A new Blue 48

On Tuesday morning Blue, Cheryl and Ocean pick up Ollie and head up to Arnold’s farm. Nick takes Ocean to meet the cows and show him around. As usual he happily goes off excited about everything.

“Wow this facility is amazing.” Cheryl says as Blue and Ollie show her round.

The new ice-cream team are busy at work, ramping up production for Marsha and the launch. Blue checks on everything from the flavors to the new labels. Ollie heads into the area they call the lab to work on flavors.

“This is the ordering system and the delivery scheduler. We’ve a lot to do on this.” Blue says taking Cheryl into the office.

“It all looks in good shape.” Cheryl says.

“Hey.” Ella says coming in.

“How are you doing?” Blue asks standing up to hug her.

“Better. Ugh he was my first boyfriend in ages and I maybe saw what I wanted to see because I wanted it to work so much. I knew he liked Heidi when you hosted that dinner. I stupidly thought he liked me more or that he’s let things with us run before he made a move.” Ella says.

“You’ll find someone. You’re beautiful and so sweet and far, far smarter than any of us realize. You getting out there and working with all our customers will be so good for meeting new people.” Blue says.

“It will won’t it. I am excited to do it. I already talk to those who are on board, giving updates on publicity materials and the launch.” Ella says.

“Is that all under control?” Cheryl asks.

“Yes.” Ella says firmly.

“Good. Will Nick go with you? If you need me or Ollie just let us know when.” Blue says.

“Thanks. There are a few stores we need you to do and I think Ollie would be good at a few places too. I’ll send you some appointments.” Ella says.

“That sounds great. Did the oats come in yet?” Blue asks.

“No, they’ll be Wednesday.” Ella says.

“Thanks Ella.” Blue says with a grin.

“It wasn’t ideal but I am really glad you made sure I found out. I hate that you were fighting with Heidi but it means so much that you were on my side so strongly.” Ella says.

“I misjudged you so much, for so long and I hope I’ve made it up to you a little.” Blue says.

“You have and you didn’t misjudge me. I’m slow and I had no drive, no gumption as Abby would say. You were so patient with us and you didn’t give up. You put Cheryl in our path who was patient too. We’re really contributing now.” Ella says.

“Yes you are.” Cheryl says with a grin.

The week passes well. Everything is ramping up for the launch in a few weeks’ time. Cheryl is impressed with the progress and is working on training up the staff for the ice-cream parlor. Blue, Nick and Ella are planning a party for Ocean in the week before the opening to introduce him to local kids and for his gym team.

On Thursday Blue and Ocean pick Wilson’s eldest kid Jane after yoga and head to see a movie. Jane and Ocean hit it off and chat away endlessly about things Blue has no clue about.

“Shall we go for noodles?” Blue asks after.

Jane shakes her head quietly.

“We could have banana dinner at your house.” Ocean says with a grin.

“I don’t know that Jane will want bananas for dinner. Lets go for pizza, if we go to an Italian place I can have pasta and we can go home for ice-cream.” Blue says and the kids both rapidly agree.

“Can I have pasta too?” Jane asks when they are seated.

“Of course, you can choose whatever you like. Shall we share some garlic knots?” Blue asks.

“Yummy.” Ocean says.

“They won’t be as good as your moms.” Blue grins.

“Nor mine, but at least my dad isn’t here to eat them all.” Jane grins.

The three eat happily together, Jane is enjoying some time away from her siblings and Ocean is always happy to have time with Blue.

“The movie was so fun. I have liked having a week off but I want to get back to gymnastics now.” Ocean says.

“You start back on Saturday, not long to wait. What hobbies do you have Jane?” Blue asks.

“I like to draw and paint but it is hard with babies at home. Jane says.

“You can draw at Blue’s house, he has the biggest table.” Ocean says.

“I know, we all came for Christmas and it was so much fun.” Jane says.

“You can come by any time to hang out with Ocean, as long as it’s okay with your mom and dad.” Blue says.

“I can come on my bike.” Jane grins.

“I told you I need a bike.” Ocean says.

“You need to ask Mike later, he said he still had Larry and Tad’s old bikes in a barn and if you help he is sure you can get one working.” Blue says.

“Oh wow. That will be so cool.” Ocean says not at all bothered that it won’t be a new bike.

At home Blue gets out ice-cream and a few toppings and lets the pair get on with making dessert. Cheryl has sent a text to say she’s having a lovely time. Ocean shows Jane his room and they are playing board games happily when Wilson arrives to collect Jane.

