A new Blue 83

Blue clings to Will at the airport and sobs his heart out. Everything from the last week is pouring out of him. Will just holds him and tries to comfort him, wishing things were different. He grabs a Kleenex and wipes Blue’s face as the sobs subside.

“I’ll be back before you know it.” Will whispers.

“I hate it.” Blue says.

“Me too. I’ll call you tonight. Be careful. Call any time if anything happens. If I can’t answer call Spence and he’ll get me.” Will says.

“Bad timing.” Blue says.

“Bad timing. But its just two weeks, we have forever.” Will says.

“We have forever.” Blue says and kisses Will hard.

Will hugs Blue as tight as he can and then heads to security.

“Take care of Blue.” Spence whispers to Andy.

“You take care of you. I’ll miss you.” Andy says.

“You too.” Spence says and reluctantly kisses Andy goodbye.

Andy drives home, Blue is in no state to do it. Andy thinks about how he felt when Bea destroyed his garden and knows the parlor burning is ten times worse, and he’s lost his mom again and having to deal with Bea and Chris.

When they get home Katelyn and Roe are sat at the table.

“How did you get here so fast?” Blue asks.

“We didn’t we’ve been on a road trip for a few days. We had no idea about the Clara situation or the parlor. Blue we are so sorry.” Roe says.

“I am happy you are here, but why?” Andy asks.

“We’re here for good.” Roe says.

“What?” Andy asks in excited disbelief.

“When you called to ask me to send on Chris and Bea’s things we had a long talk about what had happened and decided that we couldn’t stay any more. Can we stay with you while we sort something out?” Roe asks.

“Of course. Have you spoken to Cheryl? Longer term you might want to share with her at Abby’s place. Well not long term but for the school year.” Blue says.

“Is your mom staying there?” Andy asks.

“I don’t know. Cheryl is pretty mad at her too.” Blue says.

“I am so happy you are here. Are you sure? I mean you love the lake and it sounded like the art classes were taking off,” Andy says.

“We both miss you. We love the lake and Katelyn has so many friends and loves her school but she knows she will be able to take more classes down here and isn’t worried about making new friends. She will be starting high school and that seemed the sensible time to move.” Roe says.

“I love school at the lake but the thought of no sports and no clubs and only the lake for four more years. I felt stifled.” Katelyn says.

“We can buy or rent you somewhere with your money. It is straight forward as it is for you to live in. Also we should look into private schools. I don’t know if it is too late but we should get your name down.” Andy says.

“The school sounds like a very good idea.” Roe says firmly before Katelyn can object.

“You’re super smart kid, just like Blue and Gervais. You need somewhere to stretch you fully. You are strong enough to go against any bitching or bullying and you know it.” Andy says.

“He’s right. Oh I am so glad you are here. I am sorry you’ve just missed Spence, I know he would love to see you.” Blue says hugging Katelyn and lifting her off the floor.

“I’m happy to see you too Blue.” Katelyn says.

“Well Rooms are unfortunately easy, Katelyn take Ocean’s room and Roe take the one down here. I am going to call Cheryl as Ocean will be over the moon to see you. Pasta for dinner?” Blue asks happy to have something to take his mind off things.

“Blue, Bea and Chris are using those rooms.” Andy says.

“Of fuck I forgot they were still here.” Blue laughs.

“Roe and I can share if that is okay with her.” Bea says in the doorway.

“You can help me study for any entrance exams.” Katelyn says and Bea smiles and nods.

“Chris can take my room and I’ll go in with Blue.” Andy says.

“Chris bring the sheets down.” Blue says and Chris plods off without complaint.

“Thanks so much for bringing our things.” Bea says.

“Willow and Birch helped us pack up. We swapped my car for a truck and here we are.” Roe grins.

“You can use my car. I have both, an indulgence but I like to have a car for weekends to feel like I’m not working.” Blue says.

“Thanks.” Roe says.

Cheryl and Ocean arrive and Ocean doesn’t know who to hug and kiss first he is so excited. He runs round everyone, leaving Blue for last and climbs up on him and Blue hugs him close, glad that things with Cheryl are okay now.

“We would love to have you two live with us. Once Clara is gone. I imagine you’d like to steer clear. Do you want us to keep it quiet that you are here?” Cheryl asks.

“No, we don’t want more secrets. I love Clara and she has been so good to us.” Katelyn says.

“But I’d rather Katelyn didn’t stay with her, not right now.” Roe says and Andy nods.

“It is funny how she tried to buy Andy, to say he had to have something, independently of Spence. When she knows he will do when I turn 18, and she knows I would invest in any of Andy’s businesses if it was possible. It was like she was trying to take that away from me.” Katelyn says.

