Not my usual output

I’ve not got too much time to write, right now. Lots of not great real life stuff happening.

The story isn’t ending and I’m not losing interest. I really wish I had more time and I have a bunch of ideas I want to get written.

I expect things will stay sporadic for the next month or so. I might get something out then nothing for a few days.

I’m okay, thanks to those who have checked in, it has meant loads.


Sam xxx


40 thoughts on “Not my usual output

  1. Thanks for the great story! Happy to wait as long as needed for the next chapter! Still check in anticipation of the next one regularly (sign of a good story). Thank you!

    Will Will be “participating” at the World Cup of Gymnastics in London in April? A UK trip for the Suite Crew?

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  2. you sometimes remind me of Blue in the early suite days. You have needs 🙂 take Sam time.

    Ill still be checking A fews time erry day, all the anticipation just makes me enjoy our next blue story better.

    How about some DP in the future

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  3. No way Sam you have to write at least a chapter a day. Just kidding. We all know real life comes before internet life at times and that’s ok.

    As I’ve said before true fans will still be here when you are able to get a chapter out. And that’s how you know you have a good story.

    Hope things go well for you and yes please drop in and let’s us know your ok.


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  4. I agree with everyone. Take your time do things at your own pace. Your chapters always have a little something extra when you take a break. Ill wait for as long as needed.😘😘😘😘


  5. Sam a story as good as yours I think a true fan can wait a little while. You take care of you we’ll still be here. Just drop in every now and then to let us know your okay.

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