A new Blue 72

Ollie chatted with Spence until Andy showed up and skipped Brian as Larry was there and it didn’t look like he’d be leaving any time soon. Ollie likes the idea of being watched but not yet. He gets to Tad and finds he’s going to be his final visitor.

“Hey.” Ollie says shyly and admires the hunk in front of him.

“Hey Ollie. I am so ready for you.” Tad says, instantly relaxing Ollie and giving him the go ahead.

“You better be.” Ollie grins and goes for eat, eating Tad’s mighty muscular ass and fucking him like a demon. Ollie has a ball now the pressure is off and Tad is feeling fireworks shoot through his whole body. When they kiss it is electrifying for Tad and he can’t believe he has never felt like this before.

“That was really something.” Tad says.

“It was so fun. I never imagined I’d ever be with you. Mr football stud.” Ollie teases.

“I am so glad for tonight. You were amazing.” Tad says rubbing his wrists as he is untied and taking Ollies hand to walk back to the house.


Robin walks around for a while longer and then gives up and heads back. He tried with Brian, Tad and Spence but nothing was working for him. He didn’t find Nick or Blue. He’s kind of sad about Blue as they both have missed their birthday treats. Also he feels guilty for badmouthing Blue and really wanted to make things up to him.

Still tonight has felt like a total disaster, he’s never felt more straight. Not that he ever has much fun with girls he doesn’t have a connection with. Dammit he needs a girlfriend.

Larry is leading Brian back and Spence and Andy are having a final fuck, enjoying the outdoors and each other.

Gervais picks up Nick they run into Ollie and Tad. The four walk together and to Gervais surprise both Tad and Nick appear to be into Ollie. Kid must have moves Gervais thinks smiling to himself. Ollie is a lovely kid and Gervais is glad he’s getting some attention.

“Everyone help yourself to baths and showers. There are stacks of fresh towels in all the bathrooms. I’m going to get some hot chocolate on and I’m sure Spence has some brandy to spike it with.” Blue says as the last guys get back.

It isn’t the warmest of nights and cocoa and cookies sounds good to all of them. Other than Larry and Brian who slip away once they have grabbed their things.

Tad relaxes as soon as Larry is gone.

“Look can we not invite Brian and Larry to any after party tomorrow? It is too weird for me and not great for Spence, Andy or Gervais.” Tad says honestly as they all sip their drinks wrapped in towels, enjoying the heat from the fire.

“That would be awesome for me.” Spence says with a grin.

“Okay I am fine. Anyone who wants to continue what we started tonight, in a more collaborative way should head to the barn after midnight tomorrow.” Blue says.

“That sounds perfect.” Will says, tonight was great but he is craving a group thing.

“Agreed, everyone here is invited and anyone that anyone here picks up between now and then.” Andy jokes.

“Are your lives always like this?” Ollie asks.

“No, we get like this now and then and us 5 have been through various sluzzzzzzy phases and had some fun group things occasionally. We’ve all had open and closed times.” Andy explains.

“You’re all so cool.” Ollie says.

“You 5 and Will have certainly upped the cool factor here.” Nick says.

“Uh Nick you are beautiful, like we all look twice then look away as we can’t face your beauty. Tad has the most amazing body, totally rivals Will and Spence and Ollie you are totally adorable, completely unaware of your allure. Tad might have issues being awkward around me but all three of you are very, very cool without trying.” Gervais says making Ollie blush scarlet.

“He’s right we 9 are scorching hot.” Spence says.

“Ahh he isn’t talking about looks. We’ve always had parties on the farms, even Ollie will have been to a few but they’ve all been get wasted and have a bad fumble or throw up kind. Will and Andy organized such a fun game tonight and Blue’s parties are always so much fun, and they just are cool, he makes everything seem so low key but its always catered perfectly with the perfect mix of people. That is how you 6 are. You breeze in to town and you all make things happen for yourselves and we have all got caught in your tide. None of you are treated as outsiders, its been amazing to watch.” Tad says.

“You’ve made us all welcome. I can’t think your dad, Gladys and Abby enough for all that they did when I arrived. They have all taken to my friends too.” Blue says.

