A new Blue 59

Blue, Cheryl and Roe head in to the casino and Will and Andy start to hustle Ocean and Katelyn to get ready for their nature walk. Wilson drops Jane round and she happily points out some local things. Ocean feels really happy to be out in nature and Katelyn feels a little homesick for the woods at home.

Andy is just happy to have a day with his sister and also getting to know Will better. He’s disappointed that the other three didn’t opt to join them, especially Gervais given how close he and Ocean have been.

“I have no idea what is going on with Robin and Gervais.” Andy says to Will as the kids run ahead.

“I don’t know them well enough to ask. I will chat with Spence tomorrow at work, see what he knows.” Will says.

“I love how you’re trying to protect Blue from it. He doesn’t need any shit right now.” Andy says.

“Especially not with his mom threatening to buy a place and move Satan’s spawn in with her.” Will says.

“She better not. No way I am living anywhere near Chris or Bea. She’d burn down our vines if she didn’t get her own way.” Andy says.

“Exactly, Blue doesn’t need any drama from his friends.” Will says.

“I’ll talk to them. I think once everyone starts work tomorrow it’ll be okay. I thin Gervais is annoyed that Blue hasn’t been thankful enough for the renovations, he’s not rolling out the red carpet for Gervais visits.” Andy says.

“Blue gave him a house. I think they’re even, more than.” Will says.

“Oh I agree. I totally agree. Blue has done so much for Gervais over the last 3 years that money can never, ever repay. Hell Gervais wouldn’t have got through the first month at school without Blue.” Andy says.

“And in return he fucked him over and over.” Will says.

“Yeah, it wasn’t all bad. When those two are in sync as boyfriends or friends they are an unbeatable team. But Gervais could play Blue something crazy and I never worked out why. Maybe I’ve been doing the same to Spence.” Andy says.

“I don’t think so. He still hasn’t broken up with Larry. Yes I’ve heard you and Spence had ups and downs with fault on both sides but you had really moved on. You hadn’t given Spence hope, he is dating Larry.” Will says.

“Exactly. Physically I know I will never do better than Spence. And when I saw him the other night I was so ready to be back with him but something stopped me. Maybe it was him taking the chase away from me. I wanted to win him back from Larry. I wanted to have an adult relationship with him here and now I have stepped back I’m not sure. I’m taking Ollie out for an early dinner later, and I’m excited. Blue has warned Ollie about me and I understand, I totally understand but I also realized that I don’t want to be that Blue warns other guys about.” Andy says.

“You want to settle down again? Or ho about some more?” Will asks.

“Honestly? I really want a stable but open relationship. I don’t want marriage yet, not until the business is supporting me and I can get that barn done. I know that Spence wants marriage now, or in the next year or two and he will want near monogamy.” Andy says.

“Well I’d warn you off Ollie if you want an open relationship. Kid has a lot going on.” Will says.

“I know and it’s just a date. He’s interesting, I like men with ambition and talent.” Andy says.

“Me too.” Will grins.

“Well you hit the jackpot with Blue. Too many talents.” Andy says.

“I am insanely happy and I know how lucky I am.” Will says.

“He’s lucky too. You treat him a million times better than anyone has before. And you’re interesting and talented and have an amazing body. Damn I should be trying to steal you.” Andy jokes.

“No chance. I am so tired. Lets get back and make lunch so I can nap.” Will says.

“Sounds good.” Andy grins.

Ocean and Andy set about making some flatbreads and top them with leftovers while Will digs out some soup from the freezer and nukes it. Katelyn and Jane hang out outside getting to know each other and relaxing.

Wilson arrives to collect Jane as they are eating.

“Enough for me?” Wilson asks.

“We have loads.” Ocean says with a big grin.

“I actually want to speak to you about the barn. Do you know an architect who might be interested in designing converting it to one or two residences?” Katelyn asks, determined not to be put off her plan, Andy deserves something nice.

“I said no.” Andy says.

“Spence has said he’ll lend me the money and then when I am eighteen I can pay him back. Or if you have made money you can.” Katelyn says and Spence blushes.

“No.” Andy says.

“But if you know anyone then do pass on their details as we do want to see what our options are.” Will says.

“It isn’t yours to decide.” Gervais says petulantly.

