Pilot season: Thirsty Adam

Adam steps into the lift from the basement carpark in his building and just as the doors are to close the beautiful mysterious Mr.. Chambers in and slips his key in the slot to select penthouse.

Adam sighs and tries not to stare too hard. He reluctantly steps out as his floor and wishes Mr. Chambers a good evening. Ugh he’s so horny now. Not that that is unusual or any different to normal, the need is so much more immediate than usual. Normally he can at least get dinner on before indulging after work.

He drops his backpack in the hall flops down on his bed and gets to work, imagining all the things he’d love Mr. Chambers to do.

He sighs in relief, cleans himself up, washes his hands and gets back to making dinner. The quick wank wasn’t enough and he finds himself scrolling his phone for local meat. Preferably a hung daddy, someone to act out his Mr. Chambers fantasies with or just destroy him, ugh he is so thirsty.

He settles for someone who can come over within the hour. He gets ready and heads downstairs to wait in the building lobby, the guy will text him when here, he didn’t want to give his flat number.

He’s had a few psychos who come round at all hours in the past and when he moved here vowed to do things differently.

“Waiting on another of your fucktoys?” The concierge asks.

“That obvious?” Adam asks.

“You need something more satisfying. Come on, my break room.” The concierge says.

Adam bites his lip and stays rooted to the spot.

“Now.” The concierge says and Adam melts. He runs into the small room, drops his shorts and bends over the lunch table.

“Cute jockstrap.” The concierge says running his fingers under the elastic.

With no preamble he pushes into Adam with his thick uncut dick. Hs meaty hand across Adam’s mouth to keep him quiet. Its rough and quick and exactly what Adam wanted.

Adam lies on his bed feeling good. It felt amazing to be used like that, exactly what he needed. God he hopes that he will get another go and another. Sex with an older guy right here at home, no strings, heaven.

The following day at work Adam has a restless morning. He’s sore from the night before and the reminder has him horn as usual. When he can concentrate no more he heads to the bathroom to quickly rub one out.

As he steps out the stall he is sure he sees the back of his manager walking out. Shit. Nah he was quiet. It’ll be fine.

Over the next few weeks Adam is satisfied at home over and over. Three nights a week he can slip down to the lobby and get a good seeing to. As time progresses they get more brazen about it. Sometimes Adam will suck the concierge as he sits at his desk and service him as best he can, furiously pleasuring himself as he gets his fill. Sometimes he’ll bend over the desk behind the counter and pray that no one comes in and one memorable time he rode the concierge’s cock with wild abandon right there on his chair.

One night Adam is on his knees worshipping the concierge’s thick meat. Pleasuring himself with abandon and enjoying the taste of manly dick, when Mr. Chambers approaches the desk and asks about a parcel.

Adam holds his breath and tuck’s the concierge’s dick away the best he can and waits. He’s horny as fuck, the danger, his crush being close by, his cock is leaking uncontrollably. Once the concierge is back Adam takes a good deep sniff of his crotch, unzips and gets back to work, imagining it was Mr. Chambers in front of him.

Despite the regular encounters with the concierge, Adams thirst is rarely sated and his afternoon work wank becomes a regular session.

One afternoon he is finishing up and he comes out and his boss is right there waiting for him.

“This has to stop. I catch you again and there will be consequences. I’m not paying you to fap all afternoon. You need to get in control.” Nigel, Adam’s boss says before turning on his heel and leaving.

One Friday he’s leaving at the same time as James who is Nigels’s assistant and Adam’s former fuckbuddy.

“Want to go for a pint?” Adam asks.

“Sorry I can’t.” James says looking a little sad.

“Come on its Friday. I miss you, we’ve not hung out since you became Nigel’s assistant.” Adam says, James used to be an advisor just like Adam but suddenly switched roles and they have haven’t hung out since, they’ve barely spoken at all.

“I don’t do that anymore. I’m kinda with someone.” James says.

“I was genuinely asking for drinks not sex. Not that I’d ever say no to that with you. I guess you’re too good for me since you started working for Nigel. And thanks for applying behind my back and not even mentioning there was a promotion going.” Adam says annoyed. He hadn’t actually thought of the job issue before. Usually when there is a promotion going half the floor compete for it and it is conversation for weeks.

“I was offered it at my appraisal.” James says.

“Really. Well we never got a chance to celebrate.” Adam says.

“I know, I didn’t want all the questions.” James says.

“So you cut me off? Used me during the bad times and shut me out of the good. At least I know I really did mean nothing to you.” Adam says and heads home.

