A new Blue 94

Blue is a useless wreck all morning at the bakery and Heidi and Ollie just laugh at him as his nerves over Will’s return shine through in his cooking.

“Come on lets take a break and have a coffee before opening. Ollie and Freddie can hold the fort.” Heidi says and Blue readily agrees.

“I need to talk to you anyway.” Blue says.

“What is it?” Heidi asks as she deftly works the espresso machine.

“I went for brunch with Bea and Chris yesterday. There was Blue cherry cheesecake on the menu. Chris asked if it was from here, knowing it wasn’t but wanting a response and the waitress said no, but it was the style of cheesecake. It was rank. Utterly inedible.” Blue says and shows a picture of the mess.

“You are kidding me?” Heidi says annoyed.

“Turned out the owner was that cowbag who threw me out of the cooking class. I told her she’d hear from my lawyer but I don’t know she’s doing anything wrong, legally I mean.” Blue says.

“What was the name of the place? Is the menu online?” Heidi asks and they look at it together.

“It wasn’t like it used blue cherries for the topping, the meaning was clear, other customers expected my cheesecake.” Blue says.

“Leave it with me, I’ll talk to Randolf, you don’t need the hassle right now and I’d be less emotive about it. But damn what a witch.” Heidi says.

“It effects both of us, your exclusive and both our reputations. It sucks. The main food was delicious too so it was like a deliberate thing.” Blue says.

“It could be someone else trying to cash in and selling them to restaurants. We don’t know but I agree it feels personal.” Heidi says and looks up at a knock on the window. Bea has arrived for her shift.

“I was just telling Heidi about the cheesecake.” Blue says.

“Such a fucking joke. Chris was utterly bereft too, having to leave without having dessert.” Bea smiles.

“We should have cheesecake week as a promotion in a couple of weeks.” Blue grins.

“Love it. We’ll do that and we’ll get an official name for it registered to end any ambiguity.” Heidi says.

“Take the pain out of back to school with cheesecake.” Bea laughs as she sets up the tables.

“What happened to your staff? How come Bea is opening when you have your staff and parlor staff?” Blue asks.

“Bea is better. I have a few women that do the later shift who are great. I always struggle to get people to open. The parlor had later hours so none of them want to do it.” Heidi sighs.

“One day we’ll be an oiled machine.” Blue grins.

“We will. Saul does a couple of mornings and he’s great. At least I know now if I wanted a vacation you, Ella and Saul could manage the place with Ollie and Freddie in back. I’m not saying I will take one, but having the option feels good.” Heidi says.

Blue and Andy drive separately to the airport knowing they need to be alone with their men as soon as possible. They park up and pace the arrivals hall together obsessively checking the boards.

“You have a hotel booked?” Blue asks and Andy nods.

“You?” Andy asks.

“Going to Will’s apartment.” Blue says.

“Hope the walls are thick.” Andy grins.

“Corporate apartments, never the same neighbor for more than a week.” Blue grins.

“They’re here.” Blue and Andy say and run into the arms of their loves.

“You have been gone forever.” Andy says.

“I missed you too.” Spence says picking Andy up as he hugs him.

“Come on lets go.” Andy says grabbing at Spence’s bags.

“Kiss me first.” Spence says and Andy obliges and forgets entirely where he is.

They break apart and race to the car.

“You look so good.” Andy says as they drive to the hotel.

Spence has chosen a luxury place on the edge of the city and is pretty excited. “You too. A bit tired, what has been going on?” Spence asks.

“No, none of that. Not until later.” Andy says.

“Oh come on there must be some harmless gossip.” Spence says.

“Chris and Larry are fucking. But Chris says Larry isn’t as good as me.” Andy says.

“I know you have options.” Spence says.

“Just because I am the best they have had doesn’t mean they are the best for me. They are not. No one can compete with you by a long, long way. I mean it Spence I don’t think I tell you enough how much you excite me and how much I love being back together. My biggest regret is cheating on you and believing there was more out there.” Andy says.

“Babe, it all brought you back to me. Part of our history, we have no what ifs. We know we’re absolutely no good with anyone else. Not the sex, although yes it is better with you than anyone, but the whole partnership. You needed to lose me to appreciate me in bed and I had to lose you to appreciate you out of it.” Spence says.

