A new Blue 43

“I’m gonna cum just kissing you.” Will moans.

“That would be so hot.” Blue says kissing harder.

“Fuck baby, you’re amazing.” Will moans as Blue teases his pretty pink dick with his fingertips.

“I missed this body. How do you stay so taught through surgery?” Blue moans as he licks down all of Will’s muscle definition.

“All for you baby. I know what you like.” Will gasps. Fuck how could he have stayed away from this so long? Blue is everything.

“I like a lot.” Blue says rubbing his dick against Will’s good leg.

“I love you so much.” Will moans kissing at Blue and cumming over his stomach.

“So sexy.” Blue grins and Will’s hand moves to Blue’s dick and he gasps and grunts hooting his load. Weeks of anticipation have lead to pure passion and they can’t hold on.

“You’re the sexy one. Wow baby you’re so hot.” Will says tracing Blue’s body as they catch their breath.

“I love you. Ugh being away from you hurt so much.” Blue says.

“For me too. I promise I won’t do that again.” Will says.

“Can we take a bath together?” Blue asks.

“Sure I only have the brace for my leg, no bandages now. I can take it off for the tub and my shoulder is healed on the outside.” Will says.

“Mmmmm more naked time. Do you need food first?” Blue asks.

“No. You go get the bags and I’ll run the water.” Will says and Blue pulls on some shorts and grins.

Will smiles as he runs the bath. He chucks in a bath bomb that explodes with petals and color and smiles to himself knowing Blue will love it. He sits on a stool next to the tub and sighs happily. Blue is in a better place than he expected. Will has been worried Blue wouldn’t want him any more that he might think it was all too hard. But he knows Blue still loves him, can see it in his face and he feels so happy and relaxed now. Everything is going to work out.

“That looks fun.” Blue grins coming in and pulling off his shorts.

“So does that.” Will grins pointing to Blue’s semi.

“You are so hot I can’t help it. I’m never down with you around.” Blue grins and Will shows his own state of excitement. It has been much too long.

Blue looks Will up and down, he’s removed the brace, so Blue scoops him up and steps into the bath with Will in his arms. Yoga really pays off as he sits down and maneuvers Will to between his legs. Will lies against Blue’s chest and sighs in contentment.

“Mmmmm this is perfect.” Will says turning to kiss Blue’s chest.

“Yes it is.” Blue says sighing himself. It is all he needed. He’s back in control and his boyfriend is home. This is the life he wants.

“This feels super good. I really wished I’d had my baby around to look after me.” Will says.

“I’m right here and will do whatever you need me to. I just need a lot of kisses in return.” Blue says.

“Kisses are top of the list of what I need.” Will says and steals a few.

“Do you need some help washing your leg?” Blue asks.

“You can rub in the lotion when we get out.” Will says and Blue covers his neck and shoulders in kisses.

They spend much of the night kissing, jerking and sucking. They are so happy that they can so easily fall back into their relationship. They are feeling very secure together, both know they are loved and that the issues they had when they were apart were because they were apart.

Will wakes first. As usual he feels stiff and sore and begins cracking his joints and stretching and then he stops, looks at his sleeping Blue and just grins to himself. How he landed such a sexy boyfriend is beyond him, he’s never felt so lucky.

Will puts on some shorts and his brace and goes through to the kitchen. He starts the fire and makes coffee and then Blue comes through to help.

“Should you be doing all that?” Blue asks.

“Yes. I need to move and use everything.” Will says.

“You could have woken me.” Blue says.

“I wanted to treat you.” Will says with a smile.

“Thanks baby.” Blue says and kisses Will gently and smiles to himself.

“I love making you happy.” Will says.

“You know what will make me really happy.” Blue says wiggling his ass.

“Was last night not enough? I really want to but I need the all clear.” Will says.

“Last night was amazing. I’m sorry. I just want it. Always. You’re so damn hot.” Blue says and Will smiles wishing he could do what Blue needed. Wanting everything so much himself.

They have a nice morning together doing a few chores and catching up properly.

In the afternoon Blue and Will are sat out the front waiting for Cheryl and Ocean. Larry, Tad and Mike are there too throwing a football around. Blue has made paella and is excited to have his little brother here, like having Will around Blue is sure that Ocean will give him purpose and focus.


