A new Blue 82

“My mom has been arrested? Which one?” Blue asks.

“Clara. You best call a lawyer too. I know she didn’t do it but it doesn’t look good,” Saul says.

“Is everyone okay? How bad is it?” Blue asks,

“Everyone is fine. I’ve done so many drills in my life that everything kicked in and we were all out quickly. It was only just after opening and luckily the birthday party wasn’t for an hour,” Saul says,

“Get Ella to bring supplies from the farm and ask Heidi to hold it in the bakery.” Blue says.

“Good idea. Blue, you might want to call a lawyer.” Saul says.

“What the heck is going on?” Will asks.

“You need to drive me in to the police station.” Blue says.

“Okay. What did your mom do?” Will asks.

“Someone burned the parlor down.” Blue says.

“Holy shit.” Will exclaims.

“Have you two been here all morning?” Blue asks Bea and Chris who are eating lunch in the kitchen.

“Yes, why?” Chris asks.

“Was anyone with you?” Blue asks.

“We were.” Gervais and Robin say.

“The whole time?” Blue asks.

“I got here around 10.” Robin says.

“And I was in here when Bea and Chris got up. We’ve just been hanging out. Cooking and doing laundry.” Gervais says.

“Good. Please stay in, or in the garden until I call.” Blue says and grabs his wallet and heads off with Will.

“You okay?” Will asks worrying.

“Yeah, I’m just going to call Randolf, see if he knows a criminal lawyer.” Blue says.

“Why are you taking this on? You cut ties with your mom, this could be her trying to draw you back.” Will says.

“She is mean but she put a lot of time and effort in to the parlor and would never do this. It has to be Lana.” Blue says,

“You can’t know that. You have to let the police do their job.” Will says.

“I guess.” Blue says and they pull up to the police station unsure what to do next.

Blue walks in to the police station and Clara is ranting away.

“Momma?” Blue says gently.

How can I help?” Randolf asks coming in behind Blue.

“I don’t know. Momma are they letting you go?” Blue asks.

“Yes they are letting me go. Randolf what are you doing here?” Clara asks.

“Blue said you might need a lawyer, I know it isn’t my area but thought I’d be better than no one on a Sunday.” Randolf says.

“What happened?” Blue asks.

“I was going to the bakery to get some food for my flight and I was hoping to talk to Heidi about her plans.” Clara begins.

“Pushing in on someone else’s plan.” Blue bitches.

Clara rolls her eyes and continues.

“I saw smoke, called 911 and banged on the window of the parlor. I went round the back to see what was happening, I filmed it on my phone. I stupidly picked up the bottle that the arsonist must have used and promptly got arrested. Heidi has been here telling them I couldn’t possibly have started it as I was with her and I raised the alarm but I’m not to leave town.” Clara says exasperated.

“I didn’t know you were still in town.” Blue says.

“Do you need to be at home? Want me to talk to them?” Randolf says.

“No it is fine. Blue they are insisting I stay in town and not the city.” Heidi says.

“You’re not staying with me.” Blue says.

“You came straight here, to help me, called a lawyer.” Clara says.

“My business has been burned down and I am not convinced you didn’t do it to spite me.” Blue says.

“Blue, you know I would never risk people’s lives like that.” Clara says.

“I know. Lana though. Randolf can me and my siblings get a restraining order? We know who might have done this and I am worried for our safety.” Blue asks.

“Where are Bea and Chris now?” Clara asks.

“At home. They are fine. They have alibis for their time all morning I checked as I know they are disliked here.” Blue says.

“You’ll need to send me all the details and I will see what we can do. Blue lets go and make a statement now. The police will need to speak to you any way as part owner.” Randolf says.

“Yeah okay.” Blue says and follows him.

“Do you think she’ll target the house next?” Will asks Clara as they sit down.

“I don’t think she would harm Chris. But I am worried about her state of mind and what she could be capable of.” Clara says.

“Do you see Blue with Gervais and not me, in the future?” Will asks.

“I think you are by far the best boyfriend he has had.” Clara says.

“Not the same thing.” Will says.

“I do see him with Gervais long term yes.” Clara says honestly.

“Why?” Will asks just to torture himself further.

“The bond they share, the ability to read each other’s mind is so strong. They can’t be apart, they fight it, fight it all the time and have hurt each other horrifically trying to break it but it remains. I don’t think anyone, even you will be able to put up with it for long.” Clara says.