“Yes we’re a full team now. Joint decisions, mistakes and orgasms.” Andy laughs.

“Were you good when I was gone?” Spence asks confident it will be good news but not confident enough to not ask.

“Yes. Very. I did end up in bed with Chris, worried I’d done something mad but I hadn’t. We talked and drank and passed out. Oh we did drink a lot of your wine.” Andy smiles.

“Good. It is there to be drunk. And I hate Chris and what he did to you but I am glad you had someone to talk to, or he did. If he’s in Blue’s life he’s in ours and we have to learn to live with it.” Spence says as they get out the car.

Andy has packed a small overnight bag for them, more toys and ropes than clothes or toiletries, he grabs it and Spence grabs his bag.

“Why do you need that?” Andy asks.

“Going to put it in hotel laundry.” Spence says.

“That will cost a fortune.” Andy says going green.

“I know. Why not? I can afford it and it saves me time when we get home.” Spence says.

“You are mad and I love you.” Andy says with a smile.

At the check in desk Andy slips his hand into Spence’s clothes and fondles Spence’s muscular ass. Spence smiles, he loves feeling he belongs to Andy.

“Honeymoon suite?” Andy laughs as they step into the elevator with a key to get to the penthouse floor.

“Only the best for my baby. Plus you love it when there is a jetted tub in the room.” Spence says.

“I love the practicality of a four poster for tying you up.” Andy grins.

“Thought you might.” Spence grins.

The second the doors close the pair resume kissing and in a role reversal Andy sinks to his knees. Andy just wants to taste Spence again, feel connected. The doors open and Spence kicks the bags into the room, pulls Andy up by his armpits, carries him into the room and throws him on the bed.

“Oh yeah, you feeling dominant?” Andy asks.

“Shut up and kiss me.” Spence says and dives on top of Andy.

They kiss rapidly and strip in no time. Spence is begging to be fucked and Andy is not going to hold back, they both have cocks of steel and are ready to blow. Andy has not been this long without sex since he was fifteen and his hunger for Spence is so strong.

Spence is whimpering and moaning at the pounding he is taking and Andy grins to himself, loving all the cute sounds. They don’t last long but both stay throbbing and hard.

“I love you so much.” Spence groans.

“Same baby, same.” Andy says.

“Get back in me.” Spence moans.

“Yeah baby.” Andy says and they take it much, much slower. Kissing and tasting each other Spence on his back staring up at his lover and smiling with each thrust.

“You’re so fucking hot.” Andy grunts and shoves Spence’s foot into his mouth. Spence grins and enjoys all the attention. Having Andy back in his life is so magical.

“Room service?” Spence asks once they are done.

“I do need something before the next round.” Andy sighs and ogles Spence as get gets up to find the menu.

“Steak?” Spence asks.

“And lobster. And all the sides. And all the desserts.” Andy says only half joking.

“Sounds good.” Spence says and goes ahead and orders it all. He wants to really spoil Andy, which isn’t always easy to do as Andy has such simple tastes. Buying Abby’s farm is a big deal but he knows long term Andy and Blue will make it profitable so it doesn’t feel like it is spoiling Andy. Food is always appreciated and for Andy volume and variety always trumps fancy.

“You are really, really the best ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. My true love.” Andy says.

“It’s just food.” Spence says.

“No it isn’t. It is everything. I meant it earlier and I don’t think I tell you enough how happy I am to be with you. With everything that has gone on since you’ve been gone, the fire and setting up the new factory all I wanted was to go home to you.” Andy says.

“Tell me everything.” Spence says and Andy explains.

“And you kept quiet because Blue didn’t want to upset Will?” Spence guesses.

“And I knew you would worry too. But yes we made a conscious decision to keep you both in the dark for Will’s best interests. I know Will is going to be mad but that is Blue’s look out. I figured you’d be less mad.” Andy says.

“I am not mad at all. I am glad you saved my athlete from extra stress. Also I expect Blue worrying more about Will worrying would have put him in a state.” Spence says.

