but he definitely needs more lovin’!

        Liked by 1 person

                  1. but Andy is not ready he needs to work on his personal relationships and himself first 🙂

                    kinda like Gervais in aftermath of Chris breakup….. notice the trend th

                    Liked by 1 person

  4. Andy could be the problem as they have so much in common now and Blue loves caring for others so if he can just keep his distance then the summer could be explosive with the whole gang being there. Maybe Clara will turn up and surprise them all.

    Liked by 4 people

      1. I think they need to have a serious convo regarding their relationship and needs. Blue is probably the best bf anyone could have – he puts his needs on the back burner though. He’s learned to stand up for himself and Will needs to appreciate who he has too. Will loves him so much – he hasn’t made the Olympic team yet, but his game has been full on with Blue’s support. The distance makes it hard and they both need to compromise – not sure the answer, but I’m still full on for B&W!

        Liked by 2 people

                  1. Me too. Yes, he’s organized to be close for training, but it’s still a lot of time apart. They need to work through what works for the two of them and Blue should be the one to address the topic…he’s the one with the feelings/issues.

                    Liked by 1 person

  5. Spence and Larry, that’s an interesting combination. Blue is worried about messing up things with Will! Hmm Sam is there something big brewing???? Spence Nick and Ella ought to open a store there. Good chapter but I’m still rooting on a Spence/Andy reunion.


    1. I thought you’d love the first 3/4 then hate me at the end. I’m not sure with Will and Blue. He’s frustrated in a way he never had been, because Will makes him feel so sexy. He needs to remember who he is and not let his worries be self fulfilling

      Liked by 1 person

          1. Sam I couldn’t do that I’d probably butcher them. Plus I’d have too write about robin and his girl and I’m not good at that. The one person I would maybe love to write about would be Gervais. I already know what the last chapter would start with.

            Liked by 1 person

                1. He sure had fun with both. I want Spence to find what he was waiting for. I think it will do him a world of good to be with Larry. Someone who will make him part of a family.


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