A new Blue 38

“I should be so mad at you.” Blue says hugging his friends closer.

“I’m sorry. We felt so bad after that call, we were so rude, obnoxious. so we thought we’d be even ruder and apologize in person.” Robin says.

“What he said. We absolutely know you are allowed to say no to us coming to stay and you can drive us straight back to the motel and we won’t argue. But we could see you were stressed and hurting and I knew you needed us here. I know, I know, my ego but I was worried. We wavered at the market as you were looking so happy and in control. Went to the motel but the couple next door were fighting and we couldn’t deal. And here you are happy to see us.” Gervais says and hangs tightly to Blue.

“Blah, blah, lovely speeches can we all get in bed now?” Andy complains.

“Carry me.” Gervais says jumping on to Andy’s back and making them all grin.

The four pile into Blue’s bed and snuggle close together. Blue stays awake for a minute and smiles. He is mad as hell and delighted all at once. Gervais and Robin knew he needed them and they pushed their way in instead of leaving him be. Blue feels his stress and resentment lifting. Sometimes his friends really do know him best.

Gervais wakes first and smiles. He feels like he’s with family. He’s had a lot of time to think about what family means to him since his dad died. Since he discovered his dad could do family just not with him he’s thought about it more and more. Paul being a dick to Blue has helped in a way, knowing that a father could reject someone so easy to love.

That his friends and just as importantly their families all accept him and want him has turned everything around. Not just Clara and Robin’s mom but W and AB seeing him as more than Spence’s friend and as more than the nanny. Gervais smiles and feels good, wanted and loved. He might not have a boyfriend but all his friendships are stronger now. He’s almost ready, he just has to be really, really, careful, Justin and Chris have made him totally paranoid.

Blue stirs and smiles back at Gervais.

“Yoga?” Blue asks and Gervais nods.

They shimmy out of bed trying not to wake the other two and go outside and work though their poses together. Feels good. It’s cold but the sun is fighting through. They shower together downstairs, standing back to back as they get off, knowing without words what they need and how far they can go.

They head upstairs and get dressed before hitting the kitchen. They bake and cook side by side, Robin and Andy eventually make it down and join them, Andy tasting more than cooking.

Mike knocks and comes straight in.

“Sorry for the short notice, the farmers are coming too. They’ll bring food don’t worry but they want to have a debrief on yesterday.” Mike says sheepishly.

“No problem. We’ve been baking up a storm all morning. We need more milk though if you can bring some.” Blue says.

“I’ll put word out.” Mike grins.

Only a few minutes later people start arriving with trays of food. The grill gets fired up and Tad takes control. A couple of patio heaters and more tables and chairs appear and soon the place is full of people inside and out sharing food and talking about the day before. What they did and didn’t like and what they will change for the next one.

Blue isn’t really listening. He will fall in with whatever is decided. He’s watching Andy laughing and joking with some of the farmers and eating away. He smiles at Larry and Spence sitting further up the garden on the bench, eating and kissing and looking adorable.

Gervais as usual is helping at the kids table, two little ones sat on his lap and trying to cut up food for others while keeping them all entertained.

“You okay?” Robin asks slipping his arm round Blue.

“Yeah, just wish Will was here too.” Blue admits.

“Long distance is hard, especially when you’re both busy.” Robin says.

“You barely gave yours a shot.” Blue says.

“And I’ve had zero luck in relationships since.” Robin says.

“You should have accepted me from the start and then I’d never have fallen for G.” Blue says.

“You’d never have found this place.” Robin says.

“Jesse would be alive.” Blue says.

“You cannot pin that one on me.” Robin says.

“No I wouldn’t. It was on me.” Blue says.

“No it was on the hospital that let him out and school that let him in without proper care in place.” Robin says.

“I guess. Sorry I don’t know why it came into my head.” Blue says.

“I think about it a lot too. Spring break, Jesse always brought the drama.” Robin says.

“Yeah. I guess that’s it. I knew something was bothering me. It is who isn’t here. What is Birch up to? As you’re all here?” Blue asks.

“Uh he and Grant have gone up to the lake. They’re staying at your house.” Robin says.

“Oh. That’s kind of weird my ex and Bea’s ex going up there.” Blue says.

“Are you mad? They’re going to paint with Roe, your mom suggested they use the house as it is empty, keep an eye on the chickens and goats.” Robin says.

“I’m just glad Birch isn’t left out. We’ll never be close like we were but I’d hate anyone to be isolated.” Blue says.

“He’s fine. You’re the isolated one. Even now surrounded by half the town and all your friends.” Robin says.