“It did feel like Blue had found the pot at the end of the rainbow when he got here. He’s had so much luck. So much shit too but that was all from his family, not from here. When we got to college finding each other felt like a miracle but at the same time we went through a terrible time the first couple of weeks with homophobic people. The five of us felt pretty attacked and unwelcome.

Here we all feel very much at home. Even Robin who is having a tough time wants to see things through here because he likes it.” Gervais says.

“I cannot imagine you guys being unwelcome.” Ollie says and the suite guys tell them about all the issues they had at college, from the flying burger through to Jesse being killed.

“Wow, you guys are way more amazing than we realized.” Tad says.

“Wow my family issues are rough but my parents never tried to kill me.” Ollie says.

“I’ve had some bad roommates but they all lived.” Nick says.

“I miss Jesse a lot at parties like this. He really loved them. He and Elliot.” Gervais says.

“Anyone heard from Elliot?” Blue asks.

“He’s okay. He’s completing his degree by distance classes, the dean was only too happy to waive all tuition until he graduates.” Spence says.

“And he’s okay with his parents? I always feel too guilty to check in with him.” Gervais admits.

“They are managing. He’s working with lgbt teens through his dad’s church and doing outreach work. He says they are getting there and no longer pray for him to change or keep him away from his siblings. He’s single though and happy to stay that way for a while.” Andy says.

“I told my parents I intend to sell the beach house and I sent them pictures of Abby’s place.” Spence says.

“And?” Blue asks.

“They were relieved. They said they always worry I’ll bankrupt myself with property taxes and while they love it the older they get the more they appreciate hotels. My dad asked for a few more items I have in storage and I’ve agreed. I don’t need them and it doesn’t matter to me if they sell them or keep them to pass to my nephews. I want the wine, I feel like its fate I inherited it, give what you and Andy have planned. Building the cellar out as a proper wine cellar with an area for me and an area for the restaurant is exciting. Of course Fergus is not best pleased as he’ll lose income from me and W is still frosty with me but they both have wives with access to beach properties so they can stick it.” Spence grins.

“How much will it go for?” Gervais asks.

“It’s kind of embarrassing.” Spence says.

“How many bedrooms?” Tad asks searching on his phone.

“8 I guess, its kind of flexible.” Spence says.

“Where is it?” Tad asks and Spence gives the zip code.

“Not the most fashionable town right now but it is beachfront.” Spence says.

“And it is beautiful and in great repair.” Blue says.

“According to this 15million. Holy cow.” Tad says looking up from his phone and Ollie and Nick’s eyes go out on stalks.

“We can pay Abby a true market price and you can pay me back for your half when it’s sold. No objections, I am paying my, Will and Blue’s half, you are paying yours and Andys.” Gervais says as Spence tries to object.

“I doubt Abby will let us but we can try.” Blue says.

“You included me.” Will says.

“Yeah, you’ll be growing flowers on the land, and roses round the door. You, me and Blue are in this together.” Gervais says.

“Just me out in the cold.” Robin says.

“Andy and Spence won’t need the barn conversion now. Nothing to stop you coming in with me on it. Gervais says.

“Well only my distinct lack of cash compared to you four.” Robin says bitterly.

“I have nothing, just got me a sugar daddy.” Andy says laughing and trying to lighten the mood.

“I don’t have a lot, not like these two and it is all earmarked for my business.” Blue says.

“But you have a home and land that just landed in your lap. Your mom gave you those houses, Gervais bought you a field. You work hard but you didn’t work for all this.” Robin says.

“I get that you resent me for some reason right now. But this is my birthday celebration and if you’re not happy for me and don’t want to celebrate with me then please leave. Don’t try and bring us all down.” Blue says calmly.

“Blue worked for all this. What he put up with from his mom, the turmoil from his family secrets and shit from his siblings and dad. I worked for what I have, losing my mom and everything I went through at school and with my dad.

We would both give up every penny for a functional family like you have. I’d give it all for a month with a mom like yours. I get you are down that your parents are not supporting you right now but you know they will always be there for you and you know you can pick up the phone any time of day or night and they will not just answer but be happy to speak to you. Don’t play the part of the poor kid.