“It isn’t yours either. Honestly I think you need to give me a bill for the renovations and land. Because we cannot go on like this.” Will says.

“I don’t need paying back. I just need to be considered when big plans are made.” Gervais says. The last thing he wants to do is piss off Will, he knows that is a sure way to lose Blue.

“Right I get that. I don’t want you to feel pushed out. I know you’ve not been able to see Blue for more than a few seconds yet and you’re thinking you have work tomorrow and it’ll be long hours all summer. I swear weekends won’t always be like this.” Will says gently.

Gervais looks at Will and smiles. He knows he needs to make more effort.

“How about we go to the parlor for coffee and dessert.” Gervais says.

“Dad can we?” Jane asks eyes bright.

“I think that sounds good.” Wilson says.

“Just us?” Jane asks.

“Yeah I’ll just call mom to let her know. We’ll get take out for the kids.” Wilson says and Jane beams, excited to have her dad to herself for longer.

“Sorry if I said the wrong thing.” Gervais says to Wilson as they go to the cars.

“It is fine, the wife has her mother and her sisters over. I was glad to escape.” Wilson grins.

“My babysitting offer still stands.” Gervais says.

“Sounds like you’re going to be busy. But we will keep you in mind.” Wilson says and Gervais starts to relax.

Will calls ahead to the parlor to see how busy they are and to reserve some tables. Roe tells them they are busy but a few people are about to leave and to be quick.

Once they are seated Will pops into the kitchen to get Blue. He beams with pride at the sight of all his friends sat there and Cheryl grins too.

“You must be about done. Sit with them and enjoy it.” Cheryl says.

“You can cope?” Blue asks.

“Yes. Everything is running smoothly.” Cheryl says and Blue smiles.

“I am pretty much done. As long as you’re okay on toppings?” Blue checks.

“We’re fine.” Cheryl grins and Blue squishes in next to Will.

“Can I get a double espresso?” Blue says.

“Of course. Just one thing with sugar Ocean, so ice-cream or milkshake.” Cheryl says sternly.

“Awww.” Ocean complains.

Everyone orders and Ocean settles on a banana milkshake, he loves that the ice-cream in it is named after him. Jane orders the same the pair move to sit at a smaller table with Wilson.

“So how are we going to end all this tension? I know I’ve not been much of a host but I see us as family and don’t expect to have to host, especially when I had so much on this weekend. I don’t know why you came.” Blue says.

“We had to come up this weekend, we all start work tomorrow.” Robin says.

“So what is going on? Spence is well known for being rubbish at helping out but he’s spent plenty of time keeping Katelyn occupied. You two are usually great. What’s the issue?” Blue asks.

“We’re just tired from finals. We didn’t expect the house to be quite so full, we thought Cheryl and Ocean would be at the farm.” Robin says.

“And we’re not getting much quality sleep.” Gervais says.

“I’d give you my bed but I can’t risk Will on the air bed. I’m sorry.” Blue says.

“Don’t be ridiculous. Gervais can get a hotel if he needs a bed.” Andy says.

“Says the guy who gets a bed.” Robin says.

“This is because Andy invited himself in to my bed? That’s only because he and Spence are in a fight.” Blue says.

“You’re welcome to share the pull out with me. I offered before.” Spence says. He knows they fucked up not coming by of Saturday. He actually thought Gervais and Robin were trying to take his mind off Andy and they just forgot the opening but it feels like it’s something else.

“We might.” Robin says.

“Are you two a thing?” Will asks.

“No.” Gervais says.

“So why do you have to share a bed?” Will asks.

“We don’t.” Gervais says.

“I’d offer to get a hotel but I don’t want to miss out on time with Katelyn.” Spence says and Andy smiles.

“I wish you’d all stop making stupid little excuses and be honest with me.” Blue sighs and is met with blank stares.

“Come on we can’t go all summer like this. If you have a problem with me tell me or fuck off and find somewhere else to live. I don’t need this petty shit.” Blue says.

“This is the issue. All your patience is gone and you’re so harsh now. So aloof.” Gervais says.

“And you’re talking to us now but having Andy and Will fight your battles is just weird. It’s like Will is your guard dog and keeping us away.” Robin says.

“Come on. Will loves Blue and has been trying to make things easier for him on the biggest weekend of his life.” Andy says.