“Apologies if she’s had too much sugar. I kind of let them get on with it.” Blue grins.

“Ahh no problem. Was she good?” Wilson asks,

“Yeah she was fine. She’s welcome any time, I know Ocean is happy to have a friend.” Blue says.

“It’s nice for Jane to have a friend who isn’t in to pop culture and boys. She’s a bit behind her friends that way and finds it exhausting to fake it. She’d much rather be playing football with her older cousins.” Wilson says.

“Ocean will be in the gym a lot of the summer but on his free afternoons just send her round. And don’t forget if you need a sitter I’m available and Gervais will be too over the summer.” Blue says.

“I will remember if we’re stuck. Actually sending the older two over to you to get a break from the babies would be a big help when they get bored this summer.” Wilson says.

“Sounds good.” Blue grins thinking how happy Gervais will be with kids running about.

“Jane come on time to go.” Wilson calls up and they hear the rumble of two kids running down the stairs.

“Want to take some ice-cream back? I have a glut of vanilla and strawberry as Ocean will only eat the banana or chocolate.” Blue says.

“Yes please. My wife loves the strawberry and the kids will eat anything.” Wilson grins and Blue fills a bag.

“Do you think mom will be back soon?” Ocean asks when they leave.

“Yes soon. Shall we get the oats on for tomorrow? And then I think you need a bath.” Blue grins at Ocean’s messy face.

“I think I do. Can I have a downstairs one?” Ocean asks.

“Yes. Go and find your PJs and towel.” Blue grins and Ocean runs up the stairs whistling.

Blue feels pretty lucky to have such a happy kid around as he cleans up the kitchen. He sets the bath running and leaves Ocean choosing what to put in it. Ocean is in the tub when Cheryl gets back.

“How was it? Ocean is in the bath.” Blue says.

“It was lovely. It was lovely to actually go out for dinner and not be checking out the competition or trying to explain to Ocean why they don’t sell bananas for dinner.” Cheryl grins.

“And Mike behaved himself?” Blue grins.

“He did, he is very charming.” Cheryl says.

“And when are you seeing him again?” Blue asks.

“We are having lunch on Saturday while Ocean is at gymnastics.” Cheryl says.

“I’m glad it is working out. I will be going to Will’s tomorrow afternoon. Momma hasn’t asked to stay and I’m not going to wait around on her.” Blue says.

“That’s fine. Ocean and I could do with some alone time to talk about how the week has gone. He seems very happy but he can hide things well.” Cheryl says.

“I am very happy here, I have lots of friends,” Ocean says coming in damp, wearing his pajamas.

“You’ve had a busy week meeting everyone,” Blue says.

“And back to gymnastics now and classes but I still get to look after the chickens.” Ocean says.

“Yes you do. You’ve been very good all week. Did you enjoy the movie?” Cheryl asks.

“It was so funny. I laughed and laughed.” Oceans grins and explains the plot while drying off in front of the fire and sneakily extending his bedtime.

Blue feels good. He is still uncomfortable about the row on Monday and not entirely sure how he feels about Heidi. None of them have heard from Jett, he didn’t come to work on Tuesday and Blue assumes he won’t be back. He’s kind of sad as he’d hoped Jett would be a friend, but the way he reacted to the article and his treatment of Ella he can’t see how they will be. Thank goodness it isn’t long to wait for Will to be back.

The following afternoon Blue is happy as he makes the drive to collect Will. He can’t wait to have some proper time alone. For the first time in ages he has no doubts, he is feeling totally positive.

He’s missed Will all week and knows that he will have homework and not be able to give his full attention but Blue isn’t feeling at all side-lined like he was before. He is excited to be able to take care of his boyfriend in order to help him succeed.

Blue parks and bounds up the stairs to Will’s room. Will greets him with a strong hug and kiss.

“Wow your shoulder is working better.” Blue says.

“Yeah, lots to do but I’m healing up.” Will says.

“And?” Blue asks with a cheeky grin.

“Oh yes.” Will grins back.

Blue’s phone rings, he moves to switch it off but sees it is Mike and instantly worries that something is wrong with Cheryl or Ocean.

“Answer it’s fine.” Will says kissing Blue on the nose.

“Hey Mike.” Blue says and Will circles around behind him and massages his shoulders gently.

“You need to come home right now.” Mike says.

