A new Blue 66

On Saturday when Will is at gymnastics Blue tries again with Robin. Things are going so well for everyone that he feels he has to try and work things out. As far as he knows none of the others have been round, only Cheryl has seen him.

Blue packs up some foods he thinks Robin will like and takes it to the car along with a pack of towels and dishcloths he bought the day before. With his heart in his mouth he knocks on the door.

Robin looks down on his friend from the upstairs window and smiles. Blue is being far more persistent with him than anyone has ever been with Blue.

“Come on in.” Robin says.

“Everything is going well. It feels so wrong that we’re not talking.” Blue says.

“How was the party?” Robin asks.

“Really lovely. I wish you’d come. Will you come to the engagement party?” Blue asks.

“For Mike and Cheryl? That was fast.” Robin asks.

“No for Spence and Andy.” Blue says shocked Robin didn’t know.

Robin sits down open mouthed the wind totally knocked from his sails. His fight is with Blue not with the others and yet Blue and Gervais are the only ones who make an effort. He hasn’t had so much as a text from Spence or Andy. Robin suddenly has a flash of empathy for the times Blue was iced out.

And then feels very sorry for himself that his oldest friends didn’t share their good news. He is very happy for them, for finally getting their act together but is feeling very sorry for himself.

“I am so sorry. I had no idea you didn’t know. They said they called everyone. I assumed that included you.” Blue says.

“Out of sight and all that. I am sorry for being a jerk. I felt so claustrophobic at your place. Not the room situation but under the microscope or something. And I do want to party and I am a bit while I’m here.” Robin smiles.

“Good. Maybe we could take Gervais out this week. I think he’s pretty down about being the only single one.” Blue says.

“Well I’m single too but again out of sight. Actually I am taking Heidi out this week.” Robin says.

“Oh, good for you.” Blue says not entirely sure how he feels. They could be a really good pair if they treat each other right.

“I know you put me off before but we got talking the other day and I thought why not. She’s smart and funny and we’ll have fun.” Robin says.

“I think it’s great. I really do.” Blue says.

“I have more good news. Freddie’s mom Angela has been working with me, doing data entry and admin work for Cheryl and me. I showed her my app demo for the parlor and she said it would be amazing if it existed for other restaurants. I said it could. We’re working on seeing if they’ll subscribe. Lots of apps track calories or fat or carbs from food labels, why can’t we do the same for allergens? We hope to be able to show not just which menu items are okay for the combination of issues but also what items would be okay with a small adjustment. Like leave off the mayo for egg allergies.” Robin says.

“Sounds like you found your thing. You should talk to Heidi about her plan. I bet she could use some help on the tech side.” Blue says.

“I’ve been thinking of things already. Her project was what we got talking about.” Robin says.

“Sounds like you’ve found something you’re more motivated about than games.” Blue says.

“I love gaming. But the last two years of working on a game with Gervais and George has shown me I want to keep it as fun and not work. I can’t relax and play if I’m thinking about how I’d design something differently.” Robin says.

“So losing your internship wasn’t so bad. Working for me isn’t so bad?” Blue asks.

“I love my work. Working with suppliers, solving issues, training your staff and trying to optimize everything has been amazing. I love it. I love that you’ve let me get on with it and trusted me. I hate that it is you I work for.” Robin says.

“So stop working for me. Set up your business and we’ll be one of your clients. Nothing will change other than the way we pay you. You can hire the office from us or use the one at home.” Blue says.

“Really?” Robin asks.

“There will be more to it but yeah. If not now then for next year if this is what you want to do. You probably need to separate yourself anyway so we don’t say we own the app because you built it on our time. I wouldn’t be a dick about it but I can’t speak for Arnold and the others. We can make it a joint venture or something.” Blue says.

“I’m putting a lot of unpaid time in but yeah I’m using your equipment. We’re okay? You’re not doing this to shaft me?” Robin checks.

“I was always okay with you. I couldn’t work out what I had done wrong. I know you were upset I missed your birthday, I was upset too and hoped we’d celebrate here too. You expected me to know what was wrong but I just didn’t and you seemed mad at me about that too. Can we just be friends?” Blue says.

Robin gets up and hugs Blue tightly.

“I’m not moving back though. I kind of like being alone.” Robin says.

“But you’ll come to dinner a couple of nights a week. Bring Heidi if that works out.” Blue says.

