A new Blue 58

“Have you guys fallen out?” Katelyn asks Andy as he comes out to help her and Ocean shut the chickens away.

“No, Spence and I are a bit awkward around each other at the moment. He asked to get back together but I said no as he hadn’t broken up with Larry yet.” Andy says honestly.

“I don’t understand why they didn’t come to the opening.” Katelyn says.

“I don’t either.” Andy says.

“And they are making a mess and its all stinky in there. It isn’t nice.” Katelyn says.

“I know. I told them to clean up before Blue and Cheryl get back. It isn’t fair for them to turn up and make a mess.” Andy says.

“Shall we make some pizzas for dinner?” Ocean says.

“I don’t believe it, ocean suggesting something that isn’t bananas for dinner.” Andy gasps.

“Silly. We can have pizzas and Blue can have an omelet.” Ocean says.

“I think as everyone has been working so hard we should order some take out and then we won’t have so much cleaning up.” Andy says.

“Oh boy, yes please!” Ocean cries.

“Call your mom and ask what she, Clara and Roe would like. I’ll call Blue.” Andy says.

“I’ll go and ask the others.” Katelyn says and runs indoors.

“Hey Katelyn, chickens okay?” Spence asks.

“Yes, no thanks to you three. We’re ordering dinner, what do you want?” Katelyn asks curtly, she is mad at the three for being lazy slobs and not showing up earlier. They look at her blankly.

“The others have voted Thai. That suit you? Blue and Will are going to get it on the way back.” Andy says coming in.

They all look at him like he has 3 heads.

“I’m not hungry.” Gervais shrugs.

“Same, we had pizza earlier.” Robin says.

“You didn’t even think about cooking dinner?” Katelyn asks getting madder.

“I am having noooooooooooooooooooooodles.” Ocean cries out coming in to the room and stopping, wrinkling his nose. He goes to the window and opens it.

“I’ll give you a hand.” Andy says.

“It stinks in here. Stinky feet. Why is it such a mess?” Ocean asks.

“Because these three are being mean to Blue and Cheryl.” Katelyn says.

“How are we being mean to Cheryl?” Robin asks.

“You didn’t come and cheer when the parlor opened. Blue and Cheryl have been working on it for months and months and you didn’t show. You’re using Blue’s house and making a mess and ordering pizza for yourselves and not cleaning up and you’ve only been here a day. You’re being so rude.” Katelyn says and stomps out.

“You missed out because the ice-cream is sooo good.” Ocean says upset that they didn’t come and cheer for his mom. He runs after Katelyn.

“I didn’t know it was such a big deal.” Gervais says feeling bad.

“Yes you did. You knew it was a huge deal to all of us. You could have partied for the weekend and come up Monday but you chose to get here for the opening. What happened?” Andy asks.

“We forgot. It sounds so stupid. We went shopping in the city and there was a game out we wanted to play and we realized we were too late for the opening and so came straight home to play.” Robin admits.

“And you didn’t bother even getting some flowers for Cheryl? Nothing? I get that you’re tired after exams and the long drive and Spence I get that you want to avoid me but really Blue hasn’t done anything wrong and you should have come down to see us, even if you missed the opening. It would have made Blue’s day of you’d bought an ice-cream and come to see us on the stall and tell him you were enjoying it. Man it would have taken 30minutes out of your day. Robin you were the only one from the company not to show up. That was cold.” Andy says hoping he can finally get through to them.

“We’ll clean up.” Robin says feeling guilty.

“Its hard with Spence sleeping in here.” Gervais says.

“It’s only for a couple more days. Roe and Clara want to make sure Cheryl is okay and then they’ll head off. Please don’t make them feel uncomfortable, I love having Katelyn around.” Andy says and Spence melts. He loves having her around too and doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable.

“I’ll go talk to Katelyn.” Spence says. He finds Katelyn and Ocean in the hammock outside singing to each other and he pulls up a chair to chat to them.

Blue and Will say goodbye to Gladys and Abby and head back to the parlor.

“Everything done? Sorry for skipping out on clean-up.” Blue says.

“That is no problem. It isn’t your job. We’ve had a great day and will do it again tomorrow.” Cheryl smiles.

“I’ll just go and check what prep I need to do tomorrow.” Blue says and slips through to the kitchen. He seems quiet.” Clara says.

“He can hear you. He’s also a bit down his friends didn’t show.” Will says.

“Gosh, we were so busy we didn’t even notice.” Cheryl says.

“I expect they are all tired from finals and couldn’t face the crowds.” Clara says and Will feels upset on Blue’s behalf that he isn’t getting any support, but it was Cheryl’s big day too and she doesn’t seem too upset. And Blue wasn’t even working. Still feels weird.

“It still isn’t nice. You’ve done a lot for those boys and they should have been here. For you as much as for Blue, Nick and Ella. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.” Roe says firmly and Will grins, glad to have someone on side.

“Why don’t Roe and I go and pick up dinner. And meet you three at home.” Will says.

“That sounds good.” Cheryl smiles.

“Thank-you Will.” Clara says with a smile.

“Wow you sold a lot.” Blue says coming back through.

