A new Blue 90

“How can I be involved?” Blue asks at the end of the tour of the gallery space, Blue hasn’t felt this invigorated in a long time. The art project is crying out to him just as Gervais knew it would be.

“Oh we will find something for you Blue. Even if it is just a yoga session to start the day.” Roe says.

“How inspiring would that be? To have class in this space with great works hanging from the walls.” Blue says smiling.

“Sounds good to me. Just no making me do headstands.” Roe grins.

“Do you think Birch will want to show here?” Gervais asks.

“Yes, especially if he is the first to show here. I will talk to him, I think he’ll be thrilled.” Roe says.

“Yes I am okay with it before you all get worried. I love Birch’s work, it was a major part of my attraction to him.” Blue grins.

“I am so excited. Ever since Saul started with you guys I have wanted a new project. I love helping with Heidi’s apprenticeships but I wanted something more. This feels like it and it is clear Roe is the perfect project partner.” Jeremy says.

“And you get the chance to get in on collecting Birch’s pieces before they get too expensive.” Gervais grins cheekily.

“Never crossed my mind.” Jeremy grins back.

“I love how excited you all are. I cannot wait to plan all the opening nights.” Saul says.

“Count me in.” Blue grins.

“Blue has catered some amazing parties. Gervais says.

“Oh we know, we love his homestyle food.” Saul says.

“He has done amazing canapés too. We catered parties at Spence’s beach house, clambakes and down to earth but always made sure there were tiny pretty things too.” Gervais says and again pulls out his phone to show pictures.

“Well I knew he was capable given some of the desserts he and Heidi designed but this is something else.” Saul says looking at the tiny creations Blue had the others slaving over at the beach.

“Your restaurant isn’t going to be hearty soups and pasta is it?” Jeremy asks.

“It will be lunch times. Local food cooked simply.” Blue says.

“And something more sophisticated in the evenings?” Jeremy asks.

“I hope so. We’ll see what the market wants.” Blue says.

“We want somewhere we can take our foodie friends to. Somewhere we can take our overseas investors that they haven’t seen the like of before. You know we’ll be championing you all over.” Jeremy says.

“Thanks. I appreciate it. One day maybe you’ll be pouring my wine at your openings and launches.” Blue grins.

“Wouldn’t that be something?” Saul grins.

“You’ll do it.” Gervais says and hugs Blue a little.

“Thanks for thinking of me. And Roe and Birch.” Blue says.

“No problem. You’re not the only one who can make opportunities for his friends.” Gervais says.

“Oh I know. I want to make sure you know how glad I am you included me. I do have to get back though. All hands on deck. Saul how is the diner going?” Blue asks.

“The building still hasn’t been released so we still can’t asses. Maybe you could call that lawyer and see what the deal is.” Saul says.

“I’ll do that and call you later.” Blue says and gets going.

“He has way too much responsibility for 21.” Roe says.

“You better watch out for him when I’m back at school.” Gervais says.

“I will. I must go soon, Andy is bringing Katelyn in for a school interview. Liberty has been amazing and leant on people to allow late applications. She applied to 5 schools and they are all wanting to interview, Katelyn’s test scores are off the charts and suddenly they’ve gone from we can’t let you apply, to when can you come in.” Roe grins.

“Katelyn will shine wherever she goes.” Gervais says.

“Oh yes, but it is really nice that she might get to choose where she goes. Makes her feel part of the process.” Roe says.

“The problem will be getting her to choose the right school for her and not have her blinded by the big football school.” Gervais says.

“Yes that is it. I want her to have those experiences but I don’t want her to somewhere academics and enterprise are not rewarded.” Roe says.

“Best of luck. Give her a big hug from me. Come to dinner tonight and tell us all about it.” Gervais says.

“Thank-you we’ll do that. Ocean too?” Roe asks.

“He is always welcome. Have you found anywhere else to live? Not that we’re pushing you out.” Gervais says.

“We’re keeping our eyes open. As is Abby.” Roe says.

“Talk to Andy. We’ve some ideas but it needs to be him who tells you.” Gervais says.

