A new Blue 71

Ollie sets off at a sprightly place. Knowing the woods he quickly finds the spot where Nick is tied up. He stands there for a moment and takes in the beautiful pale figure before him, sexy peachy ass sticking out, small waist, broader than expected shoulders. Ollie bites his lip and then grins.

“Hey Nick, you look good.” Ollie says.

“Hey Ollie.” Nick says.

Ollie kneels on the ground and gets his tongue stuck straight in to Nick’s ass. He’s not entirely sure what he’s doing but finds he loves it. Nick starts to gasp a little, he didn’t expect this kind of attention, at least not from Ollie and it feels so good.

“Wow, so good.” Nick breathes.

Ollie smiles inside and carries on.

“I’m so ready.” Nick moans. He is still half in shock half in bliss.

Ollie makes him wait a little longer and then stands and kisses around Nick’s neck and shoulders. Nick moans and turns his head to kiss Ollie. Nick is super surprised at the spark he feels. Ollie is having an out of body experience, can’t believe he can do anything he wants to Nick.

Nick pushes back against Ollie rubbing his ass against Ollie’s groin and groaning. He wants him so badly. Ollie slips out of his shorts and starts kissing Nick some more and lubes up a finger and gently tries to push it in. Nick moans gently, he needs this so badly. He loves how Ollie is taking his time to get him ready as the first of the Nick. It is all more loving than he imagined the night would be and he’s loving it.

Ollie feels so powerful and in control, not because Nick is tied up but because of the way Nick is moaning and gasping.

“I want you.” Nick groans. “So, so much.”

“Impatient.” Ollie smiles and they kiss a little more as Ollie works his fingers.

Ollie takes a moment to compose himself as he puts a condom on and adds more lube. It is really happening. He cannot believe it. He takes his time as he pushes in, slowly, carefully, gently. Nick is super encouraging, he’s so horny he needs dick and doesn’t care whose it is right now.

Ollie is excited but trying to keep himself calm as he begins to move, he grips at Nick’s hips and then moves his hand to Nick’s dick and Nick hollers with delight. Ollie ups the pace and all too soon it is over for them both.

Ollie again takes a moment to compose himself. He then takes a ribbon from Nick, wraps it around his wrist. Kisses Nick’s neck and whispers “Thanks for being my first.”

Ollie then grabs his shorts and runs off to his next conquest.


Andy had tipped Larry off as to where Brian was going to be but he takes a wrong turn and by the time he gets there Robin is already there, damn his cheerleader swiftness. Larry stands and watches from a short distance, wanting to see how Brian reacts, how humiliated he will be for someone to see his cage.

Larry is fascinated by the scene as it unfolds. Robin is clearly in charge and ordering Brian around a little. He can see from Brian’s body language he’s in a fully submissive space. Robin ha positioned the much taller Brian so his knees are bent and Robin can get access easily. Larry loves the motion Robin is making, and imagines Brian is very pleased indeed. Too please he’ll have to knock that out of him.

“Oh god, oh fuck.” Brian moans.

“You so like that.” Robin grins, Brian didn’t seem at all disappointed in his size and has been moaning and exclaiming ever since Robin began fucking him.

Brian’s dick is dripping a steady stream, more precum than Robin has ever seen, it is such an ego boost. Robin is fascinated by Brian’s dick cage and the way he reacts to every movement. He is by far the most reactionary guy Robin has ever fucked. Robin is having fun and enjoying the reaction but isn’t feeling a connection and realizes he is not going to cum or even stay hard much longer.

“I’m done. Thanks Brian that was fun.” Robin says knowing he’s driving him crazy.

“No don’t stop.” Brian groans.

“Someone will be along soon.” Robin says looking round and smiling at Larry, he’d felt the presence before but wasn’t sure.

“You’re so useless, couldn’t even make the straight guy cum.” Larry whispers to Brian who whimpers as his lover enters him

“You will pay for this tomorrow.” Larry says slapping at Brian’s ass as he fucks him hard and fast. Brian is so excited he can’t talk. Larry in a hard mood is perfect for him.