“We really did. It was a struggle to get people out to close. We should seriously considering opening for eggs and pancakes at breakfast.” Clara says.

“People would expect bacon.” Blue says.

“And it would smell all day.” Cheryl says and it is clear they have gone over the issue a million times already.

“But pancakes or waffles and fruit would be nice on weekends.” Blue says.

“I was thinking of some sort of crepe sandwich or stuffed French toast we could do at the window in the week and inside on the weekends.” Clara says.

“I think we need to walk first.” Cheryl says and Blue nods.

“Just ideas to expand your market. Ella and Nick really needed the help when we got in as the coffee was doing so well. It wasn’t like we were stealing Heidi’s trade either she said the bakery was at capacity all day.” Clara says.

“I’m not dismissing it but I think like Blue said people expect bacon at breakfast or if it is a veggie breakfast they expect something healthy. We’re thinking of essentially an unhealthy veggie breakfast.” Cheryl says and Blue agrees.

“Oh well lets get home.” Clara says and exhausted the three head to Cheryl’s car.

“I am excited to be around savory food.” Cheryl laughs.

“Tomorrow I am taking Ollie car shopping. I’ll collect him from church.” Clara says.

“Good idea.” Blue says.

“Will Roe be helping out or will you have enough people in?” Clara asks.

“I’d not say no if she offers, but I don’t want her to feel obligated,” Cheryl says.

“Will and Andy will be able to keep Ocean and Katelyn occupied.” Blue says.

“You can’t work all weekend going forward, you’ll never see Ocean.” Clara says,

“I know. I just need to get everyone up to speed and feel confident.” Cheryl says.

“Well make sure you’re not the only one deciding that. Else you’ll be as stuck as you were at the café and not getting on with your dream deli.” Clara says firmly.

“I’ll make sure of it don’t worry. I don’t want to work all weekend and neither do Nick and Ella. We’ll make it work. I mean that is one weekend in 4 if we rotated which I think would be fair.” Blue says.

“Sounds perfect until you find someone.” Clara says.

“Blue that would make me feel so much better.” Cheryl says.

Will and Roe get home seconds before the others and so they all sit round together and share the food. Robin, Gervais and Spence have made an effort to clear up and no one mentions them not coming to the opening.

Will bites his tongue when Andy heads straight to their room again. He knows Blue is exhausted and it’s only a few more days but he really wants Blue to himself to find out how he’s truly feeling.

“You okay baby.” Will asks.

“Just need to sleep.” Blue sighs and Will smiles knowing in a few months he’ll be this way every night.

“Did you talk to Gervais or robin?” Andy asks.

“No.” Blue says and snuggles up to Will and falls straight to sleep.

Blue wakes in the night and kisses Will’s chest. He loves having Will n his bed and it makes everything better. He aches from the day before and knows he has to work again but nuzzling against Will makes him feel a lot better.

“Horny baby.” Will whispers in to Blue’s hair.

“Your horny baby.” Blue whispers back running his hands over Will’s sexy muscles.

Will moves in to kiss Blue long and slow. Blue purrs in delight and melts into Will. They are so into each other that they don’t care that Andy is sleeping beside them. They are too hungry for each other. Will wants to spoil Blue, need to be in control. Blue grins and enjoys Will’s mouth exploring him. Will’s fingers probing. Blue gives himself over totally, moaning gently.

Andy watches sleepily, fascinated and excited. He’s never seen Blue just give himself up so completely. It is so different to Blue and Gervais which always seem magical. Will and Blue are utterly connected too and here it is Wil who knows exactly what Blue needs.

Andy feels a sharp jab of jealousy as he sees the look of sheer love and adoration from Blue when its over. Once the pair drop back to sleep Andy sneaks out to get off in the garden.

“How are you doing Andy?” Roe asks later sitting next to him on the bench in the garden.

“Confused that I’m up early?” Andy asks.

“A little. I also see that you’ve grown so much this year and you seem to have outgrown your friends a little. You’re much closer to Will and Blue than the others.” Roe says.

“Yeah. This place, the space we have. I love it and I trust Blue to get us off the ground this year. We’re going somewhere.” Andy says.

“Yes you are. And you’re not tempted to leave school?” Roe double checks.

“No way. I love my new school. I am learning so much and my degree means a lot to me. Plus I have to be a great role model for Katelyn. I can’t compel her to stay in school if I don’t.” Andy says.

“You did so well to graduate high school on time, given everything that happened. When you were in that car crash I was so worried all your hard word wouldn’t pay off and here you are getting the best grades of your life and working on your business. Focused and determined. We all want to reward you and Katelyn has a plan.” Roe says. Andy is blinking back tears. He has missed Roe more than he realized. He feels so happy that she is proud of him.

“What plan?” Andy squeaks out.

“She would like to pay to convert the barn for you. She said you wanted to do it. She wants to get started and Clara is checking the legalities.” Roes says.

“She can’t do that. She literally can’t. I hold the purse strings not Clara and I would never let her spend that amount on me.” Andy says.

“Think about it. This is the first time Katelyn has mentioned her money in a long time. She is coming around to using it. Not just on you but she wants to use it for good and you know that is a huge step.” Roe says.