“Why? I just got here, I’ll be back Monday.” Blue says.

“Your mother is here with your siblings.” Mike says.

“Don’t let them in my house. Please Mike.” Blue says panicking.

“Cheryl shut the door in their faces but your mom has keys, I’ve bolted the front door, you don’t have one on the back. You need to get here and sort this out.” Mike says.

“Where is Ocean?” Blue asks.

“He’s fine he is having dinner with Gladys and Abby and they will keep him there as long as needed.” Mike says.

“Call the police if they try to force their way in. I’m two hours away. I’m sorry I had no idea they would do this. She promised not to bring them.” Blue says.

“I’m just glad I was here. Drive safe, don’t want you having a wreck on the way.” Mike says.

“I’ll call when I’m close. Do you think Abby has a spare apartment or could they stay with you? No, sorry I shouldn’t have asked. I have no idea what my mom was thinking.” Blue says.

“Right now those siblings of yours are just angry and won’t listen to any suggestions.” Mike says.

“I’m sorry. Okay I’ll see you in a couple of hours.” Blue says.

All through the call Will has been running his hands from Blue’s shoulders to his ass and kissing at the back of his neck.

“Bend over.” Will says undoing Blue’s jeans.

“We have to go.” Blue says.

“You need to relax.” Will says and Blue moans as Will’s fingers begin to probe.

Blue bends over Will’s desk and pulls his jeans down. Will runs his hands over Blue’s back, squeezing his butt and grinning at the beautiful sight. He fingers Blue a little more before getting straight to it, holding Blue down and banging the tension right out of him.

Fuuuuck he’s missed sex, inside Blue feels so good and he can’t believe he let Tad in, feeling jealous Will ups the pace, harder and harder. Blue is whimpering beneath, loving the dominance of Will. Loving the feel of having Will back inside him. Loving everything.

“Fuck babe, Fuck.” Blue moans getting closer.

Will just grins and keeps pumping until they both explode. A wash of love flows over Will the second he cums and he leans forward and kisses Blue’s neck and shoulders.

“You are way, way better than Tad.” Blue says turning and kissing Will slowly.

“Doing you is so much better than watching. Man I have missed that. I feel that gap between us shrinking.” Will grins.

“It’s gone. Ugh I need to call and cancel the hotel. Or I could drop you there and let you have a quiet weekend to get your homework done.” Blue says.

“Blue, I am not leaving you to face your siblings alone. Let me throw a bag together while you clean up.” Will says.

“Really?” Blue asks.

“Of course. I do have a lot of study to do but you come first. And in any case I would not be able to concentrate, I would be worrying all the time.” Will says.

“Okay. Oh baby you know how to treat me right.” Blue says and hugs Will close.

“You’re always worth it baby.” Will says kissing Blue and giving him the reassurance he needs.

“I am so going to help you study. You have to graduate so we can be together.” Blue grins.

“Exactly.” Will smiles back.

Will sits in the back and gets on with some reading as Blue speeds home worried out of his mind. He now knows why his mom didn’t mention she was coming, she planned to sneak them in while he was at the bakery. Probably didn’t expect Cheryl to be in or for her to be on Blue’s side. Expected to waltz in as if she owned the place. She might have paid for it but it belongs to Blue and she can’t do anything to change that.

“You okay baby?” Will asks looking up.

“Just angry with her but that is nothing new.” Blue says.

“Thank goodness Cheryl moved up early and you didn’t get home to find they were living in your house.” Will says.

“Yeah it could be worse. I hate that they’ve even been to the door. I know it is irrational and I know they were not even the reason I left but they are the reason I would never go back. Not to school, not to momma’s house. I still blame them for so much. I know momma and their parents should be my focus.” Blue says confused about everything.

“The thing is once you found out who they were it was too late to have a real relationship because you couldn’t trust them. If they had been honest from the start or held their hands up when you found out and it had been the three of you against the world it would have been different. But it has never been that. You’ve only managed to be friends with them one at a time. They have hurt you deliberately and also unintentionally and you are still suffering the fall out and can’t deal with the repercussions yet. Let alone forgive them.” Will says.

“You know me better than Robin and Gervais.” Blue says simply and Will’s heart grows three sizes.

“I’ll call Mike and let him know we’re not far. See what’s happening.” Will says.