“He’s on the edge. I am so glad you guys are back.” Andy says.

“Me too. I had a great time but I really missed you. Next time I am stashing you nearby.” Spence says.

“Yes please.” Andy says and kisses Spence, they are getting back into it when the food arrives.

After eating they laze on the bed a little just happy to be together again. Spence is pretty exhausted from the trip, he’s been learning so much and has been training in the fitness gym daily.

“Time for the tub.” Spence says.

“If you blow me in it.” Andy says.

“If you’re good.” Spence says.

“You are in amazing shape, muscles on muscles. I can see how you handled frustration.” Andy says tracing Spence’s muscles in the Jacuzzi.

“Yup I worked out and then some. It was cool meeting other athletes and seeing their training. It was a huge ego boost for me and Will to have our training plans taken seriously and accepted and the progression for routines. I was accepted and it felt good.” Spence says.

“No mean girls.” Andy laughs.

“I was ready for that, it can get a bit like that with the head coach here you know, he was not pleased Will asked me to travel with him. But it was worth risking my job for.” Spence says.

“Especially as you can afford to buy half a dozen gyms.” Andy says.

“Not my goal, you know that.” Spence says.

“I do. It is just threatening you with the sack isn’t much of a threat.” Andy says.

“True. I would rather it not come to that.” Spence says.

Andy moves and sits in Spence’s lap and hugs him tightly. Spence squeezes Andy back and nuzzles in to his neck happy for the affection. They have been apart far too long and just want close contact now the initial desperation to fuck has worn off.

“We have to get a hot tub.” Andy says.

“We really do.” Spence agrees.

“I am so happy you are home. You know I told you I was good?” Andy asks.

“Did you lie?” Spence asks worried.

“No, I wasn’t even tempted. I was terrified something happened with Chris when I woke up the next morning but otherwise nothing. I didn’t try and do anything. Didn’t cross my mind to not wait. I can’t wait to marry you.” Andy says.

“You’re all mine now. Don’t need a marriage license to prove it.” Spence says.

“Yeah it feels pretty great. I missed you like crazy but I didn’t for one second doubt us. I know that if you stay here when I go back to school that we’ll make it work and it will be okay.” Andy says.

“I want to go back to school. There are classes I want to take that I don’t want to do by distance. I will work with Will by video and get back here when I can. The dean is doing what he can to get me a good condensed schedule. You guys were right the dean is willing to do what he can to pull strings. Not transferring worked in my favor.” Spence says.

“You and Will have talked. Man I best make sure my schedule is tight too.” Andy smiles.

“Right you can take some classes online right?” Spence asks.

“I will make sure I do.” Andy says with a smile and relaxes glad that there is a plan in place and he doesn’t need to worry.

“I do want to stay in some ways but I want to be with you more. The Olympics are Will’s dream not mine.” Spence says.

“Tonight I am going to treat you. You have to trust me though.” Andy says and Spence grins he knew Andy would have more planned than a quick fuck.

“Oh yeah, you think I’ll let you?” Spence teases.

“You might have all those muscles but you know I turn you into the weakest kitty.” Andy says.

“Totally putty in your hands.” Spence agrees.

“Oh you’ll be rock not putty.” Andy grins.

They mess around in the tub a while longer and chat and enjoy kissing and just being together.

Later that night Andy blindfolds Spence, puts headphones on him and ties him to the posts of the bed on his back. Andy sets the music playing and Spence slips into a totally relaxed and secure headspace. But Andy has nothing harsh planned. He massages Spence with scented massage oil and Spence sighs and enjoys it all.

Andy begins to play with Spence’s chubby dick, slowly working it and stopping, Andy has one ear bud in listening to the same playlist as Spence and works Spence’s dick in rhythm.

Spence gasps and moans and cries with disappointment every time Andy stops. Andy is in bliss watching Spence’s body react to every movement he makes, each tweak of Spence’s nipple, each stroke of his dick has a different reaction and Andy knows he can make Spence wait all night.

Spence is in heaven, the only disappointment is not being able to see Andy but the feel of his hand and lips is wonderful. Being able to fully concentrate on the touch is incredible and so indulgent. Spence never imagined this would be his welcome home and he loves it. Andy really knows how to mix things up.

