Thanks all

Thought 80 chapters of a new Blue was worth marking with a thanks to all of you.

The last month has been pretty awful for me in my private life and all your encouragement and comments have really helped me keep gong. Having the story to write has been a welcome distraction and something to focus on.

I’m not sure how things will go in the upcoming weeks, I don’t think I’ll be able to move home full time before Easter which makes it harder to be regular with chapters. I am enjoying writing the story still and have no plans to stop.

We’re back to full drama for Blue but this time he has all his friends on side and that feels feels good. Feels like he’s going to win and not fall.


Thanks for sticking with me. Keep the ideas, comments and complaints coming


Sam xxx

43 thoughts on “Thanks all

  1. Sam.

    I believe it’s me (and all of us, readers, for that matter) that should say a huge THANK YOU. No matter how much enjoyment you extract from writing, how much pleasure you have (and no doubt you do #wink), I know it’s hard work: one must pour sweat to pour the soul the way you do to our benefit.

    On the personal side, my thoughts and prayers go to that whatever is “pretty awful in your private life,” whatever is keeping your from moving home before Easter, are to the best.

    Again, many thanks, indeed!


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  2. Sammie — when you shut down the site a while back, I wrote you and said thanks. And I do so again today.

    The hours and hours you’ve poured out in your writing have been a huge gift to all of your readers. You’ve shared your heart in doing so (even when you get a bit pissy with us). While I don’t get notifications when I new post is up, I check several times per day. A “yes!” goes off inside me when you’ve added a new post. So, again, a heartfelt thank you for all you’ve given thru your writing.

    Wishing you nothing but the best in the weeks and months ahead.


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    1. Thanks so much. I’ll try and keep the hissy fits under check this year, no promises though.
      I’m glad you’re not all nitpickers as I don’t have the patience to rework anything and just chuck it up, unless I’m really unhappy with the direction.

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                1. think of me as a Disney Villain where they are locked away in dungeon not that I use them in dungeon as playthings….. anybody who upsets my British Beau is sentenced to spend all of eternity in the dungeon 😇😇😇😇

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  3. Sam
    Given the amazing twists and turns your mind takes these stories take, I am confident you will make bad things that happen to you into positive turns. Love your writing and hope life treats you fairly.



      1. Although I know very little about you personally, given the hours if good reading you have given me I consider you a friend. I want you to know you have friends all over the world. And I hope you make lemonade out of the lemons life has thrown you as well as blue has made being treated like shit into a good place. Dave

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  4. Wow, 80 chapters.

    All I can say is…

    You’re welcome.

    And if you’d fancy a blowjob, yell out!

    (Thanks for the storytime man, and thanks for not banning me from posting! I do enjoy posting some cracked out shit at times)

    XOXO Hope to one day witness your doodle

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      1. Gurllllll….

        You just made me 30x more thirsty…

        But for real real, you know I’m here if you ever need to chat, man? I’d even be open to skyping during the Oscars, since that’s when my cuntiness hits full specrtrum. Seriously.

        I say shit Stalin calls crass. It shocks me. 😛

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      2. (Also, a bloke that is anybodies can’t steal somebody… And I havent had sex for…. ever! at least a month… What month is this? where am I? I’m also about to be without internet again 😦

        Heart you you beatiful penis shaped monster!


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