We shouldn’t have this wealth at 20 but we do because we don’t have what you have. Someone like Ollie hasn’t the money or the family support. You’ll get there, you just can’t have it all now. We all believe in you.” Gervais says.

“I know what you’ve been through, I do. I know that Spence only has a house to sell because his grandparents died. I get it. It’s just I am increasingly left out by you guys and I’ll never be able to catch back up.” Robin says.

“You couldn’t expect things to be the same when we moved on from college. None of us expected to be able to live close together like this. Heck Andy and Spence were broke up because the future felt hopeless. I just don’t get what you expect from us. Honestly you’re acting like Chris, expecting us to fund your life.” Blue says.

“That is exactly what it feels like.” Spence says slowly. He has always been generous with his money and has never felt taken advantage of until right now and he can’t put his finger on why. Robin hasn’t asked for anything out right but his complaints have been grating, as if they all owe him something.

“I love you Robin but that is it. We’ve always been generous, but it feels like you’re trying to take advantage.” Gervais says.

“Well now we’re all totally bummed out I’m going to bed.” Blue says getting up.

“Blue thanks for calling him out, for having my back. I’ve not been able to put my finger on why I’ve felt uneasy recently.” Spence says catching Blue up upstairs.

“I’ve always felt protective of Gervais, even before he had any money. You never needed it but I suddenly felt like all three of us were being played. I hope I’m wrong and Robin is just jealous.” Blue says.

“Me too. Robin is my oldest friend and I would miss him. But you’re right I never expected to see him that often after graduation. I thought he’d head off to California and become a tech giant who we might see for Christmas. I guess I had bigger ambitions for him than he has for himself.” Spence says.

“If he had a girlfriend he wouldn’t even be here and he’d be making those plans to move to Chicago or Silicon Valley. He’s just bored and lonely and blaming us.” Blue shrugs.

“Yes. It was an awesome party until then. Thanks so much. Andy and I are closer than ever.” Spence says and the pair share a quick hug.

“You seem happier than I expected after Robin kicking off.” Will says as Blue lies in bed with a big smile on his face.

“I had a lovely night until then and Spence sought me out to thank me for looking out for him. He’s been having issues with Robin too. Maybe our friendship has run its course.” Blue says.

“I think with you five someone is always on the outs. From what you have said in the past it has been you or Gervais most often, sometimes Andy. Maybe it is just the way your group dynamic cycles.” Will says.

“Maybe. I just think he’s unhappy and blaming all of us and nothing we do, short of buying him a house will be enough. And none of us feel that inclined to do so. I’ve offered him a home for the summer and a job. His parents don’t agree with his choices right now and I guess that is more of an issue than our successes. He has amazing parents and I imagine they thought long and hard before telling him they were unhappy. It is hard for us four to empathize with his parent issues I guess.” Blue says.

“You’ve done enough. Time to pull back.” Will says.

“Yes it is. For once I feel like I can, without guilt.” Blue says.

“I watched you and Gervais tonight.” Will admits.

“And you didn’t stop us.” Blue says.

“No I didn’t but I was shocked at how intense it was. You two have a much stronger bond than I ever realized. I thought it was one way from him.” Will says.

“Tonight I told Gervais that I sometimes feel guilty that I found you, that us being together has ended any chance of a future for me and Gervais. And he told me he loved me enough to support you and me because you are so good for me. So right for me. Gervais and I have a wonderful connection and despite our tumultuous past we appreciate that we have it and accept it doesn’t have to be a romantic connection. I love him but not at all the way I love you and he will never, ever come between us. I am yours.” Blue says.

“Thank-you. I really needed to hear that. You knew it too.” Will says.

“Oh you know we have a strong connection. That day we met we knew instantly that we had something and I ended up just two hours from you. That day at the meet we both knew it was forever, we just knew. I know what you need and you know what I need. Sure we’re sometimes stubborn about it but we get there.” Blue says.

