Playing favourites

So various commenters have popped up in stories recently. If you want it to be you next, tell me. 1 I really struggle with character names and 2 the number guys are going to meet some interesting people and I’ve no idea who yet. No guarantees as I am mean.
I didn’t write a thing this weekend and I have a deadline for Jack of Friday so I dunno what I’ll get done. 
The Blue story is almost at an end. Or rather I’m taking a break before covering senior year. As usual if another story takes off then who knows if I’ll come back to it. 
Hope you’re all happy and well and feeling good men.

35 thoughts on “Playing favourites

  1. I’m both sad and glad current Blue is coming to an end. It’s been a rollercoaster, in a different sort of way to the prior years. Taking a break from these boys is probably a great idea, Sam, for your creativity and for your sanity. You push so hard with all this.

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        1. Well would you be a smart guy in the lab who shyly accepts a date from Freddie and enjoys a romantic time? A farm hand who gets used and abused by Larry? Meat in a Will/Blue sandwich? A daddy who show Brian how it is? …….


  2. Sam you don’t need a deadline. Take your time relax eat some éclairs. Anything you write is gold to me, it gets me out of dreary moods sure but if you push yourself just for the sake of others you’ll just wear yourself out! Take all the time you need, plus I’m happy I just reafd the chapter with Farmer Jack in it. And my lesson about three times!!!

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    1. I did promise it and I need to get the scene out of my head. But thank you you’re super sweet and I believe the lesson might finally be working as you’re no longer fishing in the ex pool.


      1. Yeah sure I’m not fishing in that pool. I certainly didn’t get drunk dialed an ex and have a walk of shame thee next morning after getting ditched at a fancy restaurant.


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