Ocean calls to get directions and they soon arrive. Ocean is practically out of the car before it stops and throws himself straight at Blue who lifts him up and hugs him tightly. Ocean kisses Blue’s cheek over and over, super excited to see his favorite big bro.


“Do I get a kiss hello too?” Will asks and Blue carries Ocean over.


Ocean is a little tentative kissing Will on the cheek.


“You can give him a high just be gentle.” Blue says.


“Thanks kid. We’re going to be training together soon.” Will says and Ocean grins.


“Cheryl, it is so good to see you.” Blue says hugging his friend.


“Uh Blue.” Mike says coming over. Blue grins and makes the introductions.


“I finally meet the famous Ocean. Want to play football with us?” Mike asks and Ocean nods excitedly.


Mike picks Ocean up high in the air.


“Boys we’ve a perfect new ball.” Mike says and makes to throw Ocean who is laughing and squealing.


He throws him a short distance to Tad who catches him. Ocean laughs and laughs and Cheryl smiles on. Ocean is soon running around with the three and the actual ball.


“I think Ocean has 2 more big brothers.” Blue says to Cheryl.


“Being included is all Ocean ever wants, this is huge for him.” Cheryl says smiling.


“Have you and Mike been getting close?” Blue asks.


“I love how he looks out for you. We can’t often, not just about work.” Cheryl says.


Mike has barely taken his eyes from Cheryl the whole time he is playing. It is clear they share a connection. They both keep blushing.


“I’m going to finish up lunch, let me show you round properly first.” Blue says realizing they haven’t been inside yet.


“Help me with the bags.” Cheryl says.


“I’ll get on with lunch.” Will says.


“Thanks baby.” Blue grins. He loves how Will needs no direction to help out, that he accepts and gives help so easily.


“We’ll get the bags, you go show Cheryl and Ocean round.” Mike says.


“This is your room. Gervais and Robin decorated it.” Bleu says when they get upstairs.

“All for me?” Ocean asks eyes wide at the big bed and pictures on the walls.

“Yes all for you.” Blue grins.

“You can sleep over.” Ocean grins.

“Yes I can when Will is at school.” Blue grins.

“Which is mommy’s room?” Ocean asks.

“She can choose, just not Robin and Gervais study.” Blue says.

“I’ll take the front left, between a bathroom and the study, which I may borrow until summer.” Cheryl says.

“Yes best noise insulation. We have an office for you at the plant but you are more than welcome to use that one or mine downstairs.” Blue says.

“That is great. Now show me the kitchen properly.” Cheryl says and Blue smiles at her directness.

Ocean helps show Mike, Larry and Tad where to put all the bags. He is very happy with his room and being close to Blue and Will. He likes Mike, Larry and Tad too. He loves that they let him join in their game and that they are helping him unpack.

They all race down to the kitchen when Will calls that lunch is ready.

“Yummy.” Ocean declares eating rapidly.

“We need Blue to come over and fill the freezer again.” Larry says with a grin.

“Now that Tad isn’t veggie I think you’re better cooking yourselves. Meat will never be my thing.” Blue says.

“Tad go back to being veggie.” Larry grins and gets a punch on the arm.

“Mom is the best cook, then Blue and then me. I make good ice-cream though.” Ocean says.

“You make great ice-cream. We named a flavor after you, Ocean’s banana and monkey poo.” Blue says straight faced.

“Noooooo.” Ocean shouts with glee.

“Was it not money brains?” Tad asks straight faced.

“Noooooo.” Ocean giggles.

“Banana poop and Ocean salt.” Larry says.

“Jokes on you coz you’ll never sell poo.” Ocean giggles.

“Here.” Blue says passing Ocean his phone to show him a picture.

“Ocean’s banana caramel dream. Wow, for me really?” Ocean asks.

“Yes for you. We will have some for dessert.” Blue says.

“It’s all for me, every tub.” Ocean grins.

“I don’t think even you can eat it all.” Blue grins.

“I can try.” Ocean says.

“If you eat more than 2 bowls it’ll be circles and dips for you.” Will says sternly with a glint in his eye.