He’s so angry and upset he barely notices that Mr. Chambers is in the lift when he steps in.

“Are you okay?” Mr. Chambers asks.

“Yeah, long week, you know?” Adam says and smiles.

“Have a good weekend.” Mr. Chambers says.

“Thanks. You too.” Adam says as he steps out feeling an idiot for not making a better impression.

He calls up an old friend and invites him over, calls for a Chinese and opens some wine.

“You seem angry all the time these days.” Jess says as Adam pours more wine.

“Maybe I am finally tiring of fucking around. Nothing is enough.” Adam says.

“What happened with James, you two were practically living together?” Jess asks.

“He got a promotion and I wasn’t good enough anymore. We were always casual, he didn’t owe me anything. It’s not like we were each other’s type. We both have someone new.” Adam shrugs.

“Getting fucked by the help is not having someone new.” Jess says.

“Ah one day Mr. Chambers will whisk me away to the penthouse.” Adam grins.

“Yeah and Prince Harry will fuck me all night long.” Jess laughs and they get drunk and laugh about all the people they will never have before passing out on Adam’s bed. A lovely late brunch to cure their hangover and a walk around the harbour puts Adam in a much better mood for work on Monday.

His good mood is intensified as Mr. Chambers comes in for a meeting with Nigel. Adam sighs, wishing he had clients like Mr. Chambers and not people who expect him to turn their hundred quid a month savings into millions.

Adam slips into his usual daydream of what Mr. Chambers would do to him given the chance and he tries to move the head of his dick to his waistband so he doesn’t cause offence on the way to the bathroom.

He’s mid fantasy and thoroughly enjoying himself, two hands on his cock, eyes rolling back in his head and the stall door bangs open.

“I told you there would be consequences. My office now.” Nigel says.

Adam sighs, pulls himself together and heads into Nigel’s office. Despite the terrible name Nigel is hot. 45 and always impeccably dressed. Today he has a navy single breasted suit, crisp white shirt and navy tie. His hair is slicked back and Adam finds his dick hardening again just taking him in.

Nigel is silent and clearly seething. He removes his jacket and throws it on a chair and rolls up his sleeves. He stares at Adam and nods towards the desk.

Oh god, oh hell, hell yes, Adam thinks and he bends over and drops his trousers.

Nigel turns the radio on and leaves Adam for a few moments, exposed, vulnerable. Utterly gagging for it.

The thwack of the cane startles and pleases Adam. It has been a long while since he’s had a proper beating. He had hoped the concierge would get more physical but nothing so far.

Adam takes everything Nigel meters out and slips further and further into his submissive space.

Once he’s finishes he buzzes James in.

Adam is shocked and moves to cover up but Nigel pushes him back down. Adam looks at James who is carrying a tray with two bowls on. He looks at Adam with a mixture of embarrassment and regret.

Adam looks round at Nigel and licks his lips at the outline of his erection in his suit trousers. Adam looks back and smiles to himself, the sting of his arse and upper thighs forgotten as he looks forward to the pounding.

“Sit here.” Nigel says pulling Adam out of his fantasy.

Adam stands and sits on the plain wooden chair he hadn’t noticed before, pain shoots through him and he tries and fails to get comfortable. Nigel has a real smile in his eye as he sees Adam’s discomfort and Adam sinks back into that space easily.

“I told you there would be consequences.” Nigel says as he holds a handkerchief of ice next to Adam’s balls causing him to jump in his seat.

Nigel turns back to the other bowl that James bought in and gets a washcloth from the second bowl which Adam now sees holds soapy water. What the fuck is happening?

Nigel gently cleans Adam’s now flaccid cock and dries it before locking it swiftly in a chastity cage.

“This is for your own good. You can’t control yourself in the office. You need to go cold turkey. Boys should never focus on themselves. Sit there and think about that.” Nigel says and motions to James who has stripped from the waist down and folded his clothes neatly on a chair.

James sits on the desk, opens his legs and Adam sees his dick is locked to and understands why he’s been avoiding him and how he got the promotion. James lubes himself up, fingering deeply giving James and Nigel a good show. Nigel steps forward and James lifts his legs up. Nigel grabs a foot in one hand and caresses it gently. James is looking up at him in sheer adoration. Adam looks on jealously. Jealous of them both as they fuck gently, Nigel standing with James’s legs wrapped around him and then pushed high in the air.

James takes everything and moans gently as his man makes good use of his hole.