“Okay. See you tonight and as Blue said, thank-you so much for this. This project will give Katelyn and I the stability we need. And it is totally Clara free. Hopefully Blue will start drawing again.” Roe says.

“I hope so.” Gervais grins and they hug goodbye.

Ice-cream production is back up to speed and so Blue and Ollie are moving back to the soup plan and pushing ahead. It is actually easier for them now to have both on the same site and they are discussing cross training the ice-cream staff to allow for seasonal shifts.

“Any news from the police?” Ollie asks.

“Shit I was supposed to call Randolf for Saul, I best do that. Come to dinner tonight, with Tad too and I’ll update everyone. Thanks for all your help getting everything up and running. You have been amazing,” Blue says.

“Amazing experience for me, I miss the parlor though. I’m sad it’ll be a diner, I mean we did so much for it, built everything around it and all for nothing.” Ollie says,

“I feel the same. Totally pushed out. But we have so much on that we can’t complain too much.” Blue says.

“I guess. It was just so cool to see all our wacky experiments and see everyone’s reactions. Not the same just seeing the tubs in the supermarket.” Ollie says.

“Not at all. I still get a thrill seeing the soup line.” Blue says.

“Me too and when my cake is the weekend special. It is so cool.” Ollie says.

“We need more of that. The diner will have some sundaes for dessert.” Blue says.

“Not the same. Honestly Freddie’s party was the best day of my life. Such an achievement and seeing all those kids with dietary issues be able to have something meant so much to me.” Ollie says.

“Yeah that was the day it became a lot more than ice-cream.” Blue says.

“Maybe one day we’ll get another shot.” Ollie says sadly.

Blue goes home feeling unhappy. Super unhappy. He hates to see Ollie so down and although he initially felt relief at one less responsibility he feels the same about the parlor going. He thinks about how well the window sales did during the market and he just misses the buzz it brought. Ollie was right it was a useful ego boost and the best way to test new flavors for the commercial arm.

Once home Blue sits in his office and calls Randolf. He sees the message from Gervais about dinner and sighs, seeing Ocean will be great but it’ll be a houseful again as he’s invited Tad and Ollie too.

“Ah Blue I was going to call you. Jett’s deal went through today. Neither Paul nor Lana are being charged. Jett has pointed the finger at someone else entirely.” Randolf says.

“But what about the payments?” Blue asks.

“Not from Lana’s account, police confusion. I believe Paul was more than happy for the police to believe it was Lana. I do not know what to believe Blue. I can’t say you can breathe easy because I am not sure you can.” Randolf says.

“Have you told Clara? Do Chris and Bea know? Do we know who Jett has implicated?” Blue asks.

“No, the police won’t say yet.” Randolf says.

“What do you think? Honestly?” Blue asks.

“The apartment Jett was in was in Lana’s name. It would be one hell of a coincidence if he was squatting randomly. And Jett was happy to let Lana take the blame when she was falsely confessing. Something stinks Blue.” Randolf says and Blue sighs.

“Where is Lana now?” Blue asks.

“Your mother tried to get there but she had gone. Paul was going off on one with the police about suing and he punched your mother when she arrived. He was promptly arrested and charged. Randolf says.

“You serious? Why didn’t you lead with that? Is momma okay?” Blue asks.

“Your mother is fine, delighted even. A little sore no doubt and is to get her bruises photographed when they show up.” Randolf says.

“I guess I best call her. Thanks so much for taking the time to help my family. I know you enjoyed the escape from your day job. But you have always come through for us and we do appreciate it. Come to dinner tonight, bring your wife, I’m cooking for about ten anyway.” Blue says.

“Thank-you we’d love to come.” Randolf says.



40 thoughts on “A new Blue 90

  1. A very nice minor twist. Almost wish I could say it was unexpected.
    I did like how you brought back some of the “old” blue and then allowed that to fade and show how he can become somewhat confused/depressed about everything swirling about him.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. OK I’m not gonna pretend that I didn’t get some enjoyment out of Clara getting punched. I’m not advocating hitting women its just that well it was a matter of time before someone did it. Now I’m really curious who did Jett implicate??? Loved it Sam. I also agree with Ollie about Freddy’s party I loved ijt too!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    Liked by 2 people

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