“I’m in a funk. It is better now you’re here and Andy has been amazing. There’s a lot going on and I’m not stopping to deal with any of it. I’m taking it out on Will, mostly in my head so I’m building resentment and he is so not at fault.” Blue says.

“Whatever you need. Gervais and I will help in the garden and we’ll visit Gladys and Abby and cook for them and we’ll do laundry. We’re not here to make things harder. Just keep talking babe. Will is so right for you, you know that. You’ve waited so long for the right one. We’ll work on how to cope.” Robin says.

“Thanks.” Blue says.

“Arnold is saying you can get the basic ice-cream to me this week.” Marsha says coming over.

“Yes, but not the advertising material and not the final labels.” Blue says.

“Wilson has already done the board, Nick is going to paint on the logo. I’ll take what I can get, we’ll put a spin on it.” Marsha says.

“The others will be a few weeks to get everything finalized. We’ll have all the materials ready for then too.” Blue says.

“That works for me. Gives me a lead on everyone and then when other places have the basics I get the specials.” Marsha grins.

“Did yesterday go well for you?” Blue asks.

“Exceptionally, in the store and on the stall. Much better than last time, much more our demographic. Although we do have a few customers who came to us from the last one and we do a good trade in the budget meal range now.” Marsha says.

“Cool. I hope yesterday works out for you too.” Blue grins and starts to pass out the plates of baked goods. Which gives Andy an initial happy face followed by a sad one when he realizes how many people he’s sharing with.

“Don’t worry I put a lot aside for later.” Blue whispers in Andy’s ear putting the smile right back.

“Maybe tomorrow for pancakes?” Andy asks.

“If you make them, I have a bakery shift tomorrow. You can come by for a cinnamon bun.” Blue says.

“I’m going to work with Mike, maybe you could bring one by.” Andy pleads with a big cheeky grin.

“Maybe I’ll finish early and bring the pair of you lunch. Hey why are you working for him and not me?” Blue asks mock grumpily.

“You just said you’ll be at the bakery anyway. I love this garden and the tunnels are amazing. We are going to have so much fun this summer and I cannot wait to see what crops we can come up with. I can’t wait to get on with the vines. You know I live here now, right?” Andy says.

“I know.” Blue says and kisses Andy’s cheek and moves on to check on Abby and Gladys.

Robin insists they will clear up and sends Blue to take a nap once everyone has gone. Blue is grateful he is exhausted and falls straight to sleep.

“You two took a risk.” Andy says.

“Was the right one.” Gervais says.

“It was. Although can you give us some space, we’ve both been looking forward to some time together.” Andy says.

“I think we all need some one on one time with him.” Robin says knowing he wants to continue their talk from earlier.

“I should have come before, when the story came out.” Gervais says shaking his head.

“He had Clara here and Mike, Nick, Ella and Heidi. He has a lot of friends here.” Andy says.

“He wouldn’t have wanted us here, not missing school. He’s doing really well. He is down about Will more than anything and we need to help him come up with strategies for dealing with that.” Robin

“Gervais not showing up would have been a start.” Andy says.

“Should I go and stay with Tad for a bit?” Gervais asks.

“Are you and he?” Andy asks curious.

“We had one terrible date but he really likes me and I could have some fun. Plus I really like hanging out around Mike.” Gervais says.

“You can’t date a guy because you like his dad.” Robin says.

“I know. And I don’t want to lead him on when I have no feelings.” Gervais says.

“You don’t? Can I try?” Andy asks.

“Really?” Robin asks.

“Uh big beefy farmboy, what’s not to like?” Andy asks.

“Go ahead but he liked me so you might not get anywhere.” Gervais says.

“Pfft not everyone has a narrow type. Everyone loves me in the end. You’ve all had me.” Andy grins.

“You’re totally irresistible. Spence and Larry are super cute together, Larry seems to be very protective already.” Robin says.

“I totally love them together. Spence says it’s been all vanilla so far but they are talking about what they want and need. I said they should get to know each other in a simple way first and Spence said that was exactly what Larry said. They are taking their time, he doesn’t want a disaster like Danny.” Andy says.

“Sounds like they’re serious already.” Gervais says surprised.

“Spence doesn’t want anything else. I mean messing around with me doesn’t count but the casual and dating he’s tried haven’t been what he wanted. He needs a boyfriend who he can be serious about.” Andy says.

“I am happy for them too.” Gervais smiles.

“I’m going to nap with Blue. I take it you can amuse yourselves.” Andy says.

“Yeah we brought a console with us. We need to check out our study too and work out what we’re going to buy to finish it.” Gervais says.

“Cool I’d forgotten.” Robin says with a grin.

