A new Blue 44

“Come on babe, I can ride you, you don’t need to do anything.” Blue pleads early Sunday morning.

“No, I could put my arm out to steady you and hurt my shoulder, you could fall on my leg.” Will says.

“That never happens. I don’t need to stay on long, I just need you inside me. Please babe.” Blue says.

“You’re never usually insistent on penetration. You’re usually more than happy with oral and hands, you rarely pushed for sex when I was fully healthy.” Will says.

“But we had it a lot. I just want to feel properly connected to you. We’ve picked back up so well but I’ve really struggled with you being away. I need it babe.” Blue says.

“And you don’t feel connected to me now? All these kisses and hugs are not enough? Are we in trouble?” Will asks.

“Everything has been great. I’m sorry I know I’m being a douche. Oh fuck, I never thought I’d be the guy pressuring his boyfriend. I just miss it so much.” Blue says.

“We’ll be seeing each other more now and in a couple of weeks all will be good. I promise. I will pound you into oblivion.” Will says.

Blue rolls away feeling hurt but knowing he is in the wrong. He knows he shouldn’t push any more or he might lose Will altogether. He misses sex, he misses Will’s breath on his neck and fingers probing his ass.

“I’m sorry. I can’t explain myself articulately.” Blue says.

“If it helps I never thought I would be the guy turning someone down. It isn’t like I’ve had heaps of opportunities. Especially not with anyone anywhere near as hot as you. The sooner I am healed the sooner we get more time together. I know you’re not where I am in this relationship and I want to give you everything. I do. But I can’t you have to think a little longer term.” Will says.

“Everything is longer term, everything is waiting and waiting. It isn’t what I signed up for and I try to be supportive but you are asking a lot and you keep asking for more, for me to wait longer. I’m in limbo while you follow your dreams. I can’t make real plans. Bea and Chris know where I am and I have to stay here, I can’t move on because you’re changing your life for me.” Blue says.

“I know it isn’t easy and I know I am asking a lot. You hadn’t mentioned wanting to leave here, we could have got a place near school for a while if you wanted to. With Cheryl and Ocean here you’ll be fine though. You shouldn’t put any plans on hold for me. Your dreams mean as much as mine, more as they are for life when mine are over in no time at all. Talk to me. God talk is all we’ve been able to do for weeks and you’ve been holding back.” Will says annoyed.

“I’ve not been holding back. I am thinking aloud now, telling you as I think it all. I’m sorry I hate wasting the small amount of time we have fighting.” Blue says.

“It’s great babe. You’re being real and we can work through this. I love you and I won’t let us fall apart. Just keep talking.” Will says.

“I’m sorry.” Blue says.

“No, stop apologizing and get it out. I can’t fix it if I don’t know what is wrong.” Will says.

“I just hate being apart, I hate that we can’t be properly physical. And yes I have a lot of ties here but I am worried I would have to move on if something happened with my family. I’m sorting out the work and businesses, you know that but I am still worried and I hate that our relationship isn’t as straightforward as it should be. I know it will be worth it. I just need a little help.” Blue says.

“I’ll think about what else I can do to help. Let’s enjoy today.” Will says.

“Kisses.” Blue pouts.

“Always babe.” Will says and kisses Blue gently.

“I do love you and I need us to work.” Blue says.

“Same, so much baby.” Will says worried.

Blue takes Ocean outside for yoga, he really needs to clear his head and work out how to stop sabotaging things with Will.

Ocean is very happy to have his teacher back and his enthusiasm washes on to Blue and perks him up a little. Once done Blue shows Ocean round the garden and fields and they go over the chicken care. Ocean is excited to have outdoor chores again and Blue can’t help but be cheered up.

Inside Will is helping Cheryl in the kitchen.

“Is your room okay? Sorry for the change.” Will says.

“It is fine. I might switch to downstairs when the others arrive, as long as you’re okay by then.” Cheryl says.

“Unless you move up to Mikes.” Will grins.

“Hey don’t push me.” Cheryl grins back.

“He’s been good to Blue. I’m half in love with him for that.” Will says.

