A new Blue 89

The guys all meet in a bar near to the club, its funny to Blue that this is something they just haven’t done before and enjoys buying his friends a round of drinks to thank them for their support. He buys Chris a drink too.

“Thanks bro, I hope this is the first of many nights out, even if you are all wifed up.” Chris says.

“Robin has been on at me for not going out, he was right I miss it and just because I am working and focused doesn’t mean I can’t go out. Although Will can’t manage nights out often.” Blue says.

“Well we have tonight, we will have nights where we celebrate your business being back up and running and some send us back to school nights. You really do love dancing the night away. It was the one thing you liked from city living.” Chris says.

“And movie theatres and brunch.” Blue grins.

“Ah yes anything seafood benedict. Hey we can go and do the full shebang now with mimosas and cocktails.” Chris says.

“This Sunday lets do it the three of us, my treat for being such a dick the last few days. Plus we can check the competition for the diner.” Blue says.

“Really? You’d treat me and Bea to brunch? You were in a major snot with us this morning.” Chris says.

“I have not been myself for a long time and it has been exhausting. You know me. You know me Chris.” Blue says quietly.

Chris steps forward and wraps his brother in a bear hug.

“I knew you couldn’t resist us. You do want us in your life, in your home. I knew it. We have both thrown up obstacles, yes, yes mine were more like landmines, but we have this pull.” Chris says.

“The twin thing, triplet thing, missing piece. I’ll do the study. On the condition you and Bea don’t tell momma or your parents.” Blue says.

“What? You mean it?” Chris asks.

“Bea is suggesting she gets adopted by Lana. She has changed, or is back to herself I don’t know. But she has a good dose of me in her.” Blue says.

“It is a mad plan but it is really nice of her. Are you sure about this?” Chris asks.

“We’ll talk Sunday. You think about it too. But You Were right we need to work out how the three of us fit together. Nature, nurture and all the rest. Are you and I rutting rams. Its for my security as much as anything, I can’t risk you doing something stupid.” Blue says.

“Gervais has suggested I call my agent and get Stories telling Lana’s side, getting sympathy for her innocence. We can’t outright accuse dad but imply as strongly as we can legally do. I set the ball rolling. Gervais and I knew you’d be mad but we both thought it would get you good publicity too.” Chris says in a rush looking guilty.

“Okay. I have been thinking all day and I truly believe Lana was a major part of screwing mom over. I do. But I know in my heart that she isn’t behind this. She made a real effort on our birthday and it imploded but for her to come when she knew momma would be there took real guts. And like Bea said the parlor meant a lot to her too. She would never have burned down the factory I believe that. I am truly worried that Jett and Paul will have a plan to blame her and she might end up in jail, I don’t think she deserves that for this.” Blue says.

“I am worried too. Lets forget it for tonight though.” Chris grins,

“Yes lets get another drink then hit the club, I have moves that need to escape.” Blue grins.

“Make sure I’m well away when they unleash. Do not wasn’t people getting us mixed up.” Chris grins and Blue laughs.

Gervais watches the pair with mixed feelings. He wants them to have a relationship but he can’t trust Chris. He knows the good side to Chris better than anyone. He always maintains that Chris treated him well when they were together, even if it was all part of a plot. He knows Chris treated Andy badly and Gervais is worried that while Chris is being lovely right now, no not lovely he’s being brotherly, normal to Blue, but it could all change and none of them have a true handle on what sets Chris off.

“Let me get these.” Gervais says at the bar.

“Thanks. Happy birthday G. I am so glad you came and found me.” Blue says hugging Gervais close.

“Me too. I love you and I would have worried myself to death without knowing where you were for much longer.” Gervais says.

They knock back their drinks, round up their friends and head to the club.

Blue, Andy, Gervais and Robin head straight to the dancefloor, it isn’t that busy yet but they don’t care, they are here to dance. Nick, Larry and Chris head to the bar to check out the talent.

“You are coming home with me if I don’t find anyone.” Chris says to Larry with a grin.

“Oh yeah? You think you’re that irresistible? I might find someone cute to have fun with.” Larry grins.

“I’d be more fun.” Chris grins and Larry smiles back. He and Chris did have fun before and he’d enjoy a repeat of it no end.

“You seen anyone worth a risk?” Larry asks Nick.