Andy smiles and watches Spence wriggling beneath him gasping and begging for release. He kisses Spence lightly and walks away placing a small vibrator barely touching Spence’s balls.

Spence wriggles, trying to get closer trying to get off but as he is struggling Andy is tightening the restraints.

“Please babe.” Spence groans, whimpering.

Andy grins at his fiancé’s discomfort and feels good, he’s super hard himself.

“Babe you cannot do this.” Spence cries out as the vibrator rolls a little closer for a second and Andy nudges it away a moment later.

Andy moves it back and forth teasing Spence’s balls and occasionally rubbing against his hole. Spence is a mass of tension and is wriggling and bucking against the restraints.

Andy massages Spence again adding a good layer of oil to his chest and lubes up his dick, Spence squeals in delight and disappointment. Andy lies on top of Spence and kisses his neck and rubs against his body removing Spence’s headphones and eye mask.

“Hello baby.” Spence moans as he blinks from the light.

Andy continues to rub his body against Spence’s and kissing him. Spence groans and stops trying to escape and lets Andy bring them to a great finish rubbing their dicks together.

Andy gently cleans them up and unties Spence, kissing his wrists and ankles.

“Lets get you cleaned up.” Andy says with a giggle.

Spence, legs like jelly wobbles to the shower as Andy calls housekeeping to change the sheets.


42 thoughts on “A new Blue 94

  1. OK, so Spence asked Andy if he was a good boy while apart. But…Andy doesn’t ask Spence, so….uhmmm. at this point, we really don’t know if Spence cheated or not.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Yay! The boys are back!

    Sorry for not commenting for a while, I was on vacation without consistent access to internet. I’ve overdosed one ANB now, and don’t have as much to say as I should, other than being awash in your awesomeness as usual. Can’t wait to read Blue and Will’s reunion! I just hope will doesn’t overreact too badly about Blue’s withholding.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Actually that is not true. You are not rubbish at writing it. I was able to see what they were doing via your words. So, perhaps you are rubbish at some things but not this. Besides, the more you write the better you can be.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Write the scenes as you would engage in sex with a man you like or love. And if you are shy when it comes to sex, write it from that perspective. Shyness adds a certain element of sexiness in and of itself. Do not overthink it when writing a sex scene anymore then you would when you are having sex.

            What you wrote for this chapter was good. It showed and expressed love. It showed how it is very possible to show love by more then just vanilla sex. It was what I expect from those two men.

            Liked by 3 people

            1. Okie likes it when I write my sex, or claims he knows. I worry about being too personal leads to writing the same over and over and it gets boring. I know each of of my characters have likes and I try and include that along with a little exploration, especially when they’re with someone new. But I still stress about the scenes more than I should which is why I made a conscious decision to leave much of it up to you guys and be less descriptive than I was in the early days of Alexander. Setting the scene. But now and then I need to delve deeper, if I had time to refine this one I’d write more about how Spence looked covered in oil but not more of the action I expect.

              Liked by 2 people

              1. If you are short on time allow yourself to consider a collaboration with another writer. This would allow the story to be “fleshed” out a bit more in the sexual area and that in turn will cause additional and deeper feelings and relationships to develop and grow. And now the rest of the story will also be enhanced.

                Just a thought. I do believe you are doing quite well.


                  1. I missed you looking for volunteers. I shall attempt to pay more attention.

                    And I was sorry to read previously that you are almost done with this story; and sorry to read that notice again. I have believe this story had the potential to develop into a saga that would continue to be interesting.

                    Liked by 2 people

                    1. Taking a break is needed many times in order to refresh your mind and soul. And once refreshed you are able to resume writing and the story will once again flow easily as it did in the beginning.

                      Take a break and, perhaps, experiment with other stories—as I recently saw you do.


      2. Bullshit. You have an amazing skill at character development. Your stories don’t need the sex scenes they have personality. I commute 3 hours per day between Indiana and Chicago and I don’t worry about someone reading over my shoulder. Keep your style it is great.


        Liked by 1 person

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