“Thanks babe.” Blue says and feels so lucky. For the first time ever he has someone truly standing by his side when the drama hits and it feels so good. He knows Will isn’t fazed by any of it and is not about to run off and leave him like Birch did. Feels good.

“Okay your mom has taken them to the city to get dinner and a hotel. Cheryl is fine. A little shaken.” Will says after the call.

“Do you think momma has lost my number?” Blue laughs.

“I hope so. Who shows up at someone’s house, with extra guests expecting to stay, without calling ahead? I mean they are family but seriously? That is some serious entitlement.” Will laughs.

“I love how you get it. And you don’t even try to make me see their side.” Blue says.

“Why should l? I am on your side and honestly I struggle to see any redeeming qualities in your siblings. Bad mouthing you in the press to make money was obscene. It would have been the last straw for many people Blue.” Will says.

“What do you think you are doing?” Blue asks as Will makes to get out of the car.

“Oh come on, I have a brace but no crutches now.” Will laughs.

“I get to carry you, it’s the rules.” Blue says and Will gives in and enjoys it.

“It’s us let us in.” Will calls outside the door and Mike opens it.

“You guys okay?” Blue asks putting Will on the sofa.

“Yeah. It’s never easy standing up to your mother.” Cheryl says.

“I’ll go and pick Ocean up while you guys talk.” Mike says.

“Maybe you could have him and Cheryl to stay the night.” Blue says.

“Of course. He can help me sort him out a bike after gymnastics.” Mike says.

“I’ll go pack up some things. Are you sure you’ll be okay Blue?” Cheryl asks.

“Yes. We can sleep down here and stick a chair against the door so we’ll hear if they come by. I’d rather you and Ocean didn’t have to deal with them.” Blue says.

“Me too. Has a mean look your brother.” Mike says.

“He can be awful but I’ve never known him violent. Bea on the other hand, watch your back.” Blue grins.

“Just when I begin to think your mom isn’t so bad she pulls a stunt like this. I should have kept my first impression from you.” Mike says.

“It feels pretty amazing to be believed by you and by Will. And to have Cheryl putting me ahead of her old friend, especially as she’d been talking to Chris before she moved up here.” Blue says.

“I can’t believe people haven’t taken your side in the past.” Will says.

“Agreed. If they try anything just call me. I can round up some friends no problem.” Mike says with a glint in his eye.

“Thanks Mike and thanks so much for helping tonight.” Blue says.

“No problem. I was glad to help. Oh and thank you for cheering up my Tad last weekend. He’s been feeling a bit left out since Larry and Spence started dating. You two turned his mood right around.” Mike says and Will and Blue blush.

“You must be excited to have him start working with you full time in a few weeks.” Blue says.

“I am. Although I think I’m lending him to you for the summer.” Mike says and Blue nods.

“I think I have everything. I know we can pop back. I will call ahead if anything is urgent.” Cheryl says.

“Thank-you for stopping them. I feel sick at the thought of Chris and Bea being in here.” Blue says.

“I know love. I empathize with them very much, and want to help them as individuals. But I will never push for you to have a relationship with them. Not now. Not seeing how they have yet again ignored your wants and feelings. Your mother always used to say you were difficult but she was wrong.” Cheryl says and hugs Blue before Mike leads her to the car.

“Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama.” Will says and laughs as they leave.

“Beer?” Blue asks.

“No thanks. I rarely drink when I’m training. You go ahead, you need it.” Will says.

“Nah it’s okay. Should I call momma?” Blue asks.

“No way. Let them calm down and call you when they’re ready.” Will says.

Blue moves a few chairs in front of the kitchen door and sighs.

“Making you a prisoner again.” Will says and Blue nods sadly.

“I need to bake.” Blue says suddenly.

“Mmmm peanut protein cookies please. I have some powder in my bag.” Will says with a grin and Blue smiles and gets to work.



78 thoughts on “A new Blue 48

          1. I am certain he sweats vodka and champagne. Bea could get crushed in an Indiana jones type booby trap. Anyone watch Huck Finn/Tom Sawyer series as a kid? I was totally traumatised when Injun Joe died trapped in a cave that they nailed shut. I must have been under 10.


                1. LMAO! OMG! There are so many signs! We’ll be driving in the car, watching TV, whatever a song comes on and I’ll say ‘I loved that song’! Hubby says the same thing! The biggest ‘clue’…I LOVED George Michael/Wham! So sad….