“You are all mean to me.” Ocean says sticking his tongue out and going back to his food.

Cheryl and Mike are in a deep discussion and have barely noticed what the kids are taking about. Tad nudges Larry and they both smile and Tad whispers in Ocean’s ear and he nods.

“Dad, Cheryl we want you to know you have our full support. We think it would be great if you dated. Dad it is about time.” Tad says.

Mike blushes scarlet and Cheryl looks amused. Cheryl hasn’t dated a man since Ocean’s dad. She’s been lonely since the breakup with Willow and has really enjoyed getting to know Mike over the last few weeks. Seeing him being physical with Ocean really cemented her feelings, she knew he was a good man from Blue but can see he’s also a good dad and would happily take on her son as his own. Cheryl checks herself for a minute, it is far too early to be thinking like that.

“Ocean would you be okay with me dating your mom?” Mike asks.

“Yes please. Me and Blue can hang out when you go out.” Ocean says simply.

“I wouldn’t usually introduce Ocean to anyone so early. This is all topsy turvey.” Cheryl says.

“Everything is different here mom. I like it.” Ocean says.

“Me too.” Cheryl says with a smile.

“Me three.” Will grins.

“Good.” Blue grins the spark between his friends is strong and Blue loves the idea of them dating.

The group hang out for the rest of the day helping Cheryl and Ocean get settled in. Blue and Will try and sneak a few moments together. They are happy to have normal things to do, it makes them feel like everything is back to normal, even though they are both dreading Will going back to school.

“Shall I invite Abby and Gladys for lunch tomorrow? Time you met them.” Blue says.

“That would be great. It has been a while since Ocean has had older women in his life, the center has changed so much in the last few years.” Cheryl says.

“The retreat too and changing again now Willow is taking over. Do the two of you still talk?” Blue asks.

“Not really. She tried but I found it too hard. It’s hard to give up going to the retreat and I’ll miss the lake but this would have been the last year for Ocean. Even if he wasn’t a gymnast I think he would have needed a change soon. He’s growing up so fast becoming much more serious. I do love how you keep things light and fun with him.” Cheryl says.

“It is good for both of us. We’re very alike, mature and immature at once.” Blue grins.

“Well he is very, very excited to be living with you full time. Leaving the new gym was hard, but he knows Spence will be here soon and Will and his coach has been super encouraging. He really wanted to get going as much as I did. He needs the outdoors as much as the gym and I don’t have time to take him as much as I’d like at home. I need the outdoors too. A chance of pace and environment.” Cheryl says.

“It’s good here. I love it. But I’ve not had enough time to get out and enjoy it. I loved working for Mike last year, being outside all day.” Blue says.

“We’ll work everything out. You’ve already stepped back and your teams are growing. We’ll get the parlor up and running and the distribution going properly. You’ll feel free to be creative then.” Cheryl says.

“That is it, even though I’m cutting back I feel overloaded still. We’re so close but there is so much to do and I feel responsible.” Blue says.

“Maybe you should invite Arnold and family tomorrow too. Don’t worry, I’ll cook, I don’t want you and Will missing out on time together.” Cheryl says.

“Cool, then you meet everyone at once and Will and I can sneak away.” Blue grins.

“You two seem fine now. You’ve been so down.” Cheryl says.

“It is hard, we’re just starting and I want to be with him all the time but I know I have to be patient. The thing is if he hadn’t changed his mind, if we’d reconnected and he was still going for the Olympics I wouldn’t have backed off. I would have had to go for it anyway.” Blue says.

“He pushes you a lot more than Birch did and he’s a lot less precious about his talents. He is far more open to compromise even though he hasn’t much ground to give due to the demands. I like that about him. He is very good for you and you for him. He really does appreciate you and he is very aware of what he is asking of you.” Cheryl says.

“I’d not thought of it like that. You’re right he doesn’t expect anyone to treat him as special or go out their way for him even though he can’t just fit in with his schedule and the demands on him. Birch and Grant expected to be treated as artists, and everything had to revolve around that. I was happy to treat Birch that way but it wasn’t equal. How about you and Mike? Do you like him like that? I mean I’ve only known you with women.” Blue asks.