“Blue I’m sorry. I’ve been a bit off with you because, well you were the one who told me, to go for it with Andy. I had no idea these two had a problem with you. I don’t agree with them at all. I know I’m shit at house stuff and given we’re all going to be working I suggest I get us a cleaner for the summer.” Spence says and Andy beams at him. Spence catches Andy’s eye and sees he’s making headway.

“I think we should. Yes. But you don’t need to cover the whole cost. We can split it between all of us.” Blue says.

“I’m not Blue’s bodyguard. But I am protective. If I’m making you feel uncomfortable tell me. Don’t take it out on Blue. He hasn’t asked me to step in, I’ve being trying to step in and avoid confrontations like this.” Will says quietly.

“I appreciate you doing it. It’s clear we all have different issues and need to sort it out separately.” Andy says.

“No. Like I said I’m dealing with petty shit right now. Either act like decent humans or move on. I’m too busy to give up my free time to bleating and complaints. It is harsh and I have changed. I have been through a lot this year and I know I haven’t been there for any of you the way you might have needed me to be. I just couldn’t be that guy any more. I’m sorry and I know you all got me through my loneliness when Will was away and I am so grateful and I probably owe you all for that but right now I’ve nothing to give.” Blue says.

“You’re someone else with Will. He’s changed you and you’re no fun anymore.” Robin says.

“What he says doesn’t go for all of us. Can we have a few minutes outside?” Gervais asks.

“Sure.” Blue says.

“I just miss you so much and you know I’m not good at sharing you. I kind of thought things would be like they were over winter break, I was excited to see you and your dreams coming true. I knew I had to accept Will into your life and Andy into your business. But I didn’t expect to have to share our dream with everyone and it is hard to let it go. The farmhouse was our dream and I don’t have a new one and I’m lost and unhappy and you don’t have time for me but you’re the only one who understands me.” Gervais says tears running down his face.

“I wouldn’t have it without you, I am very aware of that. Right now I need to stay focused. I don’t want to be a bad friend but I just can’t put everything on hold to make you feel better.” Blue says.

“I know. I am so sorry about missing the opening. This place is amazing and I wish I was a part of it. Everything looks and tastes amazing. I really love it and I am really proud of you. Please let me back in.” Gervais says and Blue hugs him closely.

“I always wanted you to be a part of it. But you’ll be working in the city. Working at a games company, that is your dream. Hell you and Robin need to switch jobs. Especially as he seems to hate me. I guess this is because I missed his birthday?” Blue asks.

“I don’t know. You’re so combative now. So hard. And you’ve just told us all we’re not important enough for you.” Gervais says.

“I am just trying to set expectations. I gave you guys a chance to get it all out just now. I didn’t know Andy and Will had already been on at you.” Blue says.

“We deserved it. If it’s okay with you I’ll take Will to dinner tomorrow after work. Spence can take Ocean home.” Gervais says.

“Its okay with me as long as you don’t try to steal him.” Blue grins.

“So you do still have a sense of humor.” Gervais laughs.

Blue hugs him again and dries his eyes. He wishes he could kick Andy out and have Gervais in bed with them tonight but knows Will wouldn’t like it.

They go back inside. Robin has gone and Blue rolls his eyes.

“So we’re all okay now. Just Robin in a snit?” Blue asks.

“Yeah. Leave him to it.” Spence says.

“Spence can you take Ocean home tomorrow so Will and I can go to dinner?” Gervais asks.

“Of course I can.” Spence grins.

“I’m with Blue here and I can’t deal with drama this summer. Spence we should do something too, have a proper talk. Will helped me a lot earlier and my head is a lot straighter now.” Andy says.

“Sounds great.” Spence says.

“But please don’t get mad that I’m going on a date with Ollie when he gets back.” Andy says.

“It’s just a date. Ollie is no threat to me.” Spence says.

“That’s so mean and so true.” Will snorts.

“I guess that means I can tackle Robin tomorrow.” Blue says.

“I swear that boy just needs some dick.” Andy says and they all giggle and the laughs grow until they are all clutching their sides and getting funny looks from everyone.





135 thoughts on “A new Blue 59

  1. You can tell Blue and Roe would make shit parents.

    Kids would much rather go to a casino than a stupid nature walk. Do YOU know what’s in nature?