Andy predictably made his way straight to Spence.

“I’ll not take a ribbon this time. I want to be first and last in you tonight.” Andy says.

“Amazing. I love you so much.” Spence says.

“You not too uncomfortable?” Andy asks.

“No I love it.” Spence says. Andy has tied Spence differently to the other guys, his chest and legs not just his hands. Andy doesn’t want anyone untying Spence, they can fuck him but nothing else.

“You look so sexy, all helpless like this.” Andy grins.

“I feel so vulnerable and so excited. I love this.” Spence says as Andy runs his hands everywhere.

“I’m gonna get you so ready for everyone. Will you say no to Larry?” Andy asks.

“If you want me to.” Spence says.

“Is that okay? I can skip Blue if you want.” Andy says.

“No, it’s Blue’s birthday. I don’t need you to skip anyone. I trust you, I know you’ll be totally mine in the morning.” Spence says.

“I am totally yours right now. Fuck how does your ass always feel so amazing? So good babe.” Andy says enjoying the feel of his man, giving long steady strokes, letting Spence feel every inch of his dick.

“Baby it feels so good.” Spence gasps.

“You are so sexy babe.” Andy says.

You’d never think the pair were fucking in the woods, with Spence tied up so he can’t move much at all. They are being very loving, very happy together. So different. They still have a lot of play, and always will but tonight for his first fuck Andy wants to make sure Spence feels totally loved and appreciated.


Will gets to Blue first and gets super hard at the sight of his boyfriend tied up and ready. Will says nothing to Blue, drops to eat his ass briefly before going ahead and taking him. The silence and swiftness is a huge turn on to Blue, he loves being so exposed, so helpless, being taken by his strong Will.

They fuck long and hard, standing and sweaty, Will can pump away like anything his knee near full strength and his balance incredible.

“HOLY FUCK.” Blue hollers as he shoots his load all over the tree.

“Good boy.” Will says, kisses his cheek and withdrawing and cumming all over Blue’s round ass.

Blue grins. This is shaping up to a great birthday.

Gervais finds Tad first and laughs. He knows this is going to be fun. Tad’s crush is still apparent every time they speak.

“How excited are you right now?” Gervais asks Tad.

“The anticipation of you arriving has me so hard. I’m almost disappointed you’re here first.” Tad admits.

“You want me to fuck you where you are or untie you?” Gervais asks not sure how he’ll manage the height difference.

“Let me go but can you go hard. I have fantasized about you overpowering me and giving me your huge cock, like every week.” Tad says.

“That is flattering. Man you have an awesome bubble butt. I love it.” Gervais says feeling Tad up good before untying him and spreading out his blanket.

“I can’t believe it.” Tad grins.

“Lets wrestle.” Gervais grins and Tad grapples for him straight away.

They roll around a little and then Gervais uses a move Spence has taught him and pins Tad on his back, his arm across this throat.

“Now you’re mine.” Gervais teases.

“Ohhuggghmendogggg.” Tad moans. He lets Gervais flip him over and shoots a load as soon as Gervais pushes two fingers in.

“Eager.” Gervais grins.

“Just want this so much.” Tad grins not embarrassed he knows he can go again and again.

“Yes you do, you want my big uncut dick.” Gervais says running it between Tad’s cheeks and letting it slap against his cheeks.

“Raw, I want you raw.” Tad gasps.

“No way slut.” Gervais chuckles wrapping up.

“I’ll take whatever you want to give.” Tad laughs.

Gervais pushes into Tad’s welcome hole. Tad lowers his head, his ass in the air totally giving himself up to Gervais. Gervais pushes in and gives Tad the pounding he needs, making him cum twice more, crying out loudly Tad’s voice echoes through the trees. His reality is living up to the fantasy and he’s not holding back.

