36 thoughts on “Pilot week poll

  1. OMG this is like a literary buffet!! So many choices, and I want them all haha. Blue and the gang are like friends now. I miss seeing what they are up to because you’ve made them so real to me. But the Number Crunchers already hooked me as well. So much potential with those two. And of course your Peter and Alexander story is how I found you the first time. I will always have a soft spot for that story.

    And, I would love to get a peek into your nasty side with the trucker story lol. So many choices and all are sooooo good. Oh or a standalone story of Blue and Robin one night where Robin finally learns to take a dick lol. Ugh, you’re so talented so whatever you choose is good for me. I’ll be excited to see where your heart and imagine take us next!!!

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  2. Sam, I have recently come across your stories, first through nifty and then here on your site. I have read everything you have posted and I can honestly say your stories are some of the best I’ve read.
    I look forward to coming on to see if you’ve posted anything new, you should do whatever you feel is right for you, sometimes life can fuck with you but continue doing the things you love and it will all work itself out.

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      1. No problem, I often get anxiety about what I’m doing in life, whether I’m making the right choices. Over the years I’ve come to learn that sometimes it can make you second guess yourself but I just needed you too know you are good at what you do, and you should continue how you feel you should because you can’t force yourself to be creative to a story you’re not feeling at the moment.
        If you can’t be inspired just now, move to something else and come back later to it. And mostly if you need someone to talk to then just ask 😀😀😀

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  3. Which ever one you do I know I’ll be entertained. Except for the giving up. Whenever I see that you posted a new chapter to anything I get excited. You’re the reason I wanted to try my hand at writing. You give great advice too. Whenever I post about my crappy life or start whining about stupid stuff you are the first one to give me advice. We’ve never even met and you’re a better friend than some I’ve know since primary school. They couldn’t care less if I was depressed and suicidal. You did though, and you don’t know me that much except for some random guy who enjoys reading you’re stories. Anyone who thinks you suck can go fuck themselves on a cactus. Love you Sam 😘😘😘😘😘

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              1. nope I didn’t say you suck sorry if I what I said was misinterpreted just meant if you feel like taking a break then take one 🙂

                I care about you and your welfare 🙂


                1. I just completed a goal and was proud of it and was motivated to start something new, hence the poll. You say it’s best if I stop doing the one fun thing in my life. Disguising it as caring doesn’t make it hurt less. What the fuck else am I meant to think?


                  1. sorry I never meant to offend…. just ignore me I am sorry 😰😰😰😰

                    Just when you said what next I thought you were stressed on what to do next as usual I have totally misinterpreted a situation….. God I suck 😰😰😰😰😰


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