A new Blue 37


Blue, Andy and Tad get up early to get ready for the market. Blue and Andy drop Tad home and head to the bakery.

Blue and Andy are a whirlwind of activity, so are Spence, Larry and Tad when they arrive with Mike. Blue is surprised at Spence pitching in then figures it is probably to impress Larry.

The whole morning is busy, the crowd is more than Blue anticipated and even though it is a chilly march day he sees many people walking around with ice-cream. They sell the small cakes and bread easily and the soup does steadily well with them replenishing often from indoors.

Andy helps out with Claud’s stand and Blue watches his easy way with the customers and smiles to himself. Andy really does seem fine with the Larry and Spence situation. He notices Tad seems to drop by regularly to check Andy is okay, taking him coffee and food. He’s sure the pair will have a lot of fun over the week and Blue feels relieved that all temptations are out of the way. It would have been so easy to get it on with Larry or Tad this week.

As the day moves on and things quieten down Heidi heads over to the bakery for a while, when she gets back Blue heads over to see how Mike has done.

“It has been good. Not as crazy as the last one but a different crowd, hopefully everyone has done well. Lots of photographers from local websites about and the paper and student papers all sent people down. Gladys and Abby have been holding court in the bakery and doing a lot of the press with us lot taking turns in there. They all ask about you.” Mike says.

“Hope you’re all being nice.” Blue grins.

“Of course we are. We’re all giving you and Heidi props for getting us all in gear and doing this. It’s worked out. We’re all happy, the stores are all full, the cafes and restaurants are doing well. We just have to hope people come back before the next one.” Mike says.

“Yeah. We’ve done pretty well and I see people with ice-cream, which is great. And lots of people with coffee from the bakery.” Blue says.

“I saw the usual cheesecake line this morning. That is still a hit and those people stayed around. Your Andy suggested selling soup packs to me and Claud so we share produce and bagged up the things in recipe groups and they sold so well. People recognized the farm name from the soup board, asked for selfies the daft brushes.” Mike says shaking his head but clearly flattered.

Claud sees them talking and comes over.

“He’s a good one, your Andy. Made me a nice profit with his ideas. I felt famous all the pictures and being asked if I was the real Claud from the soups.” Claud laughs clearly pleased with how the day has gone.


“Uh we’re heading off. I’ll probably stay with Larry tonight, give you two some bonding time.” Spence says coming over with Larry.

“I thought you’d already gone. That’s fine. Why don’t you all and Mike come for a late lunch tomorrow?” Blue asks.

“That sounds good.” Spence says with a smile.

“So you’ll feed Mike, Larry and Tad but it’s a chore when it’s me.” Gervais says popping up with Robin behind him.

“What are you doing here?” Blue asks shocked, not meaning to sound so rude.

“We wanted to support your first market day. We always said we would.” Robin says.

“Where are you staying?” Blue asks.

“At the motel.” Gervais says.

“Bit grim, compared to the fancy hotel in New York. There are some nice places in the city you could have booked.” Blue says.

“Hello Gervais, Robin. Didn’t expect to see you.” Mike says.

Tad bounds over having glimpsed Gervais blonde hair through the crowd. Andy watches fascinated as Tad’s crush makes the usually together guy a stuttering mess.

“Didn’t know you were coming.” Tad gets out eventually.

“Wanted to support the first day of the market. It just took us longer to get here than we expected.” Gervais says.

“You should both come to lunch tomorrow, unless you have plans.” Blue says and Andy tries not to laugh.

“Thank-you. We’d like that.” Robin says with a smile.

“Are Gladys and Abby about? I should go and see them.” Gervais asks.

“They’re in the bakery. Did you get a chance to try the ice-cream?” Blue asks.

“Not yet. We will though.” Robin says.

“Are you really going to make them stay in the motel?” Andy asks.

“I’m going to make them sweat a night.” Blue grins.

“They deserve it. So manipulative, we wanted to support you.” Andy says in a whiney voice.

