A new Blue 70

While Blue, Gervais and Will are enjoying the party and spending time with their local friends, Robin is having a harder time.

Robin’s dad is chatting with Jeremy and Robin is listening. He is feeling further and further behind the curve. Robin has been working on a business plan and has been sounding local businesses out for work. But it isn’t all encouraging and Jeremy is being quite cautious.

Then Cheryl steps in.

“The work Robin has done so far has been excellent. We’re paying him well but he has saved us so much money over using a service. As all the businesses grow we are looking to have centralized admin and IT and Robin is in our plans right now. If he wants to be a service company we will be on board. If he wants to stay within the company and add a creative arm for his apps and ideas then we will support that but might not be able to fund all he wants to do. We see Robin as part of the family and we want, no we need him on board.” Cheryl says and Robin smiles.

“Thanks. I want to be a part of the company and grow with you but it is also weird working for Blue. He is my dropout roommate who hit it lucky and that is hard to take. However much he works hard and however much I love him.” Robin says.

“Sounds like it isn’t the right place for you at all. You don’t respect your company founder and think he just got lucky. If anyone in my company said that about me they’d be fired. I dropped out of college too. I wrote some simple games and they made me so much money I had to seize the opportunity, I ended up taking over a small games company and am where I am today because I took the chance. I’ve been in the line for Blue’s cheesecake and I have seen what happens when the soup goes on sale. It is just like the early appetite for my apps, he has something people want and is seizing his opportunity.” Jeremy says harshly, shocking Robin.

“I think you don’t value Blue’s baking, you see it as lesser than your job.” Robin’s dad says.

“I think you want me to fail.” Robin says and walks off.

“I can’t get it right with him. I praise him to the sky, I challenge him, I offer to be flexible and work with him but he throws it all back in our faces and it is going to be hard to keep him on after that.” Cheryl admits.

“I’d have fired him on the spot for what he said about Blue. I have friends who would love to step in to the job. One of my project managers has taken time out to have her family and is looking to start part time. If you are offering flexible working I think she’s be great for you guys. She worked in support for a couple of years before coming to us.” Jeremy says.

“I want to give Robin one more chance but she sounds like someone we might want anyway. I’m sure we could repurpose her skills.” Cheryl says.

“I’ll check with her and get her details to Saul.” Jeremy says.

“Look I am glad you gave my Robin his start but he needs a thump of reality. If you fire him it would be no bad thing, given his attitude right now.” Robin’s dad says.

“I’m surprised you’re so hard on him.” Cheryl says.

“They are worried and care. I can see that. You have such a great family feel to your business. Saul is so happy and I love sitting in the corner of the parlor watching him work, listening to your customers. They love what you’re building, the delis, parlor and the bakery, all started differently but work so well together the theme of local produce is so strong. I love it and I cannot wait for the soups to be commercial. We will be stocking them in the office for sure.” Jeremy says.

“Really? That is interesting. Blue stayed with us for Christmas once and he baked a gingerbread city with my daughters. That talent screams get out of college and get working. With Robin I worry that he doesn’t see things through and he needs strong guidance at least while he is starting out. If his apps come off then he has something to hang his hat on.” Robin’s dad says.

“You need to tell him that.” Cheryl says.

“I have tried, we’ve told him we’re proud of him and what he is doing. We just can’t support his current plan. We can’t stop him either.” Robin’s dad says.

“He’s very immature and probably very talented. Gervais certainly is and I know he speaks highly of Robin’s skills. I am surprised he turned down our interview, we would likely have taken him on.” Jeremy says.

“He had offers in hand and he and Gervais were trying not to directly compete. I think they needed to stand on their own two feet.” Robin’s dad says.

“Ahh that makes sense. Maybe he’s less immature than I thought.” Jeremy shrugs and heads off to find Saul.

“We’ll happily keep Robin on. Jeremy runs his firm his way and we ours. I understand where you are coming from and I know we’re not the ideal job for a new graduate, I know you want more structure. I’d like to give it, maybe the woman Jeremy suggested will be able to put that in place but then he’d feel even more different from his friends.” Cheryl says.