“You may go.” Nigel says once it is over and Adam and James dress quickly and go home without saying a word to each other.

Adam avoids the concierge for a few weeks. Twice a week he is called into the office and is cleaned by Nigel and sometimes fucked. Sometimes he gets it, sometimes it is James, sometimes them both, always pited Adam loves it and goes willingly and is almost used to not being able to jerk off all the time. What it hasn’t done is reduce his thirst. He is constantly horny, straining in his cage often and dripping so much that it uses all his energy to concentrate at work.

One evening Adam is collecting his mail.
“You’ll be down later.” The concierge says and Adam knows it is a demand. Fuck that voice makes him horny. He nods his head.

“I like this. You can properly concentrate on me.” The concierge says seeing Adam all locked up.

“You like it?” Adam says and gets pushed to the floor for talking.

Adam spends a long time sniffing and licking at the concierge’s crotch before getting to work. Enjoying the full experience.

“Good boy, that was much better.” The concierge says afterwards and Adam beams in delight. His thrice weekly visits resume and Adam decides to just embrace the life he has, for now.

Adam is mulling over trying to get James to talk about everything one Friday when Mr. Chambers comes in. He sighs and smiles at him, Mr. Chambers gives Adam a wave and he has to stop himself falling out of his seat. He beams for the rest of the afternoon.

As Adam goes outside he swears to himself. His car is in for repair and it is pissing down. He gets absolutely soaked as he walks to the bus stop and is covered head to foot by the splash from a lorry. Adam’s good mood evaporated he leans against the stop and swears under his breathe every few seconds. Shivering.


“Come on get in.” Mr. Chambers says pulling up in his sleek Aston Martin.

Adam does as suggested in a heartbeat, not believing his luck.

“I couldn’t leave you there. We’re going to the same place. Where is that mini of yours?” Mr. Chambers asks.

“Getting fixed, some light came on and wouldn’t go out. Thanks so much for stopping.” Adam says.

“No problem. Can’t have you getting pneumonia on the bus.” Mr. Chambers says.

Adam shivers where he sits and worries he’s making a mess of the car.

“Shit, sorry I’m getting your seat all wet.” Adam says fearfully.

“It is fine, it is just a car.” Mr. Chambers says with a smile.

“Thanks again. You saved me tonight.” Adam says as they get in the lift.

“Come on up and lets get you warm and dry.” Mr. Chambers says and squeezes Adams shoulder. Adam is in heaven.

“Wow, this place is amazing. I don’t want to drip on your floor.” Adam says.

“It’s tile. Stop worrying come on through. Go have a shower, I’ll lend you some clothes.” Mr. Chambers says.

“Thank-you.” Adam says his teeth chattering.

He looks around the bathroom and marvels at it, so much more than his two floors down. He steps into a steaming shower and helps himself to Mr. Chambers’ expensive shower gel and shampoo. Adam stands under the water and lets it warm him back up. He stops shivering and relaxes. He cannot believe this has really happened.

Adam opens the shower screen and steps out to Mr. Chambers waiting with a big fluffy towel.

“What’s that?” Mr. Chambers asks.

“Uh my chastity cage.” Adam says blinking.

“That won’t do, won’t do at all. Who did that to you?” Mr. Chambers asks wrapping Adam up in the towel and holding him close for a moment.

“Nigel.” Adam stutters.

“Are you and he?” Mr. Chambers asks.

“No, nothing like that. He was tired of me wanking at work.” Adam says blushing head to toe.

“Come on, I’ve poured you coffee.” Mr. Chambers says.

Adam sits on the sofa wrapped in the towel and takes the offered cup gratefully.

“I can’t tell you how disappointed I am. Is this why you stopped with Jacob downstairs?” Mr. Chambers asks.

“Jacob? Oh the concierge. How did you know? Oh god did you see that time you came for a parcel?” Adam asks mortified.

“One of the perks of the penthouse is access to the cctv feeds from communal areas. I’d been enjoying your thrice weekly shows. Tried to catch you at it a few times. I’ve been longing for a night with you. A big dicked submissive bottom, my holy grail. Now that shit has ruined it.” Mr. Chambers says.

“You want me? Why wait so long?” Adam asks amazed.

“I was enjoying the show and then I was away for a while. Now I have my chance and I’m too late. You’re his.” Mr. Chambers says.

“I told you, he’s my boss and he caught me one too many times. I didn’t go after him or anything, he doesn’t own me or even see me outside the office.” Adam says.