“We’ll come and wake you in a bit.” Gervais says.

Blue shifts as Andy climbs in and cuddles his friend tightly and smiles. Andy melts into Blue as he always does. He’s so tempted to push for more but he knows that isn’t what Blue really wants. Feels

Andy meant what he said before, he loves the house and the land and wants to work it with Blue. He knows he can get part time work on other farms, met loads of people over the last two days and they all spoke to him as an equal. Being Blue’s friend has given him a big foot in the door, more so than being Clara’s family at home where he’d be expected to work for free. Heck before he arrived Arnold had asked him to help run a business. Not that cheese is where Andy sees himself, he loves the outdoors too much but it is flattering and a good way to prove his worth.

Andy snuggles a little closer and relaxes. Having Blue back in his life means the world. Every few days he tries to work out how he ended up with Chris and what happened to the Chris from the summer, which one is real, which is fake. Blue has grown and changed but he’s always the same Blue at his core and Andy loves that even when it means they are estranged.

He won’t lose Blue again. He knows he’s said it before but this time he knows he just can’t mess up. He knows what Blue is capable of and how much it hurt when he left.

“You okay, you’re fidgeting.” Blue mumbles.

“Just thinking about the way you left.” Andy says.

“It was the best thing for me. I missed you. A hundred times a day I wanted to run things by you. I like you being here. I’m sorry we won’t have more just us time.” Blue says.

“I really, really like it here. I love home too and being close to Katelyn and Roe. I could work at home but I could live here and have a life in the city too. I’d not be so limited.” Andy says.

“And we can make soup and wine and ice-cream and grow purple carrots and rainbow chard and striped tomatoes.” Blue says happily.

“Mmmmmm perfect.” Andy says.

“And Gervais will be here too working in his nerdy world and Spence will pop by after work every night.” Blue says.

“And Robin will live in the city with a girl one year and a guy the next.” Andy giggles.

“And Katelyn will visit on breaks from college.” Blue says.

“And you’ll finally give in and marry me.” Andy says and kisses Blue’s cheek.

“You’d have me baking all day and I’d never make us any money.” Blue says with a giggle.

“I’d work hard to keep you in flour and sugar, if I can fit through the door.” Andy laughs, surprised Blue didn’t shut him straight down but knowing not to read anything in to it.

“I don’t know how Will will feel about us getting married. He’s pretty strong, you’d be in trouble.” Blue says.

“Have I lost you to him forever?” Andy asks curious as to how Blue is now feeling.

“If I can get through this difficult patch. I do worry about him a lot. Surgery is always a risk isn’t it? People die having their tonsils out.” Blue says.

“Is that why you’ve been stressed? Not sex but worry about Will?” Andy asks gently.

“I expect that is part of it. Feeling totally helpless about a lot of things right now.” Blue says.

“Like what?” Andy asks gently.

“Will, what if surgery is unsuccessful? What if he gets injured again? What if he decides he can’t have the distraction of a needy boyfriend? Then there is Chris, Bea and Paul. What story will they sell next? When will they be on TV? Will I always have to check trashy magazines and keep suing when they make things up? What if they come for me? What if they track me down and ruin my life here where I feel safe, where Gervais feels safe, where Will and I are building our life? And there’s momma and the businesses. Why are people trusting me? What if they all fail and I lose everyone’s money? Will I have to move away?” Blue says in a flurry.

“The businesses are not solely on your shoulders. You’re not asking anyone to invest, they want to. I don’t think you’ve promised any returns. That is all on them. You just do what you do and stop worrying about the rest.” Andy says.

“I know I’m not responsible for any of it but I feel like I am. I am so embarrassed that people are reading about my life. I still don’t have my head round Bea and Chris existing, let alone the disaster that is our relationship. And Paul? Who I’ve had 2 conversations with. Who is he to comment on my life and who I am?” Blue rants.

“He is scum. I will never, ever understand your momma facilitating that man having kids. Not ever.” Andy says.

“I’ve been pushing it away. Just like I did when I found out. I just can’t deal and I can’t get help because therapists with experience of triplets separated at birth are not exactly plentiful and I don’t want to become a case study.” Blue says.

“That is why you refused therapy?” Andy asks surprised.

“Yeah. I’m sure they can unpick my issues with momma but not the rest, not really.” Blue says.

“You can’t know without trying.” Andy says.

“It’s too late now. People will already have an opinion. And I have you.” Blue says.

“And the others but we can’t fix you, we can only listen the way you do for us.” Andy says and wipes Blue’s tears.

“I’m sorry. This is a shitty spring break for you.” Blue says.