“He got unlucky to be surrounded by friends who had talent and means. I think a clean break would stop the resentment he’s building up. He is very talented and very book smart but I feel like he is being career foolish.” Robin’s dad says.

“I won’t fire him to help you but I will have another big talk with him. We’re being selfish using him for the work as he’s like family to us all, but we don’t want to stifle him or hold him back.” Cheryl says.

“I would never ask you to fire him, we could all lose him but I appreciate you offering to talk to him.” Robin’s dad says.

Saul and Andy have their heads together talking about plans for light lunches in the parlor. Will is sounding all the guys out for Blue’s pre-party and they are all excited and up for it. They all agree Blue will love it and it is what he needs.

So once Robin’s family have left and Cheryl has taken Ocean to visit his grandparents the guys sit around the table listening to Will give the instructions.

“So each bottom is tied to a tree with some ribbons. The aim is to collect as many ribbons as you can. If you take the last one you must lead the guy back to the farmhouse. You can untie them to fuck if you want to, but you have to tie them back up after. We have blankets, condoms and lube here in backpacks for everyone.” Will says.

Blue’s eyes are on stalks. Will hasn’t asked if he’s up for this but holy hell he is.

“I will take the guys out and tie them up, as I’m the best with knots. We just need to know who wants to bottom tonight.” Andy says.

“Wait, first for those of you in relationships we need to know you are both up for this.” Will says.

“I am if you are.” Blue grins.

“Well that’s a given. Spence? We’re engaged now and if you don’t want to I am good to stay here, or have our own private time in the woods.” Andy says.

“Oh I am so in. Babe I know how this sort of thing invigorates us.” Spence says with a big grin.

“I am, if you are.” Brian says.

“I so am, but what do we do if Tad and I find each other? If he’s bottoming?” Larry asks.

“You fuck right off and pretend you didn’t see me.” Tad says.

“Right. Tad or Larry if one of you bottoms you’ll have less ribbons. Actually all the bottoms choose how many ribbons they get and can say no to anyone who approaches. We’re not animals.” Will says.

“I give blanket consent. I love being surprised.” Spence grins.

“Me too.” Blue grins, he loves everyone here and wants to have fun.

“So we have two holes, anyone else?” Andy asks.

“Me.” Nick says with a grin, much as he would love a go at Blue and Spence’s asses he really, really wants another session with Andy, engaged or not.

“And me.” Brian smiles.

“Well Andy and I are topping. Gervais? Larry? Tad? Ollie? Robin” Will asks.

“Topping.” Ollie says shyly.

“Me too.” Gervais says.

“So we have 4 tops, 4 bottoms. I guess Robin won’t bottom.” Andy grins.

“No way.” Robin grins.

“I’m happy to, actually really horny to. Man I love you guys.” Tad grins, he doesn’t care that his brother might see him the thought of having Gervais inside him is utterly intoxicating.

“5 of each. Larry?” Andy asks.

“Top, sorry I know it probably works best with more bottoms but my Brian is going to be so jealous that I am servicing everyone but him he’ll be an utter puddle of humiliation, if and when I find him.” Larry says flashing Brian a look of flint.

Brian bites his lip, his locked up dick straining in its cage.

“It is fine, it works out well. It’ll take you all a while to find someone and we’ll stagger the set off and direction we all take so we shouldn’t be lined up waiting.” Andy says.

“You two have been conspiring.” Blue grins

“As soon as Will told me I was totally up for it and wanting to help organize.” Andy says.

“He’s been a big help.” Will grins.

“I love you all so much. Thanks everyone for coming to help me celebrate and get your rocks off in honor of my birthday.” Blue grins.

“We all wanted to.” Gervais grins.

“Yeah some of us are excited to be getting some.” Tad grins.

“Totally.” Nick agrees.

“Okay bottoms you have an hour to get ready then I’ll take you up.” Andy grins. He and Will have spent some time finding good spots with enough space and the right sized trees. He’s really excited for this. Not as much as he would have been a few months ago. If Spence had said no he would genuinely have been happy to spend the night just the two of them, outdoors hearing the others would have been awesome.