“We’ll take it slowly. He was with his wife a long, long time and I’ve not dated a man in years and years.” Cheryl says.

“You two seem to fit. You’ll stay here in town though, fulltime if the gym works out for Ocean.” Will says.

“I think so. I have been itching for something new for a while and Ocean has wanted to get out of the city. He’s a country boy at heart.” Cheryl says.

“There is lots of work here for you. Blue and Heidi have been talking about a restaurant too, Spence is poised to invest if they find somewhere.” Will says.

“I don’t think Heidi would want me muscling in. There is lots to keep me busy, between the ice-cream and soup and other schemes that Blue and his mother come up with. Ocean is so happy here already, do you think the gym is good enough?” Cheryl says.

“Well I’ll be coaching him in a few weeks. But yes it’s good enough, just have to see how well he gels with the coaches. The issue will be after Spence leaves because he did okay without Spence, didn’t lose skills but he wasn’t progressing. Some of that would have been his growth spurt but mostly I think it was atmosphere, given he’s grown again but been progressing well from the vid Spence has sent through and his scores.” Will says.

“I feel bad about him moving twice. The new gym at home was lovely and it was nice to be in on the ground floor but it was also quite pushy and although Spence is very, very even handed that way the club clearly had high ambitions. I want Ocean to do his best but I don’t want him to think I expect him to be the best.” Cheryl says.

“That’s a nice way to put it. Ocean will be fine, he loves the sport and he loves learning new skills a lot more than competing. Whatever he achieves he will have enjoyed it all.” Will says.

“Good. I think he wanted this move more than I did. But now I’m here I feel settled and at home. I know its not even been a day and I’ve not seen anywhere but what we saw on the drive in.” Cheryl says.

“I felt the same when Blue brought me here the first time. My decision to retire felt right and a new life was right here for me and I felt at home. I changed my mind on retirement but I know this is home, my long term home.” Will says.

“This house is so beautiful and the outside space will be amazing come summer. I’m itching for all of Blue’s produce to grow, I can’t wait to cook with it. In the summers he and his mom would pass loads on to me, they grew amazing tomatoes.” Cheryl says.

“Ahh another reason to be with Mike. He grows fabulous stuff. I hope you and Tad get along as he has so many ideas for small lines, figs and pecans and the like. I bet you can make dishes using them as a way to support Tad’s ideas.” Will says.

“Oh I think I must remain neutral on all things farming. I will make what I can with what appears. I love it when Blue tells me he’s been landed with excess beets or pumpkin. My suppliers are great but they are too far down the chain to have those sorts of issues.” Cheryl says.

“Would you consider a restaurant here? I love your food. I am so excited for this curry later.” Will asks.

“Not yet. I’m excited to have a break from it to be honest. But I might find I miss it down the line. I’m going to work with Marsha on some extra veggie options for the deli. She is thinking of opening a second deli that would be veggie or even vegan, says she has so many customers she that she thinks would linger is not for the hams and salami hanging up. That’s a project I’m up for.” Cheryl says.

“Sounds like Blue’s idea of heaven.” Will laughs.

“He’ll cling on you know. Whatever is bothering the pair of you, he won’t give up.” Cheryl says.

“I hope so. I guess patience is his weakness.” Will says.

“Mmmm this smells good.” Ocean says bursting in and hugging his mom.

“Do you want a snack? There is yogurt and fruit.” Cheryl says.

“Bananas?” Ocean asks.

“Of course I bought all the stock from the whole town when I heard you were coming.” Blue says laughing.

“All for me.” Ocean grins.

“Hot chocolate? Coffee?” Blue asks and makes them all drinks, Ocean washes himself and starts helping out and tells his mom all about the chickens and plants.

Sounds like you are going to be very busy.” Cheryl says.

“Do I have to have classes when it is summer?” Ocean asks.

“I think we’ll come up with a summer project or 2. Maybe one on plants and a literature one.” Cheryl says and Ocean screws up his nose.

“Maybe we can study poems about plants and gardens. We can read them to the chickens.” Blue says.

