Please consider signing this petition to get Steve Penny out of USA gymnastics.

It’s not just the Larry Nassar issue but also Don Peters, Marvin Sharpe and every other pervert that continued working with kids when there had been complaints made.

Sammy is mad, has been mad for a while and can’t believe Steve Penny and the rest of the USAG board are still in place. 

The Indy star have been doing great work putting all the pieces together on Nasser and shouting out loud. Worth a read, if you have a strong stomach http://www.indystar.com/story/news/local/2017/01/11/larry-nassar-full-coverage/96449214/

Edit to add some of the former gymnasts are going on 60minutes, so so brave.

Including Jeanette Antolin who was also coached by Don Peters. She was a total badass for ucla.


9 thoughts on “Favor

        1. I’ll never get why her standing up and saying hey this doc is a pervert who fingers girls telling them it will cure their back injury would have hurt her job. I mean wouldn’t it help in recruitment, that gymnasts know she has their back.

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          1. I don’t know what the f she was thinking, but come on. I wonder how she’d react if she had a daughter that was sexually abused. She’s no better than Joe Paterno at Penn State…she knew and helped him hide it. Like I’ve said…it’s completely disgusting. Will be interesting to watch the fall out. I guess people will never learn!

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    1. Thanks Jack. When Don Peters was exposed a few years ago we found out adults in his gym had known for years and were watching him to try and make sure it didn’t happen again, rather than reporting him!!! Fucking idiots.

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