“Did you deliberately hurt Blue to heal the rift with his siblings?” Will asks surprising Clara.

“I didn’t set out to do that. I am happy it is a side effect.” Clara says.

“You were surprised that Blue recovered so fast and got you cut out of the businesses.” Will says.

“Yes I was. I thought he might finally get himself out of them.” Clara says.

“It was Chris who convinced him to stick with it and cut you out.” Will says.

“That is no surprise. Chris has the clearest business mind of the three. He is far better at separating from his emotions than the other two.” Clara says.

“Why do you feel that Blue should sacrifice everything for them? Why couldn’t you wait until Blue was ready? He’s just stable again and you have to fuck him over? Do you hate him that much?” Will asks.

“Stop being so dramatic. You’re nothing to us. Nothing. You have no idea about Blue and his mental health and no idea what is best for him. You are temporary.” Clara says.

“I knew it was all an act.” Blue says shaking his head.

Will gets up and follows Blue out the door.

“I’m sorry.” Will says.

“No you’re not. You are glad you exposed her. You knew she was playing games with us all. I knew it too but not how much. Nothing has changed. I was done yesterday and I’m done today. I just know even more now. I guess there is more too.” Blue says and Will relays all the conversation.

“Do you think I am wrong to have Chris and Bea around?” Blue asks.

“No. I don’t know why but I trust them right now. Also I am scared about what happened today and I think you and Bea are safer with Chris around.” Will says.

“I hate that this was our last day for a while and it is so messed up.” Blue says.

“You’ll have Gervais birthday and planning the parlor and so much else to do you’ll barely miss me.” Will says.

“I will miss you like crazy and you know it.” Blue says.

“Same. What did the police say?” Will asks.

“I gave a statement about where I was and about Lana’s threat the other day. I gave her last known address and number and all that stuff. They weren’t interested, kept saying it was probably kids.” Blue says.

“Great!” Will says shaking his head and rolling his eyes.

“I know but we tried.” Blue says.

“Want to swing by the bakery and see how the party went?” Will asks.

“Yeah. I want to see the damage too.” Blue says.

“I’m really sorry it happened, you put some much work in. All the time making all those little accompaniments that were just for the parlor. All that energy.” Will says.

“I was due. I’ve had such amazing luck with finding you and getting the house and making a home here. So we have drama on drama. Nothing matters when we have each other.” Blue says and Will can’t help but tear up.

“So you see me as your future?” Will asks once he composes himself.

“You know I do. Will, I can’t wait for it to be just us. I’ve loved having my friends here for the summer but all I want is you. I love you so much, more than anyone ever.” Blue says.

“Come on soppy, let’s go and see a bit of reality.” Will says.

“We are reality babe, we really are.” Blue says and takes Will’s hand.

“Hey guys. The party went so well.” Saul says as they walk in.

“They’ve just gone. I’m happy to cover a few if we can get another freezer in.” Heidi says.

“Or we can use the community center so Heidi doesn’t lose her customers.” Abby says.

“And it is an opportunity to reconfigure the parlor.” Cheryl says.

“You’ve all been talking.” Blue smiles.

“We have. You know the parlor might have had a short shelf life, it was doing well but might not do a second summer. A diner might be better long term. We all knew as soon as we opened we should be doing breakfast.” Abby says.

“Is Cheryl back in?” Blue asks.

“She’d consult again.” Abby says.

“Which actually suits me a whole lot better. If I can freelance for you guys, I can balance things with Ocean a lot more.” Cheryl says.

“I think diner is the wrong word, we would still have the emphasis on desserts but would add a breakfast menu and some light food. Salads and the like, that I wanted before.” Saul says.

“Bacon?” Blue asks.

“Yes we would have meat.” Saul says.

“Would that put off the vegans?” Blue asks.

“Maybe but they are a minority in the parlor.” Saul says.

“But they come and they come in groups. They won’t if the place smells of meat. The kids with allergies are different, we won’t lose them.” Blue says.

“Well it is just an idea.” Saul says.

“It isn’t my project. I am just the ice-cream supplier.” Blue grins.

“Oh Blue don’t be like that.” Abby says.

“But that is all I want to be.” Blue says.

“You’ll be a produce supplier too.” Saul says and Blue beams.

“That is exactly what I want. Everyone thinks of Andy for that but it was always my dream. Wine was one thought but veggies as they are is pretty great too.” Blue says.