“Nah, since your brother swiped Ollie from under my nose I’ve not found anyone to hold my interest and too busy with the disasters.” Nick says.

“Good to have a night out then.” Chris says.

“For sure. And really nice of your sister to have Ella over.” Nick says.

“Your sister is so beautiful. I swear she could turn me. Well if she had a dick.” Chris laughs.

“I’d do your dad.” Larry says.

“I’d do yours.” Nick counters.

“Oh god me too. Is it back on with Cheryl?” Chris asks curious. Cheryl has always been great to him and he missed her more than he realized.

“Not really. He’s proposed, she has stalled. I wish he’d just leave it and give her space to come back or not. I love them together but I hate what is happening right now.” Larry says and the other two nod.

“It is not easy having parents in an open relationship of sorts. My parents are always seeing a third and it is weird sometimes and they always tire of them at different rates and it causes tension. If Cheryl can’t commit as she wants to be able to munch carpets then she should let your dad go.” Nick says.

“Wouldn’t that be the idea for you, one of each?” Chris asks.

“No, I have lots more options than you do but only one at a time.” Nick says.

“I can’t imagine you with a girl, not really.” Larry says.

“Well tonight I won’t be. He looks cute.” Nick says and motions to a guy Blue is dancing with.

“Yes please.” Larry says.

“Let me get you a drink.” Blue shouts in the stranger’s ear, he nods at Blue and the push through the forming crowd to the bar.

“I’m Joe, in town for a friend’s bachelor party.” Joe says motioning a table of guys knocking back shots in VIP.

“You prefer to dance?” Blue asks.

“I forgot that I hated that guy in school.” Joe says with a big grin.

“You’re a great dancer.” Blue says.

“You too. I’m glad you didn’t push me away disgusted.” Joe says.

“I wouldn’t do that. Come and meet my friends.” Blue says, grabs Joe’s hand and pulls him back over to Gervais and Robin.

Gervais is single, your best shot.” Blue says in Joe’s ear after introducing them and is rewarded with a big smile. Blue leaves the pair and pulls Robin away to dance.

“You know we have both missed out on birthday treats this year.” Robin says later as he and Blue take a breather.

“We have. If you want to and you are okay with Will watching…Oh but Ella. Maybe next year.” Blue says.

“Or Christmas, a New Year threesome with you and Will would be a nice Christmas gift.” Robin grins.

“You don’t see you and Ella lasting?” Blue asks curious.

“I did. I don’t trust myself to do long distance again.” Robin says and Blue nods.

“Well I love you together.” Blue grins.

“Who is the guy you gave to G? He’s cute.” Robin asks.

“Joe, he’s here with that bachelor party.” Blue says as Gervais and Joe come over.

“Why is a straight guy having his bachelor party in a gay club?” Robin asks.

“Only way we could guarantee he wouldn’t fuck a woman. His fiancé insisted.” Joe giggles.

“So much trust, what a joke.” Blue says.

“Exactly. And she has no idea of the number of cocks he sucked in school. This isn’t as safe a place as she imagined.” Joe laughs.

“Wanna dance again?” Blue asks.

“Hey.” Gervais says.

“We can all go.” Joe grins wiping his face.

“You like him?” Blue asks Gervais.

“For tonight.” Gervais grins and Blue laughs and makes sure he and Robin move away from the pair.

Back at the house Ella, Bea and Heidi are sharing some wine and ice-cream.

“Blue made me an amazing sundae the first time I was here. Best dessert I ever had. So glad you bought this chocolate with you.” Bea says.

“Blue said you loved it. I am just glad to have a night without work talk.” Heidi says.

“Amen. Things have been crazy. But I am still happy to eat the ice-cream.” Ella grins.

“Oh me too for sure.” Heidi grins.

“I do have a bit of an ulterior motive.” Bea says cautiously.

“Yes okay, lets get the Jett talk done before we get on to gossip.” Heidi says.

“We guessed.” Ella says.

“I hoped you would.” Bea says.

“He was never fired, that is the weird thing. He wasn’t fired, we would have kept him on and he would have had to work harder to rise but we all believed in him as a worker.” Ella says.

“Right, as things grow Arnold will have less control and if he proved himself he would have done well. Look at Ollie, he was my assistant and now manages a factory. Jett had those opportunities. But he threw it away by not showing up for work.” Heidi says.