“Exactly. But they can stay from tomorrow night. But I’ll not be able to entertain them.” Blue says.

“Cool, I really want our us time tomorrow. I feel a bit like the/ re butting in. I don’t have a claim on you but we had plans.” Andy says with a grin.

They help pack up and go home and share a long soak in the tub, both too exhausted to get back out.

They are lazing on Blue’s bed, clothed when Will calls.

“Hey baby.” Blue says smiling, and Andy waves hello over his shoulder.

“Hey you two. Did today go okay?” Will asks.

“Yeah really good, we sold loads and it had a great atmosphere.” Blue grins.

“People ate a sea of Blue’s soup. It is so popular.” Andy says.

“He exaggerates. Go away and let us talk.” Blue says pushing Andy off the bed playfully. He falls dramatically and gets up and kisses Blue’s forehead and cheeks territorially.

“Do I need to worry about him?” Will asks.

“No. We did share a bath earlier. Is that okay? We were so cold and achy I didn’t even think about it.” Blue says.

“Its fine. As long as there was nothing in it. No touching.” Will says.

“Not that sort. I am finding it hard though. Really hard.” Blue says.

“Really? Its only been a week.” Will says.

“Longer than that, since before your op. It’s a long time for me.” Blue says.

“You’re feeling neglected?” Will asks.

“Just frustrated and needy.” Blue says.

“It doesn’t feel like that long for me. But I’m exhausted and it’s the last thing I think about. Unless I look at those pictures. We had some fun that day, I knew it was only a week.” Will says perking up.

“For you.” Blue says.

“Oh. You are feeling neglected, hard done and resentful.” Will says.

“No and yes. I don’t know. I don’t see what the big deal is if one of my friends helps me out while you can’t.” Blue says.

“The big deal is it would hurt me. Hurt me a lot and I wouldn’t stay with you.” Will says.

“But it, oh hell, I can’t say it, I sound like that guy. I’m sorry.” Blue says hanging his head feeling ashamed at trying to pressurize Will into agreeing to something that would upset them both.

“You’re going to have to improve your solo game because I am getting my shoulder done on Tuesday up here and I’ll be here for at least 2 more weeks.” Will says.

“Why are you getting it done now? What happened to rehabbing at school?” Blue asks.

“The team doctor wants to oversee things more closely and the facility is even better here. Plus there are people on hand to help me day to day so we can get done sooner.” Will says.

“What about school?” Blue asks.

“I’m sorting it out. Don’t worry I will finish, they are being pretty flexible with me.” Will says.

“That’s good.” Blue says with a half-smile. He knows he’s slipping into one of his funks, he anticipated it after the high of the market but didn’t expect to crash so fast.

“I know it means longer apart and I hate that just as much as you do.” Will says.

“I’m sorry. I’m just struggling with this. With being away from you, not just sex, everything. Can I come up there next weekend?” Blue asks.

“No, you’d not be able to stay here and there isn’t anywhere close by. I wish you could baby I really do. It is such a short amount of time in the long term. Just focus on that. In a few months we’ll be together 4 or 5 nights a week.” Will says.

“We will. Wait if you are staying extra what about senior night?” Blue asks.

“I’ll be missing it. I know it is going to be a shame for ocean but he’ll enjoy the meet and trip with his

“It’ll be weird without you there.” Blue says.

“You’ll still go?” Will asks and Blue nods.

“Just won’t get to treat you to the fancy hotel after.” Blue says.

“You’re mad at me.” Will says.

“No. I’m just sad that I can’t see you and feel rubbish that I’m being so selfish when you need my support. I’m going to go. I promise I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow.” Blue says.

“Are you sure? I’m happy for you to complain away, even if it is about me.” Will says.

“I don’t want our tiny time talking together to be depressing like this. I promise, attitude adjustment will be in place tomorrow. Tonight I need to wallow a bit and I don’t want you to see.” Blue says trying to be as honest as he can.

“I love you Blue, good moods and bad. You don’t need to hide any of yourself.” Will says.