“Is everything sorted with your mom?” Cheryl asks.

“She hasn’t been charged but has been asked not to leave town. So you might have a call asking for a bed.” Blue says.

“Are you speaking now?” Cheryl asks.

“No and never again. I mean it this time. She insulted Will and made it clear she has been using him to hold up against others again. She never liked him or thought he was the one for me.” Blue says.

“Oh dear. I am done with her too. I know it will take time to rebuild our trust but it was so clear that you put Ocean above everything and she didn’t.” Cheryl says.

“I think if you stop spying we’ll be fine.” Blue smiles.

“Honestly I should have known what she was up to. I thought I was doing her a favor from one loving mother to another. I forgot how she treats you compared to everyone else and how she deserves what you dish out. I was so vulnerable after the break up with Mike. So worried about where we would live. She swooped in as she does and I lost my mind.” Cheryl says.

“I understand. I’ve been there. Saul did you see Lana this morning? Or anyone?” Blue asks.

“No I didn’t see anything. Not until Clara banged on the window. She really didn’t do it, I told the police that.” Saul says.

“So did I.” Heidi says.

“Is it safe to go and see it?” Blue asks.

“We have to wait for the reports to be done before we are allowed back in.” Abby says.

“Well call me when you know more. We need to get back. Will flies off to camp tonight.” Blue says.

“We will. Best of luck at nationals Will.” Cheryl says.

“Thanks. I am excited.” Will grins.

Blue looks sadly at his man. Two weeks apart feels like eternity.

“Cheer up babe, I will miss you too.” Will says gently.

“Ugh you two are too sweet to be true.” Heidi says.

“How did Gervais date with Norm go? Norm has been quiet on it.” Saul asks.

“It was dreadful. Gervais was really shook up. I’m surprised you are friends with a man like that.” Blue says.

“I’ll follow you out.” Saul says confused.

“See you all soon.” Blue says and walks out.

“Blue what did you mean?” Saul asks and Blue tells him and a shocked Will about the date.

“Oh poor Gervais, that would have been so destressing for him.” Will says with huge empathy.

“It doesn’t sound that bad. Just a mix up. Easily done. Though I am not happy about him fucking Brian in the office. Jeremy will be livid.” Saul says.

“Shit. I didn’t want Brian to lose his job.” Blue says.

“I’ll not say who Norm was with. Don’t worry. I know Brian is a good worker.” Saul says.

“Brian is a good friend but he cheated in broad daylight when anyone could and did walk in. He deserves what he gets.” Will says thoroughly annoyed with Brian and worried about Gervais and about just how much Blue has to deal with when he’s gone.

71 thoughts on “A new Blue 82

  1. “My mom has been arrested? Which one?” Blue asks.

    Sorry cannot stop laughing!
    ROFLSHVUAKOMAIL- Rolling On Floor Laughing So Hard Voldemort Uses Avada Kedavra On Me And I Live
    Sorry cannot stop laughing!

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  2. And I caught you! Ooops! Not yet… Just caught up with you… For now.

    Sam, you may remember I e-mailed you early February asking for / suggesting a “YahooGroup” for posting notices of new chapters on Nifty… and you gifted me your WordPress address.

    Just loved it… and dived into it and finally, late yesterday evening, I caught up (and you may feel flattered I exchanged the marathon Carnival in Rio de Janeiro for my personal Blue’s marathon #LOL).

    So glad now I can post without feeling embarrassed to be commenting long past (and resolved) drama… Even gladder to be able to join the fun with you all, crazy bunch of commenters.

    Amusez vous. xOxO

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      1. Are there rules of this kind in Nifty? From what I can remember (and u can always double check with the archivers :p ), several writers post the link to their websites in the header or footer of each post (will send you when I stumble into one of those). Also, a bunch of them mention other sites. I can remember not long ago some writer blowing out his dissatisfaction with site X stating he would keep his stories on Nifty, A, B and C but was scraping off his stories from papyrus X) 😘😘

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  3. And so the drama-rama continues… Fucking Clara. I wish Blue could just go to camp with Will and say goodbye to all the fuckery. It’s hard to deal with, even with all the good in town. Even if Andy is around to help keep Blue sane, Gervais and Blue’s sibs are going to drive everything to fever pitch, aren’t they?


    Liked by 2 people

  4. Gervais totally did it, to set Clara up, since his infatuation with Blue isn’t a romantic love, but a motherly one, and he plans on reenacting “The Fist that rocks the cradle.”