“Rubbish, I party at school. A week with you is what I wanted. Hanging out in this house and in your garden. But mostly you’re letting me back in. You’re talking to me like old times which means everything to me. We’ve both been through shit recently and you’re the only person I’ve wanted to talk to about it all.” Andy says.

“It’ll be hard for me to talk about Chris with you, especially right now.” Blue says.

“I know, it’s still hard for me too. I feel like I owe you such an apology for the George stuff, I get it now what it’s like to cling to someone who has changed in the hope they’ll change back.” Andy says.

“I have no idea who the real Chris is. Or Bea for that matter. Did you watch the TV show?” Blue asks.

“Yeah, Bea was scared shitless of Paul. First time I’ve felt any sympathy for her. No way was that an act.” Andy says.

“You think Chris was working with Paul all along?” Blue asks.

“No. He hates his parents for stealing his money and not paying up when he proved it. He hates him big time.” Andy says.

“I thought so. I want to talk to him but I don’t trust myself to not knock his teeth out.” Blue says.

“That works for me.” Andy grins and the roll around laughing.

151 thoughts on “A new Blue 38

  1. Loved it! It was great every one came to help Blue.
    As I’ve said before Sam is a genius!
    I just love this story and especially Sam for bringing Blue into everyone’s lives!

    Liked by 2 people

                  1. Haha, I loved that she was reduced to something pitiful! Not because it’s what she deserved or anything, but we all have that phase!

                    When you date someone that is really a losing situation, but you refuse to acknowledge it, even as the ship is sinking. And then after the boat is sunk, you still cling to the rails…

                    I say this to you all the time, but I love it when perfection is fucked and messed up.

                    I thought you would have to for some reason lol.

                    I would love to pick you brain over a beer some time.

                    Also, 10 points if you leave jizz in the bathroom.


                    1. I was happy with her career being fucked and not being some great writer. Much better if she was shagging Logan’s dad to get work than clinging to the powerless son(even though I’d do him happily, engaged or not).


                    2. Yeah… I found Logan pretty stale. It kind of felt like they only kept him in the show because Dean wasn’t available for most of it. He was only intended for the cliffhanger.

                      I still got SOOOOO excited when I saw Suki or Sookii though!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. The other thing I hated was sending suki to find herself (with Jackson and kids? Did she abandon them?) rather than just pretend she was in the kitchen until they could get her signed up.


                    4. Bahaha, yeah, that gave me the shits too! She tweeted as soon as the revival was made public, so obviously they assumed she wouldn’t be party to it.

                      Either way, I loved it.
                      For me, it was a chance to watch the entirety of the show with my Mum again, and I loved it. So I’m probably watching it with rose coloured glasses.

                      But I did like the harshness of Lorrelei’s relationshit with luke. They wouldn’t have done that on the normal show.

                      (But we wouldn’t have had to sit through a bunch of Wild shit either… Really?! That was rubbish!!! Noone likes Wild! Shit book. Shit Movie)


                    5. I mean I love Sutton foster but the musical took away like a year where Emily could have been firing people and fucking off the dar more. I want to be Emily when I grow up.


                    6. Oh yeah… That should have been cut.

                      It should have been cut faster than a jewish foreskin.

                      Or my foreskin. It was gone so fast!!! 😥

                      It did need a good edit. Have you watched Penny Dreadful? Or Mr.Robot?!


                    7. Now that I’m rereading this Siberian on the way to work….

                      Yes!!! Emily is the shit!

                      I could so see you as Emily. Or at least digger lol.

                      I’d probably be a mix of Gypsy and Jesse. Fucked up and judgemental. But with a use 😂


                    8. And on top of that, thank you so much for the countless hours of entertainment!

                      I feel like I barely know, but know you intuitively aswell! Have a fabulous holiday! May you be fucked senseless, but always be safe.

                      Also, if you can name the different flavours of semen you sample, that would appreciated.

                      Im yet to meet a man that tastes like Lime.

                      (I taste like green grapes)

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  2. Awww, it has all come full circle. Where they all usually left Blue to rot when he had issues, now they are barging into his life to make sure he is ok.

    P.S. Andy is just the bee’s knees. He is so adorable!

    Liked by 3 people

              1. I will be just fine. Markie will protect me lol. You’re supposed to be the one to protect me though. Just gonna leave poor, innocent, cute, adorable, beautiful, hung, and great assed me.. all defenseless. You sir are no gentleman! -scoffs and walks off- lol


                1. Can’t I be a gentile, as well as a rambunctious, scandalous hellion? 😉

                  And you never mentioned you were hung or booty blessed.. now I’m extra intrigued… ,

                  This will be the third night you’ve kept me up until 3am… 😉


                  1. It’s a sneak preview of how many of ur nights would be with me. 😉

                    Heh and I didn’t mention it to you directly, but I’ve made plenty statements of how big and beautiful assets are.