“And we can do more on movement and anatomy.” Will says.

“There we go a summer of bio.” Cheryl says.


“And ice-cream.” Ocean cries out.

“Oh yes and ice-cream. I need to make some cookies, can you mash some bananas for me?” Blue asks.

Soon Mike arrives with Gladys and Abby, followed by Ella, Nick, Liberty and Arnold. And finally Tad, Larry and Heidi.

“Good job you have a big table.” Ocean says once everyone is introduced.

“Come and sit with us. We want to hear all about your gymnastics.” Gladys says happy to have the company of the young boy.

Ocean beams and joins Gladys and Abby and chatters away non-stop all through lunch.

Blue sits next to Will once everything is served up and slips his hand into Wills.

“I’m, sorry.” Blue whispers.

“We’ll work something out.” Will whispers back and looks from Larry to Tad.

“Brian has moved into his new place. It’s a bit rough though, I hated leaving him there.” Nick says.

“Bit far to commute from your farm?” Blue asks.

“Yes and the roads are not great as you know.” Nick says.

“Are you and he?” Blue asks.

“No, we’re best of friends. We talked it through.” Nick says.

“How are things with Jett?” Blue asks Ella and gets a weird look from Heidi.

“Good. He’s so nice to me. He is excited to meet Cheryl and get closer to the business.” Ella says.

“I’d like to spend a few days with you and Nick first. I think you’ve both picked up more than you let on. We have a lot to do to get the store ready and the ice-cream on the shelves.” Cheryl says.

“Are you in tomorrow? Or are you taking Will back?” Heidi asks.

“Will has to go back tonight so I’ll be in.” Blue sighs.  

“You like my cookies.” Ocean says to Abby during dessert.

“You made these? Secret banana is my favorite cookie ever.” Abby grins.

“Me too. These are Blue’s cookies. My mom makes banana chocolate muffins that are the best.” Ocean says.

“I cannot wait to try them. Gladys loves Blue’s banana nut muffins but the nuts are too hard for me.” Abby says.

“Blue is good at muffins but mommy is better. Blue makes the best cookies but mommy does the best rice and curry.” Ocean explains.

“That was a great curry.” Gladys grins.

“We are so lucky to have another great cook in town.” Larry says with a big grin.

“Yes I think we all know the soups will be in safe hands with Cheryl at the helm. My goodness she knows flavor.” Arnold beams.

“I’m very excited to see how things develop. Cheryl you must join my book group so you can get to know people outside of the business.” Liberty says.

“That would be great. I am looking forward to being busy and but also having more down time.” Cheryl says.

“Are there any clubs I can join? I have gymnastics but I want to meet some local kids too.” Ocean asks looking up.

“I’ll take you to meet Wilson’s kids this week. The oldest is a bit younger than you but I am sure you’ll have fun. Wilson is Mike’s brother in law.” Blue says.

“I guess you can’t play football in case you get hurt. I will ask at the school if you can join in anything. In summer the library will have events on.” Tad says.

“We used to have home schooled kids join in afterschool clubs like French and model UN. Also art class we had a few kids join.” Larry says.

“I can facilitate that if Ocean wants. I’m on the school board, the high school and middle school are combined here.” Liberty says.

“Thank-you. I would love to.” Ocean beams.

“That would be so helpful. If we can fit it in around his training.” Cheryl says and smiles, she senses Liberty is bursting for them to be friends. Cheryl is fascinated by the sophisticated city woman amongst all the country types.

“We can hang out sometimes Ocean. You can come and see the cows.” Ella says.

“Really?” Ocean asks looking up at the pretty woman.

“I’d like to show you round. It’ll be fun.” Ella says.

“Thank-you Ella.” Cheryl says and Ella blushes.

“Thank-you for a lovely lunch. Do you want to come up and see the farm now?” Mike asks.

“Yes please.” Ocean says making Cheryl smile.

“We’d like that very much.” Cheryl says and Mike blushes.

“Abby, Gladys, I’ll drop you home. I have some food for you.” Blue says with a smile.

