A new Blue 49

“I have no idea why I was insisting you come to me. Waking up in your bed, in your house is the best feeling in the world. And it’s so calm here I will get loads done.” Will says.

“Lets go enjoy the morning sunshine before breakfast.” Blue says and Will nods.

The amble outside nude and Blue does his yoga and Will stretches and does some of his rehab exercises. Happy in the spring sunshine, together.

“Ewww you could put some clothes on.” Bea screeches spotting them.

“Could you not trespass?” Blue shouts back and sprints to the house with Will close behind. Too late Chris and Clara are inside.

“Do you always let yourself in to people’s homes uninvited?” Will asks not at all bothered about his state of dress.

“Can you leave quietly, so I don’t have to call the police on my mother? Or is that the idea? Have you photographers waiting to record the moment and generate more cash?” Blue asks cynically.

“Go and put some clothes on. I’ll make coffee and we can talk.” Clara says.

“Not here. Those two cannot be in my house. Go to the bakery and we’ll meet you there.” Blue says knowing he can’t get out of the confrontation ahead.

Clara nods and Chris gets up without issue. He gives Blue a look that Blue cannot decipher, regret, loss. Blue and Will look at each other holding their breath as they hear Bea complaining outside.

Once they hear the car start they look at each other and laugh.

“You know Bea and Chris will be lucky if they get served at the bakery. Everyone hates them.” Will says.

“Oh, I hadn’t thought of that.” Blue says and gives Will a wicked grin.

“You look so good. How long can we keep them waiting?” Will asks.

“You are staying here to study. As much as I want to get straight back into bed I am going to go and get it over with.” Blue says.

“I am not letting you go into a three on one situation.” Will says.

“I will be fine. I’d call Cheryl but she’ll be staying at the gym as it’s Ocean’s first session and I think Mike will be too intimidating.” Blue says.

“I can study in the bakery. I don’t want you out of my sight.” Will says throwing some books in a bag and grabbing his laptop.

“Going dressed like that?” Blue asks and they laugh, shower and dress.

“What the hell Blue?” Heidi says in a loud whisper, as Blue goes to order drinks for him and Will.

“I didn’t want them in my house. Sorry, are they scaring the customers?” Blue asks.

“Something like that. Although not having cheesecake is not going down too well.” Heidi says.

“What’s the special?” Blue asks.

“My brownies, with marshmallow fluff.” Heidi grins.

“Sounds good. I know it’s not on the menu but can I get sneakily get some avocado on toast for Will? We left in a rush, no time for breakfast.” Blue asks.

“I can do that. I’ll take it over. Anything for the Manson family?” Heidi asks.

“Ugh we don’t want to encourage them to stay.” Blue grins taking the coffees.

“Thanks babe.” Will says as Blue puts his cup down. Will has settled himself into a window seat.

“Heidi will bring over some breakfast in a minute. Wish me luck.” Blue says and kisses Will’s cheek.

“Love you babe.” Will says and pinches Blue’s cheek.

“So why have you decided to invade my life? Momma you promised not to let them know where I live and here you are.” Blue says rolling his eyes and sitting down.

“The cat is out the bag for your location dear. We needed to talk, the four of us face to face and I know you would be too busy with work and Will to come to us.” Clara says.

“So why not call and say you were coming? Why rock up at the house when you thought I’d be at work?” Blue asks.

“I told Cheryl I was coming. She would have told you.” Clara says.

“Cheryl is my guest it is not up to her to agree to further house guests, which she didn’t and you didn’t mention bringing them with you.” Blue says nodding to his siblings who both appear to be sulking.

“Can we quit with all this etiquette shit and get on with it?” Bea says rolling her eyes.

Clara glares at Bea which surprises Blue.

“Have a little patience. You are right I was underhand in bringing them to your house without warning you. I needed to take the risk and expected us to have this fight. I didn’t anticipate things being quite so dramatic at the house and I certainly didn’t want to displace Cheryl and Ocean.” Clara says and Blue knows that is the closest to an apology he is likely to get.

“So what was the big deal that required all of you? What was worth the risk of me never speaking to you again?” Blue asks.

Clara looks at her son questioningly. Would he cut her off for good over this?