                    And sure you can be a gent and a hellion. I mean I go from a cute adorable young lad to a dirty little devious slut everyday. XD haha

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            1. In that case, I did burn my dick too…

              (One year I actually did sunburn my dick and balls, but that wasn’t the painful bit. It was where my thighs met my groin that was killer. It felt like acid every time I rolled over. I’ll start using sunscreen again soon… )


                1. So I’m trying to pick a wedding song for us…

                  It’s either I put a spell on you – Annie Lennox, or Smack my bitch up – the prodigy.

                  I’m also comfortable with anything by Gessafelstein.

                  Too soon to book the venue? >_>


                  1. I vote for Smack my bitch up though I am more inclined to go with Super Love by Tinashe. I mean that song is the story of my life haha. Also we must have an autumn wedding dahling. I am a colorful person and want the season to be just as colorful. XD


                    1. NUH UH. Ya’ll got huge ass spiders down there and snakes and sharks and shet. Autumn wedding U.S.A on a hill top lookin out into the ocean. And u gonna have to get me a diamond ring to go with that cockring. How I’m supposed to show that off to the gurls. lol Well I could but thats sending the wrong message XD

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                    2. I actually find the idea of you showing off an engraved cock ring I’ve given you really, really hot…

                      But if anyone touches, I’ll snap their fingers.


                    3. Aww protective over me already. That’s why I love me an aussie man. You keep this up and I might give you a third of my bed. XD


                    4. That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me 😭😭😭

                      Now, I just have to figure out a way to sober up and masturbate in the next 20 minutes before work.

                      As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t want to see my dick, dont sit next to me on the train.


                    5. What I would give for a sloppy blowjob right now…

                      You now when you’re between drunk and hung over, and it just makes you feel dirtier than ever? Like you could fuck for hours and eat pasta?

                      Im there at the moment lol.

                      My poor co-workers


                    6. Mmmm now im craving pasta. We kill two birds with one stone. Wrap the pasta noodles around ur dick and feed me babe😍😍😍


  3. Still a Blue and Will fan here…they need a proper face to face talk. Will shouldn’t have scheduled his surgery without talking to Blue first. Just things you discuss with the one you love! They love each other!

    Liked by 2 people

                    1. Which characters do you prefer?

                      I love the Blue boys more, but I find the Angsty boys more lively and dramatic lol. I’m going to reread them while your gone. 😭😭😭


    1. Yeah Will has been swept away a bit by being in favour with the national staff and he’ll jump when they say so. He needs to explain to Blue how it all works and how things have changed for him.


          1. I adore how much you’re standing by Will’s dedication.

            He wouldn’t be an Olympic contender if he gave in to other peoples whims that easily.

            And I think it’s that same dedication that will make him perfect for Blue, even if it sucky for Blue right now… but Blue’s complaining all stems from a certain extent of immaturity at the moment.

            He’s like a big dicked gangly puppy that’s only finding his footing now. If he fucks it up, it’ll be something he’ll regret more than anything he did with gervais

            Liked by 2 people

      1. Right, I do have to admit though blue has come along way since the beginning. He needs help dealing with all of the bullshit his family is thrown At him.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. This was a great chapter Sam. It seems to me that maybe Blue should give Andy a chance. They are sexually compatible, Blues loves to cook Andy loves to eat, they care deeply for one another. I’m sorry to say but Andy is a better match than Gervais. I mean they know each other so well the only person Andy knows better than Blue is Spence. Sam as much as I hate to say it but please break up Will and Blue. Give BlAndy a shot. On another note thinking about Vegas ever considered eating at the Heart Attack Grill? I hear the burgers are to die for.


    1. My friend went to heart attack grill, her husband liked it. Do you want to go for the burger or to be spanked by a nurse? I’d not go as I think they only do full fat coke and shakes and I can’t do a greasy burger without a drink.


              1. That would actually make every one happy I think. I’d get Blue/Gervais,RUE,BlAndy, and Spence/Andy. I think that covers the most popular pairing


                1. I know you’re trying to get a sign that I’m sending them down the pan. Good job I’m not writing tonight, I’m stressed. Packed apart from what is in the drier.


                    1. It’s done. Ish. Under weight too and it includes an xmas gift I’m posting when I get there. You look very handsome today. Must be all that fighting over you earlier, gave you sexy confidence

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. well Marcus had the initial idea to stow away in your luggage…. be rude to go eoth his idea and not include him 😘😘😘😘


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