“Thanks. I’m sorry. I’m just going to go to bed.” Blue says and ends the call feeling worse.

He can’t get a handle on anything. He feels totally out of control. He’s totally overloaded and wants to use sex as a way to handle it and can’t. He needs to be held and loved and that he knows what he needs makes it all the more frustrating.

He throws himself on the floor and starts to work through his yoga, trying to calm himself and get back in control but he can’t. He feels awkward, the familiar movements feel alien and uncomfortable and he gets more and more wound up. He pummels the floor with his fists and lets out a big wail.

Andy comes running in worried Blue has hurt himself.

“I’m fine, just being stupid.” Blue says.

“Let’s get into bed. You’ve been going non-stop since I got here. All week I imagine. You can sleep in tomorrow.” Andy says.

“You staying with me?” Blue asks.

“Yes.” Andy smiles.

“Thank-you.” Blue says and they get ready for bed.

“I’m gonna make you some brownies tomorrow.” Blue says rubbing Andy’s thin arms.

“Yes you are and cinnamon rolls and pancakes.” Andy says and Blue feels his friend smiling against his chest.

“How did you stay faithful to Spence early on? I mean you only fucked up in college, you had breaks apart for a few years. How did you deal?” Blue asks.

“Lots of jerking off. A lot of porn. And lots of family time. Chilling with Katelyn and doing fun stuff.” Andy says.

“I am so busy. I work long hours and when I’m finished I’m in an empty house all alone and sure Will and I talk and sometimes do more than talk but that doesn’t make an empty bed any easier. Weeks without sex. It is hard. I’ve been feeling like it’s too hard. I know Will is worth it. I love him, he loves me. He really loves me and I don’t want to push him, I don’t want to hurt him like Gervais did to me. But I am struggling.” Blue says.

“I’d offer to have sex with you but I think you’d throw me out. We should buy you a giant teddy bear to snuggle.” Andy grins.

“Maybe it is a twin thing, triplet thing, hating an empty bed. Too used to sharing a space. Uggh I can’t think about them. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Everything is going well with Will, yes we’re apart but it isn’t for long. I’m crazy about him. I’m never going to find anyone better and yet I am terrified I’m going to snap and fuck up.” Blue says.

“Stop putting so much fucking pressure on yourself. You are human. You’re young and have a big dick and a healthy sex drive. Of course you’re going to think about sex with others, crave it, and fantasize about it. Give yourself a break, lube up your ass and enjoy your dildo. You don’t want to fuck around, I know you. If you say you love this guy then you love him and you won’t fuck it up. Put that out of your head.” Andy says.

“It’s not about sex with others, just I want that release. I need a really good fuck and I can’t have one, not for ages and I really shouldn’t be saying this to you.” Blue sighs.

“I remember when you were a desperate virgin and miserable when Austin wouldn’t fuck you. You got through it and became an amazing lover. You’ll get through this and be the best Will has ever had, and he’ll treat you right. Give your relationship a chance. And call me anytime, I don’t care if you wake me. If you’re lonely you call. Plus I will send you loads of porn links.” Andy says and laughs.

“Thanks. I don’t want to mess up but I am such a thirsthound.” Blue sighs.

“You can do this. You will do this. He’s worth it. I saw how he looked at you in Vegas, he is crazy about you. Look I wouldn’t say any of this if I didn’t believe it because I would be yours in a heartbeat and you know it. I think he is right for you.” Andy says.

“I know he is. He’s amazing. And I don’t want to fuck up his recovery. Ugh I am so selfish. I only want him to follow his Olympic dreams because he would resent me if he didn’t. I wish he was doing his original plan of moving here after graduation and being a florist. Fuck I can’t believe I said that out loud.” Blue says.

“He sold you a dream and took it away. You’re allowed to be mad in private, you can’t let him know but you are allowed to be mad.” Andy says.

“Thanks for not judging me.” Blue says sighing.