“Thanks dear. We barely see you anymore.” Gladys says.

“I miss you guys. Ocean and I will be in to cook properly soon.” Blue says when they’re in the car.

“He’s a livewire isn’t he?” Abby says with a smile.

“I am so excited to have them here and that Cheryl and Mike are going to date and live happily ever after.” Blue says.

“They make a lovely couple, though I think Liberty was equally as smitten.” Abby says.

“Cheryl is great, I expect everyone to fall for her.” Blue says.

“And your young man has come back. Is he here for good?” Gladys asks.

“No back to school tonight, .it is so hard. I’m sorry he couldn’t come through on the florists.” Blue says.

“It’s fine, we found someone else to be an assistant and driver.” Abby says.

“That’s good. Just bad timing for Will he would have loved to do it. I would have loved him to. I hate him being away so much.” Blue sighs.

“He loves you. We’ll find a business for him when he is ready.” Abby says.

“Thanks. I worry he’ll go to the Olympics and then have so many opportunities and I’ll have waited for nothing.” Blue says.

“He won’t do that. Not without you. Stop worrying.” Gladys says.

Blue stays and talks for a while. He feels bad about not being with Will when their time is so precious but also is still processing his feelings.

Blue gets home and Will and Tad are at the table.

“Go wash up. You’re getting fucked.” Will says with a grin.

“What?” Blue asks.

“I’m volunteering to stuff you.” Tad grins.

“And I’ll supervise.” Will grins.

“Why?” Blue asks.

“You need a good fuck and you wanted to play with a friend. Tad is up for it. Hurry up we have to be done before Ocean and Cheryl get back.” Will says and Blue heads to the bathroom totally shocked.

“Lets go get started.” Tad grins excited to get his hands on Will’s muscles.

Blue comes through when ready to see Will and Tad half undressed making out. He feels a huge wave of jealousy and desire.

“Couldn’t wait?” Blue asks.

“You were so slow.” Will says.

“Well let me catch up.” Blue grins stripping naked.

“Fuck you look good man.” Tad says.

“You too.” Blue says checking out Tad’s arms and chest and letting Will feel jealous.

“Are you too sure about this?” Tad asks noticing the looks.

“Yeah, I can’t fuck my boy and he could drink the Niagara Falls dry he’s so thirsty.” Will says and Blue blushes.

“Get her and let me at that ass.” Tad murmurs and Blue melts he knows a good fuck will help.




39 thoughts on “A new Blue 44

  1. I did a little happy dance when I saw a new chapter today!! Amazing how addicted I am to this story! ❤️💃❤️💃

    I find Blue’s needy moods very unattractive. Boy needs to just nut-up and realize it’s not forever and Will is doing what is best for their lives long-term. Reminds me of when my daughter was 10 and would pout when she didn’t get her way. I love to be needed and wanted, but when it passes into clingy/whiny/bitchy then I’m done haha. I guess I dealt with that enough with my ex-wife, so I don’t want that in a man at all lol. But, I still love my sexy Blue!!

    But Will….. mmmm that boy can visit my bed any time he wants! He’s turning out to be one of my all-time favorites!! You’ve made him super hot!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I dreamt about commenting during my day nap today. True story.

    And man, I fucking love Will. Don’t let Blue walk all over you, boy! His new found confidence is turning him into a pouty brat! His stunted youth has turned him into a fuckable hot dude, with the personality of a 14 year old girl….

    Which is actually what I’m normally into, if you threw in a drinking problem and an addiction to pain killers:p

    Also, all this talk of vegetarian food almost encouraged me to eat vegan (considering that I’m at a vegan hippy festival that’s banned meat and cheese, it should be easy for the next two weeks) but I love meat too much! I’m driving into town for pies every day!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. You aren’t still before, are you?

        It’s like a cult, I swear. None of these dirty hippies have any fat on them. They’re like the Amnesty international ads, that you’re allowed to masturbate to.


              1. Nothing as good as that. Just had to reiterate to this dude that his girlfriend isn’t poly, she’s just a whore. Then he broke down lol.