“And from Spence. Spence always wanted in on the restaurant and always offered to cover Andy’s share of whatever we were doing, from having a cleaner here, to party supplies, to our hotel in Las Vegas. Whether together or not Spence will always look out for Andy and it beings him joy to do it. We all know how uncomfortable he is about his money these days.” Blue says.

“Sometimes I hate that he does it but I am always grateful, always have been. I love that we’re making a little money this summer and I am contributing to the food.” Andy says.

“We love the food too. Are you okay with Clara being in what will be your home? We didn’t even ask you.” Cheryl says.

“It is fine. It isn’t idea but we’ll not be doing the conversion for a long time and it is better to be lived in and keep vandals away. Clara has to stay somewhere, I’d rather we knew where she was and hopefully it isn’t for long.” Andy says.

“If she went back to the lake it isn’t like anyone could find her or bring her back.” Blue says.

“She said the same thing. But she wants to stay and make sure her name stays clear. She may be many things but I think we all agree arsonist isn’t one of them.” Cheryl says.

“Maybe you should reach out to Lana.” Clue says to Chris.

“No way. I am done with all our parents.” Chris says.

“None of us need to do the work of the police. As long as it is arson and none of us are under suspicion then the insurance should be straight forward. After all we were doing very well.” Cheryl says.

“Yeah I know. I just feel really uneasy and want to know for sure.” Blue says.

“No one will hurt my Blue.” Ocean says.

“That’s right. No one will hurt me.” Blue says trying to reassure himself as much as Ocean.

They share a meal and spend the evening chatting. Cheryl takes Ocean off home to bed much to his disgust and Gervais offers to take him to the gym the next day which calms him. He will miss Spence and Will a lot during the day and spending time with Gervais is a treat.

Up at Mike’s farm things are a lot less calm.

“We’re done.” Larry says.

“What?” Brian asks.

“I did not give you permission to be with Norm. We’re done. I thought I could punish you and be okay, tell myself you rightly gave yourself to another alpha. But a real alpha would ask for permission to share a sub. I wouldn’t go near you now. Go.” Larry says.

“How did you find out?” Brian asks, mad as hell at Gervais.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Larry asks equally angry.

“I didn’t want to lose you. It was a mad moment and it was amazing. I cannot deny that. You would really like him if you met him.” Brian enthuses.

“Be with him then.” Larry says.

“I will. Unlock me.” Brian says petulantly.

“I threw away the key. Get him to cut you out.” Larry says.

“You are shit at sex anyway. Never as good as Andy and Norm is bigger anyway.” Brian shouts upset Larry is really letting him go.

“Get out.” Larry says bored by the whole thing.

Brian goes, sobbing, his world falling apart.

“That didn’t sound good.” Ollie says tracing his fingers over Tad’s chest.

“Poor Larry, he is a magnet for cheats.” Tad says kissing the top of Ollie’s head.

“Are we together, together now?” Ollie asks.

“I thought you didn’t want that.” Tad says feeling very good inside.

I” do now, I like you a lot.” Ollie says.

“I like you a lot too. Are you not still seeing Nick?” Tad asks and cuddles Ollie close.

“No, just you. Can I stay over? I have to get up super early.” Ollie asks.

“Yeah. Dad gets up early too. Will your mom be okay with it?” Tad asks.

“Yeah, the kids are all at camp for 2 weeks. Arnold or I guess Liberty arranged it as a bonus for me.” Ollie says.

“You didn’t say.” Tad says surprised.

“I didn’t want to until I knew it was real and really happening. They went yesterday.” Ollie says.

“So I have two weeks of you all to myself?” Tad asks grinning like mad. He is absolutely crazy about Ollie and loves it so much when he stays over.

“Yeah, I guess you do.” Ollie says smiling, He loves the quiet of being up at the farm, Larry’s row aside it usually is so calm and lovely. Plus Mike is happy to let Ollie loose in the kitchen and even makes sure there is lots of flour, sugar and butter in for him to use.

“I wish you could move in.” Tad says.

“Bit soon for that.” Ollie says wishing he could too.

“Think about it. At some point your parent shave to accept that you’ll be moving on.” Tad says.

“The next kid to me is 15. I was looking after them all from 11 and I do not want the same for them. High school while babysitting every day after school is hell and I promised myself not to make them do it.” Ollie says.

“You wouldn’t be. You’ve done 8 years of it, which is too much already. You can’t do it until the youngest is 18, which would be fifteen more years.” Tad points out.

“I know but in a few years, if things go well I will be able to afford childcare for them. Cheryl had plans to open a facility for all workers and said I’d be able to use it. I know she’s taking a step back but it is still a plan.” Ollie says.