“Holy fuck that was perfect.” Tad groans when he catches his breath.

“Not bad.” Gervais grins. It was a lot of fun to have someone so willing, so appreciative outdoors like this.

“I know you’re not into me but I think we could be good fuck buddies. I mean that was awesome.” Tad says.

“I might like that. I need some for sure.” Gervais says folding up his blanket.

“Thank-you for this. You could easily have passed.” Tad says.

“Why? I love sex and you have an amazing body.” Gervais says, ties Tad back up and heads off.

Andy reaches Brian not long after Larry has left and Brian needs very little work to be ready. Brian is loving being an utter slut and hopes everyone gets round to him. It was humiliating that Robin couldn’t finish which really fired him up for the first go with Larry.

“Hey slut, wow he really has got you locked up. Are you not frustrated?” Andy asks fascinated and very turned on.

“My cock belongs to him. He knows best. I hope I can give a real alpha like you pleasure.” Brian says.

“I doubt it. It’s not like you’re sexy like my Spence.” Andy says instantly fitting in with Brian’s scene.

“No, your Spence is amazing.” Brian says.

“Not sure I’ll even be able to get it up.” Andy says untying Brian and pushing him to his knees. He sucks and slurps at Andy’s dick, moaning and rubbing his cage.

“Stop that. For fucks sake you have no self control.” Andy says stopping and tying Brian’s hands behind his back. Brian smiles gratefully and gets back to work. He’s doing a great job taking Andy all in and Andy is loving it, fucking Brian’s grateful throat. He pulls out and gives Brian a facial before dragging Brian back to his tree and tying him up more elaborately.

“Not sure I should let you keep all these ribbons, don’t think you deserve so many cocks.” Andy says and Brian gurgles and bows his head in submission.

“Still I imagine serving men is all you are good for.” Andy says peeling one away and heading off. That was fun but it wasn’t Spence.

“This is too weird.” Ollie says as he finds Blue.

“Yes.” Blue grins at his friend.

“I know you mess around with your friends but you’re my boss, as well as my friend.” Ollie says untying Blue.

Ollie spreads out his blanket and the pair sit down.

“So how did it go with Nick?” Blue asks slipping his arm around his friend.

“Amazing, really, really good.” Ollie beams.

“So you had fun?” Blue probes.

“Yeah I did. Andy gave me a lot of tips and it went really well. He was surprised when I told him he was my first.” Ollie says.

“You must have done a great job. I am so proud of you, you got exactly what you wanted.” Blue says.

“Yeah. I mean it isn’t the same as him suddenly seeing who I am, and whisking me off to bed but I’m not that hung up on romance. I’m a realist. I took a chance and it worked out.” Ollie says.

“Who knows maybe he liked it so much he will ask you out.” Blue says.

“Maybe. I’m going to enjoy some time with Tad I think. Total opposite to Nick in bodytype. Plus I had a huge crush on him when I was younger and he was the big football star.” Ollie says.

“Tad is a lot of fun, loads. He might actually be a great boyfriend for you. He gets a bit socially awkward around guys he likes. I mean you have seen him with Gervais.” Blue laughs.

“He is way out of my league and I’m not sure I have time for a boyfriend, not really. My dad is away more and more and I have to look after the kids more as my mom isn’t doing so well.” Ollie says.

“If you need a sitter ask me or Gervais, or both of us if two are needed. I know you have a bunch of siblings.” Blue says.

“I wouldn’t want to put you through that.” Ollie says.

“Gervais loves kids, he worked as a nanny last summer to Spence’s nephews. He sits for Wilson sometimes too.” Blue says.

“Thanks. I will keep it in mind.” Ollie says.

“And if your mom needs someone to talk to ask Cheryl to look in. Or my mom when she’s in town. They are both really, really good at helping people.” Blue says.

“A night of mass sex and we end up talking through my problems.” Ollie laughs.

“Ahh the more weight I can lift from your shoulders the better time you will have. Go on and enjoy yourself.” Blue grins and kisses his friend gently.