“We do. It’s usually me going on at you. I love that you can bring me back so easily. I have been so jealous and insecure and now I feel on top of the world again.” Will says.

“Did you bottom because of Gervais?” Blue asks.

“In part, I was jealous of that. I thought he was giving you something I couldn’t.” Will says.

“He was taking what he wanted.” Blue says.

“Well because he did, I did too and it was wonderful and I feel even closer to you now.” Will says.

“Good, that is all I want.” Blue smiles and they fall asleep cuddled tightly together.


The next day Robin slips home early and the guys, plus Tad, Ollie and Nick start prepping for the evening’s party. Nick and Spence head out to get drinks and steaks and the others hit the kitchen.

Ollie’s siblings get dropped off by his mother and Gervais and Will are soon engaging them in games outside.

Wilson turns up with a couple of his kids and wood chips for the grills. And Claud comes by with a mountain of corn which Blue and Andy get super excited about as he has blue and red varieties, along with the usual yellow.

“Are you sure you can spare all this?” Blue asks.

“Like Andy says use every opportunity for marketing. Half the town will be here tonight eating what you come up with, they’ll tell their friends and next week at market I will sell out.” Claud says confidently.

“I have so many ideas. Spence you need to keep a grill meat free too.” Blue says.

“Sure thing. Thanks so much Claud, Gervais makes terrific corn bread and Blue makes great corn chowder, well you know that already.” Spence grins.

“I’m thinking of a salsa to go with the steaks too.” Blue grins.

Gervais brings the kids in to help with the baking and they are soon sat around the table or in the kitchen helping out and having a great time, even the little ones. Blue knocks up a big bowl of pasta and some salad for lunch, no one knows quite how he managed it.

Mid afternoon Mike, Cheryl and Ocean appear.

“I thought you’d be gone a few days. We’ve used your rooms.” Blue says.

“We’ll not be staying over. Ocean couldn’t miss the party. His grandparents in a fit of putting Ocean first have got a hotel in the city for the week and Ocean will stay with them for a few days, he wants them to see his training and show them round and for once they are amenable to it. I think us moving away has really shocked them.” Cheryl says.

“They are welcome to come tonight.” Blue says with a smile.

“Blue, I missed you toooo much.” Ocean says coming over for a cuddle after catching up with Jane.

“I missed you too buddy. I hope you’ve been good.” Blue says picking ocean up and squeezing him tight.

“I am always good. I want to go outside and not do cooking though. It is too hot.” Ocean says.

“That sounds like a good idea. See if Tad can organize a game out the front.” Blue says.

“Yeah!” Ocean shouts and pulls tad outside calling for the other kids to follow.

Tad has been trying to get time alone with Ollie all morning and failing. A run around with the kids sounds like a good distraction. He needs to not try too hard like he has in the past. The encounters with Ollie and Gervais are playing on his mind, both were truly amazing in different ways.

Gervais was a whole heap of fun and knew exactly what Tad would enjoy, they were such a good match and Tad will always rue the way he messed up their date.

Ollie was different, Tad felt true fireworks when they kissed and everything after that was a blur. It was great and pleasurable and unlike anyone before. It made what he felt the first time he saw Gervais feel muted in comparison.

Tad worries that Ollie won’t like him back, that his childhood crush evaporated when he got to know Tad for real. Or that Ollie’s feelings for Nick mean he will never see Tad as an option at all.

Nick has been keeping his distance a little. Being that bit older than Ollie and working with him makes him want to be really careful. Last night was amazing and no one else came close, not even his highly longed for visit from Andy. He can’t believe Ollie chose him to be his first and just how

The thought of how good it could be after practice is almost all Nick can think about. He’s also replaying a lot of encounters with Ollie in his mind and his crush is growing and growing. He’s thinking of all the times Ollie was kind to his mom or Ella. All the times he couldn’t hide his excitement after a new ice-cream flavor was ready. All the times he was too shy to speak.

Nick smiles to himself and lets his imagination run free. Ollie Would be a great boyfriend and them both being bi helps to avoid issues. Nick imagines working and living together and gets quite carried away.