“We found a therapist who has experience in working with twins adopted separately and siblings raised apart. He is willing to work with us but he needs all three of us to agree.” Bea says the attitude falling from her face.

“No. I don’t want to be anyone’s study, I don’t want to end up in a text book, paper or documentary. And I am far too busy here. I don’t even think I need therapy any more. I am doing pretty great.” Blue says.

“But Bea and Chris need the help. They are not doing well and I’ve taken them as far as I can.” Clara says.

“I knew he wouldn’t do it, I’m not that keen either but I’m happy to do it for Bea.” Chris says.

“Well you owe her given you screwed her up as much as anyone. Momma too. Me I don’t owe you three anything and I won’t feel guilty about it.” Blue says.

“Come on Blue. You can’t believe the state of your relationship with Chris and Bea is okay.” Clara says.

“I don’t have a relationship with Chris or Bea. I used to be really hung up on that. But I’m at peace with it now. I don’t have any issues about it. You’re the one who needs therapy for creating the problem in the first place.” Blue says and Chris can’t contain a snigger. Chris is enjoying seeing Blue act as an adult with their mother.

“That isn’t fair.” Clara says.

“Yes it is. You chose to split us up. You alone made that decision. And you decided to move us away and raise me with no knowledge of them. We could have lived nearby, you could have been an influence in all our lives and we could have been a family, unconventional but a family. You chose to leave them with Paul and Lana, even though you knew what he was like. You chose to stay away after the adoption didn’t happen, chose not to fight for visitation. All of that, all of their issues are on you. None of it at all is on me. Nothing. I owe them nothing. You owe so much you can never repay them.” Blue says.

“That’s too far Blue.” Chris says.

“In black and white terms it is true. I’m happy that Blue trusts my love enough that he can say all that out loud now. We need to work through all of those issues, together.” Clara says quietly.

Blue looks at his mother and feels his issues with her fall away. She has messed up going about things this way and bringing them to his house but he can see that they are going to repair their relationship. If this issue doesn’t kill it for good.

“Is there any point without Paul and Lana?” Blue asks.

“The therapist, Dr Jones, says yes. He mostly wants to work with the three of us. It’s not like Paul would ever tell the truth anyway. We’re a fairly unique case, especially as we knew about you and not the reverse. Dr Jones will work with your schedule, he’ll come to you. We would work with your schedule.” Chris says.

“You called him Paul.” Blue says.

“I promised momma I wouldn’t get into what has happened with Paul. She brought us here on the condition we stuck only to the therapy issue.” Chris says.

“So why were you so angry last night? Why get mad at Cheryl and Mike? Make them fear for their safety if it was just about therapy?” Blue asks.

“You’re living your dream and we are jealous as hell. I flipped back into the guy who wanted to take it all away. Everything just lands in your lap” Chris says.

“I was cold and needed to pee and yeah I was jealous too that this amazing house was yours and we are living in a crappy dorm.” Bea says.

“What happened to living with Spence?” Blue asks.

“We made up,” Chris says.

“So what has happened with your dad? I’m not going to budge on therapy, or at least I need to think a lot more before I even agree to meet Dr Jones. You might as well tell me what momma has banned you from talking about.” Blue says.

“Can we get some food first? I am starving and everything looks so good.” Chris says.

“Soup will be out in a few minutes. Soup and sandwiches okay?” Blue asks getting up as they nod. Clara gets up too.

“You’re doing very well.” Clara says as they join the long line.

“You didn’t have to spring this on me. Or at least not at the house.” Blue says.

“I wanted them to see it. I know that was selfish. I guess I wanted them to see what happens if you work hard and make an effort with people.” Clara says.

“And it made them angrier and more volatile. They’re too immature to deal with my success.” Blue says.

“What are your main objections to the therapy?” Clara asks.

“That it is too late to anonymize us. That anyone reading any papers on it would know it was about us. I don’t want my future kids reading about me like that. Any more than you wanted me reading about your life as a babyfood guru.” Blue says.

“You’re being arrogant supposing it would become a teaching paper.” Clara says.

“Oh come on. It would come up whenever anyone searched on triplets separated. Bea would have read everything she could on that when she was a kid and looking for you.” Blue says.