“Thanks Blue.” Ollie says getting up.

“No need to tie him back up. Don’t forget your ribbon.” Gervais says coming over.

“Thanks Gervais, see you later.” Ollie says running off hoping to find Tad.

“Hello handsome.” Blue says grabbing at Gervais hand and pulling him down next to him. Ollie has left his blanket behind but Blue is sure he will manage.

“Hey sexy.” Gervais grins and kisses Blue.

“You look amazing. Cheer has paid off.” Blue says.

“Thank-you. So um how strict do we need to be on me topping tonight?” Gervais asks.

“I’m always versatile with you baby.” Blue says and smiles a huge grin.

The pair begin to make out and fall into their old ways taking turns to eat ass as much as they can, both loving it. Blue takes Gervais left foot in his hand and caresses it before kissing it gently and sucking on the toes, he loves Gervais feet, the one area Gervais has Will beat. Gervais moans gently feeling fully loved. The pair spend a long time kissing and licking each other all over, knowing this could be their final feast together. Gervais lies Blue gently on to his back and slips Blue’s ankles onto his shoulders, their favorite position for Gervais topping. Blue moans gently as Gervais enters him and beams up at his best friends and a tear escapes as they quickly find their rhythm. Gervais pushes and varies his speed edging Blue closer and closer. Blue relaxes and enjoys the moment. He gets super close and Gervais pulls out.

“My turn.” Gervais says.

Blue starts to get up and Gervais pushes him back down and lowers himself aboard Blue and rides with full abandon. Holy shit it feels good. Gervais rarely bottoms, he can’t relax enough but for Blue it is different and he’s taking full advantage.

Will watches the pair and feels stab upon stab of jealousy. He and Blue have no issues at all physically and for Will Blue is the best ever but seeing Gervais and Blue, clearly so familiar to each other and so in tune it is an earthquake to Will’s world.

Blue is different with Gervais, less intense than with Will but more assertive, more aggressive. It isn’t that Blue is passive with Will, not at all but he always lets Will take the lead once they are down to it. Will wonders if Blue would prefer what he has with Gervais. For the first time Will starts to question if what he has with Blue is real or if he is just a placeholder until Gervais has his shit together.

Once it is over Gervais reluctantly ties Blue back to the tree.

“Where next for you?” Blue asks.

“I need to find Spence. I had a lot of fun with Tad and planned a bj from Brian, it felt weird so I stopped him almost straight away.” Gervais says.

“I’m sorry. I know you really like him. How was Tad? How many times did he shoot?” Blue asks.

“Three. He was a lot of fun, a whole lot. I can see why you went there. I think we might enjoy a beneficial friendship. I just have to be careful he knows there isn’t more to it.” Gervais says.

“Sounds like you’re in a good place. I feel guilty for finding Will sometimes. We would have been happy together eventually, but I love him so much and he is so good for me.” Blue says.

“I know baby. I love you so much and that means that I love him for loving you the way he does, for making you happy.” Gervais says.

“Maybe this friend of Saul’s will be right for you.” Blue grins.

“Maybe we should pretend I made the cheesecake and then he’ll love me for sure.” Gervais grins.

“Deal. Thanks for tonight it was beautiful.” Blue says.

“It was perfect.” Gervais says and heads off.

“Hey baby.” Will whispers.

Blue smiles and turns to kiss Will.

“You have fun with Gervais?” Will asks.

“I really did. Thank-you for this. Have you had some fun?” Blue asks.

“I enjoyed Nick, he’s so pretty and oh so willing. But I just want you now. I was going to take you back after this. Is that okay?” Will asks.

“Yes baby, whatever you want.” Blue smiles, worried Robin might be annoyed but not that worried, He guesses Andy will probably be happy to go a few more rounds with Spence.

“I’m gonna untie you this time, need to see you.” Will grins.

“Thanks baby.” Blue says and kisses Will gently.