                And I’d never eat kittens for breakfast.

                Lunch, on the other hand… 😛

                Liked by 2 people

            1. Lucky hippies!! Those three got quite a treat with you!

              I can’t deal with dirty at all. First sign of dirty nails, bad breath, body odor, or lack of manners and I’m already headed towards the door lol. 👋🏻🏃💨. Would love to see some pics of the dirty hippies though. hope you’re having a great time!!

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Yeah it’s definitely painful. Im showering/swimming continuously, but eventually you just have to give in.

                The spiders and the snakes are the worse bit though. The spiders are fucking huge.

                And on that note, nude yoga time as the sun rises, before volunteering for a massage lol.

                Have a great day! Xo

                Liked by 2 people

          1. I must confess, I’ve never heard of ConFest before so I had to google it. I still don’t really understand it though lol. I saw naked people which is a thumbs up! 👍🏻 But then I saw where it’s like all camping in tents, etc. definite thumbs down 👎🏻 But in the video everyone seems to be having a great time. So, are you camping in a tent while there????

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Lol it’s a pretty weird festival. It’s a “conference festival” and you can hold a conference on anything, or write on the blackboard for someone to teach you.

              This year Ive learnt how to German slap dance, some new knitting patterns, how to throat chant, and helped build an effigy. Ive hosted Frisbee, spanking 101 and “the flatoon” where 60 of us floated down the river with booze for an hour lol.

              My first year I mistakingly ended up at a female masturbation workshop. There’s Bongo drums playing 24-7 as well, which becomes extremely comforting lol.

              And yeah I’m in a tent, but I’m set up like the Taj Mahal. I have a dressing room and a queen size bed lol. I even have garden lights surrounding my tent.

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  3. Great chapter. I think I recall reading once where Blue and Will had talked about playing around with others and had said it was okay if they agreed and were together. So getting Tad to fill in for what Will isnt able to do at the moment is a good thing. I am not sure how I would feel with an open relationship ive never really had a full out relationship with anyone had a couple short time boyfriends but we just didnt really click. I would certainly be open to sharing my lover if I was there too but not sure if I would want to or allow him to play with others with out me. I think I would pretty much want a monogamous relationship with the occasional 3rd like they do on Robins birthday.

    Blue and Will really are good for each other. Blue just needs to calm down a little bit. And realize it will all be for the best in the near future.

    So happy to see how much Ocean and Cheryl are enjoying it there and seeing mention of them staying full time.

    Hope your first day back Sam was a good one. Even though you had to work.


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks 😘😘Will didn’t want to be open and I don’t think he wanted the 3some but he really wants to keep Blue. Another gesture or 2 like that and it should sink in to Blue that Will really, deeply loves him. I missed Ocean and Cheryl, I love the idea of her and mike marrying. I wanted the sons to support them from the start no drama.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Thank god Will use those nice strong farmboys. I love Ocean I’m sorry but I love him more than blue. Cheryl and Mike make the perfect couple. Blue should listen to Gladys and Abby they have experience. Blue I know how it is to be sexually frustrated so here💵💵💵💵💵 go buy yourself a nice toy. Will seems like he was stringing blue along. That’s how I feel. I mean he said he was gonna retire and settle down. Then he changed his mind. It seems to me that up until the end of this chapter he only really cared about his side of the relationship. And by the way blue easy way to do it anchor the sling to the headboard tie down the legs and hop on and take him for a ride!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Awww! Loved it! Will picked the right brother for sure! He knew Blue needed a good dicking!! Welcome home Sam!

    I’m at the airport for a long flight to San Diego 😢 Thanks for the great chapter and entertainment! 😘

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I think he will. He does love Will so much, this act will show him how much Will thinks of his needs too.

        I hope so! I’m going out Thursday night with some friends who live there! Should be fun! Although I have a red eye home Friday night. 😩

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I slept quite well on the flight home but I’m still pretty tired and getting up in the cold and dark this morning was poopy. Hope the flight home doesn’t knock you out for the weekend.


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