“I’m not going to push you either way. You are right it is too soon for us. But you are smart and you gave up your high school career for your siblings and your chance at college. I know the company are paying for you to do some classes but it isn’t the same.” Tad says.

“If I had gone to college I would have missed out on the amazing jobs I have. I don’t regret that for one minute. Learning from Heidi and Blue is worth far more to me than any degree. And Blue throws great parties.” Ollie grins.

“Yes he does. You have found what you are good at and if the businesses go well I am sure you will be wanted by other companies if you ever wanted to move on. Or start up on your own.” Tad says. I don’t ever want all the hassle and responsibility. I know just how lucky I am to be in the position I am.” Ollie says.

“Managing an ice-cream factory is pretty kick ass.” Tad laughs.

“For sure.” Ollie grins.

“Hey now Larry is single maybe he can babysit so I can take you out for proper dates.” Tad says.

“Gervais and Blue have offered but I feel bad and my mom isn’t keen.” Ollie says.

“Well we’ll all come over with Ocean and Jane and play tag football and tire them out.” Tad says.

“That sounds good.” Ollie laughs.

“Then I get to tire you out.” Tad says.

“Or I get to tire you out.” Ollie beams back.

“I am so easy.” Tad says and lies back, pulls Ollie on top of him and kisses him hard. The enjoy each other taking their time, fucking for hours. Ollie loves Tad’s muscles and Tad loves Ollie’s delicate body. They fully enjoy each other head to toe.


64 thoughts on “A new Blue 83

  1. Damn Sam, Another great chapter. I think Clara is a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, surrounded by an enigma. I am wracking my little brain to decide if she is playing mind games with everyone or not. Is she willing to lose the kids for the time being for them to have a relationship? Did she know Blue was listening and that’s why she said those things about Will? Maybe she thinks that would actually drive them closer and place a little wedge between Blue and Gervias. I always thought back in the day that maybe Clara set up Gervias with Fergus on the Europe trip to separate him from Blue. I aslo remember Clara mentioning that Gervias had a “more Stable” relationship with Chris than he ever had with Blue. The woman is totally messing with my head!!!
    PS Did she do it or not??????

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think she’s so arrogant she doesn’t believe she could lose the kids. She didn’t know that Blue would catch what she was saying to Will, she was angry over the arrest and tried to put Will in his place.


  2. Tad and Ollie are too cute and cuddly. Brian is a bitch. Poor Larry. And even poorer Blue. I wish even more that he could have gone along with Will and Spence to training camp. Not much else to say, I guess?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well, I’m going to pick my cristal ball and open my fortune-teller stall… Last chapter I commented Blue is the same as Clara and here he is helping, supporting, feeding, somewhat rebuilding his momma comune.
    And u, Sam, be my guest in the family shrink business. Actuary, I don’t know if you have received training, but the gist is there (and not for the first time) 😇😇

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ollie is turning out to be one of my favorite characters. And he had the hottest first-time experience ever lol. Well, at least my first time wasn’t nearly as sexy as his haha.

    Great chapter!!

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Love the chapter Sam! The gang has arrived and Clara is alone or will be.… I felt horrible for Blue when will left. It’s only for two weeks though. Too much going on though.

    So I wonder who ratted out Brian? Was it G? Now what will Brian do? I love Ollie and Tad too!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Will would have told Larry again. Will has no time for cheats.
      Blue had a let it all out moment and Will did his thing, took care of Blue, reassured him and wasn’t embarrassed one jot.
      Thought we should see a bit of Tad and Larry. I love Ollie growing in confidence with Tad, and Tad getting to experience a relationship. I love how protective he is.

      Liked by 3 people

                    1. 😂! I love doing that. I had to tell the owner of my customer yesterday that she needs to hire people with brains. lol. I want to leave/hide myself!

                      Liked by 1 person

  6. Damn is Larry too broken up I’d love to be with him. Love that he threw away the key! Sam this was a great chapter loved it. Tad and Ollie are kind of cute. I love when someone gets dumped its then that the sex wasn’t great.

    Liked by 2 people

              1. there is a part where Blue tells Saul and Will what Gervais tells Blue and Saul is like “Does not sound too bad just a mixup” So maybe I was reading too much into it but almost makes it sound like he is putting blame on Gervais and letting Norm off the hook…. but you know me read into things alot lol

                Liked by 1 person

                    1. I am starting to see a protective side from will developing in regards to Getvais also just tidbits here and there.

                      I assumed it was either cold, raining or windy or all three.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Will knows that Gervais on an even keel is one less worry for Blue. Also he thoroughly empathises with Gervais past and while hates what G did to Blue does understand there are lots of reasons behind it.


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