“But you are thinking about it? Bea is receptive right now and I really want to capitalize on that.” Clara says.

“Did you get to the bottom of her issue with Paul?” Blue asks.

“Not yet. Your brother’s take on it is funny though. I would never say that to his face and encourage his underhand ways but oh I laughed when I got home.” Clara says.

“Is that why you banned it from conversation? To not encourage him?” Blue asks and Clara grins.

“Four leek and potato soup, 2 ham sandwiches, what do you want momma?” Blue asks.

“A seven grain roll.” Clara says.

“Three of those and 4 brownies. And a salad for Will.” Blue says.

“I’ll bring it over. Go in back and make what Will needs.” Heidi says.

“Thanks Heidi. I’ll just check what he wants.” Blue grins.

“You okay baby, no one dead yet.” Will says as Blue hugs him,

“It’ll be okay. My family are such hard work. I am going to make you a salad what do you want?” Blue asks and Will lists off what he’d like.

“You are a lot happier than I expected,” Will says.

“My momma finally gets me. She isn’t denying that it was a bad idea to bring them to the house and she isn’t pushing me, rather she isn’t dictating to me. Of course I know it’s a manipulation but it feels like she cares a bit more.” Blue laughs.

“You stand your ground. Or at least give them a good scare before you give in.” Will says.

“We will have to talk before I give an answer anyway.” Blue says.

“You are so cute when you are being a considerate boyfriend.” Will says kissing at Blue’s neck.

“You make it so easy. I love how you accept my help, even before we got together. I loved it when I called you about groceries and you gave me a list, no hassle over it at all. I was going shopping and you needed some food.” Blue says.

“I loved that you asked. No hassle over money and you didn’t expect anything in return. I know we will work as a couple as we don’t keep score.” Will says.

“You have so much confidence in us.” Blue grins and goes to make the salad.

“Wow babe this looks amazing.” Will says when Blue comes back.

“You’re going to need your energy later.” Blue says and hugs Will tightly from behind.

“You too.” Will grins and Blue heads back to his family.

“This isn’t your soup.” Clara says as Blue sits down.

“No, Ollie and I didn’t get the full week done before we quit on Monday.” Blue says.

“It is good but I knew it wasn’t yours.” Clara says smiling.

“The sandwich is really good.” Bea says and Chris is wolfing his down, Blue knows it is so he can get started on the brownies.

Blue smiles to himself. His family are so difficult to like and so easy to be away from but being with them, and seeing them doing something so normal as eating lunch, he suddenly feels a wash of affection for all their little habits.

“So what’s the story Chris?” Blue asks utterly curious.

“I tried to set Paul up.” Chris begins.

“You did set him up.” Bea says her eyes lighting up for a second, reminding Blue that hurting people is what his siblings love to do.

“Did you know?” Blue asks Bea.

“No.” Bea says.

“So you know Paul and Lana have been avoiding paying our settlement. When Bea and I sold the story he appeared on the scene straight away, smelt the money. He wanted to be our agent and kept trying to broker deals. So I pushed for him to get some deals for himself to distract him and I strung him along over the agent thing. I mean we have an agent and there was no way we’d have let him do it. But he pushed it too far. He brokered a deal for Bea to do, uh a nude photo shoot, totally behind Bea’s back, a really sleazy site. That is why she froze on TV, I didn’t know what he had done at that point, I would have punched him if I knew.” Chris says.

Blue looks at Clara who has a murderous look on her face. Blue is feeling the same. Whatever he feels about Bea, that Paul did that was disgusting.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Clara asks Bea gently.

“I just wanted to forget.” Bea says quietly.

“It was a surprise he was on the show but it wasn’t a reunion. He’d been on the scene from the start and as I said I helped get him some deals. He managed to get some more for himself, like the TV show and once I knew he’d been paid I would push the claim for my settlement.” Chris says and Blue laughs.

“I guess not all of it but a start?” Blue asks.

“No we got all of it. Bea found his secret account.” Chris says.

