What makes you laugh?

January is taking its toll (sorry for my latest freak out), grey skies, short days, too much darkness.

What makes you laugh.

Round these parts is a brewery called Butcombe, yes butt cum, and ordering a pint of Butcombe will always make me smile. Better still making a colleague order it at lunchtime.

I don’t even like beer.

So make me laugh. Tell a joke. A bad Grindr story. Show us your worst haircut.
Love you all


43 thoughts on “What makes you laugh?

  1. When I was 23, I moved to St Louis and had my first taste of freedom. This also coincided with loosing a lot of weight and becoming more confident with myself. Anyway, a friend and I were walking down a busy street and I saw a hot guy in a window. After a moment I realized it was me, so I started talking to my reflection, asking it
    “Who’s a pretty bird? You’re a pretty bird, yes you are, you’re a pretty bird” pointing and making cute faces at myself. My friend is on the ground laughing, gasping for breathe and crying for me to stop. That’s when I look past my reflection to see a couple seated opposite of me on a date, forks suspended in midair as they look terrified at the lunatic gesturing and making faces at them.

    I had the pleasure of serving the same couple plus some of their friends at the restaurant where I worked at the following weekend, and they tried to figure out where they remembered me from.

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  2. Most embarrassing moment was getting a massive boner in church. Was half asleep and daydreaming about sex, as most 17 year old boys do. Didn’t realize it was Communion time so as I stood up in my thin summer slacks, going commando of course, I had to walk to the Priest to get the sacraments with my dick leading the way. No way to hide it or the wet spot my daydream had left on my slacks. 😳😊🍆

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      1. Haha nope!! And for communion you approach with your hands together out front for the Priest to lay the sacraments in. So I couldn’t even do the pocket dick grab and hold it close to me. Full display!!😁

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  3. I’m a pretty happy person…probably 98% of the time. I laugh a lot – at a lot of stupid things – movies, tv shows, late night. Has anyone seen the animated movie Sausage Party? It’s definitely rude and adult oriented, but I laughed my ass off!

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      1. For a funny story – I had just moved to Tampa and was renting a room from a friend of a friend. Well, the first night in we got wasted and fucked….I met hubby about a month later – apparently he was pissed (mad)! He told everyone I would cut the lawn nude! I wondered why everyone was always peeking over the fence while I was cutting the lawn!!!!

        I highly recommend the movie by the way if you’re looking for stupid/sexual humor! I laughed for days!

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    1. Yes!! My daughter and her boyfriend talked me into taking them. Needless to say, I wish I had read up about the movie prior. When the food orgy came on I’ve never been so embarrassed. I definitely won the Worst Parent Of the Year award for that one!!

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  4. BAHAHAHAHA! BUTCOMBE! I fucking love it!

    When I’m feeling down, I like to take sleeping tablets and try to stay awake for as long as possible, and then check the shit I text people after waking up. 😛

    And here’s a little story.

    When I was 14, I had my first boyfriend who lived almost 2 hours away, and we decided to take a bunch of photos of each other fooling around, since we only got to hang out on weekends, and I’d just gotten my first digital camera.

    Fast forward a year, I had my first job, and I’d just built my first gaming computer, bit by bit, and I sold my brother my old PC. Now, my brother is a super-churchy judgemental cunt, and was known to host bible study and all that shit.

    Anywho, he was hosting dinner with some of his church friends, when his (my old) pc, which was set up in the loungeroom at the desk, has the screensaver come on. He had the screensaver set to “Image slide show”, and BOOM!

    His church mates who were over for dinner, got to see my boyfriend and I sucking and fucking each other, in glorious 4megapixel resolution, as the images dance across his screen.

    And that’s how my family got to discover I was gay.

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  5. Really bad jokes. Cute animals like kittens and laser pointers. Cheesy horror movies like Killer Klowns from Outer Space. One time I sent a naughty pick to one of my former professors on grindr. I don’t know who was more embarrassed

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  6. We have a Doctor where I work who told me with a very straight face that he had enjoyed a pint of Butcombe the night before and couldn’t fathom why it made me chuckle. Now it’s a standing joke between us…. The images I get in my head are just WRONG!

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