So merry merry xmas

I’m in my fifth glass of champagne and may not be that coherent.
Thanks to all of you, to the 150000 views this year, to the comments, the emails and the kisses.

You’ve all been amazing. Look how far we’ve come from Blue always being shat on, to him pushing back and telling everyone who he is and what he will deal with.

Thanks for sticking with me through the lows and the crap filler chapters and bad attitude.
I love all of you, good comments and bad. Though less of the demands would be awesome. Just kidding. Kind of.
This year I fell in love with writing and I just couldn’t stop, however many tantrums and strops I threw.
Thanks for liking Christmas kisses. I meant to write a cute story between two guys who had one romantic and sexy night together, I wanted to write it for MarkOz’s Christmas gift. But my mind wouldn’t let me, Arthur kept rearing his head and demaded I write about him.

Thanks for the support for ‘A lesson for jack’. I wrote it on the bus and train home from work (and had to relieve myself the minute I walked through the door) as a quick pick me up for Jack. I sent it to Okie who gave such support I braved sharing it.

I always worry with the rougher scenes that I’ll be told I’m doing it wrong. So many different options that I know it’s real but not the reality for all who go that way.

I have other stories in my head. The lad who is put into chastity by his boss who catches him wanking once too often in the work toilets. The guy who starts an affair with the man who lives in the penthouse of his building. The pair of strangers who meet and spend just one night together. The guy who can’t get his shit together and fucks around every time he finds someone who likes him. The continuation of Peter and Alexander.

Plus all the Blue stories, I want Blue to win. I want him to win whilst being the good guy. He has flaws but I want him to essentially stay that good guy who gets shit on but still wins whatever is thrown at him.

On a personal level 2016 was shit, I think it was for most of us. Death, politics and paedophiles fucked everything up. 

On the plus side I met you guys and you all mean the world to me, even if I play favourites. 

Let’s hope 2017 is full of kisses, great sex and fortunes.

Hey if I win the lotto you can hear about me flying to a country far away to meet that man who stole my heart.
Merry Christmas sluts, may you find dicks that are huge and holes that are tight but accommodating. Slaps that sting and lust that endures.
Love you all (but mostly him).

40 thoughts on “So merry merry xmas

  1. Merry Christmas to you, too! Thanks for the great stories, and for this forum where I’ve met some great people, shared my frustrations, and laughed out loud at some of the comments. This is a great group of people!!

    Hopefully Santa came down your chimney 😎 If he didn’t, hopefully MarkOz will!!!

    Tight hugs to you Sam, and to all of you on here as well!!

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        1. The good news about yesterday is that I absolutely slayed at scrabble.

          My bridesmaids are such morons. They didn’t know what what zygote is. It’s like hello! Just because you’re 5 is no excuse! You need to get a job, too!

          Liked by 3 people

              1. Really? What mixer? I used to love making flavoured vodkas. I can make you a cheesecake flavoured bottle…. I mean I know I don’t need to get you drunk, but I also know we’re both so bloody awkward that we might need it initially.


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