“Okay. Thanks for the food and towels. And for the cookies last time. Sorry for being such a dick.” Robin says.

“Just never again okay. If we fall out again we both need to know why.” Blue says.

“Okay I promise in the future lots of fighting and no silent sulking.” Robin laughs and Blue kisses him.

“Sorry habit. I have missed you. You and Gervais both, so much.” Blue says.

“We missed you too. How are things with Will? Better now you’re together?” Robin asks.

“Yeah loads better. He really gets me. He sticks up for me always too which feels incredible.” Blue says.

“I love that you finally found the right guy.” Robin says.

“The only issue is Gervais. Will is making a big effort to be friendly with him but I know he doesn’t want Gervais to live in the house long term or even on the property if we did convert the barn.” Blue says.

“I don’t blame him. I’d feel the same.” Robin says.

“Right, I mean I totally get it. But Gervais is so close to being truly healed and I would hate to cause a setback. I love Will very, very much. But not enough to push Gervais out in the snow.” Blue admits.

“Come on. If it truly came down to it you would chose Will over Gervais. You have to. I think Will loves you enough not to ask. But you should love Will enough to do it without him asking.” Robin says and Blue nods.

“You are the only person I can say this to. I am sorry we got off track again. I should have paid more attention.” Blue says.

“I should have been less of a diva. I know you shut down when you’re overloaded. We’re lucky you had Will here when everything was going down.” Robin says.

“I don’t need to deal with the Gervais issue this summer do I? Just after?” Blue asks.

“In your own time but you have to face up to it. Especially if Cheryl and Ocean do move out.” Robin says.

“Can I come over for a sleepover when Will stays in the city? We can talk all night and catch up properly.” Blue asks.

“That sounds perfect.” Robin grins and they both start to relax.

“Oh gosh I am so relieved.” Blue grins.

“Have Andy or Spence said anything about me? I really can’t believe they’d get back together without telling me, let alone engaged.” Robin says.

“They’ve not said anything. I expect they forgot you weren’t there when they told everyone at home. I’m sure it wasn’t malicious.” Blue says.

“But they haven’t replied to texts or been to see me. You and Gervais have proved time and again you’re my true friends. You know what Andy and Spence can be like.” Robin says.

“I know but they have both been making a real effort with me, ever since they found out where I live.” Blue says.

“I guess. When they’re together they haven’t room for multiple friends.” Robin says.

“Come for lunch tomorrow.” Blue says.

“Shall I bring anything?” Robin asks.

“Just you. Come early and help me cook.” Blue grins.

“That sounds good.” Robin says.

“Lets go into the city for a movie now.” Blue says.

“Really? Why are you being so nice, after I was such a dick?” Robin asks.

“I know I neglected our friendship this year. You were not at all in the wrong when I took off. You’d been so great over the summer and you’d been on my side and although it felt like I was doing the right thing and it worked out for me. I could have trusted you. Should have.” Blue says.

“I don’t know that I’d have been able to keep it a secret from everyone and if I’d told one person then it would have spread. You had to protect yourself and I get that completely. Come on lets go to the movies.” Robin says and Blue grins.


Robin drives and Blue sends a quick message to Andy and Spence to tell them he told Robin and ask why they didn’t.

“Shit.” Andy says looking at his phone.

“Andy!” Ocean exclaims.

“Sorry buddy. I have been a doofus.” Andy says and Ocean giggles. The pair are working in the garden together. Cheryl and Spence agree that Ocean having a full weekend out of the gym is a good thing, the other team coach isn’t so keen but knows not to push things.

“I like all your veggies, I am going to make a beautiful sauce for pasta.” Ocean grins.

“That sounds awesome. Can you teach me?” Andy asks. He knows he needs to learn more dishes for the food he is growing, as it helps sell more when he understands combinations better.

“Yes I can. We can experiment together. Blue and mom can make the pasta and we make the veggies. I wish we had goats like Clara to make cheese.” Ocean says.

“We were going to make cheese with Arnold but everyone is eating too much ice-cream.” Andy laughs.

“I do like ice-cream more than cheese.” Ocean grins.

“Me too.” Andy grins.

“But maybe we can ask Blue for a goat.” Oceans says.

“Maybe.” Andy laughs.

Spence and Will come out to join them when they get back. Will is barely able to move he’s so tired from his workout. He lies on the grass between the vegetable beds and enjoys the warm sun on his aching muscles.

