A new Blue 53

Blue’s alarm wakes them with a jolt and Andy instinctively feeling a body next to him moves in for kisses which Blue sleepily returns for a moment.

Come on, shower, we are so ripe.” Blue groans and Andy grumbles as he follows Blue. They wash each other as they always would and share another kiss. They both know they are friendly, comfort kisses and nothing more. Andy stays to get off and Blue gets dressed and makes up thermoses of coffee to take and they wolf down a bowl of oatmeal each.

The town has come together for another pay what you can day and Blue and Andy are run off their feet all day helping out at various stalls, setting up, fetching stock and selling.

Blue calls Will in the middle of the day to show him the ice-cream stand and the line it has. They are selling one dollar scoops of three basic flavors and it is doing really well. Ella and Nick are really enjoying themselves.

Andy and Blue had a small amount of their produce on Mike’s stall and it has gone quickly which pleases them both. Mike and Claud are again happy with the day and Arnold is ecstatic with the way the ice-cream is being received.

“It’ll be amazing next month with the opening.” Arnold says.

“It will. I’m excited to see if we sell much for take home. Have you asked Marsha if it has done well today?” Blue asks.

“Not yet. I’ll go to her next. A lot of photographers are here again. I think my two will be featured a lot.” Arnold says beaming with pride.

“I think so, they are so hot and look really cute in their outfits.” Andy says.

“I’ll go and find Marsha and report back.” Arnold says.

“Hey Blue, how are you?” Brian, Nick’s friend asks.

“Great Brian, this is my friend Andy. Brian works at the place Gervais is interning at.” Blue says.

“Oh cool.” Andy says checking out the muscly nerd.

“Do you guys want to grab dinner with us after?” Brian asks.

“Sure, just you and Nick?” Blue asks.

“And Ella and Ollie too. We’re going to a new Thai place.” Brian says.

“Perfect we’d love to.” Andy grins.

“You know Nick likes you.” Blue says when Brian leaves.

“Really? Ooooo a Nick and Brian sandwich would go down a treat.” Andy grins.

“I know for sure they would be up for that.” Blue says.

“Can l?” Andy asks.

“Go chat him up, I can hold the fort.” Blue grins. Andy kisses Blue’s cheek and speeds off.

Andy comes back an hour later with a scoop of ice-cream for each of them, grinning all over his face.

“I tried flirting with Nick and he knew straight off you’d told me. He didn’t mind though. He’s quite dirty behind that innocent smile.” Andy says.

“Well someone is going to have a good night.” Blue grins.

“0nly issue is location. I don’t want to be loud with Clara and Ocean in the house and I want them to be loud. It’s the same for Nick’s place and Brian has roommates.” Andy says.

“Nick could afford a hotel or if you’re that disparate use the barn. You can sneak some towels and blankets out.” Blue grins.

“How much do I love you?” Andy says and hugs Blue closely.

“Just what you need before exams. A thorough pipe clean” Blue says.

“Oh yes. I am so glad I came to visit. Fun with you, fun with 2 new guys. I feel like my luck is turning.” Andy says.

“You seem super upbeat. Imagine how good it’ll be when you have your Hawaii tan?” Blue grins.

“I’ll be fighting them off. Hey thanks for the boost babe. Everything has gone right this weekend. Feels good to be working, properly you know really useful and I have 2 guys interested which was totally out the blue. Takes my mind off Spence and exams and packing.” Andy laughs.

The pair escape when they can and take a nap before heading out to meet the others for dinner.

“Can I borrow a shirt?” Andy asks and Blue grins. Andy is in full Andy mode and he loves seeing him this way. Happy, sexy and on the hunt.

“Of course. You should take the bedding out now. Lube and stuff is in that drawer.” Blue says.

“Sure you won’t want to join us?” Andy asks.

“I am sure.” Blue laughs.

“I’m not saying you weren’t amazing yesterday because you were. But I need this.” Andy says.

“Either of them take your fancy for longer term?” Blue asks.

“Yeah. They both do in different ways. But tonight is just a good fuck, no expectations.” Andy says.

“Well you look great, really great.” Blue says and kisses Andy’s cheek.

“Lets go eat.” Blue grins.

It’s a total waste going to dinner, Nick and Brian barely eat a mouthful. Although Ella and Andy are more than happy to eat their leftovers. The food is good and the group get along really well. Ella is determined to not let her break up get her down. She really enjoyed the day and can’t wait for the parlor to be open.

Brian and Nick are both a little shy with Andy but Andy loves it. Two guys in his web and he’s enjoying teasing them and reeling them in fully.


“I’ll drive Ella home.” Blue grins at the end of the night.

“Thanks.” Nick says, not quite believing his night is happening.

“I can’t believe those three will have the energy after today.” Ella says on the way home.

“It was pretty full on. Looked like you served everyone in town.” Blue says.