“Why would I. Fuck you have listened to so much shit from me and given great advice. I don’t know how we get you through this. I don’t. But we will and then you’ll be happy. We all want you to be happy.” Andy says and Blue hugs his friend tightly. Before he can make the mistake of kissing him the way he wants to there is a knock at the door.

Blue runs down with Andy close behind, they find Gervais and Robin in the kitchen.

“Sorry the motel was creepy.” Robin says.

“Ah it’s fine he was only going to make you sweat it for the one night.” Andy laughs and Blue pulls his friends into a big hug. He is stressed and overworked and mad as hell at them but he loves them and wants them here.

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  1. Short but sweet chapter. God, Blue really needs to relax and get out of his head. I’m glad Andy was able to talk him down, but it’s difficult when Blue is so cerebral and emotional. On the other hand, I am pretty pissed that Gervais and Robin showed up. Blue should NOT be giving in on letting them stay at the house. To have them show up complaining that the hotel was creepy (as if!) without spending a single night there is just pathetically rude on their part. It’s true Blue needs his friends right now, and Robin would be okay to deal with but Gervais is too much of a risk given Blue’s state of mind. Gervais is so fucking disrespectful to Blue’s wishes and needs, even after all this time. I hope either Tad is able to drag Gervais away from Blue, or Blue completely blows up on him. I can’t abide by Gervais trying to step in and tempt Blue away from Will, but I can see it in the realm of possiblility here and that scares me. I don’t want Blue to do anything to jeopardize his relationship, and Gervais needs to get through his skull that Blue is done with him, romantically, forever.

    At first I was hoping Tad and Andy would have some action, but now I’m hoping that it’s Gervais and Tad. Gerad. Andy has shown he can behave himself with Blue and be the kind of friend we know he can be. No, the kind of brother he can be. 🙂

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    1. I need to give Gervais a chance to show you all he wouldn’t fuck up Blues relationship.
      It was rude of them. But also Gervais and Robin are little and cute and the gayest stereotypically of the guys so pretty vulnerable.

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      1. I recently discovered your stories, and I love the ones I’ve read so far.
        The suite saga and the new blue I blew thru them both. Are they going to have more chapters?

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  2. Oh snap! I didn’t see G & R showing up!

    Seems like this week is the forbidden fruits of temptation for poor old Blue.

    Andy and Blue talking about having a dream snatched away after it being sold to you really broke my heart and hit close to home.

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    1. Very true words. Kind of gave me a slight pain as well. 😕

      I’ve just decided to never dream or hope again. I’ll just live in the day and let tomorrow worry about itself. ✌🏻

      No expectations = No disappointments

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      1. We can be bigger together! Lol
        I keep trying to right more, but it’s just getting more and more depressing.
        For me, I realised that I’m more in love with missing a man, than loving him. It’s probably why I always dated men that had to travel a lot and were emotionally distant.

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        1. Dating safe people you have an excuse not to fall too deeply for? A man who travels would be ideal, except I’d feel trapped by having to be ‘on’ when they were home, being on their timetable would just make me be shitty.

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          1. Yeah I get what you mean.

            I love the idea of owning a man, and longing for him, while he shows me affection and love… just on a schedule that is comfortable with my lifestyle and needs lol.

            I just really fucking suck at the day to day stuff. Leave a plate in the sink? Dead to me.

            Toilet seats left up? Gone.

            Socks left in the loungeroom? Not good.

            But this is the big one. Say you’ll do something, and do another thing? Youre gone! Deal breaker.

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                1. I’d love you for that. I totally cleaned at the weekend. I have a roomba so have to keep the floor clear. I may have mountains of stuff on two chairs….


                  1. Haha, I’m not that approachable though… and I can’t cook.

                    It’s funny how our expectations change for people we live with though.

                    Piss next to a dude in a bar? Sure I’ll sneak a look.

                    If a dude I’m dating uses the bathroom without closing the door. I’m disgusted lol.