Ollie is scared and excited. He was shocked when Will told him the plan and asked him to join in. Both shocked at the plan and shocked he was going to be included. He mixes himself a drink, careful not to make it too strong as he isn’t used to drinking but he needs something for courage.

“You okay?” Andy asks.

“Yeah a bit scared but this will be so fun.” Ollie grins.

“Just go slow and have fun. If you want to stop, you can stop, just get a ribbon and go. If you want to just get head, untie the guy and push him to his knees.” Andy says.

“I don’t know that that would work for me.” Ollie says.

“The guys tied up will be feeling super submissive, doesn’t matter that you are young and small, they will be wanting to be told what to do.” Andy says.

“I’m not confident like you.” Ollie says.

“So fake it. Who do you want most? I can tip you off.” Andy grins conspiratorially knowing his friend has a huge crush on Nick.

“Nick, can I start with Nick? You will really tell me which way?” Ollie asks.

“Yes and yes. I’ll tell you which way and set you off first.” Andy grins. He thinks Ollie and Nick could be a really sweet couple. Nick is more experienced than he looks and would be a great guide for Ollie and wouldn’t hurt him.

“Thanks. Any other tips?” Ollie asks.

“Have another drink. Take it slow and lots of lube.” Andy grins.

“Thanks. I couldn’t believe that you invited me.” Ollie says.

“Are you kidding? You’re hot and cute and everyone likes you. I know you want to have fun. You deserve it. Like I said only do what you want to. Spence, Blue and Tad won’t complain at all. They all love you and will be happy with a kiss if that is all you want. Brian well he’s less of a known entity but if you are mean to him he’ll get off regardless.” Andy says.

“Thanks. Do you think this is okay? For you know, my first time?” Ollie asks.

“I do. Others might not. If you don’t want to you can just hang out here. Or follow me and watch, whatever you want.” Andy says.

“Oh I want to fully participate. My life is kind of tough and I don’t know that I have the time for a boyfriend, not really. I am really horny though.” Ollie grins.

“I’m so proud of you.” Andy says hugging his friend.

“Thanks Andy. I am so happy that you and Spence found your way back to each other. I love the pair of you together.” Ollie says.

“Thanks. So do I.” Andy grins. He is still on air since his engagement. He and Spence are so happy and fit so well again. Andy feels so happy and settled and adored. Both Spence and Andy are making a big effort with each other, only it isn’t effort any more it comes so naturally, wanting to make each other happy is like breathing now.

“You’re way cooler than I thought. Never thought you’d do this for Blue.” Larry says to Will.

“I’ve heard that he often has the short straw with these things and Birthdays and Holidays don’t always work out for Blue. I want this birthday to be perfect. Sexy and fun tonight. Partying with everyone tomorrow. Then next week we’ll all go out for Gervais birthday. It’ll be awesome. I’m surprised you’re letting us at Brian, given you two are so new.” Will says.

“His cock is locked in a cage, we’re working on deprivation. It works for us both. So his ass and mouth are on offer but that’s it and it will be humiliating for him, that you all find out he’s locked.” Larry says.

“Wow. That is so alien to me. Seeing Blue get pleasure is my pleasure too.” Will says.

“He gets pleasure but no self-gratification or not so much. He’s not locked twenty four seven. It is all a mindset. I never, ever thought this would be my thing but Spence unlocked something.” Larry shrugs.

“Whatever works for you. I like Brian and you are cute together.” Will says.

“Thanks, out of the bedroom everything is going well. We date a little, he makes dinner for me at your place and we really appreciate the alone time when you are here. So much easier than having dad and Tad around.” Larry says.

“Brian is a great roomie. We seem to be getting along well. He doesn’t try and bug me when I’m too tired to move or ask too many questions when I’ve got my ice machine on for recovery. You’re lucky to have found each other.” Will says.

“We are super lucky. Everything that has happened has got me here. I owe you big time for telling me about Spence and man I love him and Andy together. My feelings totally evaporated.” Larry grins.