“But not before he had a chance to scope out everything. I don’t know if your mom or dad paid him. I’d not be surprised if he duped us all right from the start.” Ella says.

“But we both had real feelings.” Heidi says.

“We were both stupid.” Ella says.

“But you don’t think he did it on his own for revenge?” Bea asks.

“No way.” Heidi says.

“No I think either it was a plan from the start or he was recruited after. Him quitting was stupid but I could see why.” Ella says.

“So now you are dating my ex. How is it going?” Bea asks.

“Okay. I had to shape him up a bit. But it is going well. It is just a summer thing.” Ella says.

“Robin is a cheat and you’re right not to chance long distance. If you’re both single when he graduates might you try?” Bea asks.

“Are you still interested?” Heidi asks.

“No not at all. He is a great friend and will never be more. We were together through an intense time.” Bea says.

“I hope I am not single in a year. I want babies. I want to get these businesses up and then have babies.” Ella grins.

“You are so beautiful.” Bea says.

“And I live here. Where all the good guys are gay. Spence is the only one with brothers and they are both married. I meet people at work but they don’t have the ambition that I do. I don’t know how to look.” Ella says.

“We should have gone out.” Heidi says.

“I hate clubs, I try online dating and get weirdos. Normal guys think my picture is fake. Robin will do for now. Dammit why are Blue, Tad, Larry and Spence all gay?” Ella says.

“This town blows for straight women.” Heidi says and they all laugh.

Back in the club the guys have been having a great night.

“You have a hotel room?” Gervais asks Joe.

“I am sharing with 3 straight guys.” Joe says-

“I’ll get us a room.” Gervais says.

“What about your place?” Joe asks.

“I share with all these guys and we live outside of the city.” Gervais says. No way is he taking a stranger to the farmhouse at this time. Joe is cute but Gervais will always be wary of anyone who targets Blue, even though he totally understands given Blue is the hottest guy here by miles.

“Cool. I am way past fucking in the street so a hotel sounds good.” Joe grins.

“Let me tell my friends.” Gervais says.

“Sure, I’ll do the same and meet you by the door.” Joe says.

Gervais relaxes, as Joe didn’t insist on going to his place he isn’t worried that he’s anything less than genuine.

“I’m going to get a room with Joe.” Gervais says to Blue.

“Use Will’s apartment. You have keys, just clean up tomorrow. That way you can sleep in a bit. I can take Ocean in the morning.” Blue says before Gervais can object.

“Thanks. He’s really cute, right?” Gervais says.

“Yes he is. Go have fun, be safe and call me in the morning. Love you G.” Blue says and Gervais jumps up to kiss him on the cheek.

“Come on lets go and see if the girls burned your place down.” Robin says with a grin.

“I’m staying with Brian, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” Nick says and they nod and bundle Chris and Larry into the cab with them.

“One stop or two?” Blue asks Chris.

“One.” Chris grins and Blue shakes his head. He and Chris choose the same guys all too often. They need a bigger circle. Though Blue guesses it won’t be an issue going forward, Will is his everything Gervais wakes up as Joe is leaving.

“That was fun. I have to go, I wish we could have coffee but I’d miss my flight.” Joe says.

“Safe travels.” Gervais grins happy. He texts Blue to let him know all went well and then snoozes until he has to shower for work.

“I thought you would be hungover.” Jeremy says as they meet at the coffee machine.

“I feel good, I only had a few and then danced all night. It was fun.” Gervais says.

“I wish I still had the energy. I have a few minutes, why don’t you come in for a chat about next year. I’ve not given up on you.” Jeremy says.

“Okay.” Gervais says and follows him through to his office.

“It is no secret I want you to work here, whether it is full or part time after graduation. You have been an excellent addition, your work is great and your skill level is exceptional. You have a lot to learn but we will support that. What can I do to convince you? Would paying for your masters help? A four day week so you can have a day on your other projects? What can we do to keep you?” Jeremy asks.

“Money doesn’t mean much to me. I have more than I could ever spend. That is one of the reasons I’m reluctant to take a job here, I don’t need a job and I feel a little guilty that I’d be taking one from someone else.” Gervais says.

“You are the only summer intern I am making an offer to. I have made an offer to Robin if that swings it.” Jeremy says.