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                    1. I let my cat into bed…

                      Marcus, are you game for the world’s oldest twink with a big dick and hates wearing clothes, and a penchant for throwing wine? 😂😂😂


                    2. I knew if I stopped washing my hair, I could trap a man with my pheromones! Muhahaha!

                      You can cook yeah? 😉 I only make nachos. I make a great stiff drink though..


                    3. Oh baby I love a dirty man. You make the drinks and I’ll whip us up somethin tasty. If your a good boy I’ll even let you sleep on the floor and not make you risk your life goin home drunk XD


                    4. My name is Marcus and I am an impulsive buyer. I buy shet in multiple colors just because I couldn’t decide which one I liked more and because it was so cute and then cry later on blaming my friends for letting me do it. haha

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                    5. Make sure there is enough room left for me in the suitcase. I’m coming too. Belly has a hit out on me. I got to disappear. Save me Sammy poo. 😓


                    6. Oh that is beautiful. Just like me. Me and that suitcase belong together. Take me away sammy poo. -puppy dog eyes-😘😘😘


                    7. Oh I know how to make a man feel like he’s come to life again. It’s no fun to just lay there either so to each his own dahling. Haha 😈😈😈

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                    8. YOU WANT ME DEAD TOO?!?!?! U WOULD SEND ME TO BELLY KNOWING HE WANTS TO KILL ME!?!? -hides under my covers and sobs- So mean to me. He don’t luv me know more. I’m sorry I fucked your man 😭😭😭😭😭 lol jk

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                    9. Hate sex after a 4 hour game of monopoly.

                      When you lose, fucking it out is the only way to burn through the rage.

                      Also a great way to decide who gets to top, and you know what they say about delayed gratification…

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                    10. I love monopoly and I love hate sex. You’re def gonna hate me because I always win. Be ready to rage and rage hard. 😉


                    11. So do I sweetie. I’m sure you’ll be the one who ends up distracted not me. I always know how to put on a good show especially while taking all your money 😉


                    12. Lol that was until I knew you were tryin to put me down. I am too cute, too feisty, and too devastatingly mesmerizing to be taken from this earth at the delicate age of 25. You broke my heart belly we cannot go on like this. Don’t forget to pay your tab before you go. That will be $1999 USD. I deducted $1 because you’re so cute. Cash only pls. haha

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                    13. Marcus heart belongs to me I will win him
                      over with cheesecake + icecream, 7 seasons of Golden Girls dvds and my Aussie accent 😘😘😘😘

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                    14. -sniffles- I always pick the bad bois. I thought we really had sumthin special. 😭😭😭 Yus we need golden girls night so i can bash him and pig out on icecream and cheesecake. mhm mhmm

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                    15. we all love Marcus he is sooo adorable 😍😍😍😍

                      We all love sammy also but with you gone from tomorrow there may be serious flirting going on here 😇😇😇😇


                    16. Lol, my mum doesn’t know it yet. But she bought me Forza. I don’t like cars, and I know I’m a bad drivers but eh, I’ll give it a go. I can always go back to Skyrim again haha.

                      You aren’t secretly a ginger in his 30’s that lives in Potts point are you?


                    17. lol, The guy ive been staying with in Sydney when I go for work is called Mark, and I had a moment of panic, as he’s a big reader and a huge RPG geek too lol.

                      I always end up as a mage in Skyrim, no matter how many times I try to melee.


                    18. Lol I saw you want to be a widow by Easter. You trying to kill me and take my extensive collection of sex toys. How could you do this to me. x.x You broke my hearttt I thought what we had was special. Allll 2 hours of it.. I think…lol

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  3. I might be the only one who thinks this, but Blue is being overly whiny and selfish about this. Blue knew exactly what he was signing up for when he got with Will. Granted the original dream was for Will to become a florist after, long distance was a key part of this relationship to begin with. Will’s dream is important to him and while you might think Oh he could still satisfy Blue if he just lays there, sex is a strenuous activity and one wrong move could fuck Will’s knee further. Blue has gone way longer without sex before and if it is truly for “the release” that’s exactly what watching a porno and jerking off does. Plus he has dildos. Be in charge of your own sexual pleasure. He is making this harder for himself than it has to be.