    Not an Xbox, and far too much natural lighting. And barely any cocktail Bars.

    Also, happy ‘straya day cunts!

    I’m going to ruin myself harder than I have all year today! I want to wake up as a molested cadaver tomorrow.

    Liked by 2 people

            1. I’ve now one visitor but there are views from 3 different countries. I’m going to sleep and hope it looks better tomorrow. Keep discussing Robin and let me know if G was apologetic enough.


              1. WordPress is f’d up! I miss the email upon post option so now I have to check here to read the posts.

                G’s apologized properly. It was very nice!

                If Robin’s in a snit about Blue not coming to his bday party, why didn’t he get invited? Or, did they all forget about him like they used to when he was in school!?!? lol


              2. gervais is seeing that he is really losing blue, maybe he already has lost him. i think it would be cool if gervais could accept that and begin to transform into a normal, socially adapted adult.

                Liked by 2 people

            1. Yes and Andy doesn’t see Ollie as a boyfriend. I think Andy wants what Blue and Will have and he isn’t sure he’ll get that with Spence. There is also the money issue. Andy really wants to make his own way and build something he is proud of with Blue.


        1. I think I’m actually over the rue thing myself. I love how everybody refers to the twins as Satan’s spawn( note I said twins they shouldn’t be considered his family) maybe robins mom needs to take him behind the woodshed.

          Liked by 2 people

                    1. I don’t acknowledge that last one. I can get on board with the religious artifacts but aliens was too much of a stretch for me. Plus Kate blanchett looked horrible.the only good thing about the last one was the return of Karen allen

                      Liked by 1 person

                  1. It’s always all about him. I’m not really seeing how he’s gotten better. However, I don’t see where Blue is being mean either. He’s starting a business and is balls out busy! Since Blue’s in the working world, I’m sure it’s hard to relate.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. I think Andy being by himself has helped. No relationship, splitting time in different homes, new school – as Roe said, he’s moved on a bit. That could all change if he’s back w Spence. We know how he can be towards Blue – his eyes are open for now.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. and much too busy to be mollycoddling him….. Robin hates it Blue is focused on Blue….. not first time Robin has been like this ie the period where Blue was letting Gervais to his own devices and they selfishly guilted Blue back into that web again when maybe a therapist would of been better solution back then.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. Of course he does! They all do! Yet the forget about him and his needs and seem fine about trashing him. None of them like Blue’s strength in dealing with others now – well, other than Will and Andy. Go Blue! 🙂


                    4. I’m sure it’s hard for all of them. They remember Blue as their doormat and savior. They all expect that he’s there to ‘fix’ them and do what they need. Now that he’s ‘Super Blue’, they don’t know how to act/react. I love that Blue is standing up for himself and standing up to them and calling them out on their BS!

                      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sam there’s a saying you can please some people some of the time but you can’t please everyone all the time. Or some crap like that. Maybe I got it from a fortune cookie. Also I kind of thought maybe robin had started to develop those kind of feelings too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. not sure why Robbin even gets credit for helping Blue when he was missing Will as that was mainly Andy and Spence who helped Blue there.

    Robin has been a bitch for a while remember spring break when he rung Blue over 100 times and turned up and got all precious when Blue felt blindsided by it.

    What is going on has he been developing sexual feelings for Blue lol

    At least with Gervais we can understand and he did appologize and explain where he was coming from.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Damn robin is a little bitch lately. He’s like a child who doesn’t want to share his crayons. At least Spence and Gervais finally got the stick out. Robin needs to get him some 😺. Andy and Spence need that talk. This was a good chapter. Ocean is a little ladies man he’s got little Jane following him around.

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Do you ever flounce? Did you look at the Chris Mears nudes? Did you search for the Tom Daley Ones? Do you tell people to fuck off and then moan that you’ve been left alone. Do you bitch about people lying on apps and then have a pic that’s 10years old? I think you’re amazing and lovely and I’m on the sexy Marcus Warring episode.


                    1. It’s so bad! He’s in a black pair of boxer briefs and he rubs his package…that’s it! No skin! I haven’t been so disappointed since….well, I can’t remember! LOL! 🙂

                      Liked by 1 person

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