Ollie is oblivious to the impact he has had on the two guys and is enjoying working with Andy, Blue and Gervais in the kitchen. He loves how the three of them have always treated him as an equal, listen to his ideas and are never dismissive. They always stop and explain when they tease each other too so Ollie doesn’t feel excluded. Ollie in turn tells some stories about Blue which go down well.

All of Will’s jealousy has left him and he can watch Blue laughing with Gervais without feeling inadequate or worried. He can support their friendship the way Gervais supports their relationship.

Will is feeling very much at peace and in a good place. After Gervais birthday he’ll be off at a national camp for a week and had been quite worried, given how time apart had gone last time. But he feels things will be okay this time.

He still feels like Blue is doing too much but can also see how much fun he is having today cooking collaboratively and Will and Spence are stepping in to wash dishes periodically and fetch and carry things they need. The atmosphere is great, despite how things ended the night before.

“How do you see things with Robin?” Spence asks sitting next to Will and helping him remove the husks from a pile of corn.

“I think the three of you hit it on the head. I think Robin has always been the one with the stable life and you, Andy and Gervais have never had that and Blue’s has been pretty unstable since he left for college. Now the four of you are beginning to settle down and Robin is the one with an uncertain future. His role within your group is changing and he doesn’t like it and expects you guys to pay.” Will says.

“Yeah he’s from a really loving home that the rest of us missed out on that sort of upbringing, created it for ourselves. This isn’t the first time his parents have laid down the law. His dad asked him to wrestle as well as cheer back in high school and a couple of summers ago his mom wouldn’t let him get a job, though he did end up at the retreat with Blue and Andy. I guess it is the whole combination of things and he feels out of control. It is his attempts to manipulate us that are bugging me and bring up the feel of Chris. I know it has worked on Blue to an extent and Blue has put in good words to get his app development funded. I’m really, really worried he’s going to swindle Gervais over the barn and I can’t work out if it is a legitimate fear or if I am projecting Chris on to him.” Spence says.

Will is pretty surprised at Spence, he’s been pretty focused on work and Andy and doesn’t talk about his other friends that much. It is nice to see he really has got a big heart.

“Is that why you’re reluctant to come to camp with me?” Will asks.

“I would love to come and I think Andy would be supportive but Coach Ash asked me to cover for him while he goes.” Spence says.

“I would prefer you came to him. I’ll talk to him.” Will says.

“But he needs to give your long term plan.” Spence says.

“Which you and I have been preparing for him. Come on we’re on this path together, whatever happens at the end of the summer happens but you are my main coach. Yes you’re green but you motivate me like no one before and your technical skills are increasing all the time. Look at how far your rec girls have come on this summer.” Will says.

“I love working with all abilities. Love it. But it isn’t my gym and while I am flattered I wouldn’t want you to rock the boat.” Spence says.

“Spence stop being polite. I want you to get to know all the other coaches now so they take you seriously at congress during nationals. I know you. You’ll be asking a ton of questions.” will laughs.

“I know. I can’t wait.” Spence grins. He really wants to go with Will to camp and be his coach full time but he knows it can’t happen. Can it?

Later when the party is in full swing Andy pulls Spence into the hammock.

“What’s up?” Andy asks.

“Will wants me to go with him to his pre-nationals camp, as his main coach.” Spence says.

“I would miss you but that sounds like the sort of opportunity you can’t miss.” Andy says.

“It might not be the best move for me, at the gym.” Spence says.

“Are you kidding? That place wants to keep Will and so they have to keep him happy.” Andy says.

“I’d not thought of it that way. Will pitches in all the time in the gym and never asks for special treatment.” Spence says.

“So when he does ask for something it will be a big deal.” Andy says.

“You sure it would be okay if I went?” Spence asks.

“Yes it would. Babe I have a bunch of markets to go to and long days to put in. I’m not saying I won’t miss you because I will, massively but I love you and I support you.” Andy says.

“Thanks. I guess I needed telling. I’ve changed a lot since we broke up.” Spence says.

“You have, you’re softer and more thoughtful. Not always there is plenty of that arrogant Spence left inside.” Andy grins.