“Good.” Will grins.


Gervais sits at the table and thinks about the night ahead. He knows being with Blue will be good for them both, they always communicate so well through sex. He did think about not being with Blue but it felt wrong.

Tad will be fun, Gervais doesn’t want to exploit his crush but knows they will have a really hot time. Same with Spence, they will have great sex. Nick is an unknown. Beautiful to look at but not Gervais type, he’s not sure what if anything will happen there. He’d love to see Blue eat Nick’s ass. That would be hot Gervais thinks to himself and smiles.

Robin sits watching everyone and wonders how he’ll measure up. He’s horny and the guys available are hot. But he is worried that the guys will be disappointed with his size. It is different with Blue as they share such a bond but he doesn’t with Tad or Nick. Spence he won’t do anything with he doesn’t think.

The bottoms all gather in the kitchen and Andy orders them outside, a bag of rope in his hand he marches them off to their starting point.

He deftly ties them one by one to trees at various points in the woods. Giving words of encouragement or reprimand as he does, setting the mood carefully in each guy’s head.

When he gets back he whispers to Ollie which way to go. Winks at Will.

“Tops, on your marks, get set, fuck.” Will shouts and the guys all get running.


87 thoughts on “A new Blue 70

                    1. really? Hope me bitching about Robin attitude has not upset you?

                      I loved everything else tho especially Gervais and Will seeming to be becoming good friends and letting jealously of the other go 🙂

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. I had fun near the end doing all the tourist stuff on the east coast. And I liked Coffs harbour and places, liked being isolated at times but yeah Sydney worked best for me. Not as good as it would have been if we’d met.


  1. Sextravaganza! Wooo!

    Love the way Andy is taking care of Ollie. I hope there is no bump with Will and Gervais arriving at Blue at the same time. There’s so much potential for drama there. I really, really hope someone sets of a spark for Gervais… it would be really interesting to see sexual compatibility in opposition to the personality clash we’ve seen with Tad.

    Liked by 2 people

        1. so glad Blue did not hear what robin really thinks of him as he would if been crushed and soooo hurt.

          Robin is sooo close to being categories alongside the helldpawn hell at least Blue knows where things stand with that pair meanwhile we have Robin appearing to be Blue friend to his face and away from him he resents him and slags him off 😡😡😡

          Liked by 2 people

            1. even Gervais at his worst never did something as underhanded as this…. I used to like Robin being his friend and would defend how careless he was in regards to Blue…. inagine if Will heard of what Robin said about him…. Notice how out of all Blue friends Will seems closest to Gervais I like this friendship dynamic

              Liked by 2 people

    1. Oooh! Imagine all the possible dramas!

      In a Days of our Lives style twist, in my mind Chris has had radical plastic surgery to look like Will, then he murdered Will, buried the body under the new grape vines, and came up with this plan to restrain the boys in the forest before starting a fire, that burns them all up.

      But then it turns out that Blue knew all along, and was using this moment to fake his death, as he wants to transition to a woman and become a teenage pop star on The X factor.

      Liked by 3 people

  2. THE SUSPENSE IS UNREAL. So excited to see how this all works out, who ends up pairing up and to see if theres any drama if will finds out gervais and blue fucked. Or better yet he joins in?! Amazing chapter as always Sam!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You’re such a cock tease Sam! Can’t wait..but WTF about Robin! Blue needs to find out and FIRE HIS ASS! How dare he! Drop out loser of a roommate my ass…Blue will be more successful that Robin EVER will be! I’m so disappointed!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I don’t know…I’d fire him too if I found out about those comments. He needs to start taking responsibility..big time…how hurtful to his friend, whose been there for him constantly and who he continually shits on.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Hopefully he’ll be humiliated or come groveling back. Certainly not the friend Blue thought he had. Let’s face it, Blues given him more of an opportunity than anyone. Ugh. I’ll move on. Loved the game Sam! It sounds like fun!! 😈🍆💦🍒🐷

              Liked by 1 person

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