Despite having just finished with Gervais Blue finds he is always for Will. Their sexual chemistry is so strong that Blue feels all his fatigue slip away as Wills arms surround him and they gently make love.

“I want you in me.” Will whispers.

“For real?” Blue asks excited.

“Really.” Will says.

“I’m going to have to eat you more.” Blue grins.

“Yes you are.” Will says and Blue gets to work.

They take it really slow, Will hasn’t taken dick in years and so it takes some work. Will is determined Blue won’t have Gervais ass on his mind when he goes to sleep. Will had forgotten what the pleasure could be and is soon totally out of control.

Enjoying a full body wave of release, starring into his lovers eyes as he cums like never before. Blue feels crazy proud and happy.

“Was amazing.” Will smiles.

“This is the best birthday ever.” Blue says.

“And you still have to wait until Wednesday for gifts.” Will laughs.

“I don’t need gifts, I have you.” Blue says and Will grins. Any talk they need to have about Gervais can wait.


38 thoughts on “A new Blue 71

  1. I’m simultaneously happy and scared for Will’s conversation with Blue. I just knew he was going to end up watching some of that and not take it well. Fuck. I hope their lovemaking really did erase some of that hurt he felt. Gervais should have been off limits, and Blue should have known better. Sigh.

    All that said, hot, hot hot!

    Liked by 1 person

        1. At that point he was confident enough he didn’t feel the need. Plus Will never lets go, not totally, he’s always aware of the affects of his career. He wanted this as much as anyone, his one chance to let loose in a safe environment.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. it is birthday traditions only times they do this remember Spence 21st….. altho that was start of end with Blue and George difference here is Will and Blue love each other and trust the other

      Liked by 2 people

          1. I just think his feathers have been ruffled and some insecurity is sneaking in. He trusts Blue. However for Will this is the first time he’s had such strong feelings for someone and he’s understanding that Blue has felt that way before.

            Liked by 1 person

              1. Right, Blue knows he’s all in with Will, he is past his doubts and insecurities. He had flings with Tad and Larry without getting caught up in relationship because he knew the difference in fun and the future. Our boy has grown up.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. was so sad for him when he had sex with Elliott that time and Eliott brutally but maybe was too honest in rejecting him from a relationship then Elliott started a relationship with Jesse not long after.

                  Liked by 1 person

                    1. Relationships take hard work. Not only do they love each other, they have trust. I never had realized Will hadn’t bottomed before. Sitting on Blue’s big ole dick had multiple meanings- in one way, giving himself over completely.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Right. He’s a muscular guy but small and always worries about injuring himself, obviously he puts his body through a lot daily and can’t afford to rest up. That added to the jealousy, G could do whatever he wanted and made Blue (who would be content to bottom always) happy in a way Will hadn’t. That’s how it would have been in Wills head, Blue is very happy with his sex life now Will is back and able.

                      Liked by 1 person

  2. What an AMAZING chapter Sam! LOVED it all! Nick and Ollie were HOT! As were Gervais and Blue and everything else! I had a feeling Blue and G were being watched by Will, but I hope Will knows how much Blue loves him! I’m sure it’ll be the catalyst for something, but Blue does love Will! Now I’m hard at work…thanks! LOL!

    Liked by 3 people

      1. I don’t think Will ever understood the connection G and Blue had…he saw it and hopefully will open his eyes that he needs to put effort in with Blue too.

        I think their love making at the end had a huge impact on Blue…he loves his Will!

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Will has put effort in but it’s inconsistent. Blue fully trusts him and isn’t scared to raise issues. Given Blues past Will has broken through a lot and Blue appreciates it. But yes I can see Will stepping it up and keeping G close.

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Great that stains not coming out anytime soon. So hot. Will is jealous Will is Jealous hahaha. Boy I tell you what Larry has got my motor running. The way he is in control sends shivers down my spine! Loved it Sam!💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

    Liked by 1 person

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