“I do like him, a lot. I’ve not dated a man in years, not looked for one. But Mike is different.” Cheryl says and Blue can see she really means it.


“How are things with Spence?” Will asks Larry.

“Pretty good. We’ve had a weekend together and will have another before summer. I am so excited.” Larry says.

“Cool. He’s a good guy. I’m looking forward to having him here too.” Will says.

“I’ll try not to be jealous when you see him more than me over the summer.” Larry grins.

“You have no worries on that front. Blue is the only one for me.” Will says.

“You better treat him right as there is a long queue waiting for him. I was in it before I met Spence.” Larry says.

“I know exactly how lucky I am.” Will says.

“We just need someone for Tad now. I don’t think he’ll ever win Gervais.” Larry says.

“No I don’t think he will. I wish he would. Gervais is the only one I really worry about with Blue.” Will says.

“They have something. You two do too. I wouldn’t worry, unless you fuck up.” Larry says.

“I never could.” Will says and Larry smiles and feels a small pang of jealousy. He really likes Spence but isn’t certain that their sexual connection will be enough.


That night in bed Blue and Will snuggle close together. Cheryl has made it clear to Ocean he’s not to go to their room.

“I don’t want you to go tomorrow. I’m going to lock you in.” Blue grins.

“Kiss me baby.” Will grins and Blue has to comply and forgets all about Will leaving.

32 thoughts on “A new Blue 43

  1. Wow this chapter was just awesome. So much a family feel to the whole thing. Blue getting Will back for a few days so glad they were able to just fall right back to the relationship seeing how bad Blue had it while they were separated. Cheryl and Ocean being there full time now thats going to be a big help keeping Blue occupied when Will has to be away. Mike and Cheryl? Thats cool perhaps Cheryl and Ocean become a permanent part of Blues new location. No one seems to object to the 2 of them becoming closer.

    Hope you had a great vacation Sam 🙂 We were all surely happy with the stories you were also able to put out giving up some of you vacation time for us. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was the perfect chapter for New Years. A nice refresh for Blue and Will. Meant for each other, that’s what I feel every time they are together. Sure, I know you have to give them ups and downs like the rest of the world, but damn dude this has got to be forever. I loved the family union/reunion sort of feel here.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks. Be a bit more family reunion for the next chapter too.
      Will is a good guy, I think Blue is struggling to adjust to being with a really good guy and might test him a bit. We’ll see. Maybe he’ll let himself be happy and I’ll have to start a new story….


  3. So sweet! I’m glad Blue’s house is filling up! Will knows exactly what he’s got and is never going to let go! Happy 2017 San!!


                1. Tad still likes Gervais. And there is Nick’s friend who could be Gervais type, and Nick and Ollie. So there are lots who could keep Gervais occupied along with Andy(I mean they can go fuck in the woods to avoid the house). It’ll be interesting to see how Andy actually deals with Spence having a new dom boyf too and if he tries to get in on the sex there…lotsa possibilities.

                  Liked by 2 people

                    1. A nice way for them to be respectful. My main problem with Will and Blue is the lack of sexual adventure they will have. Need to get the others there so I can write some sexy stuff when horned up. What was your best time outdoors?


                    2. Have you watched any of the Helix baseball scenes? Over here schools don’t have big sports facilities like that, well some private ones. Mostly a few multipurpose muddy fields, no stands or scoreboards or dugouts.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. My old flat looked out on a park that was used by football teams all weekend from little ones in the morning to adults in the evening and there were some cuties in the evening(and a lot of munters).


  4. Sam I have one thing to say… YES YES YES YES blues mom and dad are dating!!!! They are the parents he deserves. Clara and Paul can go buzz off. Ocean hasn’t been there an whole day and be has two new big brothers. Will you are right to not be worried about anyone except for Gervais. Sam you made the beginning of my year great!!!💏💋👏🎆🎇🎉🎊

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Now Sam I don’t kiss and tell. But seeing how there was very little kissing happening… Went to a party got tied to a bed twice, drunk some more, kissed a little and the next part was due to alcohol, rode my ex like a cowboy at the rodeo.


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