“Sometimes. Isn’t it funny how Blue and Gervais are closer than ever now there is no chance for them?” Spence asks shifting the subject.

“Yes. They are both as happy as they have ever been and it isn’t dependent on each other. It is finally like they are in a really healthy relationship.” Andy says.

“And so are we.” Spence says.

“We totally are.” Andy grins.



65 thoughts on “A new Blue 72

    1. Uh oh. I’ll not update. How’s you bunny? No chapter today, I’m super tired. Reynolds just left masterchef he had to go but man he was the best. Cuddle time?😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


  1. So, am I the only one worried that Robin will hook back up with Bea? They have had a connection in the past and all of Blue’s “friends” seem to not care how anything like that will hurt him.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s a new thing too. He’s always had all he needed, his parents are generous but he’s suddenly realising he will have to work for a living and his living costs will be higher than his friends, he might not spend the same as Spence on shoes but he likes clothes and gadgets and games and none of that is cheap.

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  2. Another comment Blue lack of emotion when Robin let loose his self pity party and also revealing what he really thinks of Blue was very revealing at least to me unless I an reading too much into it. It proved to me Robin has lost Blues respect and Blue is done with him I mean if he still cared for Robin he would yell or get upset or show some strong emotion instead in a calm voice asks him to leave.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think that Blue was shocked as were the others and also Blue was very determined not to ruin the night. He was grateful that Will, Andy and Spence (well we can guess Spence bought the alcohol) had put on a fun night for him and wanted it to go well.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope he comes around and realizes what a douche he’s been. He mentioned that in the beginning of the chapter that he needs to make it up to Blue and feels bad regarding his derogatory comments.

        Although I’m sure being compared to Chris didn’t go over real well.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I think he knows on some level but can’t stop. He’s trapped in this cycle of resentment and unable to see a way out. Even though things have been going super well for him really. A good summer job and an offer for after graduation. Or his parents will support his masters, he has it so good and can’t see it.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I hope someone helps him figure it out soon. His friends seem ready to write him off. If Blue finds out exactly what he said about him it could be bad for him. Although Blue has always forgiven his friends and made up, but he’s clearly done being walked all over and taken advantage of. Will be fun to find out!!

            Liked by 1 person

          2. In Robin’s mind, everyone has better jobs, more money, and bigger dicks than he does. He’s feeling very inadequate in every area of his life. That’s why he started thinking of getting a girlfriend. That’s the one thing that sets him apart from his friends and makes him special in the group.

            That’s all my opinion though haha. I could be totally wrong. Who knows, maybe he’s just an unrepentant douche lol

            Liked by 2 people

  3. Interesting Robin again. Curious to see if he will show up later or if he’s just going to be a pissy sulky little bitch again. Yet, I feel sorry for him. I hope there isn’t too much drama with Nick and Tad. Ollie is that boy that you just want to go up and hug and cuddle because he’s so cute and puppy-ish. I guess I don’t want him marred by a tug of war. Dealing with one relationship is hard enough… unless Nick and Tad can hit it off too, lol.

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  4. knowing their past Robin should know how dysfunctional everyones home life is and also how caring they are where will help if needed.

    Act like he is entitled like Chris and the suite guys won’t give an inch

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  5. Loved it Sam! ❤️ Why is Robin being such a user? Expecting everything handed to him! I’m glad Blue and Will are in a great place!

    Go Ollie! Boi has some moves! Happy Valentines Day Sam and everyone!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robin is scared. Will has it, Robin is not used to being the loser of the group and can’t handle it(even though he’s not actually a loser etc etc). I do like revealing a butterfly and I love Ollie so having two hot guys chasing him will be fun. Who will pop his cherry…..

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  6. Great chapter sam robin is nothing but an entitled little brat. I’m sorry but he is officially on my list. Ollie must be something else. So glad Gervais Blue and Will are on good terms and knows where they each stand.

    Liked by 1 person

                    1. And cake, one day you’ll open the door to a big box of cheesecake. I just has to stalk you down. Did you have a good day? The sexy chapter came out on valentines for you. 😘😘😘😘😘😈💦


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