Quick poll on 71

So it’s taking me a while to get the chapter done, I won’t have all of it by tonight as there’s lots of combos to cover 😈😈😈

Want to wait until I’ve written it all or should I put up the first part tonight?

Asking as I usually hate stories where a sexual encounter spans multiple chapters, but this will multiple encounters.

Will probably take 2-3 more days to get it all done…

33 thoughts on “Quick poll on 71

  1. I voted for putting it as you write it, but like Mark said im happy however you post it. I’ve never read the Alexander story but i’m sure you would never disappoint me. As for 3-somes i’m always getting propositioned by couples to be the guest hitter or in my case their lucky Pierre for sexual pleasure. So i think 3-somes are pretty norm when couples get bored or need a little excitement in the bedrrom

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        1. Cheese dip for starters with crudités and crisps, seafood main, maybe a big seafood soup with fresh bread followed by dessertapolooza with cheesecake, apple pie, Jaffa pot, white choc mouse and lotsa 😘😘😘😘😘😘


    1. I gets anxious when I don’t post for a while, miss you all. But it’s harder to write the sexy stuff. I am a lot tougher on myself as I always worry people will say it’s not real enough. You’ve wanted me to write some of this for a while…..

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