“She’s Clara’s daughter isn’t she? Somehow my little sister is growing up with all Clara’s good traits.” Andy says.

“She’s special.” Roe grins.

“Pancakes, come in for pancakes. Blue is making special pancakes.” Ocean says running out to get Roe and Andy in for breakfast.

“We need to stop him doing so much.” Andy says.

“Yes we do.” Roe says worried.

Andy starts helping Will with drinks and Ocean and Katelyn set the table. Blue wants to have a lovely breakfast all together before they start the day. He knows he and Cheryl might not get much of a break all day.

“What are your plans today Roe?” Blue asks.

“I’ll be helping you and Cheryl. I’ll man the coffee machine or something.” Roe grins.

“Thank-you. That will be a huge help. No amount of training gets newbies ready for real customers and they need a few more shifts to get up to speed.” Cheryl says.

“Nick, Ella and Blue are all new to it. You need to have higher standards for the staff.” Clara says.

“Maybe we do.” Cheryl sighs.

“I’ve worked in the café but I’ve not been serving in the parlor yet. Well only a few people. I might be as rubbish as anyone.” Blue says.

“You’ll be fine.” Cheryl smiles.

“Did you ask Andy?” Katelyn asks Roe.

“No go little sis. I am not having you spend your money on me like that. I would love to convert the barn but when I do I will have earned the money. Blue and Will might want me out their room but they’re not about to kick me out the house.” Andy says.

“There is no way that is happening with Katelyn’s money or yours. If anyone converts the barn to live in, it’ll be me. I was the one who accidentally bought it.” Gervais says.

“I’m not threatened by you but it would be really weird for me for my husband’s ex to build a place next door to live in.” Will says honestly and Blue grins at the mention of husband.

“You’re not married yet.” Gervais says.

“But in two years we will be.” Blue says quietly.

“Are you engaged? Without telling us?” Robin asks worried that he and Blue have drifted further than he thought.

“Not yet but we have talked about it. We talk a lot about where we are going.” Will says.

“They’re happy. Anyone can see that. Will makes Blue really happy.” Andy says.

“A few weeks back you were urging them to break up.” Robin says.

“They worked through it. Blue never manages to work through issues. It is a huge deal that Will has the patience and love that Blue needs.” Andy says.

“I think they will get married.” Ocean says as if that settles it. Ocean doesn’t know why his big brothers are fighting.

“I need to get going. I love the idea of the barn being converted. It could easily make two or three residences. But we are so long away from that. Andy and I don’t even know whether we’ll be able to make a go of things here, we might move on in a couple of years.” Blue says and he goes to get his things.








48 thoughts on “A new Blue 58

      1. I just think the position he is in now is Gervais own doing as Blue gave him sooo many chances to either get together or give Gervais another shot did he honesty think Blue would date soneone temporarily and drop them for him at some stage that is one ego considering all hurt, mixed signals and mind games he has caused Blue over the years.

        Liked by 2 people

          1. I completely agree! I feel empathy for G for sure. He’s losing his dream life..he’s talked about it so much. But, like you said MarkOz, he’s beaten Blue down so many times -Fergus, Jessie, Chris, Spence and his mixed signals constantly! He can’t expect Blue to just drop Will for him! Blue has properly moved on.


  1. Great chapter Sam! The tension is building but Blue and Will are in a great place! I think G is gonna snap! LOL! Sorry, mean of me, but he’s hurt him time and time again…

    I’m glad the boys realized the impact of what they missed! Thanks again!


        1. I’ve stayed in all day. I get people are unhappy and the police tazing a race relations guy thinking he was a criminal will cause unrest but I don’t get what burning effigies of Trump in an English city is going to do.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I’m so done with it all. It’s seriously embarrassing! I get people are unhappy, but here in the US I’ll guarantee you a large percentage of those people who are protesting – didn’t even VOTE!! I don’t get it!

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I don’t mind the big marches. If they’re organised, not just marching down the street Friday rush hour stopping people getting home(who have bugger all to do with Trump) and burning things right outside my door.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. OMG! That’s crazy! The protesters in DC were horrible. I’m sorry, I’ve got no room for violence in any of this..protest? – fine…no need to break windows and light shit on fire!

                Liked by 1 person

      1. I loved that! G doesn’t need to be in the same yard! LOL! I also loved the comment regarding two years at the end…that’s gonna cause some other conversations I’m sure! Clara does NOT need to bring the spawn ANYWHERE near Blue…maybe this will give her a clue!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. See and I know you know I am a Blue and Will fan. When has G or any of Blues other bf’s ever stood up to the others for him? They’ve always run away (G), beat him down (G, George and Birch) or said his opinion or what he want’s doesn’t matter (George and Austin).

      Finally he has an equal in the relationship – they take care of each other and Will makes Blue talk. I was always a G fan – even when he hurt Blue…Sam always showed us that deep down he did/does love Blue. But now, Blue needs the one who makes him happy – Will, doesn’t hurt him, but takes care of him. I am COMPLETELY a hopeless romantic (with a bitch streak, yes…sometimes)! LOL!

      Liked by 2 people

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