“Lots of visitors too. Half the students from the city showed up to get cheap food.” Ella says.

“Did you get people coming back for more?” Blue asks.

“Yes. I cannot wait for us to be able to sell out of the parlor window so we can do milkshakes and hot chocolates too. I think we’ll be packed on opening day.” Ella says.

“We have 2 test days to get through. Think we’re ready?” Blue asks.

“I hope so. I know that you, me, Cheryl and Heidi can’t do everything. Think that is what scares me, trusting others. Especially after Jett.” Ella says.

“Agreed. Both Heidi and I struggle. We just need to find a few more like Ollie, preferably who will do front of house too.” Blue says.

“We will. I handed out a lot of applications today too.” Ella grins.

“What a great idea. People who need a job or extra job should have been around. Great thinking.” Blue says and Ella blushes.

“Will Andy be good to Nick?” Ella asks.

“In sex terms yes. For a relationship Andy can be amazing, truly amazing but he has had some major slip ups too.” Blue says.

“Nick doesn’t have big crushes often. He knows tonight doesn’t mean anything long term but he really likes Andy. So does my dad.” Ella grins.

“Ella, you are welcome to come round any time. You don’t need to wait for a dinner invite. Cheryl and Ocean are good to talk to and love company.” Blue says.

“Thanks. If my mom is off at a committee t can get lonely. I love my parent and living on the farm but it is harder to keep friends since we graduated.” Ella says.

“I totally get the lonely thing. I have been a lot.” Blue says.

“I promise, I will drop by.” Ella grins and gets out and heads in to the farm.

Andy is having a whale of a time. Both Brian and Nick are feeling pretty submissive tonight and are rock hard every time Andy opens his mouth to give an order or make a demand. Andy is loving all they both have to offer and is making sure he is well serviced before fucking them each in turn.

They nap to recharge and start all over again. Nick is crazy sore in the morning but feels amazing. Andy was incredible, so sexy and demanding.

“You were amazing.” Nick murmurs as he wakes.

“You both were. Do you two want to take a bath? Blue won’t mind. I bet you’re sore from sleeping in here.” Andy says feeling utterly satisfied.

“And from your demanding cock.” Brian grins, stretching out like a cat, trying to show his body off to Andy.

“You two were equally good. You were both very good boys. Cards on the table I like you both and could see myself dating either of you this summer. I would love to. But you’re best friends and I wouldn’t want to come between you. That isn’t to say I don’t want to repeat this because I do. Over and over.” Andy grins.

“I’m not really after a relationship, I’m not long out of a really long one that fucked me up. I for sure want to have sex with you a lot more. But if you and Nick want to try dating I’d be happy to be an occasional third.” Brian says. Truth is he had a far better time than expected and he would love Andy to call him and ask him on a date when he gets back for the summer. He knows how much Nick needs a boyfriend and though it wouldn’t be easy to see them together Nick deserves something good.

“You don’t want me?” Andy teases.

“Oh I do, I think that is obvious. I’m being realistic, I live in the city, I am a bit of a mess and my new job is long hours and kind of exhausting.” Brian says.

“You should come over for dinner a couple of nights a week with Gervais.” Andy says.

“You should. Blue cooks the best food and Cheryl is great. Better you socialize than hole up in your room hiding from your roommate.” Nick says.

“Not going well?” Andy asks.

“Not really but I’m not home much and  hand out with Nick most weekends.” Brian says.

“Blue’s is full for the summer but when we all go back to school you could take a room. He’d love it. Or talk to Will, he has an apartment in the city he’ll only be using a couple of nights a week. You could use that and then squish in with us the other nights.” Andy says.

“That’s a great idea.” Nick says.

“I don’t know. You’re being nice but I barely know any of you.” Brian says.

“I swear you’d likely be doing Will a favor. Lets go call him.” Andy says all fired up. He loves helping people now, wants to be able to give back the help he has received. He also knows Cheryl and Ocean will move in with Mike eventually and he hates the idea of Blue being alone when Will is at training camps.

“It’s okay. I am okay where I am.” Brian says.

Andy and Nick share a look and they know they’ll come up with a plan.

“Hello do you want some oatmeal with bananas?” Ocean asks as the boys go in the back door.

“We’re just going to clean up. Are there eggs? I’m thinking it might be a pancake and banana day.” Andy grins.

“Yippeeee.” Ocean says throwing his arms around Andy.

“I’ll get Blue.” Andy grins and shows Nick and Brian through to the bathroom.

“You sure this is okay?” Brian asks.

“Yeah, let me grab a quick shower then you two can run the tub and I’ll help Ocean and Blue with breakfast.” Andy grins.

“You need something in the shower.” Nick asks.

“For sure if you want to suck my dick come on in.” Andy grins and soon has two willing men kneeling in front of him as he washes off.

