97 thoughts on “Summer sexy time poll

  1. I’m fascinated that the pairings of Nick and Ollie and of Robin and Ella have support. Especially as Robin in being such a dick right now.

    Sorry not to be around much and not writing and not updating nifty. Lots going on in real life right now. I don’t even have my laptop with me right now.


                    1. I’d buy it for you. A snow egg, a cheese cake, a mud cake and pie. No 2 pies one with meringue and one more fruity. And I’d let you get all the ice cream flavours. And I’d get you a taxi home😘😘😘and rub your belly after and make you feel all cute and adored


                    2. I like Matt Preston best even though it blew my mind when I saw he was married to a woman. And I love Kylie when she’s in. I think George has lost some of his humour with his weight.


                    3. yeah love Matt I love his cheats section in masterclass (do you watch those episodes)

                      Funny how brutal he is if we get a cook full of ego and arrogance lol


                    4. Rubbish and recycling done (not cardboard, it’s full), laundry done, pork Belly roasting, rhubarb stewing on the stove and brisket in the slow cooker for lunches next week. Can I have my kisses now?


                    5. Okay I do like Jessica and I like the English chap who is tall and Fiona the Scot. I really, really dislike Zara and John the flight attendant after he screwed his team, liked him before that.
                      But again there are so many who are top or bottom all the time and a heap I’ve seen nothing of.


                    6. still not sure what I did wrong this time was just concerned Marcus has not been around for a good week or so which is out of character for him so hope he is ok


                    7. This is where we differ, you’re so caring and nice. I’m just glad he’s gone, not because of you, because he knows how to wind me up, and makes me feel unhappy and uncomfortable here.


                    8. look how every time Clara does something very very small that is nice and for that chapter I seem to forgive the bad things she has done in past chapters same as how I am with Andy at present

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                    1. The Aussie ones are all alike and the pokie rooms in pubs are a bit grim in parts 😂😂 I had some awesome wins on flintstones and game of thrones. On my last day while waiting to go to the airport I won 144 on a 1dollar spin and 150.2 on a $1.20 whoooop.


                    2. My first visit i went to the Crown and got asked to leave for wearing flip flops 😂😂😇and I went to star city a few times my second visit, was a good place to watch gym and diving for commonwealths.


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