    I’m also team Will about Blue fucking around with one of his friends randomly. Blue signed up for a monogamous relationship. He is lucky Will is fine sharing him if he is present during it. Most partners would be like hell no period. Those few minutes of pleasure are not worth your guy worrying especially while he is rehabbing. Sex means more than just play for will. I’m sure we all know sex is a very connecting experience and I can get Will not wanting to share that all willy nilly. Come on now Blue. You can tell in Will’s character he isn’t that much into the sharing. The man adores you.

    Gervais & Robin ya lucky your asses ain’t sleepin on the porch. All I got to say lol.

    Andy baby I missed you. Awww I just wanna shower this version of him in many hugs and kisses and make him a buffet of food. My baby is back and ready to dom betches. You make your number one fan proud! 😍😍😍

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  4. I think it was terribly rude and selfish of Gervais and Robin to show up in town, let alone let themselves into the kitchen and presume to get to stay. I hope Blue blows up the next day over a Gervais fit and writes him a check for the full amount of his gift for the house remodel, plus interest. There really needs to be some boundaries there.

    I also am really starting to dislike Will. It’s clear he is more about being an old married couple than the initial sex with Blue. I think Blue should move on, and by that I do not mean his once or new friends. He needs to find a Farm Boy there, that lives there, that want to screw him as much as he can stand and will eventually want a relationship. Maybe an older guy, in his early to mid 30’s.

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    1. I love Will for long term. I think if it was any character other than Blue doing long distance there would be more support. Everyone loves it when Blue is getting some.
      Blues forgiven Gervais and Robin already, they are being rude, but Blue is letting it go. I hope he has a strong talk with them though about walking all over him.

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          1. Gervais and Robbin owe Blue an apology…. at least Spence gets how busy Blue is and is why he is helping and maybe a way of saying thankyou for helping fix Andy 🙂


  5. It is strange that Robin and Gervais did not ring to apologize for their whiney rant the other day and were more being passive aggressive when they turned up.

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    1. They can both be jerks when they don’t get their way. But they love Blue and he loves them and right now he needs his friends, they’ve gone about it the wrong way but Blue is happy they are there.


  6. Holy fucking crap what have you done to Andy its like he’s a different person!!!!! The old Andy would’ve tied blue to the bed and went to town. Not saying I don’t like him but I liked the old Andy better. I hate to say this and please light your torches and grab your pitchforks but Will is being an ass. It is just some harmless fun. Like I said previously will has nothing to worry about if blue has fun with Andy robin or Spence or tad or Larry or Ollie or nick. Basically anyone but Gervais. If he has some fun with Gervais then will should worry. I personally think will is slowly losing blue and it doesn’t seem like he cares.I mean you make plans and then jeep changing them naw something fishy is going on

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          1. He wasn’t out for a while, then got beat up by his stepdad and Spence looked after him and his loyalty was absolutely complete. It was only when he got to college he thought fuck, I want more.


          1. Yeah I mean it was all about him not really caring about blues needs and all he could say was its only beenb a week I guess if blue and the gang have axircle jerk that would hurt wills feelings. I thought he was different but he is just as needy and self absorbed as all of blues exes.


                1. he gets a reprieve but needs to get his head out of his ass and be more understanding on Blue feelings… I don’t mean sex either more the lonlinees he is feeling at present

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                    1. Noooo! Don’t change a thing! I loved it lol.

                      Real people sometimes say shit things, especially when they’re feeling useless.

                      We’re only getting Blue’s side, so it’s easy to think that Will is being flippant, but at the end of the day, Will is in pain, sitting around doing nothing, unable to show his love in return.

                      For a man that is laser focused on achieving and accomplishing what he sets out to do. It’s a miracle he hasn’t sunk into a depression. If anything, its kinda shitty that blue has brought it up at all, and asking to effectively cheat while he is trying to recover is pretty low.