“I found out what he was planning for me, more than just the pictures. I overheard him making a call, the way he was talking about me was gross. I don’t think he ever saw me as his daughter, I was a commodity. He was suggesting disgusting things like a nude mother daughter shoot with Clara and actual porn. Even though I wanted to scream at him to stop or run and vomit, I kept listening. He gave them his bank details for his setup fee and I gave them to Chris’s Pl. Then I ran and vomited.” Bea says.

“Our memory is useful for something.” Blue grins.

“Yeah, no need to hear it twice.” Bea says.

“Did you tell your mom what he did?” Blue asks gently.

“No. I doubt she would believe me. After all I don’t exactly look like the women in porn do l? She would have said I had the wrong idea. But I know what he tried to do.” Bea says quietly.

“She didn’t tell me the full story for ages and I didn’t tell momma. I totally understand why Bea couldn’t be around me when I was still in touch with Paul and we’re good now.” Chris says.

“So you have the money and you have a lot to work through around your parents. You really don’t need me in therapy with you.” Blue says.

“Oh Blue don’t be silly. Of course we do. We need to work out how to not destroy you or be jealous. We need to find a way for the three of us to form a relationship.” Bea says.

“I empathize with your family situation, I do. I hate what Paul has done and feel terrible about it. But I still don’t like either of you, or want you in my life. You may well say that is a sure sign I need therapy, but I just want to move on and pretend I never heard of you.

You were both awful to me before you knew about the college money. You both used me and manipulated me, rather than let our relationship develop organically. Neither of you wanted to get to know me.

Neither of you contacted me before selling our secrets to the world and neither of you checked in to see how I was dealing with it. You both lied to the world about me and made me out to be a thief and a con man. A cheat. Things that could have ruined my future.

You have the money now to pay for therapy, and even if you didn’t momma would have paid for it. You don’t need me to get a special deal or a particular therapist, I don’t have the issues you have and I don’t need the same solution.

Sort your heads out and leave me alone.” Blue says.

“Blue!” Clara exclaims.

“What? It is true. I don’t owe anything. If a boyfriend had treated me the way either of these have you would be begging me not to take them back.” Blue says.

“I always taught you to give to the less fortunate. Think about it.” Clara says firmly.

“No. This just brings us full circle momma. Your mess, you clean it up.” Blue says and stands. Will has packed his bag in anticipation, gets up, takes Blue’s hand and they leave together.

146 thoughts on “A new Blue 49

  1. Oh and yes Paul is the scum! But I do find it interesting how it like Chris in the car, they’re very conniving! They were able to get their money back. That’s great! They can’t move on from the hatred and jealousy. I don’t know how much therapy is going to do them any good.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. She is too much too late 😂But she means a lot to Chris, sending all that money month on month is something that he appreciates and reduces his issues with her. She also gives Bea the time of day, the attention she craves. I think they both will want to pursue a relationship with Clara long term, whether that will help or hinder them I don’t know….

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I was also intrigued about the comment when willChris looked at Blue as they were leaving his house. The look of loss, despair. Does Chris have a heart?


            1. Chris and Blue were working it out until Chris started shagging Andy. I also think Chris would like the support for Bea and he hadn’t anyone to share the joy of his windfall with. I’m kinda done with him though so you can make it up 😂😂😂

              Liked by 1 person

                    1. I’m having a few thoughts about things. As in other reply maybe go back to college senior year, maybe fast forward to graduation. I’ve a few things in my head. We’ll see. It all depends on Blue and Will making it I think.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Sorry..I was a little manic. I love the thought of Blue with a happy ending! I’m also VERY happy about picking the Suite boys up after – for their senior year.

                      You’ve built an amazing character in Blue! We all want his happiness to be ever after and like I’ve said before – I always wanted it with G, until you introduced and built his relationship with Blue. You’ve done an AMAZING job Sam – changing where my vote goes says a lot for your skills!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. Always give credit where due honey…I’ve been reading you since the beginning of Alexander on Nifty and absolutely loved Christmas Kisses/15 Years! You’ve got me hooked!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    4. Sounds good! Straight sex (eewww) or gay people in straight world? LOL! Let me know if you want me to outline some major milestones! I’d be happy to give some points! LOL!