“We’ll be okay, we don’t need to soak but can we borrow some clothes?” Nick asks.

“Yeah, come through.” Andy says leading them to Blue’s room.

“You three have fun?” Blue asks sleepily.

“Yeah we’re just borrowing some clothes.” Andy grins.

“There are some of Gervais things upstairs if you want something smaller.” Blue says.

“I will go grab something.” Andy says pulling on some sweatpants and making Brian’s eyes bulge at his imprint.

“You two both like him.” Blue says getting up and pulling some shorts on.

“We’ve just discussed not falling out over it.” Nick says.

“Was it what you dreamed?” Blue asks.

“And then some.” Brian says.

“He is so sexy. So commanding. We were both so weak at the knees.” Nick grins.

“Good. He needed a boost.” Blue grins and Andy reappears with more clothing options.

“I promised pancakes to Ocean.” Andy grins.

“Okay. You guys want some too? Afraid we’re a veggie house so no bacon with them.” Blue says.

“Pancakes is way better than the coffee and twix I usually have.” Brian laughs.

“Your sweet tooth still in place I see.” Nick grins.

“Guilty.” Brian smiles.

“I do too. I love it when Blue sends me care packages of cookies and brownies.” Andy grins and the four join Ocean in the kitchen. Cheryl is down soon and they tuck in to a hearty breakfast.

Blue grins at Andy wanting to hear all the details.

“Did you really sleep in the barn? Me and Jane want to camp out there this summer.” Ocean says.

“There were a few mice. You need a cat.” Nick says.

“Yes, we need a kitty Blue.” Ocean says wide eyed and Nick claps his hand over his mouth.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t think.” Nick says eyes wide.

“No, you’re right. We need a couple of cats.” Cheryl says.

“I don’t really do pets other than chickens and they’re not pets. But I think it’s a good idea. Ocean you’re in charge of researching shelters and finding out what we need to do to be allowed to adopt.” Blue says.

“Really?” Ocean asks excited.

“Really.” Cheryl grins.

“We’ll have to keep the chickens in the run, we need to extend it.” Blue says.

“I will help. I will do everything if we can have a cat.” Ocean says enthusiastically.

“You better.” Blue grins.

“Ocean has always wanted pets but we’ve never managed more than a goldfish. Moving to the country means we can do things we couldn’t in the city.” Cheryl says.

“What’s happening?” Clara asks.

“We’re getting cats.” Ocean grins.

“Pancakes?” Blue asks.

“Is there oatmeal?” Clara asks.

“Yes. Do you want toffee banana on it?” Ocean asks jumping up.

“Just some honey please.” Clara says and Ocean serves it up with a huge smile.

“Need some more Andy?” Blue asks.

“I’ll have some oatmeal and see.” Andy grins.

“I am so hungry. I barely ate last night.” Nick grins.

“Same.” Brian says and Blue laughs and gets up to make another batch of pancakes.

“So Brian isn’t keen on his roommate and I said he should use Will’s apartment when he’s not there.” Andy says.

“Andy I said I was fine.” Brian hisses.

“But you’re not and it was a good idea.” Nick says.

“It is a good idea. He has a two bedroom place lined up so you should move in full time. I expect Gervais would appreciate staying over a couple of nights when Will isn’t there to reduce his commute too.” Blue says.

“Settled.” Andy grins.

“Gervais is the one Tad likes?” Brian asks.

“Yeah, Tad has a huge crush and turns into an inarticulate idiot when Gervais is around.” Blue grins.

“Tad likes Gervais?” Ocean gasps eyes wide.

“What do you think of that?” Blue asks.

“I don’t think it sounds a good match. Nope no.” Ocean says causing everyone to crack up.



8 thoughts on “A new Blue 53

  1. I just know that at least one of these boys are going to crack onto Will…

    They won’t ALL be dead to me forever because of that….

    Gervais was already dead!



    Gervais can deliver the pizza that revives them from their sex coma.

    Also, Loved it Sam! It felt more ‘charged’ than the last few. Like when you’ve had five boners in a row, similar to a hetero teenage boy discovering Xena in the 90’s, as his penis debates the relationship between her Lawless breasts, and her tit armour… And Gabriel’s… Actually let’s ignore her. She was a cunt.

    But still! I get these guys!

    Some people get to the point when they’d fuck a cushion, as long as it would hold still and stop judging you…

    But I only claimed to be black for the purpose of a garage sale, and for the purposes of morale superiority… …

    I never claimed to be perfect!

    It’s just a coincidence, that I’m perfect. Damnit.


  2. Ocean I love you. He’s all like tad and gervais no way. I could see ocean being the creator of the most successful matchmaking company. Oh andy how I wish I was there. Ella needs her a nice fella. Maybe robin?? Awesome chapter Sam nicds way to brighten my day

    Liked by 4 people

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