“I don’t know how I’ll deal when you go back to school.” Will says.

“You’ll be fine.” Spence says feeling flattered. He loves working with the kids and developing them but it is a real privilege to work with someone like Will and work on his plan to be a world beater.

“Where’s Blue?” Will asks.

“Gone to see Robin, he’s been aggggggggges.” Ocean says.

“Did you get his message? We haven’t told Robin we’re getting married.” Andy says.

“What? No. Oh boy he’ll be pissed.” Spence says.

“Yeah I can’t believe we didn’t even think of him. We told George and Dylan but not Robin.” Andy says.

“Lets go round.” Spence says.

“Take him some veggies.” Ocean says.

“We should. He might be alone, but he still has to eat.” Andy says.

“I’ll call Blue, see if it’s a good time.” Spence says.

“Good idea.” Will says wanting to see his man.

“Straight to voicemail.” Spence shrugs and Will feels puzzled.

Will heads in for a nap and Andy and Ocean start their cooking experiment.

Spence walks around the garden admiring all the work Andy and Blue have done. He is so proud of Andy and how he has stuck to his dream. He still can’t quite believe that Andy is all his again. His forever. Everything is going right, too right.

Spence stops and tells himself off. Everything is going well because they have put the work in. All those nights working hard and not being with Andy have paid off because they are both working on their dreams and they get to be together.

Buying a farm and restaurant for Andy means the world to Spence and although he is scared of his families reaction to him selling the beach house he knows it is the right thing to do. He doesn’t hate his family the way he once did but he also doesn’t feel a part of it. He is far, far closer to everyone here.

Spence heads indoors and takes a long shower before joining Andy and Ocean in the kitchen. Gervais is with them too and is having a go at making pasta. Spence grins. It is amazing how Andy has changed, in high school he was the one on the sidelines as Robin and Spence were center stage. Now Andy is the one in the spotlight, trying new things and far more visible in the community than Spence.

Spence reflects for a moment and realizes he loves that Andy has the spotlight for once. It suits him and brings out all Andy’s best qualities. It also stops him looking for validation from sex. Being in this town is going to work. Spence could kiss Blue for finding it and letting them back in.


“Where were you?” Will asks waking up.

“I went to a movie with Robin.” Blue says.

“Why do you waste so much time on that guy?” Will asks.

“He’s been a good friend. More so than the others at times.” Blue says.

“All your friends have been super shitty at times. I wish you would let them come to you and not be the one to go after them all the time.” Will says.

“It is the way I am. All my friends have treated me badly at times but have also been amazing too. I haven’t been perfect.” Blue says.

“They won’t get away with it on my watch.” Will says.

“You really think I was wrong to make up with Robin?” Blue asks.

“Yeah. You just invited him to walk all over you again.” Will says frustrated.

“I don’t see you surrounded by friends, or taking many calls.” Blue says.

“Don’t do this. Don’t pit me against your friends. I am not walking away, don’t push me. I want the best for you and I am going to make sure you have it. I am trying to protect you from yourself and from them. You won’t be a doormat on my watch. You are so much better than you think you are.” Will says.

“Thanks baby. I’m sorry. I am pretty protective of my friends but you mean so much more to me.” Blue says instantly calmed by Will’s declarations.

“Good because you are my world.” Will says.

95 thoughts on “A new Blue 66

                  1. To be honest I always rooted on them when they went plus they’re called the new england patriots I don’t even know which state they actually represent. Turns out they’re based in Massachusetts


                  2. Owners of my company, my bosses, are from the Boston area…if the Pats lose, it’s going to be a bad week….ugh! I hope they do…Atlanta deserves it – I could throw the ball better than Brady tonight!

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  1. Me thinks Will might have been possessed by the green eyed monster. Blue has a point though where are Wills friends? You never hear him talk about them. Robin and Heidi could be a good match seeing how they are both little babies. I am so glad they have reconciled though. This was a great chapter Sam!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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    1. Thanks Jack. A little short but I wanted to end today on a positive note. I didn’t want Will to have to justify his friendships. Most his friends will be gymnasts, people he doesn’t see all the time. He’s clearly a good friend and it does kind of echo Gervais wondering where all Blue’s friends were when he visited the lake the first summer.

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    2. I actually took it that he’s sick of everyone taking Blue for granted and waiting for him to come crawling back to him….Robin out of all of them has not really ever apologized….he skated past it…the summer in Australia started with his lame apology.

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