    No wonder he eats so many legumes. He’s trying to kick start his mammary glands.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Actually, if Gervais went psycho and did it (and I was wondering about this whole Norm thing tbh…), and lied about Brian… I would jump for joy. Mr. Bossy Pants can pack his bags and move on forever. Somehow I have my doubts things moved in that direction though, as shockingly awesome as it would be.

      Liked by 2 people

                  1. Robin and Ella… and praying to all saints that “the new Bea” (difficult to trust her as yet) doesn’t mess things up between R&E, although this should spice things a bit for some time.
                    Andy and Spence. Particularly cute the way you conducted their “rebirth”: the more their internal issues are resolved the more they blossom and become able to be a couple… even the dominance thing softens (their scene in the forest, Andy untying Spence and they making love is brilliant).
                    Blue and Gervais and Will. I might even see them as a trio, although I am unable to see sex between G&W… My vote still sticks on B&G.

                    Actually, as yet we don’t know who Will is; you haven’t provided any background on his family nor history. So charming, so secure, so loving, so supportive, so focused… even his glitches are subdued. Just too good to be true. “Where is Wally?” they ask… “Who is Will?” ask I. 😉

                    The main five (well, 7) sorted, I still see Cheryl back with Mike and would love to watch Ocean and (forgot her name) Wilson’s daughter friendship maturing into puppy love… and who knows what more.

                    Bea and Chris, well, it’s just difficult, if not at all impossible to grow a fine character from the sh they’ve got into. We all have unresolved issues, but OTOH we’ve never ever let ourselves act on them in such a high level.

                    Ops! This is getting too long and will distract you from your writing duties. You’re the one supposed to write, not me 🙂

                    Lash, flog and whip you. Back to 83 N-O-W!

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                    1. We all deserve perfect, but perfect does not exist. The max one can get in real life is a comfortable compromise, like A&S’s or even B&G’s. Oh! Arnold’s, too.


  5. Love the story! Luv Robin Andy and Blueeeee❤️ Clara is a bitch but at the end yes she manipulates, treat Blue badly because of that. But somewhere in her mind she wants to do good. Let’s say on a Trump way of doing. Not seeing the damage and harm creating during the proces.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. That’s what I’m thinking. Manipulating the situation by “stupidly picking up the bottle” is awful convenient. If she’s the hero that called the fire departments and saved anyone that was in the parlor then she’s not the evil bitch trying once again to f with Blue.

        Liked by 2 people

          1. The fire is not like a Clara thing. With the money she owns, were she not aiming good, she could cause true disaster, the real blowout, not the Chris, Bea & Paul’s amateurish gossiping… not a ridiculous (certainly insured) fire.

            As someone pointed, she is always trying to do good… in her weird ways, but…

            “HER WAYS” is the key. She is terribly insecure, believes that “her” good is the only possible one, is unable to wait (definitely weird for a true Yoga person) for life to evolve and keeps pushing her “good” down everybody’s throat getting some inevitable puke fits in return.

            Clara is like Blue: responsible for the world… He can be a tad more patient than momma, but right now he is putting all his fears aside and blindly loading Bea and Chris on his shoulders.

            Liked by 1 person

    1. So yesterday my change of direction was killing off clara from smoke inhalation, she’d been injected with something to set her up for the fire. But I couldn’t deal with the afterwards and got stuck and scrapped it today.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m having a nice country broil with shrimp and crab. And you’re right will does have a different connection and does love him unconditionally. But he just seems to perfect for Blue. I mean I like the guy but I totally hates Mr. Perfects. He doesn’t have any what I call ” real-life” problems. His biggest problem is a surgery.


        1. Will has the issue of his Olympic dream v his relationship with Blue and he does try and play down the conflict to protect Blue. But it will come up. I know it is less relatable than Gervais issues of being good enough, or not wanting something right now.

          Liked by 1 person

      2. Agreed! The only thing G has learned is how to make up for hurting Blue over and over. He’s always wanted blue to be with someone else to become better. Will has always loved Blue, faults and all.

        Liked by 2 people

              1. Oh! For sure! Not to nag and G’s faults, but how many times did blue come to him for help and support and he never saw that there was a problem. Like the time Robin was drunk and tried to get blue to blow him. He felt forced and ended up sleeping on the couch. Blue went to him for support and Jesse was over, so he just let him cope himself. That’s just one example I can think of.

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