  2. Am I harsh in now thinking worse of Bea and Chris than before….. with Paul stuff and them knowing what its like and despite this have actively tried to get Clara to turn against Blue (not this chapter but past chapters) makes them worse in my mind than they already were….. then again I am pretty vicious when it comes to hellspawn.

    Basically this chapter changes nothing in regards to my feelings towards hellspawn

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Blue sees right through it they are trying to use Paul and Blues hatred of him to make Blue forgive them and excuse them for all the crap they have done when the crap they did predates the bad stuff Paul did

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Didn’t you just love Bea’s reasoning for needing Blue to join them in therapy “we need to learn how to not want to destroy or be jealous of you”. Um … sounds like a you problem, not a me problem, bitch. And Clara was no better with admitting she brought Bea and Chris to Blue’s house to make them jealous of what Blue has achieved. She really is a shit mother for stirring the pot like that.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. As far as I’m concerned blue is my hero. They had if cumming and its about time he stood up for himself. Will is his forever man I hope. Kick those other three to the curb, and make sure blue gets his key back from his mother, so no more surprised visits from the outcast nutjobs. And I just have to say never stop writing about blue 💋❤💋❤💋❤💋❤💋❤💋💋Lane

    Liked by 3 people

  4. By the way honey..you’ve never written much better than when Blue told Clara and the spawn that all of this is Clara’s fault…I loved that. It will also be when Blue tells Gervais, he lost his chance and he lives with Will happily ever after!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. 👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏
    Finally! Blue’s confidence has allowed him to put his foot down and say it how it is. Time to move on to what he deserves! Clara can’t rely on him anymore. Yes, she is family, but not close family. She doesn’t have any favours left. Chris and Bea can pay for things themselves now, and they don’t need Blue to help them. A therapist will only muddle things further and Blue is in a good place now. I am so happy he has Will. They are so good for each other! They waited patiently for each other; it’s time they have each other! #byefelicia.
    Great chapter Sam!

    Liked by 2 people

          1. I hope they end up together in the end. It seems like Will is a better soulmate for Blue than Gervais. There would have to be something spectacular for them to split, and I wouldn’t be a “happy camper” (not sure if you know that expression).

            Liked by 2 people

              1. Ah yes, I knew that was coming. But Blue knows that is coming up too. I do think their connection is stronger than that of Blue and Gervais…but who knows what will happen in the summer. I bet your plan will work itself out soon Sam. Ups and downs are part of the story line that keeps everyone reading 🤗. Maybe Tad will be a “guest” more often? Lol.

                Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow Sam that was amazing! I am so proud of blue for standing up for himself! I loved how he told his mother and siblings basically, that they’re a mess and I need to fix themselves he wants nothing to do with it. It was so nice of will to be there for him! He truly loves blue!

    Blue is finally done with all of their games! He has Will, his home and he’s on his way with his businesses! So proud! You outdid yourself on this chapter! Great job Sam! Kisses!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks mark. It was so fun to write Blue giving it to them all. They were still after everything expecting him to roll over.
      Will knows how much support Blue needs and I love the way he has decided to undyingly be on Blue’s side.

      Ps did hubby get the anger out of you yesterday.

      Liked by 2 people

  7. Hahaha Loved it BLUE YOU GO MAN… Kick them all to the Curb and Momma included… If I was Blue I would also told her to get the F out of the business that she was to have no part in it…

    Wow I can’t believe Paul I knew he was an awful man but that is as low as low can go….

    Great chapter Sam… Can’t wait to see how this all really ends up playing out.


    Liked by 2 people

  8. Yasssss Clara, Chris, and Bea, pick up ya faces up off the floor. Blue just ended their whole existence and I am over here giggling and snortin my ass off. It was also sexy as fuck. First time I ever had an attraction to Blue. I’m here for it! Go head daddy BLUE! haha

    Liked by 3 people

  9. What in the hell is wrong with that sleazeball cuntface slimebag wrapped in a used box of tampons? Who in the hell would do that to their daughter. Chris I love how you fucked Paul over but I still hate you. Now on to the next piece of business. Blue Blue he’s our man if ha can’t put you in your place no one can. Awesome chapter Sam except for what cunty McCunt face did. He better be glad he’s not real

    Liked by 3 people

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