“I thought you hated him.” Gervais says.

“He has impressed Saul and my friend who has been working with him over at Blue. He let himself down earlier in the summer for sure but he has proved himself and the work you and he have done with your other college friend is a very strong calling card.” Jeremy says.

“Robin is super talented. I thought he didn’t want to do games as a career though.” Gervais says.

“He hasn’t accepted yet. Thanks for the insight though.” Jeremy grins.

“A four day week I would be up for, as long as I’m not expected to work four long days. I need to do my share with Ocean. Katelyn will be in high school and will no doubt need us all to share getting her to her various activities. Oh I know what I want.” Gervais says.

“What?” Jeremy asks.

“Roe, you’ve met Roe right? She is an artist, mostly nature and landscapes these days. She is great and a great teacher. Find a flexible job for her and I’ll commit. Here look at some of her pictures.” Gervais says finding the right folder on his phone.

“I love the lake pictures. Wow is this hers too?” Jeremy asks.

“No that is by Birch, Blue’s ex. He is something else, or he will be.” Gervais says.

“What else has he done?” Jeremy asks.

Gervais gives him the details of a couple of Birch’s exhibits and shows some more pictures on his phone.

“I don’t see Roe here exactly. I do see her as being a part of Heidi’s scheme. I would like to facilitate that. The space we use for launches is up for sale and would make a great gallery. I’d love Roe and our in-house artists to run it and teach there and exhibit. I want this Birch guy to show, I mean wow. I think it would be cool to have an exhibit of our work, stills and video. Saul and I have been talking for a while about how to attract better artists and show they are appreciated. I think a project like this would do it. It massages the ego getting their pieces displayed. Some will love working with kids like Freddie, something rewarding and others will love being the big I am evening class teacher to a bunch of wannabies.” Jeremy says.

“Birch has another year in school, and after it is likely he will run courses at the retreat where Blue is from. He would likely be able to come and run classes when you exhibit him. But Roe can sort that, he sees her very much as a mentor.” Gervais says.

“Thank-you. You’re a great guy to bounce ideas off. I can see why you and Blue are such good friends.” Jeremy says.

“He will love this project. Love it. Not sure about Birch being in town but you totally have to hire him to cater all your openings.” Gervais says.

“Oh Saul already has plans for mini sundaes and soup shots.” Jeremy laughs.

“Can I talk to Roe about it?” Gervais asks.

“I will call the real estate agent now and arrange to take Roe round the space, with you and Saul too.” Jeremy says.

“Cool. Can Blue come? I mean he might be uber busy but he will get a real kick out of it and he needs something to take his mind off everything.” Gervais asks.

“Sure I’ll call Saul and he’ll co-ordinate. Oh and we will make you a good offer, your personal situation has no bearing on that.” Jeremy says.

“Thanks.” Gervais says and heads back to work.



49 thoughts on “A new Blue 89

                    1. I am looking forward to seeing Blue and Chris twin relationship develop which is funny as its not very nifty like but its like the characters are good friends or siblings so want best for them

                      Liked by 1 person

  1. This chapter is a welcome change. Not everything has to be bad or horrible or evil all or most of the time. And, it does take a positive person to get through the bad events. So, now a more positive Blue is being seen as well as more of his friends being positive.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. loving the storyline sam, one request thou please please le Chris be geunine i think its good for Blue ot have a close relationship with his brother. Also loving hte inclusion of freddie and him representing the disabled community esp the autism side ( if tha is what he has cant actuallt remembere now sorry) Keep it up oh and more number crunchers please XD

    Liked by 2 people

              1. I doubt that but I think robin’s first time has to be blue as his first time topping was with blue

                But ultimately I think everyone will agree will is the best partner for blue he accepts him for all his faults and keeps him on an even keel

                Liked by 3 people

  3. Great chapter Sam! Its about time gervais had some fun. I get a feeling though there’s more than one reason Jeremy wants Gervais around. Chris is making it hard to hate him. I’m glad Blue seems to be getting close to his brother

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It was the way Saul acted when blue talked about the eye candy around the office that gave me that feeling. Thank you for not making Gervais a homewrecker. I didn’t even think about Joe being Birch’s ex. In any event glad he’s not.

        Liked by 1 person

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