“Then tell him to unlock you. If he says no tell him I asked for your release.” Mr. Chambers says and Adam nods.

“Can I at least suck you off?” Adam asks before he can stop himself.

“No. I might love a submissive boy, seek them out even but sex is fully reciprocal for me. I want to see that big dick of yours bouncing and having fun while I have my fun.” Mr. Chambers says and Adam gulps unsure if this is real.

They share another coffee and get to know each other a little. Mr. Chambers lends Adam some shorts and a tshirt to wear back to his place.

Adam stays awake all night thinking about the evening. He can’t believe Mr. Chambers, no Gerard, likes him back. Wants him. Comes by the office more than he needs to, just to see him. Adam feels amazing and wanted.

The next morning Adam goes straight into Nigel’s office, not bothering to arrange an appointment.

“You need to unlock me. This shit has gone on long enough.” Adam says without so much as a good morning.

“I will unlock you when you’re ready.” Nigel says.

“I’ll go to HR.” Adam says.

“And what? Drop your trousers? I will unlock you when you are ready and right now you are not.” Nigel says.

“Gerard thinks I am ready. He said to say he wants me unlocked.” Adam pleads.

“Stop being desparate and get to work.” Nigel says and Adam returns to his desk defeated.

“What did you do? He’s in a foul mood.” James says standing behind Adam.

“Oh fuck off James. You are the one who got me into this mess. Just fuck off.” Adam says and goes for a walk to calm down.

Adam collects his car and drives home, noting Gerard’s car isn’t in the carpark and so heads home. He gets a text at 9.30 inviting him up. Gerard meets Adam in the lift and kisses his cheek hello. Adam grins like crazy and then his face falls.

“He wouldn’t do it. Maybe we can cut it off.” Adam says.

“I will sort it tomorrow. Come and have a drink. I want to hear more about you.” Gerard says.

Adam smiles, his bad day feels amazing now. They talk long into the night finding many things in common despite their difference in wealth. Gerard leans in and gives Adam the gentlest, sexiest kiss before they part and Adam goes to bed realizing he hasn’t thought about sex all evening. A first for him, especially around Mr. Chambers, Gerard.

The next day Adam keeps his head down and gets on with the work he should have done the day before. His mind for once is clear and he barely notices the time passing.

“Come on Adam.” Gerard says to Adam as he stands outside Nigel’s office.

Adam looks up startled and then bounds over. Gerard really is his knight in shining armour.

“Unlock him now. You already have your stupid lap dog outside. You don’t need Adam too.” Gerard shouts as he swings into the office all guns blazing.

“I have no idea what you are talking about. This boy is a fantasist, on his last warning.” Nigel says.

“Unlock him or I will transfer all my business elsewhere and complain to your superiors that you made a pass at me.” Gerard says.

“James come in with the keys.” Nigel says calling James in.

“You had the fucking key? Fuck James.” Adam say aghast.

“It was a loyalty test.” James shrugs.

“Well you fucking failed in any loyalty to me.” Adam says and swiftly unlocks the device and discards it, and carefully removes the ring fully freeing his cock. He moans in satisfaction.

“I will be moving my business anyway. Adam will be my new advisor.” Gerard says.

“Impossible. His grade is not allowed to handle portfolios of that size.” Nigel says.

“He needs a promotion then.” Gerard says.

Nigel stands there like a goldfish.

Seeing Nigel totally humiliated, James unlocks himself and carefully removes his device.

“I quit.” James says and walks out tucking himself away

“Come on Adam. You need to work from home today to learn my accounts.” Gerard says and holds out his hand.

“Thank-you.” Adam whispers as they walk out.

An hour later Adam is groaning in delight at his second orgasm. Gerard has been enjoying playing with Adam’s dick and the talents of his throat.

“You are going to make a very good boy. Now let me at that peach.” Gerard says and slaps a cheek.




35 thoughts on “Pilot season: Thirsty Adam

  1. I love it Sam. Omg I’ve had a fantasy about being locked in a chastity device for a while. Oh god now I’m jealous of Adam! Sorry I’ve got to go and relieve some pressure that has built up. Thank you Sam😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

        1. 😂😂😂😂😂this one has been in my head sooooo long. The doorman and the penthouse man, and the angry boss were two stories. Except the rich knight was in both so I combined.


  2. This one is very much a first draft and needs a lot of work. I just wanted to get it out my head. The sex isn’t right yet and neither is the showdown. But its there and done. Use your imagination and go wild.


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