                  Liked by 2 people

      1. Huzzah!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

        Now we just need the brothers to have a wet jock contest, and all my wishes shall be complete! (Except for Zac Efron sitting on my face, but baby steps)


              1. Then you definitely couldn’t hadn’t me, in all my perfection.

                My singing teacher told my mother in year 10, that I had “almost discovered pitch”

                Now excuse me, I have to make sure that all the television volumes are on a multiple of 5, or else the world will flood.

                Liked by 1 person

  1. Meanwhile, Clara and the evil spawn are going to spend some together time at the Tower Plaza. I’m sure she’ll put them up well, due to the fact they couldn’t stay with their brother. She is a cunt! I do think a car crash would be awesome, maybe a hotel fire or their car being overtaken by snakes. They need to be gone.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. OMG! Great chapter Sam! What the fuck was Clara thinking?!?!?! She knows Blue wants nothing to do with those two and Cheryl even said Chris wouldn’t contact Blue!

    Goes to show you what a fucking SNAKE Clara is! Blue needs to kick the BITCH to the curb and his siblings along with her! It was AWESOME how Will took care of Blue! XOXO!!

    Can’t wait to see what happens here! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! It’s been cold here though. It was 31 degrees yesterday morning and was 38 this morning! It’s warming up, but it is sunny!

        She totally wants to ‘fix’ things and is still controlling as hell! Blue’s said time and time again that he didn’t want them anywhere near his home!

        I wouldn’t blame Blue at all for telling his mama to go pound sand! She needs to learn that if she makes mistakes like this, she could lose Blue completely! Then all she’ll have left is his fucked up siblings! Maybe she deserves that!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I like that Will isn’t pushing him to resolve things. That he lets Blue lead the pace and I expect he is ready to support Blue cutting his momma off altogether. Which to be fair is in Will’s advantage, I mean talk about mother in law from hell…..

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Totally! Will is totally in Blue’s corner! I also love how Mike stood up for Blue and I also think Cheryl has seen the error of her ways – getting involved. Even though, she’s a lot like Clara in the respect she wants to help ‘fix’ everyone. Some people are just a mess and you can’t do anything about it!

            I can’t wait to find out why they were ‘upset’ and Chris was angry? Really? Who the f invited them anyway? Clearly, Clara would’ve never told them they were welcome! If she did, she’s responsible for Blue’s actions!

            Wow! This one’s gotten me worked up! LOL!

            Liked by 1 person

              1. I’ll see if hubby has any ideas tonight! 😉 Please…they’re in the river of de-nile! It’s his..she gave it to him. Plus, they’ve screwed Blue over in the media – just for cash! They’re scum I tell you! LOL!

                Liked by 1 person

                  1. It’s been a week in one day it seems. I am so surprised that Clara completely blew off Blues wishes and brought them anywhere near his home!

                    Clearly she must’ve thought no one would have been there. Although she knew Cheryl was there when they had the hash out call due to the business drama. The

                    I guess we’ll find out what that crazy bitch was thinking!

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. Yes, Clara, Bea and Chris are on their way to the hotel. They’re arguing about blue not letting them stay. Clara isn’t really paying too much attention when their sideswiped by a Mack truck and drives off the edge of a cliff… Will they survive? Tune in next time…

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Last time I wrote a car crash I got accused of turning the story into a lifetime movie for women. I’m never sure how much of an insult that was because I freaking love those cheesy melodramas.

                      Liked by 2 people

                    3. LOL! I remember that! That was back when I was a reader, before I commented. Maybe some freak accident where the hotel bar and sound? Deadly food poisoning? Nothing is too good or to deadly for those three!

                      But, blue with miss his mama. But after this, maybe not!

                      Liked by 1 person

  3. Sam you are a meanie. You’re dangling a carrot in front of us. You know we are a bunch of drama addicts. Will got about five more points on the board still in second place but closing in on Gervais. What is the nicest way to say something about Clara. O yeah that cunt! Where the hell does she get off doing this crap. Wait maybe that’s the only way she has to get off is by ruining her only decent child’s life. Ew now I’m gonna have nightmares thinking about her getting off. I feel bad for anyone who goes to the bathroom after ocean. Bananas are not very kind on thee digestive tract.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. I was going to have Blue come home and fine Clara and the Spawn in his home and have to kick everyone including Cheryl out. But I didn’t want to throw Cheryl away. Blue needs her and she knows him too well to allow that to happen. Means you have to wait a few more days for the return of Bea.

    Liked by 1 person

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