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                  1. Id know I already had his heart so a little release with buddies would be good. As long as it didn’t involve Gervais. Although if I said that I would be George then. Sorry i mean the old George I like the new one. Bit seriously the only real competition that Will has is gervais. Blue could be tested this summer if they last that long but I’m hoping they will and if they don’t they split amicably and on good terms like Spence and Andy.

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          2. Don’t get me wrong I hope they can make it because if this doesn’t work out it would more than hurt blue it would break his heart and I dont even think gervais would be able to help heal it then

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            1. He’s horny and all he can think about is dick – with all the action going on. He’s complaining he can’t go without it – yet he didn’t get laid since he left school and Larry at Christmas! Maybe he needs to do yoga in the cold to calm the f down?


                1. maybe a bit jilted that just when Clara and him were getting along along comes Bea to make herself the center of attention yet again….. I wonder if anyone has even picked up on the fact he is focusing on sex issue just so he does not have to think on what Chris and Bea have done to him….. yet again.


    1. Will is being pulled in multiple directions. Chances are his federation are keeping him where he is to keep him away from Blue while his family are in the spotlight. Will cares a lot.
      Andy and Blue used to have good talks, without sex though Andy would ask. I think Andy dating Chris for so long has killed any possibility of anything with Blue, casual or serious.


      1. I completely forgot that they may want to protect Will’s image by separating him from Blue! Are there any more skeletons about to be exposed soon?

        I really hope their relationship is what they expect it to be when they’re together. Having time to picture what they have while wearing those coloured glasses, could make what they have impossible to live up to.

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    2. Not everyone differentiates sex and emotions though.

      It took me years and years of whoring and Sauna’s to even feel slightly comfortable with the idea of sharing my man while I’m there, and I still feel far too possessive to allow my guys to fool around without me(even the ones I love, but don’t like lol).

      I think we sometimes forget how young these guys are, and Blue is still finding his footing in his sexuality, and we have no idea really about Will’s history.

      We all love Will’s values for Blue, but its a double edged sword, and his love does come with possessiveness.

      I like it, and I love that it makes their relationship more real.

      But that may say more about me, than the needs of the story. I keep getting the feeling that Andy is going to end up with Blue.

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        1. You say that now, but I think your subconscious may take over…

          Like when you say “I’ll only have one drink tonight” before going out.

          Next thing you know, you’re being fisted by a Korean porn star and have flitter stuck under your eyelids.

          Andy will sneak in there, I reckon. 😂

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  7. I loved all of Blues honesty with Andy in this chapter Sam! He needs to have the same conversations with Will, but I understand the need to be able to confide in a friend. I figured G and Robin would show up! Just like them to crash!

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      1. For sure! One more day Sammy! You fly out tomorrow night or Thursday? Packed? I’m so excited for you and jealous!


            1. just teasing you and trying to lite a fuse…. worried you may leave it late and leave stuff behind if you have to pack in a mad rush


              1. There’s shops in Vegas. I found my passport, my casino cards and printed out my groupon and reservation for the drag brunch so I’m good 😂😂😂I need to be in bed now. Tomorrow you can shout at me if I’m not on it.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. 💨💨💨💨❄️that help? I put some things off a lot. Maybe writing is a form of procrastination, putting off everything else.
                  What about you boo? You a planner or seat of pants?


                    1. No. Is it too hot to do much? Can I make you feel better? Take you to a hotel with air con, let you sleep properly, feed you a magnum for energy and then let you at me?


                    2. My friend is posting tonnes of food porn from her trip, food I don’t even like looks tasty. What is your stance on panacotta and creme brûlée?


              1. I’m sure you’ll be fine! I’m more of a deadline setter/time freak…my husband would be up until 3 in the morning for a 7 AM flight packing…then he’d question why he has to wake up when the alarm goes off at 4. Stresses me out!

                Liked by 1 person

                  1. LMAO! You’ve completely described me with the military timing comment!! I’m so bad…I live on a schedule when I’m flying out – until I get on the plane..then I can’t be bothered!

                    Liked by 2 people

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