Little update

So the poll wasn’t particularly conclusive. I mean most the votes were for Blue options and not too many were for me stopping entirely.

So I did a second chapter of Number crunchers and I have a plan for another of Ben and Rob but I’m mad at ‘Ben’ right now so that is on hold as I don’t want to make the character into an arse or overcompensate and make ‘Rob’ a dick.

I’ll limp on with Blue for a bit and then focus on other stories. With a view to picking it up as part 3 in the autumn.

Don’t hold me to any of this as my plans rarely come off.

Thanks for all the feedback and comments. Please let me know about who you see Gervais with as that puzzle piece still isn’t fitting.


Love you all


Sam xxx

95 thoughts on “Little update

  1. First and foremost: either of everything or of Blue or whatever other stories, if you feel like taking a break, do take a break.


    It seems clear you’re stalling (if not stalled) with Blue. Allow me to quote you for my feelings on chapter 88: “it was a big bit of filler”.
    Let sleeping Alex lie. Loved (still do) Angsty Alex, but I see it as over: Alex will be Alex, people don’t change that much if at all and they decided to go on happily living ever after the way they are and accept each other. Alex will be angsty and whatever you write will tend towards walking in circles over the main plot.
    Au pair did not hit; I know it has many heated lovers, but, to me, it looks shallow and predictable.

    Now, the new ones…

    Number crunchers should go on, definitely a winner.
    Ben and Rob do look promising. Difficult to believe someone (and that goes to both Ben and Rob) would let a “date across the oceans” end so abruptly as if it were a pair of teens meeting for ice cream at the city mall. Even with that, you managed to quickly build very interesting characters that are worth investing on.
    Adam also seems shallow. It’s naïve to say it after one and only first chapter, but, as you can see, Number crunchers and Ben&Rob had too different an impact in the same one and only first.

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    1. So you like the romance not the sex or fetish stuff 😘😘😘I’m not that stalled on Blue I’m just not that invested in this storyline, and I’ll move it swiftly on next.
      My living situation is contributing to everything and next week I’ll be in my own place for 2 weeks and things may be different. I should be able to write sex scenes for one.
      But mostly I’ll be in my environment and comfy and happier.
      I don’t want a break from writing but I do need to be told if what I’m churning out is shit.

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      1. Depends on the sex or the fetish, cutie 😘😘😘
        But you’re right; I do prefer the actual action to the written (or videoed) graphics. #ROTFL
        Most certainly I don’t read for the quickie wank. 🙂

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          1. Gay authors have a lot of rules to follow! Plus its filled with Grammar Nazis. I mean seriously not everyone can be continuously grammatically correct every time! This one person points out little tiny things! Nifty is easier to post to though. Adam would be perfect for it. Ben and Rob could too.

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                    1. To be honest I was glad someone said they hated it. It gets a little tiresome when all you hear is I loved it. This was so good. I like negativity but still get scared of it. I like positivity but get sick of too much

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                1. I like the format when something is eventually posted but the feedback isn’t worth the hassle. I closed out Alexander early on nifty due to the way feedback was going. It’s easier to do my own thing here. But I’d still like to reach a wider audience and get better. I dunno. Get ready to write a real book.

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                    1. Sounds good. It gets stressful otherwise keeping it in sync etc (or not for me and nifty 😂😂). I love that you came back to it, had a rethink and pushed ahead. You know the quality is going up. Wwooooo lots of congrats for jack today 😘😘😘🏏🏏🏏🏏🏏🏏🍅


                    2. Thanks. Its this damn bipolar disorder. One day I’m happy the next I’m depressed. But I have great friends on here that cheer me up. I’m glad I started reading your story otherwise I probably wouldn’t know how great a guy you are.😘😘😘

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          2. What do you mean by “Nifty style”? There’s nowhere (at least that I know) with such a vaied array of styles… From one chapter to hundreds, from the most graphic descriptions, including BDSM, urination etc., to gay LSD (Ops… LDS) church members concerned that kissing the boyfriend gave them a half-mast erection.

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                    1. You have for sure, you, mark, Okie, jack and Joe (in about 6 hours) have featured recently. I just meant somewhere new to find new readers. Getting greedy hahahha


                    2. I promised I’d get that done by end of the month. I’m home on Sunday for 2 weeks so can be depraved without worrying about my dad reading over my shoulder 😂😂😂😂😂
                      Aww loook at you with bed head. We’re matching as it’s windy here on the train platform.

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                    3. If you are doing Blue stuff maybe Have Blue and Chris have a real twin connection chapter or Chris being supportive to Blue…… With Blue being appreciative of the action but that could be wishful thinking…..

                      If its the other story we catch the ferry Across the Harbor and go to zoo 🙂

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                    4. I actually have a Blue/Chris moment written for tonight.
                      Can’t wait to meet you at the zoo, I’ll buy the tickets you buy the magnums 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


        1. Me and MarkOz would totally think that the other person wasn’t interested even after that journey. We’re hard work. We know how we are wired and we know how to dig ourselves out but we don’t always. And now he might get mad again for me talking for him.

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          1. Did you really have an argument or some kind of “friction” (of the bad type #LOL) on that? Only now did I notice he hasn’t written, at least not in the usual frequency.


    1. Thanks doll. I know you’ve hung around forever. But you can say which stories you don’t enjoy. I like writing Blue, its just this section is a chore, I need to complete it and rest for a bit.


        1. The plot is not predictable. Things are open to lots of different roads, all of them promising.

          What the heck is this selection process? This company? This job? This mysterious project?
          Who is (or into whom will flourish) a guy who has never had anything with anyone but the now wife… almost since the nursery?
          Who is this “boy from the Social Welfare system” who managed to mingle (and disguise) so nicely with the well off?
          How will wife, family, job react?

          And these are just some of the possible (aham) unpredictable ramifications.

          It doesn’t matter how great or lousy their sex may be(come), Sam: you have developed a great plot. There are many mouths watering for its developments.

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                  1. 😂! Funny story. It was a complete setup by two mutual lesbian friends. Love at first sight you might say. We were staying at a hotel for a party. I locked my keys in my car and ended up having to spend the night with him. 😍

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